Super major announcement at next event
S3 confirmed?

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He's gonna, r-right Cred Forums?

It's the 10th year anniversary so maybe movie?

Seto Asami is also teasing a big announcement.

This is gonna be S3, right? I don't want anything anymore but S3

Please let it be a third season!



Please be S3 with Morio Asaka back on board as director. Hopefully he's not too busy with CCS still.

Anyone been keeping up with the raws? Taichi got a JUST haircut, and is fighting against Arata.


Taichi victory incoming

Taichi better win after all this 'character development.' It's too bad he looks like he's 10 again now.

It’s not happening, let it go.

If Taichi doesn’t win this match I riot. I don’t give a shit about the chihayabowl anymore, just give her to Arata.

>It's too bad he looks like he's 10 again now.
Thats the point. He now has the hairstyle he did back when he was a kid.

Shinobu best girl

I know that's the point. It's quite clear, I just think that his old/new look is terrible.

It fits with his terrible personality.

But Taichi is best boy.

I just don't see why Arata should win the Chihayabowl.



>Taichi is best boy at being shit

Why should Taichi?

I just want more Snow Queen.

>mfw best girl will lose to chihaya

No S3

Kaiji is getting a season 2.5, so MAYBE.

Most likely an announcement of the manga getting to the climax/entering the final arc. Taichi is up against Arata in the latest chapter, and whoever wins will be one step closer to fighting for the Meijin title.

>Chihaya getting another season before Saki does

I wont allow this.

Just blame Ritz for delaying yet again.
>read latest blog entry

I never read the manga. What character development he received? Also how is the Queen Shinobu doing? She was my favorite.

>What character development he received?
He confesses his love to Chihaya, confesses the truth about the glasses, confesses to himself that he never truly loved karuta but played because of the people he loved liked it and he was afraid he would have no bond with them if he didn't play it etc. He gets a ton of development after quitting the club and going his own way to find his own style of karuta. The mangaka really focuses a lot on Taichi, and his growing relationship with karuta. Latest chapter shows that Taichi got a haircut, similar to the one he had as a kid.


How did Chihaya react? And what's the Queen doing now nigger? You never answered that part.
Stop bumping and answer my questions


>How did Chihaya react?
She was surprised at his confession of course, also surprised at the truth behind the glasses story from their childhood. Taichi first tells her the truth then confesses. Her mind immediately goes to Arata since he confessed in an early chapter, and tells Chihaya "lets play karuta together" which basically meant "lets spend the rest of our lives together" and tells Taichi "sorry" which was basically a rejection on her part. A lot happens like Taichi quitting the club and kissing Chihaya without her consent etc, but eventually him and Chihaya return to better terms with the entire team crying/hugging him when he returns to the team. Nothing in terms of romance has happened with them. Desk-kun confesses to Kana though, and then Chihayas mind immediately goes to Arata because she remembered she never gave him an answer to his confession and still hasn't. She tells him she cant give him an answer because karuta is her main focus now and he tells her that he understands but on the day that their paths are closer to tell him how she feels about him.

Queen was going through a tough time, but I can't remember all the details. She gets a job, but gets fired and then has a sort of mini breakdown because karuta is the one thing she wants to make a living with but is afraid she cant and the thought of being like her mom, relying on her grandmother is scary. Her grandmother tells her to become the very first professional karuta player in the world.

Just read the manga, you rude bitch.

Thanks user. Sorry for my rudeness.

are we going to see more of this semen demon?

is this the event with the voice actors?

I hope so, but they're gonna need 2 cour anime for it though.

I would really want a S3 and S4 and as many seasons as needed to adapt the manga in a good way, but that'll never happen.

More like 4 cour at least. First 2 seasons covered somewhere around 93 chapters I think. We're over 190 now.

>tfw a third season will cover aratas confession

I hve a feeling NHK will save this.