Shows that you feel the English dub are better than the original Japanese dub?

Shows that you feel the English dub are better than the original Japanese dub?

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G gundam had a great dub WITH THE HELP OF KYOJI.

None, japanese dub is made by professional voice actresses tempered one thousand times with ancient japanese voicesmithing skills.
Western trash can't compete.

I don't really think that the FMAB dub is better than the original, I actually like both equally.

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Attack on Titan. Way fucking better. To the point that they actually changed the script to make it less autistic. Sub has multiple instances where people are just screaming each others names.

Also the voice actors are all A-tier. Except Eren but that fits with his character design of being the "angry confident protagonist out for revenge"

Some original japanese dubs from 70-90s sound like they were made by some school club in a broom closet

I feel that way about most shows honestly.

Bertolt and Reiners voices in both the dub and sub are both really equally good though.

So good that even the creators admitted it's superiority.

i've always tried to find source for this but I can't find it anywhere. can you provide?

Dragon Ball Z/Super
Panty and Stocking
Gurren Lagann
Eva (personal opinion, i love pack-a-day misato/german swearing asuka)

Space Dandy

Try not being a biased anglo who pretends to hear emotion and nuance in voice acting that has none.

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The one with Mai Waifu in it.


Yu Yu Hakusho

Can't find it exactly, it was somewhere in a space dandy forum/interview.
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only movies even come close. I have yet to see a full cast of English actors deliver the same quality as the Japanese cast.


I usually hate dubbed versions but I have to say that the english VAs in FMA, Code Geass and Hellsing Ultimate did a very good job.

Space Dandy. Compare the Chameleonian and AU episodes

If this is way fucking better then how bad is the sub? holy shit.

Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

post a clip

English dubs are usually better. Japanese dubbing is exaggerated and stupid. Overacting is not good acting.

i liked danmanchi because i was under the impression that hestia's eng voice was the same as haruhi i was wrong now i dont know what to feel

School Rumble. Jap dub isn't bad, but Eng dub eclipses it.

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All of them.

English dubs are bad if the source material had a lot of engrish, or shouting names of moves

>shouting names of moves
It's just as stupid in English as it is in Japanese, except you can see the silliness because it's translated.

This. I can't even listen to the sub because the dub voices are so iconic to me. It's the same with dragonball z and cromartie high.

Everything from ADV is pure gold.


Girls Bravo

Ghost Stories and Cromartie High are dub kino.

Gentlemen, I LOVE WAR

Hyper Dimension Neptunias dub is miles ahead of the sub for the script changes alone

FLCL. Come at me.

With stuff like Crunchyroll and Netflix getting involved in anime, are dubs getting better?

I'll keep watching sub regardless. Nothing like an American accent to ruin immersion.

I like Konata's dub voice better but the sub is better overall. That's really the problem with dubs though, you'll get a character or two that sound better but the quality of the show suffers as a whole.

I hate Xiao-Mei's English voice.