Hi Cred Forums, why Kaiji is crying?

Hi Cred Forums, why Kaiji is crying?

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Because life

will i ever recover from the cold truth of tonegawa's speeches?

Because he got cucked out of Season 3 by Tonegawa

>tfw you'll never have kaiji S3 because even S2 was a promo for the movie to begin with
>tfw you'll never have akagi S2
>tfw you'll never have other fukumoto's works serialized because people prefer watching anime with overused cliches
pic related
(even though i'm actually glad for some of these points, i mean, the composer is still in jail, and madhouse it's not what it used to be, so it's probably for the better. stick with what we have guys, it's probably for the better.)

Child support payments

that shit is disgusting user. here's the true and only mikoko, the perfect waifu.

bet all the money he owns on a coin toss

He lost all his money to Yumeko

because he hates it

Chapter 306

Nice bait, now get lost with your absolutely objective shit tastes.

Kaiji still has one thing that yumeko dosen't a good show

Would they make a good couple?



Actually, yeah. Like her, Kaiji also doesn't know when to stop.

He hates it!

Because of these two


I'm so glad they all got absolutely fucking devastated. Mahjong Minefield started off slow but it got so damn intense near the end.

>Kaiji will never get his new season while Kakegurui got its new season

Unless Kakegurui gets a S3 it just means they are even


Kakegurui got the better live action adaptation too.

Not really, Kaiji's movie was fine, it has even a sequel so... you just can't proof that shit > chocolate, my neger. stop trying.

>Kaiji's movie was fine
The first one was barely ok, but the second one which badly adapts the bog arc is just shit

That's the way it is with live actions, though; still, i would watch Kaiji 2 three times in a row while being sodomized in the asshole uninterruptedly with a 1-pin mahjong tile instead of watching even 5 minutes of that Kakegushit. People watched it and liked it only because of tits and asses. Perhaps even for the "battle of wits" aspect, probably because these individuals that watched it are complete autists so they would snap even with something like pic related.

By this logic Pokemon is the best show in existence.

I wish 1% of anime writers were at least half as decent as Fukomoto. Watching Kaiji and Akagi and then going back to other anime feels like such a downgrade.

I relate with that feel so much...

This is a video where the man himself, Nobuyuki Fukumoto, plays Kaiji VR. Enjoy these epic 30 seconds. youtube.com/watch?v=BHL9ao4hIjo

Tonegawa is a bitch nigga who needs to stack the deck to beat the people he looks down on

Don't get ahead of yourself. Kaiji was good but it was far from flawless

I search for excellence and value, not perfection, in art. A very well made table can be considered flawless in its craft, but that doesn't mean it's impressive, valuable or interesting,

>we are getting a tonegawa spinoff anime but not s3 kaiji

>>we are getting a tonegawa spinoff anime
We are?

Yes. And it will suck just like the manga.


How is that possible? Tongewa was one Kaiji's best characters.

It wasn't even made by Fukumoto.


Ten is flawed, but it's still an absolute 10/10.

Kaiji had plenty of non-excellent moments then. S2 had less interesting gambles than S1, and the Bog arc dragged on and relied on withholding information our protagonist knew for long periods of time in order to build suspense.

>S2 had less interesting gambles than S1
No. RPS is kinda shallow, walking isn't a gamble, Ecard is basic bluff shit (and cutting your ear), the box is the box.

It doesn't compare to the psychological warfare of Chinchiro or the elaborate sabotages of the Bog.

I do agree that season two was very far from having the same level of greatness as the first. Mostly due to atrocious pacing and scenes/dialogues being repeated ad nauseum on the bog art. Villains were far less memorable as well, we needed someone as charismatic as Tongewa on the second season, both the dice dude and Ichijou are pretty weak in comparison.
When it comes to the first season though, I dare you to find a psychological thriller with better writing or tension in anime.

Maybe because he is an epitome of human trash?

RPS had literally the most depth out of any of the gambles. Tons of game theory, strategy, and adapting within the confines of the rules. Ecard and the lottery was much more about the character interactions, and had way better psychological warfare then Chinchironrin. And all suspense in the Bog was entirely based on the viewers being fed information piecemeal, which is a cheap gimmick.

Literally my only S1 complaints revolve around the human derby, but they're pretty minor in comparison to S2; even then, the derby introduced Tonegawa well, gave us a chance to see Kaiji in a scenario where he doesn't have to go head to head to win, and it acted as a nice bridge between two great gambles

The scene where Kaiji looks back to see that Ishida is gone was one of the most powerful moments in the series, for me.

Makes me sick to read this fact, user.
Kaiji will get his new season.

I never get tired of watching this

The Tonegawa manga is great

surprised buttsex


Because Zawa

>live action adaptation
In my anime board? Fuck off

In my manga board? Fuck off.


>Taking the ''people themselves are hope'' out at the end
Way to ruin the bit

In my moe waifu board? Fuck off.

It's still possible to get the figma for a reasonable price somewhere?
I just feel in the need to hug something kaiji.

He'll never have a relationship like Akagi and Washizu's.

Would you watch Kaij-On?

a generic white pillow = haku

Not moe enough compared to the real

Ichijou lives in a Mugi doujin as it is.


>know nothing about Mahjong apart from what tiles are which and that you're supposed to make sequences and a pair
>playing the riichi mahjong flash game while listening to Kaiji S2 OST
>have a pretty good hand, have a sequence and a pair and trying to finish more sequences
>discard a 4-pin and start really, really hoping for a 3-pin to finish my 1-2-3 pin sequence
>get the 3-pin on that same exact turn
I probably won't finish a winning hand but holy shit it's an amazing feeling to get exactly the tile you're hoping for.



>Kaiji Blanco

I don't know why but I hate it

I would cry too if I got cuck'd out of s3 by some supporting character.

Because he realized Akagi is the better character/show.

I like Kaiji too though, it just hurts too much to see him get fucked over again and again.

At least it's Tonegawa's gag manga, and not Oostuki's foodie manga.


F-foodie manga is good too.

Because he's a fucking gambling degenerate that will probably lose all his money again. Even after we wasted like 200 chapters on One Poker arc.

I wish Kakegurui wasn't a yuri series. It might actually be readable someday.

Have you seen saki? That's what true yuri is.

It's weird he survived the aftermath of his huge fail and even somehow still has the way to make money to buy weekends outside.

Because he hates it

and to buy expensive food.

I think it's a prequel

He can make money off food sales alone, he has to have recovered eventually. This manga is probably set before kaiji came though.

what a qt

Where are you getting raws? Please tell.

Thinken of Zawa

Dreamen of Zawa

Man, that's a cool ass scarf. I might actually look it up next time winter rolls by

because he lost the olympics

>get to high rank on Tenhou
>get my shit pushed in instantly

So this is what they call an entry barrier

6-kyuu ain't high mate.

I'm out of Ippan Hell though

Only if you don't waste your life.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Kaiji-esque show with a female main character.
Nobody bring up Kakegurui.

>kakegurui, but with mikoko instead of yumeko



tonagawa's spin off is getting an anime though

I've been wondering, is the guy talking with Hirayama middle aged Akagi? Who is he?

Looks like Ten Akagi, yeah.


Can I trade that Ichijoubitch for based Tonegawa?

That's the first old Akagi in Ten

But you already did. Tonegawa got a spinoff manga and anime before Ichijou did.

Gotcha. I associate him with his striped shirt too much.

I like young adult Akagi's look better

It's not like those assistants of FKMT's hate Ichijou or anything, he seems like easy fangirl money. They just grab them one by one in succession.

They all have their charms.

Yeah I don't care much about 13, except for that one "I'll never have eyes as pure as him" scene after he beats Ichikawa.

Is there anywhere that's releasing new translations of Kaiji?

Same. He is pretty cute, but the others have cuter personalities.


Kurosawa animated PV.

I can't believe Kurowawa's anime trailer got leaked. They even deleted the video to prepare for the actual announcement.


I forgot they made a Kaiji VR game.
There's a lot of FKMT video games out there but they all looked like cheapo shit.

That one RRPS on steam is bootleg you know.

I didn't mean anything on Steam (I didn't know they made Kaiji bootleg games.)


A fan made a Restricted RPS game and it got greenlit on steam because nobody has seen Kaiji.

>we live in the worst timeline
Yes we know already.

There's a ton to read if you really want to compare it to that recent and also monthly manga. My timeline is doin' good.

>2 hours ago
Does the link work before then? Kaiji was cute this chapter. I seriously thought Chang was going to take all the money in the room with him. Guess Kaiji finally found real friends.

Shit. Gonna stop browsing this shithole NOW and start writing one of the four papers I have due in a month.

Don't be afraid user.

Are there chances for Kaiji S3 if this is successful?

Maybe. I'm more interested in season 2 of Akagi, since it already ended.

What chapter of the manga does the Akagi anime cover up to?

108 iirc

Since it's basically a FKMT thread.
What the fuck was that Akagi ending?? Why it had to be this shitty? Waishizu didn't deserve it.
I hate it!

Pretend it ended at 295 and call it a day

I'm not sure the user wanted his grandpafu fucking dead when he mentioned the unnecessary suffering.

Dying at the peak > Living at the bottom

Is this new arc of Kaiji just three guys trying to smuggle money under the police and the yakuza's noses? It doesn't seem like there will be any gambling taking place anytime soon.

Thanks user.

He should have ascended and ruled the heaven and hell. Not cry like a dropped bitch for Akagi for the rest of his life.
Why FKMT? Why you did this?!

because this fucker is going to find this another fucker. He clearly wants him for something important. Young washizu manga showed him being really really greedy for the human resources, and his proto in gtk that one with the rape dungeon was the exact same. Are you thinking its just some cheap homo fan service or something? that is some light reading right here

I know what you're saying, user. But I still don't like the ending of this particular manga as a stand alone. After all the stuff during the night it feels like such a letdown.

He's the MC of the #2 most popular gambling anime

This is probably going to be a short arc. They're already half done, all that's left is to avoid the old demon's goons.

Nice digits.

The #1 being Kakegurui.

-'s predecessor, one outs.

ya know maybe ongoing reading is not for you. But try to imagine these pitiful 10 chapters in the context of the whole manga. Not in the context of your year of real life since the spring 2017. They are nothing.

Not even, since Kaiji had 2 seasons at 26 eps each.

>kaiji and friends are just about to get the money to somewhere safe
>suddenly a black car pull up in front of them
>they try to reverse, but one shows up behind
>they get surrounded
>a man comes out of the first car
>it's hyodo
>he challenges Kaiji to a game of mahjong
>kaiji continues for 10 more years

That's because Kakegurui actually has good pacing in its matches, so anime studios think its actually feasible to make.

While Akagi spends 300+ chapters on Washizu Mahjong and Kaiji spends 200+ chapters on Bog Machine, Mahjong, or One Poker.

I mean fuck, they managed to create a live action series of Akagi and each episode was an hour long. They still didn't cover the entire Washizu arc.

Just let him be happy for once!

Hyoudo seems way too choleric for majan.
He'd be bullied silly.