Why was gurren lagann second cour so bad?

why was gurren lagann second cour so bad?

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I liked it.

Because you didn't like it.

thats why you skip it and watch the movie instead.

I mostly just hate the first 3 episodes of the timeskip. After that I liked it again.

It really wasn't.
It was just too sudden a shift considering that the classic mecha setting it has is only a passing moment with little worldbuilding before we're shot off to space

It wasn't

Because you've got bad taste, it was great.
If this thread was about Kill la Kill you'd got a point.

The first 3 episodes after the time skip were the only ones that delivered on their potential before the show devolved into the same episode being shown each week but with a bigger fucking drill.
Taste being used in the same breath as TTGL is a crime against nature

The second cour was the good part


>Because you've got bad taste
not an argument


>Comments: "Disgusting" "Ripoff" "Wasn't that bad, but it's easy to tell how old people who say it's really good are" "stay the fuck out of SRW please" "The best robot anime were in the 80's" "Isn't the believe in me who believes in you thing a ripoff of Kamen Rider 555?"

>"The so-called hotblood was too aimed for and badly written" "Throwing together tropes doesn't make a good show" "Only children like this rubbish" "I honestly found it boring" "Fake hotblood" "People say it's a homage but it's just a ripoff" "I don't think it's a ripoff, but the supposed hotbloodedness felt all wrong" "This is a parody right?"
>I hate how the retards who like this tend to make fun of the shows it's an homage to

I just really hated the tron enemies, felt way out of place.

They were designed to feel that way, but I disagree with that decision

especially seeing how the enemies afterwords where just hands and feet and two plane sized battleships with lots of faces.
i wonder what the universe was like before the anti-spirals start their war against the other races.

They're supposed to feel lifeless and inhuman though

why was the first cour so bad?

I wonder if Simon and Yoko smashed sometime during the epilogue.

The directors said something like "they did what they had to do in that week" if that's good enough for you

it was perfect though, besides kamina's death of course

Wasn't that Nia? I'm talking about how both Simon's and Yoko's love interests where dead by the end.

Oh I misread, sorry.
I doubt it. Yoko wouldn't let him be a fucking hobo even if they just fucked once


>heh im nobody

>TTGL literally bankrupted Gainax

Rossiu did nothing wrong

Kamina's dad? Isn't he wearing the cloak Kamina later uses as a cape?

Nobody agrees with this and I don't understand why.

Timeskips are always bad. Name one good show that has a significant timeskip.
>Protip: You can't.

One Piece, main caat gets better from 2 years of hard training in their specific fields.

The entire show was a dumpster fire.

Macross SDF's timeskip was tolerable.




>kamina fags on suicide watch

if he kissed her, he'd be dead

lack of cute boys

The entire point of the first cour was to setup the second cour.

>why was gurren lagann second cour so bad?

The ending that ruins the whole spirit of the show left a bad taste in your mouth.


They had balls killing him off.
It shows just how far how he would go and that not even death could stop him.