Darling STILL in the wrong FranXX

Dear Agony Cred Forumsnons,

I'm sorry for writing again! But, I messed up! I messed up really bad!

When I wrote last time, a lot of you were saying really mean things, or just laughing at me, but some of you were really kind and helpful, saying I just needed to spend some time with my friend, and to tell him how I felt. I thought that would be a really good idea and, to be honest, I've been trying to find some time with him a lot lately... It just seems to be interrupted, or, it seems like he's always with her...

So then we had an important battle today and well, I've been worried about it and about him and about everything really and while we were getting ready, I had a chance to catch him alone, a friend of ours even pushed us together! I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, or how to put it into words, but I thought I had to say something! It felt like the perfect time, I was even wearing my lucky underwear! (That's the pair I borrowed from him before I found out we were going to the same plantation, I've returned all the rest, but that one's a reminder, that we'll always be together!).

And then, when we were standing together... I couldn't find the words! What was I meant to say? It's too confusing to explain! I tried to explain what he meant to me... But before I could make sense of it, SHE TURNED UP! AGAIN! She didn't even say anything, she didn't even look at me. But I could just see his face, his whole expression changed. And I just panicked!

Arrrgh! I told him that he was like a brother to me! I don't even know why I said that! That's not what I feel, AT ALL! I want to, I want to hold his hand, and feed him honey and, and stuff like that. That's not sibling stuff!

We had to get ready for the mission, so I had to just leave it like that.

I don't even want to talk about the battle. I can't even remember most of it, I was just so scared I'd lose him, or that I'd... But, then afterwards, I was so happy, he was fine! After everything that'd happened!

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I was so relieved, I wasn't even thinking, I broke down and wound up crying into his chest, with his arms around me... It was really nice.

And that's why afterwards when I got back, I thought I'd made sense of everything! I realised what I wanted to tell him, that THAT feeling was what I wanted, I wanted him to hold me like that again, I wanted him to look at me like he looks at her.

Except right as I got up to go look for him... Instead he came and found me. With her.

He didn't meet my eyes, but she told me they'd been discharged from the medical wing and were heading to bed... Except they wanted to use MY room. According to her, it's "The only room in this place we haven't used yet." What!? I TOLD her! I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HER she has to sleep in her own room! Apparently she's been ignoring that!

Still, they'd both done so much in the battle, and I was just so relieved that he was alright, that I couldn't even say anything. She said I could "Watch" if I wanted... Which doesn't even make sense, why would I want to watch them sleeping? Does she think I'm some kind of pervert? In any case, I wound up being pushed out into the hallway. I DEFINITELY don't want to spend the night in her bed, and he shares his room with another boy, so I've been sitting outside here ever since.

And it's ridiculous! I was planning to just sleep in the hallway, but how can I when I keep hearing the sound of MY BED creaking and banging into the wall? Let alone how hard they're both breathing. It's been hours and from the sounds of it they can't get anymore sleep than I have! See! That's why Papa has these regulations, because everyone knows you always sleep best in your own bed! She's just SO infuriating!

Anyway, I know Strelitzia represents magnificence, excellence and success and that's true in his case. But absolutely not for her. What should I do? How can I solve this? I need to get him away from her and to properly convey my feelings!

Worried Strawberry

no one is gonna read all that concentrated autism.

I'm sorry, I was thinking about Hellshake Yano.

You are just "lucky" for the fact that 02 will die in the very end


What is wrong with you ? This isn't your blog kiddo


>no one is gonna read all that concentrated autism.

I'm sure at least one person will.

Please stop bullying the strawberry



you have to get very angry, and then he will hug you to calm you down

>Stole and wears his used underwear
>Doesn't jump at the chance to bury her face in his sweaty bedsheets
consistency pls

How does it feel to be put on constant suicide watch?

Not reading that, but i love Cocona.

>According to her, it's "The only room in this place we haven't used yet."

When will Ikuno show Ichigo the power of love?

Episode 23.

Could have done without the using her room bit, I think that could stifle further entries

Never, she will have no character development and will end as the joke dyke character.

Why would they make a lesbian then pair her with a boy?

Cause Dr. Franxx wills it

>But, I messed up! I messed up really bad!
And you mess up one more time for being on the wrong board.

His not being honest with his feelings either, it may not look it but i'm sure he was just as nervous as you on the inside.

You should try being more blunt with him and seeing how he reacts, good luck with your love!


Ichigo is the cutest strawberry.

Waifufags are the worst
[Spoiler]02 is better anyway[/spoiler]

So she can overcome her homosexualism, obviously. Being gay is unacceptable.

>Ikuno behind her
There is no escape

They're both homosexuals who struggle to keep it up for appearances.

Good job as always user.

BASED fucking strawberry poster

Why are people calling Ikuno and Mitsuru gay

OP is a masterful bully

>the girl who was bullied to death

Dearest strawberry,

It's me your husbando from the future. Forget that boy and focus on yourself. You are the BEST GIRL. You may feel like you're not good enough now but don't forget that that whoreni is just a cheap slut. You are so much better! Believe in me who believes in you. Our kids look up to you too.

Your true stamen

Bravo nu-Cred Forums

didnt read lol

Thank you for making this, OP

>Final battle
>Stars and sparkles in orbit
>Final boss is beaten

Because yurifags need to shit up the threads somehow.

Stop fishing for (You)'s with your shitty bait in every single thread.

Sounds about right.

Hiro in the FranXX - Charlemagne in the Franks?

It's all about the execution.

It's like 30 sec to read, you stupid niggers.
Go back to 9gag.

Watch the anime


Will Futoshi fanservice scenes save this show?


There ain't shit to suggest that they're gay.

Speedwatcher genocide when?

Actually, could it be the same person?
Did flower poster evolve?


At breakfast, nobody understood what a "darling" is, but suddenly Miku talks about it as if the term was normal

Episode 2 made no sense. You heard it here first.


Stop trying to self-insert.


What the hell. He's so fat I can stare directly at his crotch and still not see it. Is this what fat people are really like? Poor Kokoro.


I'm assuming they just picked up that it was supposed to be some kind of term of endearment.

I love jelly donuts

you're doing god's work user, thank you


>they only need Ichigo to advertise

See? Confirmed best girl.

I always laughed at Ichigo, but aren't they going a little bit too far with bullying?
I'm actually starting to feel sorry for her.

Look closer, user.

Next one, followed by this thread

>aren't they going a little bit too far with bullying?

it's all a setup for when Hiro realizes that she's been there for him all the time and that she's the one who he truly loves, not the crazy klax girl, just you wait


> 2 longcat posts is too much
The absolute state of GenZ.

I did just in spite of your dumb ass

I hate ichigo..

these threads are great

>Life or Death battle against a monster horde

I missed you.

green user here. I'm happy these are continuing. Pretty much exactly the same post-episode Ichigo reaction I had in mind. Solid 8.7/10

>You heard it first here.
I recall having this conversation here about four different times.
Either way, this is the common interpretation.


Poor strawberry

>implying there is something wrong with that

> I DEFINITELY don't want to spend the night in her bed, and he shares his room with another boy, so I've been sitting outside here ever since.
Suddenly I feel like a piece of shit for laughing at this post.
Poor Strawberry-chan.

There's nothing to interpret. It's just shitty writing.

I want to see 02 take Hiro back to her bed and not let him sleep.

I'm sorry strawberry but I think it's time for you to give up and starts looking for other man. That guy with glasses seems like a decent guy,

>The only room in this place we haven't used yet
why don't they just use their rooms ??


I love Ichigo and I'm a sufferingfag.

You are my favorite user. I expect great things from you.

This. What a shit thread.

This fanfiction implies Hiro and 02 are filthy degenerates who get a kick out of fucking in other people's beds.

They're setting her up to be the villain of cour2 when Hiro and Oni run away and she leads the mission to bring them back.

>Why would they make a lesbian then pair her with a boy?

Ikuno is not a lesbian

What kind of audience are they aiming for with Ichigo

>He doesn't know about Worried Strawberry

They are literally my favorite DiTF posts.


Me, i mostly watch the show for her.

Ichigo-bullying heals my soul.

Do you really take this shit that seriously?
No mamen pinches gringos

Sensible people that can see she's clearly the best girl. Also sad saps that have never had this kind of affection or devotion coming from a childhood friend.

The betafag/Japanese audience.

Meanwhile, alphas like Hiro chose 02.

Japanese "men", probably.

>not knowing about Worried Strawberry
you can fuck off too

>Ichibros can't even get quads

This image always makes me wanna give 02 a headpat.

Please don't scare off Worried Strawberry.

Their posts are the best ones in these threads. It's refined Ichigo bullying.

how the fuck did I miss this anime? just the reverse NTR would be enough to keep watching but I'm actually excitedall the kids will die at the end, right?, those are the vibes I got from Team 26

How about you fuck off, samefag retard. Nobody cares about you're RP trash. Kill yourself.

>yfw Hiro realizes that 02 is a piece of shit “”””””person”””””” and dumps her for based Strawberry



Yeah, she's bi.

>wasting 30 seconds on reading utter garbage
might as well read elfen lied

>episode 7 is gong to be 10x more interesting than episode 6, despite that the opposite should have been true

sorry but no

>ask her out to dinner
>she's super excited
>marks the date on her calender "Date with user"
>dresses up real nice and puts on expensive makeup just for it
>she st the restaurant and you are there with 02
>tell her it was just a friendly dinner
>flirt with 02 the whole time in front of her
>say you forgot your card and ask her to pay for it
>she's too cucked to say no

>thinking anyone will die after they kept all the redshirts alive last episode
Nobody's going to die. Naomi is going to come back too.


Dumb strawberry fag.

The Japanese seem to like Ichigo more than Zero Two from what I've seen.

What does Ichigo's breath smell like?

heavy alcohol


of fucking course they do, Yamato Nadeshiko and all that shit

White knights.

>Naomi is going to come back too.
Am I the only one that saw her transport pod thing get crushed by boulders in the first episode?

This pleases the dinosaur!

>invite Ichigo to train together inside Delphinium
>tell her to go ahead first as you have something to do
>she gets into position the cockpit before you and prepares her heart
>you never show up
>she sees Strelizia flying around in the skies above her and wonders who 02 is piloting with

she is in the hospital you dumb fuck

Not if you look any of the fan content.

Toothpaste. The worn out smell where there's enough of a hint to tell you that she brushed her teeth recently but it's not wholly fresh. Also, spit. The very slight hint of copious amounts of spit.

I want to see what happens if she goes full Yandere.

I can’t wait til this bitch croaks and Ichigo swoops in for Hiro.

Okay make sure to read it this time.

>where was Franxx

He was deployed to the front lines alongside The Nines since he is that important, that's my guess. Both of them seem to have returned, together, for whatever reason.

!OriginalHiro seems to be an old acquaintance of our Hiro that he haven't met in a long time and watching him for the first time was surprising -- "you really are able to do so, huh, Nine Iota?" which if I didn't know Japanese I probably wouldn't have understood because of CR's translation.

And I think that there's a reason for that, Hiro is one of The Nines then ans that is surprising since everybody would guess it was 02 and makes me wonder that she is on a whole new level and how many of those there are, since she is a "monster" and not a "person" like the others.

Still on that, it's quite weird for the group be called The Nines while the formations appear to be a standard of 10. One of them are supposed to ride alone then? (just like 02 manages to do sometimes) or even since the begging Hiro was paired with 02 and she was just randomly picking partners until now?

That last may be unlikely for me because Oni is around the same age as Franxx, who knows.

Curious enough, on EP4 one of the monkey council mentioned it "wouldn't be wise" to let 02 mix with "tainted" stamens, that being... Hiro? He was also called the special specimen there and had his compatibility confirmed. That being the case...

As for my guess why they did come back is that the so called kissing is vital not only for both plantations but maybe even something else still not reveled until now besides muh energy since the biggest twist is still to come..

What makes me think that? Well, they brought !OriginalHiro and at least two of The Nines (again, not partners, but only one pair and other individual) over there right from the front lines.

This has to be bait, but I just don't understand why people go out of their way just to shit up threads.

As if a completely destroyed corpse has stopped characters coming back before


This is beautiful.

dumb dinoposter

Is that you Worried Strawberry

Power of love is a good thing. You know nothing.

>she told me they'd been discharged from the medical wing and were heading to bed... Except they wanted to use MY room. According to her, it's "The only room in this place we haven't used yet." What!? I TOLD her! I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HER she has to sleep in her own room! Apparently she's been ignoring that!

>still samefagging
Fuck off. You're the one that started this.

>Naomi is going to come back too.
That's why she was the fist person that Hiro saw when he thought he died. He saw what happened, he might humored Ichigo and noded when she said about the hospital, but hi knows that is not true.

See, now we're at an impasse. You think she's in the hospital; I think she totally died and Nana just told Ichigo that to give everyone piece of mind. There's no proof for either.

Ikuno did mention that she's never heard of any parasites going back to the Garden. Naomi also mentioned a lot of their friends disappeared Beck then, too. My theory is that even if she did survive, she would've been disposed of and never heard from again like the others.

Red Herring

Can someone screencap these worried strawberry posts? I'm on mobile since I'm away from home, but I want good quality screenshots of them.

You're thinking of other shows.


Poor Strawberry, I hope she finds he own happiness, she's not that bad.
Solid job with these posts user

>Even said to him she treats him as a sibling.
>Still watching over him 24/7 thinking she will get together with him.
They better end this shit quick.

This clone theory is baseless and Hiro himself gives evidence against it in referring to the parents of squad 13 in episode 3 at the beginning.

I'm going to warn you now, but if you invest yourself too much into this theory you're going to feel bitterly disappointed when the series "fails" to meet your expectations.


>Ichigo wakes up in the middle of the night from a pleasant dream about Hiro
>something feels off
>decides to check up on 02's room since she has a responsibility as the leader to keep everyone safe
>02 room door is slightly ajar
>the rich smell of honey is coming from it, and Hiro is sharing the bed with 02
>she can hear them moaning softly, are they in pain or something
>02's bed is also creaking and there's a lot of movement
>Ichigo wonders why they are doing this, it's such a small bed and there's not enough room for two people
>but she's never seen Hiro happier in his life than when he's swapping spit with 02 and holding her tight
>why can't it be her on that bed, why didn't Hiro feel anything when kissing her
>starting to feel funny all of a sudden, she can't describe these feelings
>for some reason she is also extremely wet down there
>rushes back to bed and cries herself to sleep with her hand in between her legs
>the next morning, in between feeding Hiro bites of her honey-drenched bread, Ichigo notices 02 shooting the smuggest smug at her
>Ichigo's eyes fill with tears and she rushes out of the room
>she trips and falls flat on her face on the way out

He had his chance. He and 02 can go off and do whatever. Ichigo needs someone stable who will always be there for her, like Goro.

>it's a Cred Forums poster tries to get (yous) and attention on Cred Forums again
Was funny the first time, now you're making shit up that isn't really funny anymore.

Don't respond to him. He's baiting.

But Goro is there, she can't do that with him there

now write a scenario where ichigo is stuck on a long elevator rider with 02 and hiro


Ignore shitposting Dinofags, post cute Ichigo’s.

This is the hate of Ichigofags.

Dear Worried Strawberry, have you considered that maybe you're directing your energies towards the wrong friend? I'm sure you have a wonderful stamen just waiting for you to acknowledge him, and is already supporting you with all his might.
Please talk to him.

oh god, if they actually do this...

Naomi survived the pod incident and was sent off to be disposed of because she was now useless. However, she managed to escape captivity. She's going to return as a defector that sympathized with the Klaxos after learning the truth and will be one of their leaders.

Are Ichigofags going to spin into a rage if she falls for Goro later on the series, even if it makes her happy? Do they seriously ship her with Hiro?

Strawberry fags are the most delusional fucks in darling threads and that's saying a lot.

>go back to 9gag
>when the OP is a redditor


It really makes you think, doesn't it

I just want to see her smile again

Is he going to die, because of her incompetence?

Why are we calling Ichigo a strawberry?

We know that they'll enhance her suffering 10 fold by having Goro die, likely because of her



You know she will. because the plot demands it for the arbitrary power-up


It's still early to confirm and deny it, but as far as we know Hiro was within the bulb since he was a little kid. All information given to the children are good as nothing since the source is unreliable and that is just what they told them like "your parents are coming anytime soon okay" plus nothing confirms Hiro even remembers them.
>I'm going to warn you now
I don't need any warnings, aniki. Been doing this since before you started posting here.
>but if you invest yourself too much into this theory you're going to feel bitterly disappointed when the series "fails" to meet your expectations
This has nothing to do with theorization in my opinion. I'd say it's more related to emotional expectations than rational suppositions.

Episode 2 depicted a butterfly quite prominently in the foreground when Hiro and Ichigo were talking about Naomi surviving the Klaxosaur attack.

The butterfly is a traditional symbol in Japan for death, namely the souls of the recently departed. That, in conjunction with Naomi acting as Hiro's guide in his near-death state, should have slammed the last nail into the coffin.

Naomi is super dead, but she'll likely be brought up as a plot point in the future when squad 13 discovers APE is lying to them.

I love worried strawberry.

you can't be that ignorant

She's going to fall for Goro and both him and her will make it through the story. Hiro/02 on the other hand will probably have a tragic heroic joint death at the very end. So you can argue getting over Hiro will be good for Ichigo's lifespan.

Die spoonfeeder


I wish being retarded was a bannable offense. Fuck.

Did you miss the original Worried Strawberry posts? Now I'm wondering whether the original posts were made closer to EU time, and the cancer in this thread are the fucking Americans.

>retards now know and the problem is solved

>dont spoonfeed
>retards never bother to look it up themselves, and ask every single thread.

It's the lesser of two evils.

>Hiro, 02 and Ichigo take an elevator to head towards their training site
>the elevator breaks down
>no help seems to be coming, so they decide to take a seat
>Hiro sits down in a corner and stretches his legs out
>Ichigo moves towards him but 02 quickly sits in between his legs and leans her back into his chest
>Ichigo takes another corner of the elevator by herself
>hours pass, 02 is squirming and needs to pee
>Ichigo is also holding it in but remains quiet out of embarrassment
>02 starts voicing her concerns out loud
>Hiro blushes but offers to let 02 relieve herself in his mouth
>it tastes like warm honey
>Ichigo watches with a scandalized expression, but is unable to muster up the courage to ask if she can do the same
>Hiro never offers to drink her piss
>Ichigo noisily and ungracefully wets herself on the elevator floor while sniffling quietly
>her dress, shoes and socks are soaked
>right after she's finished letting it all out, the elevator begins moving again
>02 collapses to the floor in hysterics

>Hiro is shown to be less human by the second.
>Start to lose his senses including making everything he eat tasteless except for honey.
>Realize that he is only a piece to be used in something larger than he ever imagine.
>After trial and tribulation, Hiro ascend humanity and become Dino Jesus.

She needs to assert her dominance.

>Goro and Ichigo actually fall for each other in believable ways mirroring real functioning relationships somehow despite them all being conditioned to not even know what attraction is
>They both die
>The people crying for death and destruction in episode 6 are now outraged
>02 dies
>Hiro lives with a new, bitter life available to him where he can't "fly"


Femdom fags are disgusting desu

This is not an Urobuchi (or Ubukata for that matter) show though.

I wasn't expecting this

>Hiro blushes but offers to let 02 relieve herself in his mouth

the fuck

It's inevitable.

There was one.
It was funny one time.
Now a redditor or a crossboarder shows up, sees an epic screenshot of it, makes another because it's epic lols.
Back to your containment board.

I was not prepared for this...

I don't have an appropriate reaction image for this, so here's Hiro fucking Hiro.

I'm pretty sure this is one of our new memes.

Are we still going on about
>P O W E R O F L O V E
being arbitrary? It is the one point they consistently hammered throughout this 6 episodes, from the way the FranXX work, the concept of synchronization, how higher sync scores lead to a more stable and profound mindmeld, and how important it is to have similar wavelenghts. Hell, Kokoro says something interesting when the parasites are quarrelling
>It will affect your numbers!
basically confirming that love power is what fuels the mech - and might also lend some credence to the "she's faking it" theory, avoiding confrontation to keep up the sync. And now you want to tell me that it's all arbitrary?
But then again, I might being baited.

Thank you bulliposter.

naisu desu

>retard will continue to ask everytime he doesn't understand something despite it being easy to look up
>don't spoonfeed
>retard will learn about google and never have to ask again

Can the next generation not even read?

I can't believe dubs were wasted on this.

Fuck Ichigo


Cocona is for piss fetish.


Don't worry, Goro will


And this to go even further beyond!

The bullet would probably friendzone her. Strawberry's suffering is unavoidable as she must watch 02 and Hiro be happy

I would let Ichigo piss on me any day of the week, Hiro is a fag.


>All information given to the children are good as nothing since the source is unreliable and that is just what they told them like "your parents are coming anytime soon okay" plus nothing confirms Hiro even remembers them.

Trust me, if the kids were clones and told they were clones they wouldn't blink an eye because they wouldn't "know" any better. They'd just assume it was the status quo. Making up elaborate lies for what is fundamentally a non issue (not to mention the lies could instead blow up in their faces in the future) is nonsensical.

>I don't need any warnings, aniki. Been doing this since before you started posting here.

I've been posting here for over a decade.

>This has nothing to do with theorization in my opinion. I'd say it's more related to emotional expectations than rational suppositions.

I think the main reason so many people were upset by episode 6 was that it failed to meet their predicted expectations, especially the crew that thought for some reason we'd get a blue-oni-hiro the episode directly after the episode where the plot thread was introduced, which is silly.

The truth is episode 6 is actually really good, and some of the action sequences aside would be considered a very solid addition in most other series.


There were at least two you fucktard.

Perhaps you've gone too far in a few places user.

literally DinoDNA

The moral of the story is Oni always wins

Thanks for screencapping these, saved.

Needing to pee was the first thing I thought of when given long elevator rides as a prompt.


>not a failure in the heat/ac so they have get naked/cuddle each other

Even if there were two, that just means that faggots have attempted to make a knock off of the original post without any of the humor.
Fuck off

>no ichigo gf to lick clean and comfort after she's done embarassing herself


>Usually I have a big thing for Oni
>002 does nothing for me

Maybe she isn't thicc enough

I don't think a lot of that makes too much sense. The Nines are 9 instead of 10 because 02 is one of them, but she has no stamen as they keep dying. So they're a squad of 9 members rather than 10. Hiro is going to be the 10th because 02 finally can have a stamen, that's why he's called Nine Iota. None of them was riding alone, 02 was just riding with random mooks provided by APE who she 'devoured' and as such they never were full members of the squad.

>Oni is around the same age as Franxx, who knows
I don't see where you're getting this, we see her as a little girl in ep1 and we see that little girl holding what appears to be an adult man's hand in the OP. It's more likely the adult man is FranXX and he's a father figure or a protector for her. Do you really think the adult holding her hand in the OP is somebody else and she's like 70+ years old?

>Curious enough, on EP4 one of the monkey council mentioned it "wouldn't be wise" to let 02 mix with "tainted" stamens, that being... Hiro
All the P13 stamens, probably. We know there's something special about P13 and she just piloted with Mitsuru at that point in the story. They also refer to Hiro as being special and since Papa assigns him and 02 together, I doubt they want to keep them apart at this point. They might've wanted that before the 2 managed to prove their compatibility.

Is ProJared okay he doesn't look good there


Pic related thiccness would be dumb for someone that moves like Zero Two and she's a teenager anyway so I'm not bothered.

so you're saying 02 might grow up to look like that?



>All the P13 stamens, probably. We know there's something special about P13 and she just piloted with Mitsuru at that point in the story.

I'm skeptical about the post you're responding to as well, but just wanted to point out that Mitsuru's reaction to 02 was the same as all the previous partners she had.

I'm increasingly of the opinion though that what really sets Hiro apart is his frame of mind. Especially given how his symptoms receded the moment he re-evaluated what 02 means to him this episode.


>grow up
He doesn't know

>Trust me
C-can I really trust you then? Okay!!

>I've been posting here for over a decade.
That's sad for both of us then. This is nothing to brag about imo and I don't.

>I think the main reason so many people were upset by episode 6 was that it failed to meet their predicted expectations
Come on you've been here for over a decade and really think this user? It's pretty clear that it's all just weak, entry level shitposting, just like they did last week with the spider. And did 2 weeks ago, with another subject, and last season too, with another most popular show, and so on and on. It's always the same group, doing the same kind of shitposting for god only knows how many time has it been. Thank you for replying to me btw, I will rethink some statements.

What is it with blue haired girls and suffering?

>Just posts a link to another post

You okay, user? What are you trying to say here?

They're born to be blue, user.

This actually makes a lot of sense.

No, Ichigo bullying will

Ichigo just cannot shut up about "muh Hiro".
It almost defines her character at this point.
Reminds me of Chiaki from danganronpa anime with her constant "muh Hinata-kun" at every occasion.
And it really didn't end well for her.

I really hope they give Hiro and 02 the partner ceremony.

Dear Worried Strawberry,
life is unfair. You're doomed to suffer, oni is best girl and you'll never get from 02 Hiro.

Cope with it

Don't worry Strawberry, you can have the OG Hiro instead!

Discord / FnTmQb

>Her face when you put it in the wrong hole

Clone Hiro theory would be a good thing for Ichigo if it was real

>sadie hawkins dance
>ichigo knew about it for weeks because she's on the student council
>makes an elaborate treasure hunt for hiro
>at the end is a strawberry cake with "will you be the berry best date?" written on it
>she stalks him as he goes from clue to clue
>when he gets to the end they see 02 with frosting all over her mouth
>hiro lights up because he thinks she set it all up
>he asks if she's asking him to the dance
>"uh sure"
>ichigo bursts into tears and runs away
>she tries to ask goro but someone already asked him
>she has to go with lardass who trips and spills punch all over her white gown

She was super cute in this scene

>That's sad for both of us then. This is nothing to brag about imo and I don't.

I'm not bragging about it, it's a fact and it doesn't bother me. I am comfortable with who I am.

I also think it's safe to say not all the complaints were made by shitposters. That some were genuinely upset because they felt the story was "too predictable", which seemed to be a fig leaf for their own inability to predict the contents of the episode.

My earlier point still stands though, the clone theory seems far too convoluted and nonsensical to have any merit. Especially in light of how Hiro himself refers to their parents in the 3rd episode.


keep going

that string is too sexy

The pull of the oni is just too stronk.

>[Rem: Say “I love you”…]
>Rem spilled these words out with a faint, frail voice while looking up at Subaru.
>In her vision which had become blurred by the swell of tears that gushed up, she saw Subaru shake his head. After that, Subaru brought his face close to her and said,
>[Subaru: I love you(suki da)]
>[Subaru: I love you(daisuki da). Isn’t that obvious…If you aren’t with me, I can’t live on…]
>It was his true feelings. If you were to say that this was when he spilled everything out, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration and would be an accurate statement. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t come this far. If she were to disappear, he would not be able to live on.
>[Rem: Ahhh…I’m happy…]
>Accepting Subaru’s confession, Rem felt a tear alongside her closed eyes. Taking in Subaru’s words happily, her face quickly blushed. >Soon after, it now really did seem that all power within her body had departed.
>[Subaru: Wait…]
>[Rem: I love you(aishiteimasu), Subaru-kun]
>[Subaru:Don’t fuck with me, stay by my side. You’re going to leave me with regrets again!?]
>Subaru could not bear to live in a near future where Rem would cease to exist. Along with knowing this fact since long ago, her existence still has become sooo much more important to him, compared to long ago. So,
>[Subaru: In the future where I talk while smiling, I need you…I don’t want this]
>[Rem: In that future, is it okay if I stay by your side?]
>[Subaru: ….Isn’t the answer obvious? I won’t let you go to anyone else’s side.]
>Wiping off her tears that were suspended on her eyelids, Subaru looked straight at Rem and said:
>[Subaru: You are mine. I won’t let anyone have you.]
Scene cut from the anime. Also the real ending to the Arc was Subaru killing himself to try to go back and save Rem.




I'm only going to be disappointed in the series if we don't get another episode like ep 5 for the rest of it.

Reminder that Ichigofags won't even be able to fap to their waifu because 02 will steal all of the series' fanart.

What a shame.

I want to rub her horns.

what the fuck is happening?

Nor should anyone read this trash. Underage autism is nothing to laugh at.

She's hastening his demise

Carry on user. Carry on.

Sure, but Kaji didn't offer to drink Misato's pee when they were stuck in an elevator.

OP will stop posting after episode 13 because of suicidal tendencies.

Stop bullying Ichigo. You know who else got bullied? Hitler. Are you trying to make another Hitler?

They could just pick any pathetic blue haired loser to fap too. They're pretty much all the same.

I wanna Suck on her horns

>Be 02
>This guy comes into the dining room
> Hiro yells "Hey dad"
>What do you do?

More Strawberry bulli stories please

>Tfw Ichigo wins and we get a No Longer Worried Strawberry post

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, user! Why are you bullying such a nice girl.

I thought the same thing at first. However, you are aware that all members from The Nines are attached with a 9 and a greek number right? If 02 isn't related to this, where does it leave her?

>It's more likely the adult man is FranXX and he's a father figure or a protector for her. Do you really think the adult holding her hand in the OP is somebody else and she's like 70+ years old?
The first thing about this is how monsters age.
You got my statement wrong. First, let's say Dr Franxx is 70~80 years old but at the OP he's around 20, that would be half a century ago. 02 had the appearance of a kid and now she's a teenager. How many years seem to have passed to her? 10? While it's actually 50. Do you see where I'm coming from? You may seem to perceive time is a linear flow of time for both of them but it affects her differently. And this is what led me to that though.


Tell fujos to kill themselves.

>Zorome episode next week

I'm ready lads.

>Ichicucks still being delusional
You deserve to be bullied.

>doujin cover with Hiro and Ichigo
>first 4 or 5 pages are Ichigo trying to seduce Hiro
>when she takes off his pants he isn't hard
>"sorry, I just can't"
>02 bursts through the door
>"Daaarling, I've been looking for you" while she raises his head with just her finger
>he gets rock solid with just that
>"oh, so that's what you want, ok, Darling" with a smug expression on her face
>she completely femdoms him silly, squeezing the last drop of semen out of him, scratches cover almost every inch of his body
>at the end we see Ichigo crying in a corner, she never left the room

keep going

>Ichigo has finally resolved herself. She is going to confess to Hiro.
>her plan is to use the key she got from Goro who she convinced to give them some alone time when she sneaks into his room
>she even is wearing some lingerie just in case
>Ichigo quietly unlocks the door and steps inside, as she silently walks to Hiro's bed
>she notices the shape in his bed isn't Hiro shaped
>she pulls back the covers and finds a pillow
>Ichigo is now in a panic "Where is Hiro? What has 'she' done to Him!"
>beside the decoy hiro she finds a note
>it reads "Daaarling meet me where we first met, I want to go swimming"
>Ichigo is filled with a sense of dread, "Swimming?" she asks. She realizes that there is only one pond deep enough in the birdcage for swimming in. She'll confront that bitch stealing Hiro and try to convince Hiro to stay away from that trouble woman.
>as she walks through the forest, her mind is running through the deepest darkest fantasies on what could the two being doing alone together at night.
>nearing the edge of the pond, she hears Hiro’s voice and she is reminded of what she came to do tonight. And then she hears that fowl bitch’s voice and it fills her with anger. She knows she has to confront her.
>peeking over the bushes she spots them, both naked sitting in the water talking to each other with a soft tender tone, Ichigo can't make out exactly what they are saying. "This isn't right" Ichigo thinks. "She must have done something to him"
>02 who sensed Ichigo walking though the forest has been waiting for Ichigo to peep on them.
>02 leans over to Hiro and says loudly so Ichigo can hear her "Darling, you're hiding something from me aren't you? You've been fidgeting for a while now.... Ah, if you wanted to play you should have said so Darling."
>Ichigo confused by what she meant by play continues to watch


Cockona is packing some top tier balls.


>when he gets to the end they see 02 with frosting all over her mouth

I love this shit... haha
Is there more besides this two and pic related?

>I know you're in love with that guy but look at this other guy, you can be in love with him instead!
That's not how love works user, you don't just get with the nice guy because he "deserves" it
It would also feel pretty trashy if she just settled for a kind of second-option romance

Is there any theory about why this anime has so much cuckold symbolism?


I find it more likely that 02 is Nine Iota.

Fund it.

>ichigo has a backup plan to dance with hiro by setting up a guy's choice dance
>she picked the song to be the one they used to love as kids
>hiro is nowhere to be found
>neither is 02
>futoshi spills punch on her gown
>she rushes to the bathroom, tears stinging her eyes
>takes off the gown and starts to get the stain out
>hiro and 02 come out of a stall, still putting on their clothes
>02 goes up to ichigo and takes the gown
>uses it to wipe off her chin, then turns to hiro
>"let's finish this at my place"
>they walk out
>ichigo is left on the bathroom floor, sobbing while sniffing her gown

I think that's the whole saga so far.

NTR, cuckolds enjoy their partners being with others, that doesn't happen in NTR, get your sexual deviations straight

And Goro deserves better than that shit anyways.

>Now a redditor or a crossboarder shows up, sees an epic screenshot of it, makes another because it's epic lols.

There were two actually. Although I kinda regret the second one since I didn't make it it's own thread and just posted it in thread, when the PV was gonna drop even. So it didn't get much traction, but it still used up some ideas I woulda wanted to use later.

In any case, I'm the person who's done all three of these. You can see the same Ichigo image is used each time if that's any proof. I haven't seen any imposters yet, maybe one'll pop up, we'll see.

I wrote this one because multiple people asked me to keep doing them. Simple as that.

Jealousy and Envy are probably some of the most relate-able human emotions there are.


OP, your imitation of a teenage girl writing a letter to one of those girl magazines is accurate and it was fun at first, but it's really uninteresting now and you should stop making these threads everyday

At least she won't have to lick Hiro's sperm out of 02 again.

keep doing it, its great

Still can't tell if it's going too far or not far enough.

Dear poster,

Worried Strawberry


This episode was pure kino.

Goro is too good for Ichigo, there isn't any way he's getting a good end and I'm really sorry for him

Holy shit what the fuck

>caring about male characters
Are you a girl or homosexual?

I was hoping the show would get past the love triangle but it looks like it'll be here till the end.

Cool stuff! When are you gonna put it up on fanfiction.net? :)

I, too, have loved a woman who didn't deserve my feelings. I see myself in him all over again



Anyone have any pictures of Zero Two's teeth? Trying to figure out if the fangs are visible all the time.

I like the implication that 02 has booted everyone else out of their rooms at some point in the past few days too.

all caps are

What does 02's breath smell like?

I like Satan, his brattines and his dynamic with Miku make him endearing to me, they are actually my favorite secondary couple

You can't even call this a real triangle though.


Honey and Hiro's semen.

Hiro's Sperm



>Ichigo decides to surprise Hiro for Valentine's Day by jumping out of his closet with a box of chocolates
>She sneaks into his room, giggling, and waits until she hears footsteps approaching
>Ichigo hears talking as they approach, it sounds like Hiro is with 02 again
>"Hey, Dahhhling, let's do it"
>Not sure what 02 meant by this, Ichigo decides to wait inside the closet until she leaves so she can give her chocolates to Hiro alone
>Ichigo freezes in place as she begins to hear strange noises from 02 and Hiro, like they were having trouble breathing
>Suddenly, the closet lurches as the two outside jump onto the bed next to it and the strange sounds get louder
>The bed next to the closet starts to rhythmically shake as 02 loudly moans "Dahhhhling~"
>Ichigo is frozen in place, tears start to well up in her eyes and she doesn't know what to do
>She curls up at the bottom of the closet and covers her ears, trying to drown out the sound
>But she still hears when Hiro yells "ZERO TSUUU!" at the top of his lungs
>Finally, the shaking and noise stop
>Sobbing, she finally opens the closet after a few minutes and steps out to give Hiro his chocolate
>She trips and falls on top of the chocolate box, crushing it

Great minds think alike.

This is fanfiction.org/a/

Jesus she really just grew her teeth at that moment

This, Goro deserves a partner and a leader who doesn't fuck up with every sortie.


I actually mostly agree with you, I wasn't planning on doing any for quite a bit longer. But then we have an episode that begins with Ichigo autistically fucking up her confession and ends with her crying in his arms, seemed perfect for one.

I think I'll have some downtime before the next (probably last) one. At this point 02 and Hiro are fucking in Ichigo's bed, there's not much more you can do to bully after that!

>02 steals some of the chocolate before Ichigo can say a word
>it tastes good, so she decides to feed Hiro some mouth to mouth in front of Ichigo

>Implying strawberry is that naive


why do enjoy this so much?

this is really good. keep up the good work

I hope Ichigo goes yandere so bad

It's always the last line that makes my feel guilty as shit for enjoying these posts

>The bed next to the closet starts to rhythmically shake as 02 loudly moans "Dahhhhling~"

However it ends, you need to have Ichigo realise what's actually happening.

You're a good man.

I'm not one to like suffering and bullying, but I'm getting a good laff out of just how far these are going.

look like she grew claws as well.

Carry on user, those posts are great.
Needs more bullying user

Will Ichigo's smile ever recover, or has it been permanently extinguished?

The guy who cucks Hiro

Someone needs to compile the greentexts into a super hard bully bomb

Hiro was confirmed to be nine iota user.

How can Hiro even compete

I thought they were gonna continue piloting in that position, dry humping while dealing the final blow.

Wtf is Nova doing in this show.

I am working on making a pastebin for all of the greentexts ones


So she kisses everyone uhm? Whatabitch

Ichigo bullying needs to be its own mini series.

What is nip opinion on all this no holds barred bulli action? Do they love it or think that 3 miles wasn't enough?

u are doing god's work user

now make one in which she kills herself but no one of p13 shows up for her funeral and ghost Ichigo cries eternally because she can't even kill herself anymore.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that Ichigo's perfect for omorashi. The perfect mix of bullying, crying from shame and public embarrassment, with just a hint of lewd.

Is this what they call moe?


And still Hiro loves her. Truelove

idiot sandwich


The ending feels rushed tbqh.

> tfw darling survives the third ride

It's "simmmm"

Bottom two images make me think that 02 is really mad that a smaller 02 is riding in her hollowed out head.

just wanted to share this with everybody


Unwashed anal sex with Ichigo!

OK, done. I also included some pastas that I saved from earlier threads. Enjoy.



9 Iota = 910
Flip 910 180 degrees = 016

That's honestly quite retarded

not the user but thats bullshit

On the off chance that the series ends with 02 dying or something and Hiro actually getting together with Ichigo, how hard will Cred Forums shit its pants?

and many more to come.

Bitch pls.
Only fujo artists like her.


That's called a theory, user.

>Only fujo artists
So, 90% of them?

>it's retarded because I said so

Very nice.

Very thematic. Thanks

cos she looks more Japanese than 02?

>cos she looks more human than 02?

Learn the definition of the word "confirmed".

Try 10%.

true that

You wish.

>theory bullshit

user, you are going to shot down next episode just as bad as Ichigo.

learn the definition of the word "fuck you"


[with object]

1Establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed or suspected to be the case)
‘if these fears are confirmed, the outlook for the economy will be dire’
[with clause] ‘the report confirms that a diet rich in vitamin C can help to prevent cataracts’

I just don't understand her.....

I just can't stop reading these and laughing.

I just realized that I went full retard and won't be able to edit this to add new ones because it's created as Quest, so I made a account and remade it


>Bitch being this DESPERATE for her self insert to be liked by nips

A quick check at pixiv easily prove me right and you wrong.

She doesn't, she and Hiro had been hitting it off since they first met and they were in a literal life and death situation.

Given that they either were compatible, or they would die, I imagine 02 threw caution to the winds.

>Ichigo drinks lots of water after you tell her that it's especially hot outside and that she needs to stay hydrated
>you begin training with her inside Delphinium
>the nearest toilet is a long way away
>an hour in, her movements begin to dull and she gets all fidgety
>she refuses to tell you what's wrong, but in front of you her butt occasionally twitches and squirms around
>you give it an experimental poke
>suddenly Delphinium disconnects
>amidst Ichigo's soft whimpers, you hear an odd trickling noise as an unusual smell fills the cockpit
>in between sobs, she apologises for being such a useless pilot who wets herself inside her own mech
>Ichigo's piss floods the interior of Delphinium and short circuits it
>you agree to keep quiet about Ichigo's little accident, but can't help but notice the faint scent of piss every time you step into the cockpit
>02, who has a sensitive sense of smell, wanders near Delphinium one day
>she takes a couple of exaggerated sniffs and glances at Ichigo with the smuggest smug

Quick, user ! Say someting about Goro's ass!

Too bad she will die



t. fatfuck


They will both die. I am prepared for it.

It exists

You're 5 weeks too late to post this user

>how hard will Cred Forums shit its pants
Implying just Cred Forums shit the pants when the whole internet (the West, Nips, and Chinks) love her. Chinese Onifags was booking flights to Hong Kong or Japan just to watch their beloved wife (02) during the period that DiTF was banned.

SEETHING ichigofag

I want Ichigo to get over Hiro and fall in love with Goro instead, then prepare to confess to him, only to be interrupted by 02's sister who was not introduced or built up at any point prior but is somehow already in a loving relationship with him.

She likes his taste.


Jokes on you, I just did.

>literally just noticed the egg has two horns
>Hiro's sperms have blue horns

>Nips are comparing Ichigo and Hiro to Leia and Luke


I approve

Those who love emotional abuse and short haired girls

That might not be a bad analogy. Leia kisses Luke in the first (and second) movie, although her romantic implications were mostly with Han. Then we find out they're siblings in the last movie.

Ichigo and Hiro go way back to the same orphanage. It might turn out they're related, a revelation we don't get until late in the series.

Hey, diary-user is back! Awesome! Glad to see you user! Nice work as usually!

>tfw you lived long enough to finally see the day when the Nips acquired good taste

There were two versions posted last night, one w/o horns was first.


That's wrong, it's going to end like Gundam 08th MS Team.

That's pretty appropriate. even have a weird kiss scene too.

>All of these Worried Strawberry posts
Pic related.


Look up what an Agony Aunt is user-kun

No, it's going to end like the jian symbolism suggests, with them flying and dying as one.

He isnt wrong also what other Blue haired chick got fucked over?

>The Japanese seem to like Ichigo more than Zero Two from what I've seen.
Lol wut, if Ichigo was liked more then there wouldnt be thousands of pieces of Zero Two art while Ichigo maybe has like a 100 now :v

But Luke never feel disgusted nor guilty about kissing Leia nor did he clenched his teeth shut.

>Ichigo kills herself
>No one finds the body
>No one even notices she's missing until the next time they're supposed to pilot

Why did Hiro feel absolutely nothing when kissing Strawberry

That's because 002 is easier to make art for. She's the most sexualized of the cast, and the only one in a relationship


Yo, help me a bit, because I'm not exactly sober and I might go mental over this.
The part with the sliding chain fence wasn't related to muv-luv opening, right?
I absolutely remember that being in many different shows, but when I started thinking where exactly I couldn't remember.

More like one of those masked girls from the nines takes over for her.
Everyone compliments her saying she looks a lot better than usual.

He said why, he felt guilty about the whole ordeal

But its not hard at all, you just draw one or another character, and you draw the one you like the most, what artist is gonna draw something they dont like

Because Ichigo a shit

Because they need a man to pilot FranXX
Lesbos are actually a detriment to humanity in Darling and real life


Making art for main girls is a better move as an artist. Im actually a 02fag, but Ichigo is at least discussed more at least on the boards over there. "strawberries is very cute" etc. etc.

So sad :(

Why do you guys hate Ichigo so much?

She is trying to hold back Hiro because of her own selfish desires.

sleep: ichigo suffering
woke: goro suffering

Yes, dying together 50 years later surrounded by their dino family

I wouldnt say HATE more like, prime bullying material.

Because the lesbian needs to adapt to the world rules, not the opposite.

I wish. I'd love a happy ending. I think it's going to end with a spectacle like what we saw at the end of ep 6, with the two of them resolving to "use their wings" to fly towards some final resolution. Only this time they'll never come back.

Ichigo deserve it.
Goro don't deserved anything bad and everything good for being such a bro,

I dont hate her
I like Bullying her hell the anime bullies her too

Absolutely no hate. I may meme on her because she's too bulliable to not to, but in the end I really hope she gets happy ending. After all, what is happiness without suffering?

Is this seriously the highest resolution? I can't find a better one, goddamnit.

She should stop trying to get between the best couple and accept that they were made for each other like everyone else does. Even then I don't really hate her, but I do want her to suffer because it's fun.

what the FUCK was his problem

Normally i'm an anti-bully ranger, but for some reason she's just TOO fun to bully.

>A trigger episode saves the show for flopping
ummmm A1 fags mind explaining????

It really hurts to have your hymen torn.

Inferiority complex to Hiro

She's not the brightest, and she's prime bullying material. But i still like Cocona.

Would anons sexually bully Ichigo?

Goddammit user, power of love saved everyone this time around and it will do so again in the finale, fuck you.


High level of insecurity and childishness and the immaturity of trying to disguise both by shitting on others and imitating "cool" adults manners.

The nips just love muh bittersweet endings too much to resist.

Still I guess it's not totally out of the question. But what will certainly not happen is one dying for the other. They both live or both die.

So what you're saying is they will fly off into the sunset never to be seen again. BUT. They will be secretly be living happily together in a hidden part of the world?

He learned he couldn't handle best girl.

No, i want to bully Ichigo and then let her bully me in bed.

>Sobbing, she finally opens the closet after a few minutes and steps out to give Hiro his chocolate
>She trips and falls on top of the chocolate box, crushing it

>The nips just love muh bittersweet endings too much to resist

Not all the writers and not Nishi.
Not every nip writer take writing lessons from Mexico and America.
Thank God for that.

Who are the writers for The anime again?
what are their past works if its a good record of happy endings maybe they will have a happy end

I'm trying to do nofap but I want to bring ichigo to the bone zone

I would only sexually bully Ichigo by tying her up and having sex with 02 in front of her.


Do you want partner swapping to be a thing from time to time?

Fuck no


Pink hair a shit



That's exactly the ending of Gundam 08th MS that I was talking about, it also has an OVA that came out later which shows the pair living together away from humanity.

>The only character who is explicitly described to be indifferent towards partner of opposite gender
>At the same time cares for Hiro far too much
You guess.

That's not gonna work. Still vastly inferior.

Then shes cucked by her original self.


I have never wanted to protect a smile more than this one. This is the smile. This is it.

> Partner swapping
Totally degenerate. Couples that do this IRL usually have one of them dying on the inside.

Even 02 herself would look better with darker hair.

I knew it would come to this!


Still cute.

Nah, she would look like complete shit.

I want to see 02 riding Hiro.

Nah. She's perfect as is.

>They are literally my favorite DiTF posts.
Agreed, these posts and flower-user.

you're 6 weeks late to the the pegging-posting user

Doujins are coming hot and fast.
Be patient.

You know what else is cumming hot and fast?

Ichigo's tears

It's never too late for fetishposting.

Obviously in Strelitzia.

>Unironically liking pink hair

>episode 7 will be a zorome episode
What will they even do?



Keep on bro

America always has to insert happy ending bullshit tho


That's going to far. What is next, 02 asking Dr. FranXX to create an army of super hot girls with klax blood to steal away every guy Ichigo falls in love with, dooming her to remain virgin and alone for the rest of her life?

>All this screentime so she can get over hiro and get with Goro

What a massive waste of time

I like Satsuki but yeah this doesn't work here.

did they have sex after?

Yes, Ichigo is destined to save her purity for user.


> A clone army whose only purpose is to steal men from Ichigo
Strawberry would be a literal cuckqueen.

Before, during and after, Hiro's big horn can't be calmed down easily.

Don't ruin perfect strawberry with this pink shit.

>Darker Hair
>Voiced by Tomato

>tfw no strict japanese gf

>Oni will never cradle you in her arms
LITERALLY why even live



Monstergirls are always the best one

do you have the one where they were kissing?

I don't think so

me in the back

>choosing a nutjob demon over a cute strawberry

Saki is still best girl.
Shoko was shit and shokofags should hang themselves.

Oh wait I do have it, it wasn't in colour so I didn't look at it closer

>Not wanting to stick your dick in crazy
Its like you dont want to have Fun

Also this textless one


thanks user




I didn't have this page, thank you based user

How will Ichigo react when Nine Alpha and Hiro start taking naked baths together?

>pure wife material
>some crazy slut with horns
I'm convinced that 002 fags are all below 13

Nah, they're just femdom fags, they want an alpha girl to whisk them away from their boring lives

She is LITERALLY (literally) MADE to be bullied, and the show continues to reinforce this fact.


This dude sums it up

You guys all bully Ichigo online but I bet none of you would have the balls to say it to her face.

Still best girl, she took that rape like a fucking champ

I’m pretty sure the p13 boys already take naked baths together.

Ironically Franxx is kinda similar to Valvrave
>Love triangle between the childhood friend, the new girl in the block, and the MC
>Piloting the title mech is killing the MC
>The topic of bakemono vs humanity
>The main casts has five mechs
Hiro as Haruto, 02 as Saki, and Shouko as Ichigo. Except this time there is mutual loving sex, MC chose the best girl, and the “Shouko” doesn’t have brain problems.

Gotta love how salty Strawberry fags are. It make the bullying so much better.

I would its not like she has Super strength

you call this hate?

I love this

FranXX despite its flaws is waaaaaay more competently written and directed than the Valvrave.
L-elf was hilarious though.

>Ichigo gets raped by Nine Alpha
>Hiro is too busy drowning in oni pussy and doesn't bat an eye, thinking they're getting on well together

There's some similarities but holy shit Hiro is way better than Haruto could ever hope to be.

Yes, it's clear that Cred Forums has some kind of vendetta against her.

At least the first half of VVV was crazy and funny, the rest was just dumb.

Ikuno is actually pretty cute

>Wanting 02 for betamale reasons

>Not wanting a wife who is physically strong enough to throw a grown man or snap his neck like a twig, but reserves her strength around you and in bed
>Basically immune to being raped or assaulted, intense loyalty keeps her from cheating on you, regards other men's advances as disgusting
>Strong genetics and drive lead to having tons of healthy children
>Wife is strong and assertive enough to keep them in line
>Dotes on you and pleases you as her partner
>Will probably remain as beautiful and healthy until the day you die

I unironically miss VVV threads.

A permanent switch between Kokoro and Ikuno. I think that’d bring both their numbers up and it’ll be nice to have partners who act significantly different from each other. After that, no. They’re fine as they are.

032 just oni-handles Hiro's tiny body and carries him around the building looking for things to bend him over and pilot on..

>wanting 02 for betamale reasons
>lists off a bunch of betamale reasons you want her


> vendetta
Hardly. The show bullies her, therefore she likes to be tenderly bullied. There's literally nothing wrong with joining the fun.

fuck you faggot

Genista's soft and plump ass! Sitting on my face!

This desu, the setup for second season was fucking retarded. The pace was all over the place.


>fujo artists
>drawing girls
The fuck are you on?

>intense loyalty/no cheating
pick one

you can have your slut, ill take the superior

Well the line was about "stamens" and not about one specifically, right? I don't know if that's a mistranslation but it suggest they're not talking about one of them in particular. Just because they could all be "tainted" doesn't mean they're all "special" like Hiro as well.

I'm glad it made sense to somebody else too

Yes I'm aware about that, I don't see why you're saying 02 isn't related. The 9 can come from the squad name, the Greek letter and its number association can be either a nickname or more likely a rank within the squad. Nine Alpha/blondie boy could be the leader, 02 is some other rank. Since she's a berserker who doesn't care about people, I wouldn't be surprised if she were a low rank with no command duty. For instance if partners had adjacent numbers, 02 could be Nine Theta (9 9) - low rank and right next to Hiro.

>The first thing about this is how monsters age
We don't have anything to go by considering her aging slower. She calls herself a child in the manga and seems to be quite ignorant of certain things in the world, I have a hard time reconciling that with her supposedly being grandma-age: she doesn't know what rain is, doesn't know Hiro can't make it rain, doesn't Plantations don't have oceans, is surprised the pond water isn't salty, doesn't know anything about parasite living arrangements, just had her first confession from Hiro. She would have to have been kept exceptionally ignorant to not pick up on those things in 5-7 decades of being a parasite and she's neither stupid nor prone to following rules.

You can't really tell that the hand in the OP belongs to a 20 year old, it's just a hand. It could easily be Dr. FranXX a solid decade ago.

Most of these people wouldn’t even be able to talk to a girl in real life. The reason they can write all these scenarios about Ichigo is because they can relate to them.

S-soft! Just like Kokoro!

Certainly it's truuuue, from certain point of view.

She keeps denying our guy Goro


None of the boys have bulges sadly :^(


Vous êtes belles, mais vous êtes vides, leur dit-il encore. On ne peut pas mourir pour vous. Bien sûr, ma rose à moi, un passant ordinaire croirait qu'elle vous ressemble. Mais à elle seule elle est plus importante que vous toutes, puisque c'est elle que j'ai arrosée. Puisque c'est elle que j'ai mise sous globe. Puisque c'est elle que j'ai abritée par le paravent. Puisque c'est elle dont j'ai tué les chenilles (sauf les deux ou trois pour les papillons). Puisque c'est elle que j'ai écoutée se plaindre, ou se vanter, ou même quelquefois se taire. Puisque c'est ma rose.

A slut that licks people upon meeting
Girl that isnt even aware Goro likes her

Goro isnt even aware he likes her

>a girl that continues to pine after something she can never hope to have and puts her partner in danger due to her emotional instability
Yeah she really is pretty shitty.

Poor Goro.

She doesnt even know what these emotions are and yet she can still lead a team effectively and even put differences aside to complete the mission. unlike a certain oni whose reckless actions have gotten dozens if not hundreds killed

based plebbit