Thicc or sticc?

Shia > Fumina > Mirai > Gyanko

Sounds right to me

Gyanko a best.

Gyanko was amazing.

jesus god someone upload Gyan Love Strategy already I don't want to deal with DMM's jp side.


Tomboy spats

Post a good show and I'll answer.

No one thinks Try is a good show but the girl's designs are pretty nice.
It really is only good for fanservice.

Fumina>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>black hole>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>rest

Btw, there is 3rd season in making and by the looks it's garbage.

Fumina was absolute garbage.
Shit character with shit taste in MS.



Wow, amazing arguments, so cohesive and full of energy. Man, makes me feel... so diffently about other girls.


Gyanko really was something special.
Also, new Gyanko doujin from Jun soon.

Neither, Try was garbage.
Was it _that_ hard to make a worthy GBF sequel?

bless him

Jun has really embraced the thicc meme.

Best girl.


>Try was terrible
>they go and make Divers

Just let it rest in peace. Were the Try toy sales even good?

Gunpla sales were good but still less than GBF s1 despite having more kits.
Given that it also sold less BDs and was generally seen as a terrible show it's understandable they wanted to scrap bf entirely and start a new series altogether.
There was a chart posted on /m/ that confirmed this, hopefully someone here has it.

that's not thicc, that's obese


Not really, she is athletic and has a lot of energy and muacle underneath that fat.

People keep saying Shia is the contrarian choice but really, that is Mirai.

Quads have spoken.


This is correct.

Aila > Everyone in try





Try would have been better if it was just about the girls

Thicc + milf = RIP dick

So is Japan fuck /thicc/ now too?

Thicc is better in this case.

is flat-out best, period.


Where does the best girl fit here?

She doesn't fit at all, because she is not best girl.

>best anything.

That's a boy

>Given that it also sold less BDs and was generally seen as a terrible show it's understandable they wanted to scrap bf entirely and start a new series altogether.
What is the point of starting from scratch if they are using Try's director again?

>likes SEED and flat chests
I like Sei but he has questionable tastes.



What a pig.

Divers is going sticc

Who is best gundam tomboy?

left of course

Gyanko is a fucking pig holy shit

y u post the censored version?


I'll choose the only good thing to come out of TRY. All the girls were shit.


What a blunder Divers will be.

Snack dab in the middle

That's fat. This is thicc

between her and rinko, how many doujins have been created so far?

That´s not thicc, that´s fit.

Fumina has aboring body.
Either go fat or flat.


>this is thicc
maybe if you're living in a thai slum, you fucking potato farmer

>In the show
>In porn

Search your heart anons

Shia was a complete bore in the show and her personality seemed to change in every episode.
Her forced rivalry with Fumina that only Lady cared about didn't help either.

Came here to post this.

I enjoyed Try

Gonna counter attack that with this

The absolute thruth.




Quads of truth.

The one that gives me more cushion for the pushing

Aila > Rinko > Fumina >= Gyanko > the rest

Gyanko doesn't have that much cushion in the show.