One Piece

Chapters left this arc?
Will it end before another break?

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27 left.

Currently MIA:
>Compote (+Queen Mama Chanter)
>Sun Pirates
When and how are they going to come into play?

Will they talk it out once this arc is over?
Or will they kiss it out?

fuck off

It will end around chapter 910.

good job making this to who ever made it


>Oda tease Sanji's love to Nami for more than 20 years to actually cuck him in the end.
SaNa already on green canon zone.

Oda, where's Luffy's Queen Vivi?

I don't know what that means but if SaPu doesn't happen this arc then Sana 100% is happening

handholding as mad


Not 10 minutes and thread gets derailed already.

In reply to the retard who says Lunafags are derailing threads in the previous thread.

>thread is on-topic
>thread is ruined uwu why did u derail it
This is why Lunashits get looked down on.

>first person to complain about shippers defend LuNafags

>In reply to the retard who says Lunafags are derailing threads
That's just the usual Sanafag's narrative, don't pay it any attention.

Yes lunafags are the problem. We are discussing the manga not headcanons

And now you're samefagging. Way to let us know who the real cancer is, if we didn't know already.

I honestly can't wait till you fucking retarded samefagger stop shitposting. Wci needs to end soon.


How is predicting something for the end of the arc bad?
We are talking about one piece are we not?
Boogeyman is coming user

God damn she is ugly.

You can't blame the Sanafags for posting a lot. A few months ago it would be raining disdain and mass reporting on them.

why do you care so much?

>you are samefagging
Typical LuNa tard tactic
This is just sad at this point

Im not blaming anyone. Im just telling the guy from previous thread that the threads get filled with sana posts and not luna. There's not a single guy promoting Luna here.

Who needs a boogeyman when you do us the favor of shitting up the thread with obnoxious Sana fanart and posts of terrible quality?

Are you sure about that?
Once again you prove you are just a butthurt LuNa shipper

Is Perospero gonna be alright?

Luffy, Sanji, and Nami's eyes feels so wrong.
Zoro and Usopp is perfect though.

Overall, pretty good art.

I've been rereading the series in the english volumes and just got to Drum Kingdom.

I always forget how Vivi could actually handle herself in combat back in Whiskey Peak and Little Garden. She's not exactly great at it since they're always fighting agents of a higher rank than her but compared to the later female sidekicks the girls got guts.

Why the hurry for another arc? It'll be shit like the other ones lately anyway.

Some theme about racism being bad, then characters split up and run everywhere screaming, they fight each a member of a villain team while Luffy takes on the conveniently strongest leader, Luffy wins by inexplainably not dying despite his HP being -273 at the point, and another arc starts where they met more friends, mainly nami-clones and bodybuilders with small legs.

And this is the amount of Sana posts. With the third post literally being about Sana

>changing the goal post
And so now calling Sanji cute or Nami cute is SaNa now?

hey hey i just shitpost dont cast me as luna or sana theyre both retarded

>third post literally being about Sana
>literally no one care for 3+ hours after that post
Oh my.

his imminent death is coming


>Looking foward to Wonfes to see Smoothie, Kata, Galette, or maybe even a new Reiju
>gets Capone instead

>Mochi is white
This is going to look fun in the anime

That wasn't the point either way. It doesn't change the fact most of the thread is cluttered with Sana shitposts over Luna.

I wouldn't mind him having a permanent spot at the helm but i also doubt he will survive this arc.

>the anime and the manga are actually on the same arc for once

And you're cluttering this thread. We get it, we know. Shut the fuck up.

>Robin's blue ey-
Oh wait. All is good.

Megahouse has been on tilt for half a decade by now.

There is no such thing as a SaNa shitpost.
You said nothing about the luna fag who spammed screenshots of the anime episode. Which is very suspicious of you.
You are complaining that we aren't sentive and insecure about our ship so we didnt cry about that user posting screenshots. That's basically is what you are saying.

Here's also female audience, you know. Someone love chubby.

I just want this arc to end so shipposting can go away

>tfw all the normies take it for granted that Luffy will win this
is it just too stupid to expect he will lose this? i know its plot armor and everything but godamn i cant imagine Oda ending this with a Luffy win

The only parts that interest me in this arc in the anime is the collapse of Whole Cake Chateau and BM using Elbaf Spear

>All this boring SaNa and LuNa fight
LuKa is the patrician endgame, even Toei support it

>going away
How new are you?

Ever since he seemingly made Luffy win against Doflamingo because some literal toddler wrote him he wanted Luffy to win, everyone lost hope in a twist.
Luffy is going to win every fight until the end, even if it's all admirals at once on the very next chapter, and people will keep reading this shit because they read 700+ chapters already.

No way does the song say that...

>don't post SaNa, it's hurt my feeeelings
>but because i'm too scared to say it loud i'm make it sound like everyone dont like sanaposting and shippers
>result is derailing thread to oblivion, arguing with every sanapost in thread
Truly pathetic.

What's with that guy who keeps making Gatchaman Crowds references? He keeps creating posts like : 'When will this song from GatchaCrowds be used in One Piece?' or 'If Galax existed in the One Piece universe, how would the characters use it?' or 'What would Caesar think of the words of the Gatchaman Crowds protagonist?'

Nah I do expect it. Oda went out of his way so there would be no consequences to Luffy losing this time. Every other boss fight was an all or nothing situation, but not here. It's obvious Katakuri wouldn't kill Luffy even if he won, and they already took Sanji back so no crewmember would die even if Katakuri wins this. Moreover no civilians would die like in Dressrosa or FI. Luffy is 100% gonna lose.

He wants attention.

Don't save the wrong file user, I screwed up back there. Here the fixed version.

Are you jealous?

Who will win

This is probably my crackship haha

I'd rather they bond over their adoration for Luffy and end up getting married. It would be cute.

No, just surprised

Why CAN'T Luffy use tankman? He's fighting another enemy that uses food to fight and his awakening literally turns everything to Mochi.

Hancock just takes off her clothes and Bartolomeo is turned into stone.

because he cant eat 50+ tons of mochi

Why would he? The problem is Katakuri's CoO. Tankman just makes him a stationary target.

Barto would be very respectful of Luffy's future wife

Cracker making biscuits out of thin air is different than Katakuri turning the ground into mochi. If Luffy hasn't even tried eating it yet, then he must think it's not even real mochi.

Well I can't fault you for that I was pretty surprised too. I knew there would be some Katalu in the OP, but I never expected they'd use the most emotional, lewdest part of the song.

What would Crackers awakening look like?

dog, tankman against fucking katakuri? that's a death sentence for luffy

I find this human carrot poster funny as fuck, purely because he triggers you guys so badly.

Bartolomeo only loves the SHs. He'd never turn to stone for a random woman.

>problem is Katakuri predicting his movements
>he uses a form that can't really move
I don't think what he did with Cracker would be that effective though because there are no hard biscuits to send him through.

read again

He can turn objects into biscuits


What if LuCarr

Well even if I read again it makes literally no difference. How new are you?

The "bodybuilder types" in One Piece would look way better if they had legs.
Katakuri is strong made right.

Do you have a death wish user?

Has Oda ever drawn anything like this before?

This shit is fucking awesome.

>If Luffy hasn't even tried eating it yet, then he must think it's not even real mochi
not even that user but come on

Every rabbit needs a chew toy

it's mirror world floor turned into mochi, not real mochi that is edible.

He already ate it when Katakuri buried him under rubble during his tea break.

Well Katakuri is too lewd

but it is mochi, real edible mochi

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?


shipposting wasn't this annoying before Zou

LuKa best Luffy pairing.


i hope blackbeard hasn't skipped leg day during the timeskip

Maybe not as much but it was there.

What the fuck are you talking about?

My favorite characters are Law and Katakuri.
What do you think about my taste, lads.

Superficial. Most likely looks driven.

Luffy is becoming more Blackbeard like. Cool.

yes it was you fucking autist

You mean Lawlu, right?

does blackbeard never drink milk?

Definitely not. A threesome would be okay though.

You mean ZoLu, right?

How come the anime's been looking so good lately?


lots of og people came back

My patrician friend.
Before Katalu existed this was the best Luffy pairing.

He dislikes all food Luffy likes. What do you think?


>when the best pairing is merry go and luffy


oh and new chief animation director

How can this beast be so cute?

Why the need to keep reading? Just drop the manga.

Does anyone else think the fights are becoming more incomprehensible as time goes on?

Kek, she looks like a Steven Universe character now.

>People expect Franky to do something with dock number 4

It's just gonna be Jinbee's room.

I really want a Charlotte family spinoff manga.

the only thing thats bothering me is the stamina aspect of the fights which has gotten to rediculous heights. If you cant understand whats happening on this chapter then its you who is the problem user. its clear as day and by far Odas best work

yeah a bit, hopefully the anime will make it a bit more clear

Are you that autist who thinks WCI is the best arc?

I love him. I want WCI to last for ever.

no my favourite arc is Alabasta but WCI is up there

Who has higher stamina? Law or Luffy?

Not him. WCI is the best arc imo.


How would the sex work?

The given heights are stupider and stupider. They don't even reflect the inmanga appearance of characters.


Shipping a 50-year-old man with a 19-year-old one is disgusting.

They were always stupid. For what good reason was Doflamingo 305cm tall?

I don't like the exaggerated heights for non-giants either, it's a pretty stupid thing Oda put in the manga.
But I mean that Katakuri isn't 5,09m tall yet the official height is that. Luffy's head is around his waist, not his knee.

Luffy's mostly jumping around or in G4 (or both) wich makes him taller as well

What the fuck?

It seems that they made him shorter in the anime

If they make a fighting game (most likely yes thanks to DB FighterZ success)I wonder how would they do it with so many tall characters

>katakuri, the calmest of the triplets, is shown waiting for the door to open on its own
>daifuku, the aggressive and abrasive one, forces the door with his devil fruit's power
what's oven's entrance gonna be?

Is this ship so popular to the point where they name yogurt after it?

Isn't a filler girl name Sana in one piece?

They'll uncerimoniously reduce them, simple. They already do.
They don't even have these heights in the manga itself, that's just sbs bullshit. Don't even have to go far: Brook's height, for example, is really 2m or a little above generally, not nearly 3.
The fact Oda puts that shit there so kids can self-insert and imagine themselves beating adults angers me even more.

He is a big guy.

Don't shitpost like that. Or else Luna is also shipped by the ancient romans and named the moon after them.

He burns the wall next to the door down

Post yfw Katakuri wins.

That pic isn't proportionally accurate either. A 1,60m person would reach around the other's knee.

some unknown local yoghurt
the moon which actually plays a pretty good role in the story and is considered romantic upon a full sighting

You tried user.

I want to pull on Smoothie’s bottom of her one piece bathing suit thing and snap it into her Virginia

I want Katakuri and Luffy to eat donuts together.

My family is having dinner with a rich French count who happens to be named Caesar.



Next time.

>implying only one person in this thread believes WCI is the best arc

Not surprised
You also failed for some weak bait by that user

Post ywf this cute bunny becomes the next nakama!


Someday user. Someday.

Didn't really take more than some seconds to correct that delusional user. Oh well.

I want to shave Smoothie’s minge and give er a smack right on the gob



When will we see Garp again?

What does Smoothie smell like



He was never a leg guy though.

Why is there even a ship debate here? SaNa is the likeliest ship considering Sanji doesn't give a shit about Pudding and Nami loves no one. LuNa has zero romantic moments and just rely on the "Main girl x Main guy" shit. Stop shitting up the threads with these bs
>inb4 Sanafag

>my opinion is clearly the only logical choice

Pairing characters that you cannot control and did not create is itself illogical.

Go away

Its about what is most likely based on what is presented by Oda. He could change things up but I am judging it based on what has been shown.



But you aren’t Oda and this isn’t what the story he’s telling is about. Ora said their would be no romance within the crew. Aren’t you a biased source and should that not make your opinion discounted as it is not objective?


Fuck off.
Some people like to see Luffy and Nami together. Others like to see Sanji and Nami together. It's their preference and you're no one to change what they like.

>isn’t what the story he’s telling is about
>literally set up romance between crew at start of the series
Oda is a hack.

>my ship is the most likely to happen based on objective evidence!
You are like a little baby. Lurk ten thousands more years before you post. There is no such thing as an objective interpretation and even if there was the mangaka can be baiting and/or decide to fuck the relationship he set up at the last minute to make another one the endgame out of nowhere. And you should know this if you read and discussed more than 3 manga in your life.

Thank god his Neechans arent there to see him like this. I bet it would scare them

That is your opinion, not fact
Do not state the first as if it is the second.

>mangaka can be baiting and/or decide to fuck the relationship he set up at the last minute
You mean shitty mangakas? They can do whatever they want. Oda is too honest with his readers.

Could you at least try to do these right if you're gonna do these? All your Carrots look like they have silver poisoning.

And he said no in-crew romances

Did Big Mom turn herself into a giant or is that just the way she is?

Didn't you read her flashback?

I'm behind user, I'm not a speedreader.

He only has one nee chan, speedreader.

Well then just catch up. But if you wanna know she was born this way, as a freak of nature.

Katakuri doesn’t deserve bullying!

Do not take all Oda's answers on SBS as facts too.
Most of them are joke's and romance one answer was very blury and don't make clear statement (question itself have "except Sanji", which everyone like to forget)
For example questions where readers ask about birthday dates is pretty strait forward and can be based as facts.

Shippers gonna ship, haters gonna hate. Oda don't claim either of sides.

Fuck off ironic weeb.

You're not Sanafag. You're someone else just baiting for (Yous)


There's no proof though, we just interpreted his words that way.

>I bet it would arouse* them


Hope in the last hope opening scene, I wanna see G4 Snakeman and Dark Souls Mama.

kinda hot desu

There's many fandom myths on One Piece. This is one of them.

But Katakuri only has one neechan.

prove it

Compote the smug queen is a fucking tranny! Hahahaha!

whats younger sister?

Katakuri is a kid at heart Neechans refers to all his sisters

Oh, so you just say things.

Is Perospero or Compote the firstborn?

>Aren’t you a biased source and should that not make your opinion discounted as it is not objective?
I asked a question to see what others had to say because I know my opinion is not objective. It doesn't mean I can't be right though. Also Oda said there would be no romance in general and there have been plenty of romance since those interviews. Is it not possible he could have changed his mind?
>There is no such thing as an objective interpretation
there is only likely and unlikely and I posted what I think is likely. Oda could be baiting but and I could be wrong. That is always a possibility.

Imoutos you casual weeb.

Most creative use of powers
Fairly direct in the plot structure
Cool designs
Settings up EoS lore with elbaf
CP0 and underworld structure powerplayers (lead right to mariejois)
New g4 modes
Brook spotlighting

We don't know.

Its compote. Bitch has the fruit fruit fruit like watch out or ill stomp watermelons up your ass. No way

I want Sanji to stealth kick Oven again just as he's about to kill someone weak and for Oven to start freaking out as a result.

How good was this entrance?

Why are they so cute, anons?

trying too hard to make a cool character.

I love Daifuku's design. What ruins him is that rubbing shit he does.

I thought Oda nailed it here. It was a much better first appearance then what Toei went with.

kek no you prove it, that oda said no romance between crewmates.

I'm talking about arguing canon. Some people like Robin and Zoro together yet I doubt they argue over it.

Oda is a hack

what did he do to deserve all this bullying

>When asked if there would be romance in One Piece in a SBS letter, Eiichiro Oda replied "they are in love with adventure". There are no hints released in the manga itself. There exist minor love stories such as Kyros and Scarlett's love story and certain relationships have been addressed (such as Piiman, Tamanegi and Ninjin mentioning how Usopp is a "lucky man" to have somebody as Kaya) but they are rather minor and no major relationship has been officially confirmed. As such, most love referencing comes in the form of perverted comments from one character to the other. Oda said that since this is a shonen manga, there is practically no romance (with a few exceptions, such as married couples, etc.) Not counting Sanji's feelings towards almost every female being in existence, Oda took eleven years to introduce any form at all - Boa Hancock's love for Luffy. However this is considered to be a one-sided romance solely intended for humor as Luffy does not have those same feelings for Hancock, having turned down her marriage proposal several times in the past. Oda also mentioned in one of the SBS that One Piece is manga targeted at young boys, therefore there will be no romance between the Straw Hat crew.

He's pretty great. Probably was born sneering.


Last episode had some really cool shots.

Too much sameface

Not him but you can easily change that to your own narrative
>haha I'm only joking guises I knew you would bite XDD
Will never happen sorry


Oda said no romance in general. Here you go.
>>“- I like to draw party scenes. So I don’t want to draw anything that would ruin that atmosphere. And this is a manga for boys so I won’t draw anything about relationships. I get a lot of letters from female readers asking me to cover some kind of relationship but if that’s what you want, go read a girl’s manga, that’s not my job. I don’t care if someone falls for Luffy, but it’s something that would be over before you know it. But knowing Luffy, I don’t think that kind of thing would be a problem. (laughs)”
Luna btfo

The only good thing coming out of these threads these past two years is Charlotte Family fan art posting.

Except he has a large mouth...

>haha I read the manga and Oda is pushing Sanji x pudding you just wait
>Sanji ignoring Pudding is pushing
Why are LuNafags lying to anime watchers?
Fucking hilarious just a few more chapters

shipfags on suicide control

>haha guys I make fun of luna am i cool????????
Fuck off with your shitty bait. Nobody even talked about Pudding in the entire thread.

I am quoting a LuNafag from somewhere. They are actually saying this.
Can you believe that?

Youtube is garbage. It's full of retards.

They look really good together in that shot!

How well would he do against Kata?


he obviously thinks differently now

Source? Youtube is full with retards and you actually taking someone on YouTube serious just makes you look like a dumbass. Either way, I'd really like to see your source.

would've died ages ago

If God is good, we will be done with this arc by may, so basically in 10 chapters, counting the usual 3-1 chapter release to break rate

just kill yourself already


>go read a girl’s manga, that’s not my job.
its there
absolutely btfo

>he obviously thinks differently now
Yeah I bet rebecca gets with kyros, vivi with kohza, shirahoshi with wadatsumi and we will get new romantic plots next arc RIGHT?!!!

No. Fuck off. Oda is still the same. The only reason you're thinking there's anything "romantic" right now is because there's no Robin here. Say one thing Sanji wouldn't do for Robin he did for Nami this arc.


Yes its from there and no I did not reply to those retards.
Notice their names btw. Just goes to show who are the people who ship luna

Typical Carrotfag

But rubbing is a very healthy user.


How many Chekov's Guns are still laying around this arc?

>Reiju's poison curing
>Pudding's memory altering

You still didn't post any source or a screenshot. You're a pathetic liar like the other Sanafags, fuck off.

As a resident autist who posts of lot of those I am happy you feel this way user.

it's going to be a long wait for the next chapter with these shipping cancers on full tilt

>Say one thing Sanji wouldn't do for Robin he did for Nami this arc.
Its about what Oda shows us user. Show me one time Sanji carries Robin as a bride. Show me the panel were he leaves a girl in love with him for Robin. Show me Robin slaping Sanji or him asking her if she is in love with him. SaNa is the most developed Sanji relationship and now he is ignoring Pudding when thinking about Nami. It is clear Oda is showing us Nami is his #1 girl and there is no reason it would happen right now. Couples will only happen EoS.

Where the fuck everyone get "Oda say no romance betwen crew hurr durr, in SOME SBS"
I check all of them and find one example of Oda say something about Romance:

SBS Volume 34:
>D: Doesn't anyone on Luffy's crew fall in love? Will there never be a tale of on-board romance? (Sanji is an exception in this case) I'm just wondering.

Second one myth come from Oda's interview:
December 21st 2010 issue of Asahi Shimbun Weekly AERA

If you try find english translation, you find Greg translation:
>One of those limits, avoiding a love story.
>Simply because they [boys] aren’t interested in it.
>“There are a lot of female fans too and I get requests for romantic scenes but I won’t respond to that call.”
>Another [example of limiting himself], he tries to avoid drawing scenes of death or killing. He also refrains from depicting brutality. “Even if I draw a sword cutting someone, I try not to draw scenes where the blade is in a gaping wound.”

Everyone cut the fuck up next whole sentence, explaining previous:
>Another [example of limiting himself]

What Oda mean is:
>do not draw romance, do not draw murders or death scenes as much as possible
>The writer makes it as rule to try not to write love scenes AND death scenes in One Piece.
Oda only stated he tries not to write "Death scenes", but Oda also stated he "tries" not to write love scenes.


Oh so this was what inspired Oda


Why would I lie?
This people are actually saying this.
Oh and that Luffy was apparently jealous when Nami proposed to Sanji
>inb4 you reply defending LuNa
Wouldn't be surprised

baka fuck off you retarded shipper.

Is that how you felt when Oda was wringing out these shipping chapters?

>15 people liked this retards post
>Probably thinks Luna is a thing
I told you Youtube is shit. Not even just about ships either.

The least you can do is post a video link, since it's pretty easy to inspect element stuff. Im sure you'd understand.

literally grasping at straws

Robin is taken.
>Say one thing Sanji wouldn't do for Robin he did for Nami this arc.
Tell Robin that he loves her too.

I really want this to happen but at this point i would be legit surprised if it did happen basically you guys have nothing. Not that I expected much. He treats any woman the same way. Similiar to how he was pretty content with being with Viola.

They look ridiculous next to each other, Doffy was 3m tall, this should be the maximun height for a non giant, 5m just look ridiculous


Trips don't lie.
Yonkou Big Mom might not have been showcased wrecking everyone's shit, but her genes have definitely been the toppest of tiers when it comes to making babies. That alone is a Yonkou level power.

Can you imagine if she had fucked a Monkey (the surname, not the animal) or Gol D. Roger himself? Madness!

Jesus Christ

Show me another girl Sanji uses -san with.
I'll wait
>inb4 Oda said thissssssss
Right, he gave 2 different answers for the exact same question.
Weird isn't? Almost as if he didn't want to confirm anything

> basically you guys have nothing.
I just posted a picture where Franky and Robin have a couple shirt you blind bat.

So you have nothing to say about my post then. I am not surprised.

When has he asked Robin if he loved him? To her face like he does with Nami?

Video url, user?

>Similiar to how he was pretty content with being with Viola.
who he left for nami.

4ch/a/n? More like /tumblr/

are you spastics fucking done with your epic zingers against shippers? you do realize that at this point you're on the same level of them, endlessly shitting up the thread with your pointless arguing? goddamn, does this thread have to go through the same cycle every fucking iteration
take a hint

Marineford Arc, where shitton people dies (and even major one's) aired July 18, 2009, chapter 550, ended April 5, 2010 at chapter 580.
Interview was at December 21st 2010.
>he tries to avoid drawing scenes of death or killing
>ace already died, whitebeard died, shitton background pirates and marine soldiers with Coby crying about fallen ones
>he try
Good job, Oda-sensei!

DressRosa (Love and Passion land) air at September 24, 2012, where shitton of characters Love each other and have many romance sequence (not related to crew).
>do not draw romance
>Scarlett and Cyros
>Baby 5 and Sai
>Sanji and Viola sequence
>Boa Hancock and Luffy sequence, which even move plot (If Boa don't "love" Luffy he never get into Impel Down at first place)

Now WCI, here we go again, here same Viola/Boa type of love with Pudding helping Mugiwara crew escape and people literally was cannibalized (Atleast Oda make us think about that), killed (Katakuri murder cooks at merienda, shot random Ransom Broker right in the Face, Big Mom "kill" her own sons/cooks, planned not even kill, but massacare Vinsmoke Family, Pound dead, Pedro dead)
We saw lost eye's from Tamago and Pedro, lost arm from Perospero.

Children fucking manga, for "boys"
>Oda trying to avoid death and love/romance
Nice fucking try.

Shippers can ship whatever they want, Oda in reality don't say anything against. He was "trying to avoid".

Capone is shit. There I said it. His only redeeming quality is his love for his family but that is it.

You’re the wrongest man in Wrongville and I bet you like Pineapple pizza

Please post some and save us from the retards.

They'll be gone come reverie or wci. Full crew at wano, new characters, new gags, new plot points, and Luffy interacting with rest of the crew and Sanji interacting with Robin would pretty much kill the shippers hype and shitposts.

whitebeard, kuma and moria are already a lot smaller in pirate warriors

How do you even have the time to shit up all these threads all day?

Literal children

I don't see what will change

need more fanart of her

shipfags are autistic neets

I expect Sanji to go back to normal too. It doesn't matter at all. This is the arc that decides who he ends up with.

I'm sorry, I'm a faggot speedreader. But can someone please spoonfeed what was going on with those sea snails? Was it as simple as 'jimbe had his friends take care of them?"

>there will be no romance in one piece, boys aren't interested in it
>oda indirectly confirms that these two fucked like horny rabbits

perospero looks a lot like strussen, he's probably the first born

Almost everyone here is an autistic neet but shipfags are something special. They never shut the fuck up.

get the fuck outta here

They are territorial sea slugs. Praline and Aladine lured them away from WCI for Luffy and his crew to escape.


This. And I say this as THE sanafag, Sana will die if Pudding joins the crew. If she doesn't and she gets the viola treatment then Sana will 100% happen.
And anyone who denies it will be delusional

Why don't anime girls have noses anymore?

>sanji going to save the sh's
Who the fuck do you expect him to call for? Chopper san or Brook chan? It's his usual gag

So it didn't happen then?

Best body, hope he loses the pants too

Why would Pudding join?

>Sanji interacting with Robin would pretty much kill the shippers hype
Like I said you fucking hardheaded moron, Franky and Robin are already together.

>Zoro knows SaNa is a thing
That's why I love Zoro! Even if he hates us

What funny gag you see? I only see blank images.

I'm not the other guy you fucking numbskull. I meant Sanji will get to interact with more than one female which will tone down the shippers

Nice headcanon.

praline is currently distracting them

What kinda shitty logic is that?
>Compote looks a lot like Big Mom so she's probably the first born.
It doesn't make any sense.

Idk where would this bitch go? If she stays she will get her head blown out

since this Sana retard is too much of a pussy to post the YouTube link can we all just say he's a pathetic loser who said some fake shit about Luna to degrade them? Not that I expected much from Sanafags. Always the bitchiest and saltiest of them all.

Who gives a shit if that happens?

Best boy.

She could look for Lola, stay in wci by changing everyones memories, look for a husband like Lola or even go with Chiffon.


but everyone in the family is hailing her as their saviour. hell, perospero even thinks that she was already done by bege


>look for a husband
Call me a Lunafag but doesn't she already have her eyes on Sanji?

Not him but you sound retarded to even doubt its a possibility. Have you ever even been to a OP youtube video? The people there are retards.


Search the name on YouTube dumb inbred. I won't spoon feed you.
Yes your people said that and they are retarded

He isn't interested and its not like she is making a move on him. She knows he has to leave.

i didnt say that

Haha yeah I remember that gag.

gag here too
its jokes all the way down

Yeah, kind of. But she does say "I'll forget about it 'for the time being'."

The gag started when Sanji started it.
Nami wanted a kiss until Sanji did his gag

There are no black people in One Piece

So you are saying they will make up once the arc is over?
I'm okay with that. Will see what they do'

That's a way of dismissing it. It happened and it happened again with Pudding. Stop wasting my time.
I hope she does bring it up at the end. I really don't see what could go wrong for us if she did.

Usopp is black

Pudding is a cunt

giving her a sad backstory like everyone else doesn't make her any better

No he isn't. He is north african.

Then stop dismissing Oda sensei himself

He mudslime arab

I'm surprised everyone seems pretty chill with Carrot being the next nakama. A couple of months ago everyone hated her.

Who the fuck cares about this "character"?

Even if it stays one sided its fine. Saying Sanji doesn't love Nami more then other girls, especially after this arc, is just incorrect.


863 was the best chapter in this arc

Everybody knows Nami is a lesbian guys cmon reread CP9

Notice how when (((they))) lose the argument they stop replying?
Then later they come back with new retarded arguments and ignoring what happened ealier

Hes going to smell Robin and float across the water for her

>being this much of a nitpicky piece of shit
If you don't like just drop it or go write your own manga you fucking retard, just stop whining and derailing every thread.

I'm not chill, I'm resigned.


like this

I want a carpet made from Carrot’s shedder fur it looks so soft and smooth

>shippers delusion

Baroque Works was full of them. There is one in Buggy's crew. Etc, etc, etc.


Remind yourself that Sanji +1 = Zoro

Brook, Kuzan, Usopp, lots in Baroque Works, etc

>yaaas!!!! Zoro is my favourite!!!!



That's not an argument. I have already shown you evidence on why Nami is special when it comes to Sanji and you have nothing to say. Just accept it user. It doesn't necessary make them a couple. It could always end with an open ending.

Your picture is for Luffyfags. Not Zoro

You mean Luffy

Thank you. Clearly the best family in One Piece.

The hearts in her eyes are reflections off Sanjis eyes. Took me a while to see that. SaNa btfo

>. It doesn't necessary make them a couple. I
user 2018 february

Zoro wouldn’t be a subordinate if Luffy wasn’t stronger dumbass

You're welcome user.

hes waiting to bounty hunt the pirate king

Read the manga

Not him but his argument was that Nami is special in Sanji's eyes which is why the Robin shit won't apply, not that they have to be a couple.
Way to act like you had a zinger when you completely missed the point.

maybe your autism is tiring for everybody. And stupid

I don't get this. There are no hearts in her eyes.

You are wrong. Stop misunderstanding things

>this arc decides who he ends up with
>they dont have to be a couple

He fell for a joke some sana friend made here. Pretty funny desu

ChoBroSan confirmed

I meant it decides whether its sana or sanpu. It could always be nothing though. That is whats most likely.

>these mean the same thing
Characters can be meant for each other but not becoming a couple until the end.

Can't wait for next episode.


i would have always loved a full-fledged special forces team in one piece besides cipher pols, something more military that take cares of the world government's dirty affairs . like those goons who appeared in law's flashback during the flevance incident

Roundabout way of saying there is no present confirmation

Yes, if SaPu doesn't happen then nothing will stop Sana

See his reply That's why you read shit carefully before kneejerking all over the place

What if Oda stops SaNa?

This arc is so fucking good. Just wish the whole crew was tagging along and that were more characters fighting other than Luffy but it's still pretty great nonetheless.

I'm not looking forward to it, that one autist will complain Toei mistook Nami's legs for Carrot's. You'll see.

>its sana or sanpu
>could be nothing though
>nothing stopping sana
>could be nothing read carefully
>whispers to himself sana at alarming rate

You just exposed to the world how shit your reading comprehension is. Take the L like a man.

Okay I will please walk me through my loss

Daily reminder that LuKa is CANON

Is there any chance this arc will end with the BMPs and the SHs having a tea party on Cacao island in the middle of the night?

how would relationship arguments work if they both know what each other will be saying?

decuplets foreshadowed it


I finally remember who katakuri reminds me of. It's Sigma from VLR and ZTD.

Go fucking read a girls' manga

>assuming that was "romance", and not rape
Damn, you really do grasp at straws, huh?

>no romance in one piece
>inderectly confirms
>no romance in
>indirectly confirms

So earplugs>haki?

in the specific case of big mom's screeching, yes


I do.

gay canon



>dressrosa lore includes women who stab their men if they turn unfaithful
>viola is trying to stab doffy
>using names only close people use for them
You need to grasp your IQ, it's dropping.

big moms coc didnt work because of earplugs

think he was referring to when kuri made mochi earplugs for everyone in the family after big mom started screaming

>defending rape
You too

No, Big Mom will kill him.

Yeah but how and why would it happen? Even if Katakuri and Luffy enter a relationship by the end of the fight, it wouldn't be enough for everybody to throw down their weapons and party.




Was this necessary?

I didn't understand the fight scene at all. It was a clusterfuck of black and white.

BM would never kill him, she loves him too much.

Yes. TOTALLY necessary.

What's your deal?

Sorry user, looks like you're visually illiterate.

what do you think user

She released her CoC in addition to the scream. The earplugs were against the scream, nothing stopped her CoC besides the group having strong enough wills to resist.

The aesthetic appeal really heightened my appreciation of Odas work. A lot of depth to his art and writing that is worth exploring. Incredible man.

did scrubs get earplugs and pass out?

People passed out when she started the scream, so they weren't conscious to get the earplugs.

None of that is necessary, it's really cheapening our sister characters. You can't take a character who is explicitly sexualized seriously. Robin and Nami were sexy in different but equally legit ways because it went with their characters. Now they are just meant to be sexy the same way like all the other OP chicks and it's hard to feel their characters when their boobs get in the way of their hearts.

poor little joeys arent cut out for the big game eh

Like dyslexia of the arts.

>and it's hard to feel their characters when their boobs get in the way of their hearts.
The triple trips of truth

Yeah that's either really deep or really idiotic.

>You can't take a character who is explicitly sexualized seriously
not even that user but why not? if she's a good character, who cares if she's sexualized

It can be both. Like Kurama in yyh

So is this the best fight in One Piece?

I think its time for Lucci to step down.

He's memeing

Croc is the best sorry senpai

If Katakuri wins, how would Luffy not die? He may respect him enough to want a fair fight, but his job is still to kill Luffy before he becomes a threat to Big Mom.

Be more specific. Croc rounds 1 and 2 are great, but the final round in the tomb was underwhelming.

Don't worry user. You are not alone.
Oda can be confusing as fuck with his imagery

It's a real thing. Most people irl can't even tell what shape their face is, or whether that dress makes them look fat. But someone who trained their eye by studying art and drawing can.
It's not something you can't cure. Try reading the chapter again, slower this time.

Not the biggest fan considering it was 1 sided for the majority of the time.

True, I did take Kalifa seriously and she was all about the sex appeal, but I find it that the sexualization of Nami for instance has become most of the reason she is shown in panels. While playful before I have a hard time seeing her as the same Nami who kicked ass and use her looks for gains. Now we are seeing tits first and Nami afterwards.



I'm not a fightfag or anything, BUT I would find this arc a 10/10 if Sanji wins a tough won 1v3 against Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji as a resolution to his story.

Sadly I don't think Oda likes Sanji very much and would let him have that fight.

Jimbei (or any other major character) dying would also be 10/10

>Jimbei (or any other major character) dying would also be 10/10
My nigga. But Sanji won't fight his bros because they are good now or whatever

Small boobs can be fun. All boobs are fun.

Thanks I'll look at it again more carefully.

>I'm not a fightfag or anything

>People think this unironically better then Luffy vs Katakuri

>STILL wanting Jinbe to die
Come on, guys. This is getting sad.

Sanji is for Reiju
How progressive of Oda to put a brother/sister couple into the most popular manga of all time

No doubt my favourite fight.

Katakuri will confess he is in love with Luffy and will forcemarry him.

I don't understand either. Every other boss fight is inferior, be it writing wise, choregraphy wise, or art wise. And of course they are, how could they compete against the only boss fight where the antagonist gets character development? Not to mention Oda actually took care of securing a nice location for the fight this time.

10/10 post. Good taste user

Vinsmoke bros want Nami

Right and Nami will kiss Sanji in front of them.

Dude last 2 eps ago they mentioned they wanted Nami.

Most of the reason this fight works is because Katakuri is such a cool, likable, and surprisingly well developed character. It's also going to have the most reread value because now we know that he slowly gained respect for Luffy over the course of the fight. Which is great and makes it stand out from everything else in the series.

On the other hand, it's still a little silly that Luffy lasted for hours despite being dominated for a majority of the fight. If it wasn't for that it would easily be #1, but right now I'm not sure.

You can't beat nostalgiafags.
Also when something gets popular you can be sure that Cred Forums will hate it despite it actually being better. Also Snakeman is the best transformation design so far.

Yes and Sanji getting Nami will be another L for them


>picking on someone because he's weak is wrong but it's okay if you do it because you can and it's a 3vs1
Nice message there user, way to miss the point of Sanji's backstory.
He already kicked Yonji's ass once. He doesn't need to prove himself any further.

Not to mention Katakuri has a big mouth and that's nostalgic. If he ate Luffy would Luffy be able to eat him?

Kaido will lose too and it will be bullshit and everyone will be mad, etc. etc.

I agree

it's too much of a composed response to be a meme or a pasta, i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt
i would have agreed with you on nami prior to whole cake island. besides, i think you might have more of an argument with robin if anyelse

Tankman was barely in a chapter.
Boundman >>> Snakeman > Tankman.

One of my favorites without a doubt

Have we seen tankman regular mode? I cant seem to find it but I have the clearest memory of him getting slapped around in tankman small mode

>Baraman ahead of anything

Yes just compare this to the Lucci fight in the manga. This fucking fight rocks so hard.

I don't know if it's the Vice City vibe or what but the Reiju is drawn in that is fucking incredible.

you asked for it

>On the other hand, it's still a little silly that Luffy lasted for hours despite being dominated for a majority of the fight.
Man that's like 90% of One Piece important fights. Even Usopp has these without being physically strong

How did you react Cred Forums?

gomu gomu no RED mamba


It’s one of my favorites

Fuck do you mean? It was cool as fuck. It was hype as fuck. It was strong as fuck. A giant bouncy ball that was destroying a fucking country by blasting a dude through it. How is that not cool? Fucking Tankman my asshole.

reminded me of zoro in chapter 2


And now it's a jobber standard form.


Also this but not from Chapter 2. It reminded me of his fight against Cabaji on Buggy's island.

For me it's the top Reiju is wearing. Pushes up her chest in a way that looks realistic. And her hair is drawn short, on the sophisticated side, which both complements and tones down the sexy.

God I hate Gear4th.

None of those fights lasted for literal hours against an opponent who wants to kill them, and is more skilled than them in most area of combat.

Made the fight exponentially better. Gave Luffy a mostly sensible reason for victory, without making Katakuri look bad.

Yeah, against jobflamingo. I don't know how you can't say Tankman is better, it won in one chapter and it's entirely defence-based.

How long until she slides all over Luffy's dick?

I had predicted this so I was smug.

Why didn't Luffy beat the shit out of her like he did the last time?

Mmhm. I think it's the lips for me. Oda's thick lips are a great variety but they don't really look that great imo. But in fan art mode, those dsl look fucking juicy. Also her eyes and abdomen look great as well. I feel like the art would have been even greater if Reiju was the one with the coloured shades and Sanji with the black ones but that's whatever.
I wish I had better fan art to post.

Oh, sorry, I wasn't talking about strength. I was talking about how cool they were. The first guy said "best transformation" and I took that for "cool factor".

>None of those fights lasted for literal hours against an opponent who wants to kill them
eh, i'd argue that katakuri threw his pragmatism out of the window the moment luffy asked for a 1 on 1 with him

His hands would have slipped, surely?

Mama had a hard life

>50 years of sitting on your ass, being fed tons of delicious food, and fucking as many men that you want.
>Hard life

Sorry, she's Buggy's woman now.

>Reiju's poison curing
I'm not sure if her ability to suck out poison has to do with her devil fruit or not.

But her having a DF is guaranteed to be touched upon before the arc ends.

shes going to die to remove the poison from big mom
pudding erases everyones memory as a thanks

By the way is Sanji's face still weird under the blubber mask?


>I'm so fucked up

>new thread made on the 500th post

Shinji what are you doing

Kata is still BM son, and she is part giant as well. Makes sense for him to be big.

Wrong. She is a mutant human, but raised in Elbaf

>They don't even reflect the inmanga appearance of characters.
>They don't even have these heights in the manga itself, that's just sbs bullshit.

my sides have left for another world


rebecca is nopan
penguin is cute
monet will be nakama

copying a fat fuck's opinion without having his own

you forgot big meme