Vegeta getting himself absolutely destroyed,using sheer willpower to keep pulling himself back up and can barely speak

>Vegeta getting himself absolutely destroyed,using sheer willpower to keep pulling himself back up and can barely speak
>Goku just lying down and shouting Vegeta over and over again at the top of his lungs

Super is a comedy



Why do spics have such shit taste?

Reminder that Dragon Ball is a children’s cartoon

Seriously, and despite that neither Goku nor Vegeta should have any stamina left, not only Vegeta could serve as a punch bag for a few seconds, but the tiny shitty 0.001 Joules he sent to Goku was enough to make him stand and become Blanco.

I'm a spic and even I can see that top pic is utter shit


Shitters wanking themselves over Z and powerlevels is the ultimate proof that Toonami was a mistake

Deviant art period.

Spic here, its mostly mexicanos who have the shit taste. The picture is cancer.

>enough to make him stand and become Blanco
That's all a saiyan needs, remember? Every time they get near death they get stronger.

They have to fully recover you fuckinn speedwatcher. Toei retards made zenkais on the spot

Another spic here, most people just lie about new super saiyan forms so they can sell there shitty statues to dumbass kids

It does look cool, actually, much better than a cyan haired saiyan.

So is it just my headcanon that vegeta didn't transform and got his shit beaten in to save a bit of energy for goku? Like it was enough for goku to go ssb and probably even helps him maintain ultra instinct.

>Shitty OC characters from 2000's

No thanks

their machismo culture just eats it up

I swear to god if Jiren just straight up loses to asspull power Goku i'm gonna get pissed

Prepare to get pissed then

This, UI Goku confirmed to actually hurt people with punches now. These are going to be the two longest minutes ever while also including snippets of Jiren's possible true backstory.


If next episode really is a full UI Goku vs Jiren, then I'm only going to watch the start and the end of the episode.

Arn't you supposed to watch each episode like that ?
Also nice trips

Why do people hate how strong 17 got?

>Frieza is born with a sub-super saiyan power level and never trains a day in his life
>Trains for 4 months, becomes SSB tier despite the fact that hes NEVER had a fight with someone not significantly weaker than him that doesnt result in him screeching autistically and getting blown the fuck out

>Android 17 is build with a power level superior to an unmastered super saiyan
>Spends years defending his island 24/7 thanks to unlimited energy
>He still may not even be SSB tier in raw power but has matured into being an actual intelligent fighter who uses tactics and exploits weaknesses, therefore becoming the most useful person on the team

Not to mention for whatever reason, no one else in the series aside from 18 thinks to use their energy as shields? I don't get why everyone tries to negate attacks with attacks of their own instead of just creating a 17 like force field.

Freeza had that ability, He'll probably use that on manga, but I guess it spends too much energy.

He does image training in the manga, when he's in hell, he had combat experience before, and a lot of it.

That's why his body can't keep up with the golden power, I guess. So Ki control is basically mental training.

>I feel pretty good lying down on this ground
>Hopefuly vegecuck can buy me some time so I can rest up
>Don't want to make it seem like I don't care, I'll just shout his name lol
>Oh sweet he even gave me some energy too, haha

>intro outro -5 min
>promos-2 min
>observational narration with still images -5 min
>actual anime 10 min
God damn lazy cunts

what us this?

>Goku pretended to be down to give Vegeta a fighting chance like he did Gotenks during Buu Saga.
>Probably knew that Vegeta would spare energy for him in his inevitable defeat.
>Gets up like no-one's business and resumes fight with Plot-Enhanced UI.
>Does so in such a way that people are still cheering him on to finish the fight

Goku is an evil mastermind in the making.

Was introducing normies to Dragonball a mistake?

We're getting Magenta Jiren one day, aren't we?

Man i cant believe we went from DB to this i sitll remember fondly Tien vs Goku. now i want to kms everytime they start throwing punches, still glad that 17 is finally out, everytime he started that stupid blast spam scene i wanted to take my eyes out.

>Implying Dragonball isn't for normies

Normies pretend to like it but you know they haven't read or watched it.

>Super is a comedy
And a spectacle. I'm going to head on over to youtube right now to see all the 56% goblins and negros ooga-booga sharting themselves over how "awesome" this episode was. I would laugh at Super if the bullshit wasn't infuriating. Seeing Jiren knock around Vegeta and Goku while their at their base level is on my top list of horseshit 2018. Jiren is holding back enough to not kill them, but so much so that he doesn't even knock them out or send them hurtling out of the ring. Wasn't that bald insect getting pissed just a couple minutes ago? Just knock them out already- I get your backstory, Jiren. It makes sense right now that you knock them out. Why are you not knocking them out? KNOCK THEM UNCONSCIOUS. OH THATS RIGHT, WE NEED THE KAKKOROT/VEGETA MONOLOGUE/BULLSHIT/EXCUSE for powering up blah blah. I FUCKING HATE THIS SHOW I FUCKING HATE IT.

>Vegeta getting himself absolutely destroyed
That's my fetish. Picked up.

>Normies pretend to like it but you know they haven't read or watched it.

Ah. Well, then I must confess my sins. I, too, am a normie.
I actually never cared much for Dragon Ball as a whole when I was a kid. I was more of a Naruto kid. I had friends all my life who love it and told me all about the lore, the games and all that shit, but it never resonated with me. I saw part of the Goku vs Cell fight on toonami and wasn't impressed. The thing that drew me in was the Battle of Gods movie and the original manga that they had at my high-school. Then I got into the games, mainly Xenoverse, and somehow started watching Super before the ToP arc started. So because of that, while I can see the glaring problems in the writing, it doesn't really affect me that much.

>Evil Goku dating back as 2009
>Blanco being canon
>this shit


"Super is a comedy"
Cant disprouve i spent the day watching the ep and laughing at tre/a/ds