Is there any shonen with more complex and well written fights than HxH?

Is there any shonen with more complex and well written fights than HxH?


York New was 11/10 shonen, but Chimera Ant was shit


Would you mind explaining why you think the fights are complex and we'll written?

I unironically liked that fight and would love to see it animated as it was just so over the top and fun

It's an unfair comparison when Togashi takes year-long breaks while everyone else does it weekly.

>we'll written

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PC poster here. Would you mind explaining why you think the fights are complex and well written?

One fight? How dense are you?

Despite what you might think, I'm not joking.

Those fight aren't complex, much less well written. That's the point.

Thank you and don't develop

>while everyone else does it weekly.
by Shounen Jump standards?


What the hell are you talking about? Most fights lasted no more than 1-2 episodes. And some episodes had 2-3 short fights in them.

Just like the fights

I don't want a very complex shonen story
stuff like early Dragon Ball and Yaiba from Detective Conan author where the mc is on a quest and he have to solve some puzzles to finish it and the whole thing have a "young boy vs adventure" feel are just fine in my book

The fact that you only care about that and you can't realize the wonderful shot composition, soundtrack, and themes that the chimera ant arc had shows that you're a brainlet soyboy that is only watching anime for escapism. Kill yourself.


>York New was 11/10 shonen, but HxH as whole was shit

>the wonderful shot composition, soundtrack

This and early shippudden had some very creative strategic figts too. Not all of them and probably not even most of them, but still. Combine that with a God tier OST.. Never gonna understand how can people watch the GIFs that are DBZ/S fights



Describe the most complex and/or well written fight in HxH.

Exposition isn't good writing, m8. Much less in a visual medium. Almost every good product of the same genre doesn't need a wall of text to explain what's happening.

That's the sign of a bad storyteller.

Alright, then how exactly would you explain some of the more complicated abilities in Hunter X Hunter with "visuals" instead of a quick paragraph like it normally is?

God tier ost? Good fights?
You're pathetic. You might as well call JoJo a masterpiece if your standards are this low.
OP watch YYH. Probably the only other shonen I've seen that tackles interesting themes while also not being subtle enough for it to be interesting. Fights are also very well directed.

complex is not the same as well-written

complex is also not necessarily the same as entertaining

that being said, i like this series but it's also not my favorite, nor do i think it's the best shonen series.

The original Naruto was unironically a close second

Dragon Ball Super