Tokyo ghoul:re


While I'm getting the feeling that :Re is something that should kind of be binged with it's chapter structure, I really hope we get something eventful this week. The lack of dialogue last week was weird.

don't worry /ourguy/ edgeneki will push through the sloppy Q's and assert supremacy over the lands

I'm sick of all this baiting.

Sharkbro's sister never.

I'm curious as to what the resolution of the series would be. Or will we see a part three? Honestly, I've been in this vacuum of a series, I'd still stick around if a pt. 3 revolved around Kaneki's family.
I have shit taste so even if they pulled a max suffering and left him alone again for a part three I'd still see you fucks every week.

Waste of buildup incoming.

Prepare for disappointment.

unsure on the part 3. something something tarot cards implies tokyo ghoul going "global", but that could very well happen and be done with in one 'last arc'.
and don't mind; none of us can escape the vacuum.

Part 3 soon™

No, really, does anyone even remember Amon and Kaneki's conversation? Amon in general has been so shit in :re. All of that buildup and he was wasted, I'm not even an Amonfag but it's true. I just remembered that bullshit about Donato telling Haise that Amon would be the key to unlocking his memories. Never happened.

fucking KEK

Oh fuck

I don't even care anymore at this point. I just want it to END

Eto appears arima dodge etc

inb4 4 year timeskip to Kaneki and his happy family

Very soon.

How do we fix the Tokyo Ghoul:re?

by forgetting it was ever written

Baby is born. Kaneki dies. Tokyo Bhoul starts

I loved the Amon and Kaneki dynamic of part one and I imagined Amon to be a huge role on :Re. I sincerely thought the roles were to be reversed in :Re in terms of the characters being in opposite factions.
We saw Amon for a little bit and now he's into the nether. So strange.

america bomb ghouls die

Go back in time just after the Rose Arc and save Ishida before he died so that his assistants and Shueisha never get the chance to try to cover it up with their fan-fiction.


oh my

That's yuzuru hanyu, an Olympic Skater retard

OEG confirmed

No, that's Yuzuru Hanyu.
He's a ice skater that has won a gold medal last day.

Holy shit Ishida posted it-


>kagune skates

Welp, looks like I was late

another asspull

it's because Hanyu has said to like TG