10/10 fights only

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This fight loses so many points for it even being this close. Luffy has barely gotten any licks in and has been pounded by Katakuri hours and hours. Should we really think that Luffy has this much better stamina and endurace than Katakuri?

Luffy vs Ussop is only 10/10 One Piece fight.

This shit is terrible though.

This looks so stupid. OPfags eat that shit ?

Like Oda's been writing this shit since forever ago yet these fights still play out the same shitty tropues, the choreography is all over the place, non of the attacks feel like they have any weight behind, the main character will get his shit rocked for 10 chapters and THEN pull out his secret technique. There's no sense of agency, it's super predictable, there are no real stakes.

It's just an ass fight.

Your post is literally just generic sentences that you glued together as if they meant anything on their own.

Let me guess, you enjoy bnha?

It's pretty clear at this point that Luffy isn't taking down Katakuri.
At best he'll fall unconscious while Katakuri is just knocked to the ground. But since Katakuri has a raging boner for Luffy now and is the first person who's ever done that to him he'll consider it Luffy's "win."

Normally that's bullshit but I'd say Oda can get away with it this one time. This is the first time I can recall One Piece ever doing the honorable villain thing, its antagonists are usually psychopaths, sadists or goofballs. It makes Katakuri stand out, and he's been well developed enough that it doesn't feel too out of character for him.
Not to mention this is one of the few fights in the series where nothing is at stake if Luffy loses, he's just overcoming his limits by this point.

This last chapter is the best One Piece's fight choreography has been in years.


That fight was godly



>One piss
>10/10 fights
Pick one.



>b-b-but Wan Piss characters are tanky!

meme magic is dangerous.

Holy fuck

Is this webm in every fucking thread on Cred Forums now

Underage please go.

yes. and it's pretty hilarious seeing this train wreck go down.

Inb4 nugget


Literally anything Sato is involved in in Ajin.

This is scary honestly.

>This last chapter is the best One Piece's fight choreography has been in years
I interpret that as a pretty sad statement because I can't think of a fight I cared about since Vergo vs Law. Katakuri v Luffy has made me question just how out of his depth Luffy really is, and how much leeway Oda can hand out. He should be dead by this point.

No serialized fight should last close to seven months with this amount of writers fiat to keep the MC alive. Either Luffy is ready for the new world, or he's horribly outmatched. What was the point of the time skip if he's still going to be weaker than a yonkos subordinate by this wide a margin?

Here's what an actual 10/10 fight loOKs like.

What the fuck is happening?

ACE vs Bear Namek is kino.


What the fuck is this?

Not even the best fight in the series


That's the whole problem with shonen shit, characters only go down when the writer feels like it.
Even using swords, some characters can just get impaled a few times and keep fighting. It's fucking retarded.
That's why One Piece was better before all characters were tanks. Fishmen were only a little tougher than humans, made for a good fight.
CP9 were also good since they only resisted blows with tekkai.
But characters like Big Mom and Kaido who have steel skin for whatever reason are just stupid.


anime when?

i wish it'd update faster. I can't bear reading the gook scans any longer

>Ippo vs Sendo
>Kimura vs Mashiba
>Mashiba vs Sawamura
>unironically, Naruto vs Gaara
>Lee vs Gaara
>Guts and Serpico vs Brown sorcery man
>Luffy vs Lucci
>Kurotsuchi vs Arrancar fuck that got ass blasted
> ashamed, but Natsu and Gajeel vs lightning fuck
>Oga vs Toho

>Luffy vs Katakuri
>10/10 fight

This series is basically a string of top shelf fights. Not all are 10/10 but nothing below a 7 in my book.


Luffy vs Lucci blows that fight out of the water

t. Women or soyboys

haha spic memes epic xD

The last chapter was 10/10, but it covers about 5% of this actual fight which for the most part has been fucking garbage.

Amazing how you can feel the silence when he tears through alitas team.

This has been legit as fuck. Negi vs Chao was also underrated something fierce.
Negi vs Chao was the last good fight before Negi decided to take his first step from Rookie Mage into Fighting God.

>when a fuckign harem pulls out this level of shonen fights


If they adapt it... will they give chADAM an engrish accent?

t. Juan Piss/Oda cocksucker

It's okay femanon, it's not your fault you were born without a penis.

Wait, did the anime copy off a fan made fight?!

might be a 10 if the pacing wasn't so shit.

One Piss is only popular because every japanese kid loves it, and we all know how autistic kids and japanese people are

If it ends next chapter, I'll accept the 10/10.

and if the villain was relevant instead of some "cool" underling to the actual villain

Don't get your tampons in a knot.

As goofy as it was I really enjoyed this manga

And that's not even close to all of the Luffy getting wrecked panels this fight

How the fuck does this happen

It literally has to end in the next chapter. That much is obvious. The actual 10/10 should be given based on the outcome of the fight. A draw or a Katakuri win would make me give it a 10. Luffy winning wouldn't surprise me in any way so it'd be like an 8 or a 9.

Luffy vs. Katakuri lasting for more than half a year is going to repeat again when Luffy fights Kaido, where Luffy spends the majority of the fight getting beat, running away, getting beat, running away all the while he keeps getting stronger as the fight progresses, and Kaido somehow keeps failing to beat/kill him. then Luffy goes gear 5 or whatever and defeats Kaido in two chapters.

Yeah what is this shit? Oda is treating this character as if he is made of rubber


Kaido is going to die when Law gives his life to remove Kaidos immortality

Dude Haki lmao

>Should we really think that Luffy has this much better stamina and endurace than Katakuri
Yes. And I tell you one more thing. Go read dressrosa arc again. Doffy endurance and durability at that point was higher than Luffys. New World fights are all about catching up to enemy specific points. In case of Doffy (endurance and durability) Cracker (endurance, durability and stamina) Katakuri (observation haki, endurance and durability).


Luffy has been so brutalized this arc. He might as well be invincible if he hasn't died by now.


outsourcing to mexico was a mistake

Still rubber lmao
Just because it hurts, it doesn't nullify the df and it's properties.

The only 10/10 fight in One Piece was Zoro vs Ryuma

this one was 10/10
I hope the new animator they hired for s2 does a good job of it


>talks shit about fight choreography
>puts this as "an actual 10/10 fight"



My nigga



This fight was epic. Double Complexio? New version of Titan Slayer. RAKAN STILL TANKING IT!
In the words of Chisame: He's so broken it's not even funny. Why couldn't we get a real Negima anime?

I never get bored of this fight

Fucking Toriko, man.

People always fucking forget that luffy has been always been extremely durable due to his rubber properties.

Toriko is how you do power creep: With complete and wreckless abandon.

Haki makes his body take damage

Yeah, I love how Midora and Ichiryuu showed up riding on beasts that are at like 400-600 levels and at the end of the series, everyone is running around amidst "normal" beasts that are at like 5000. No one gave a shit and it was great.
Toriko being pissed was always a good moment too.

pic unrelated

Haki makes that worthless

Every fucking thread. It never gets old. It's a crime this never got animated. Shaft would've butchered it, though.

Titan MMA was so cool

The one good thing that came out of Air Gear final arc was this fight.


I feel like Kazu was criminally underrated/under-used. He was great.

This fucking fight in vagabond

Trips of truth


Spike vs. Vincent

I'm sorry, I must have missed where you made an actual point.

Nothing stops the stump punch.

Shame that the warhammer titan powers won't allow this kind of realistic-ish fighting, I hope we get to see reiner vs eren again.

It's been over three decades and still there isn't a fight better than Raoh vs Toki.

Sadly, the anime had severe adaptation compression, even the fights were shortened.

I agree but I think that this current battle is the last one so it doesn't matter too much


Same, the ending was clearly rushed pretty hard but in its own messy way it worked, its in dire need of an epilogue where the guy actually has a PROPER child with the goddess.


but thats literally what they've shown haki to do time and time again


Since fucking when? It makes them tangible and vulnerable but it's not like it turns them into a fucking lightsaber


that was best fight, way better than "final" one.

Kazu is best boy

Came here to post that exact page, good taste user

It literally does. When Ray described haki effect on DF users, he said you bypass their the ability and hit their real body.

This. Ajin is underrated as fuck.

They are going to ruin his character in the movie. No fucking way they let the movie's main villain be Jashugann.

jashugan wasn't a villain, he was very sympathetic and did absolutely nothing wrong and not in a contrarian way like griffith, it wasn't a hero/villain storyline. I'm not sure if he's even in the movie.

He was talking about Logia. Luffy is a Paramecia type, so his body is actually rubber, it doesn't turn into rubber on command.

salsa my friend?

You’re a boring person

hahaha you're actually posting this outside the op general. i accepted it as just shitposting but you might actually be retarded.

Did you forget how the story used garp and vegapunk's nephew to show that haki will hurt even luffy's body with blunt attacks? You use haki to hit any devil fruit users true body, it just has the most application to login types since they are most likely to have bodies that can be immune to all forms of damage.


You have to admit it was a good fight though. Maybe not the best OP one but probably the best Zoro one.

Sure he gets hurt, but he's still rubber. Getting hit with a haki punch doesn't make him not stretchy.

>my reaction when I first laid eyes upon the nugget

The london bridge battle was better

How's that soy taste?

The only acceptable answer ITT

Is there a more low test insult than soyboy? Seriously curious.

Autist, maybe?

>Getting hit with a haki punch doesn't make him not stretchy
He gets hurt specifically because a haki punch makes him not stretchy. His true body is flesh and blood.

>Vegapunk's nephew
Best worst theory in One Piece.

How so?

This was the best thing ever.
And when he blasts Alita with the Ars Magna or whatever in one punch.
Absolute perfection.

It's not even a theory, is it? That user is just plain mistaken I'm pretty sure. Sentomaru is Vegapunk's bodyguard and Kizaru is the guy who he called "uncle" and even then it wasn't a typical family uncle but like a Yakuza Father kinda uncle.

>It's pretty clear at this point that Luffy isn't taking down Katakuri.
At best he'll fall unconscious while Katakuri is just knocked to the ground. But since Katakuri has a raging boner for Luffy now and is the first person who's ever done that to him he'll consider it Luffy's "win."
This is what Karakurifags actually believe

>This fight loses so many points for it even being this close
but... it's not close at all, katakuri figured snake-man out in what, two pages?

The best worst theory I'm talking about is Kizaru being Vegapunk. It's brilliant and retarded at the same time. And I'm aware of Yakuza conotation, it just adds to the retardation.


>Sentomaru is Kizaru's bodyguard
wat. And that's the smallest dumb part about this "theory". I know Oda changes silhouettes all the time but we've seen his outline since the timeskip. In PH. Oda isn't that dumb. This is just plain retarded. What the fuck. The more I think about it the more annoyed I'm getting.
I'm sorry.

Yes, it is retarded. But the idea of light-man using his fruit to speed up the workings of his brain hence getting the man who is "500 years ahead of his time" is actually fun. Especially that the only image of young Kizaru we have is him studying and Kizaru looks like a man fucked in the head just enough to make any stupid theory with him even funner. If it somehow came true, it'd be the dumbest shit since introduction of haki, yet I'd still love the development.

>I know Oda changes silhouettes all the time but we've seen his outline since the timeskip
After the Kaido reveal I can't trust any silhouette desu

The manga had so many great fights, but the best probably was SSJ Nozomi vs Maya/Kaya

We had never seen Kaido before though. We've seen Kizaru in plain view. And then we got some silhouette that looked nothing like him. There's literally no reason for Oda to do that. He could have just used the silhouette of a tall looking guy. But he didn't. The fact that the silhouette happened after everyone seeing and experiencing Kizaru says a lot. That order is very important. Unless I'm forgetting about a previous case.

Also we've seen him when he's like 30 something and 40 something. And we know Vegapunk allowed Kuma to protect the Sunny even after being turned into a complete robot which Kizaru would never do. Drake, a Rear Admiral who apparently knows about the Pacafistas, refer to Vegapunk and Kizaru as separate people.
Also, the fact that they both have different fucking birthdays.
It's just plain dumb, man. There's nothing brilliant about it. Everything about it is just dumb.

>That user is just plain mistaken
I was. I remembered that wrong.

Toriko was the shit

So fucking good

To be fair the entirety of vagabond is 10/10

Jack rakan is amazing

To be fair, it's possible Katakuri's stamina and endurance isn't all that good because he basically never takes hits.

His super-mantra basically means this is likely the first time in literally years he's taken a single hit.

Luffy on the other hand is used to getting beat to hell basically constantly.

Here we go

Almost every fight had something smart happening in it, if I had to choose a favorite, it's probably the double Goketsu fight.
I guess that, despite Yuzuki setting Fuyuyu up for a defeat, she might not have expected Nozomi to not win the tournament; if the author wasn't told to end the manga, it's possible that either Mio would win, or Kazane would win against Mio (and it would be her best, possibly most difficult fight ever). Either way, we would have Mio's arc, sooner or later.




Came here to post this. Reading it again.

Agreed. Mio was being set up from day 1 as the last boss.

Luffy vs Katakuri is too fucking dragged out, nowhere close to a 10/10 fight especially with multiple other 10/10 fights in the same fucking series.

Luffy is rubber.
Like his body is actually made of rubber not something metaphysical. Yes punches hurt when reinforced with haki but they're still punches since he isn't using his power to turn to rubber.
Still a fight that's been dragging on for too long though but it isn't as though it's out of place.

This needs to update faster. It's basically porn by this point but with really good fights too.
Ever since the switch they aren't even hiding that fact either.
>yfw the artist draws the most porn of the characters out of everyone
The majority of the artwork and fanservice in this is unironically just censored porn.

I still think about this from time to time. It's just great.

I don't get people that say this. Are you saying that Luffy at chapter 1 could beat Lucci?

It's a fucking shounen at the end of the day, of course the MCs are going to get powerups as the series continues. Luffy got a lot of bullshit before the timeskip, this just seems par the norm for me.

>tfw One Piece will never have another 10/10 fight because Oda drags everything out way too long these days

dis one

Fuck Joseph, he got everything coming to him but death. And that should come sooner than later.

one piece always dragged out too long, especially that stupid scene where the guy was contemplating whether to betray sanji or help him because sanji gave him food. It's just now it's 10x even more dragged out.

>>yfw the artist draws the most porn of the characters out of everyone
I don't have the volume page, but Yoshikadu has literally stated that it is his goal to have lewds of every single woman in the series by it's conclusion. He's never tried to hide anything relating to his fanservice policy and he has been vocal in how it is hard sometimes to reign in the tits in order to not muddy up the story at times.

That being said it's monthly, you gotta just adjust to a different release schedule. For a tournament arc things have progressed nicely when you re-read chapters.

Gaara vs Lee.
Still hasn't been topped.


Make up your minds, kids.

I know Bleach is shit and nobody here likes it past the soul society arc, but I will never lose my fondness for Ichigo vs Ulqiorra

I liked Ichigo vs Byakuya better. Seeing Ichigo go bankai for the first time was amazing.

>Babies who are too childish too follow a weekly series.

I started the manga from the begining not long ago, and Oda was way more to the point back then that it is now. It's almost like he's drawing the most popular manga in history and can't miss deadlines because of how much pressure is put on him.

Also, luffy used to be way wiser and level headed back in the day. Can you imagine luffy saying something like this now days?

Didn't he say something pretty mature in Zou? To Momo?

*cough* enies lobby *cough* Lucci *cough*

>It's almost like he's drawing the most popular manga in history and can't miss deadlines because of how much pressure is put on him.
It's a shame that the tradeoff for success is not being able to capture the feel and quality of your earlier work. I feel like these arcs have gotten really bloated but Oda doesn't have the writing chops to compensate. Lots of characters get introduced, lots of stuff happens, but it's not as good as when he had smaller and more clearly defined sides and a stronger central theme for each arc.

He did, but post-skip haters selectively ignore these things. Likewise, user is ignoring how Luffy floated around in
and went to see with zero seafaring knowledge

is negima even worth reading?

We can go back to the first time Luffy got rekt, when Crocodile literally made a fucking hole in his chest with a poisoned hook and dried him, then Luffy ate some meat and was ok.

I'm just glad to see that others enjoy tsugumomo besides me

It's severely underrated

Seems like you posted a wrong fight.

when two characters with zero plot armor fight is so fucking great, either bee dude died a hero or ntr guy died a villain, no world saving shit, no granny in deathbed shit, no kidnaped princess shit, just two guys fighting.

Luffy surviving the gut wound and later stabbing wasn't as bad as him surviving the Dehydration which was complete bullshit. I would contest Enies Lobby as I don't remember him taking nearly as hard a beating as he's taken vs Katakuri.

>The only good thing about Elfen Lied kicks the shit out of the worst thing about Elfen Lied
>Man duels monster, guns hold their own against magic

why has no one posted sun ken rock yet

Post the page senpai. Peak of that series (and possibly of that author).

get this weak shit outta here.

Someone explain. I havent watched dbz after buu arc.

This one?


That was a hard L (Loss) for Luffy, lost three times during dressrosa desu. Usually in shonens the MC always wins but Luffy has suffered some pretty big losses, one of them being Ace dying.


Left is a fan-man animation from some months ago that got memetic status in DBS threads. Right is the actual preview for the next DBS episode.

It only feels dragged out because Christmas took a shit on the pacing. Reread the whole thing in one go and it's fine.

That's a really bad translation what version is that.

It should be something like
"That was some bad acting, wouldn't be surprised if they see through it."
"Coby will figure something out, I'm sure of it!"



t. soyboy

>fighting stronk guys makes your haki stronger lmao
>I'm too pragmatic to let you power up but now I suddenly respect you, I'll stab myself and let you power up
I had high hopes for it. It's shit.

I want to know the answer to this as well.



> 3 tiny gifs
pls learn to webm m8

What the fuck?

I am in tears

>haki punch makes him not stretchy
Complete nonsense. Just look at the Doflamingo fight.

The only thing that nullifies DF's, is the Yami Yami no mi.
Making something tangible, doesn't nullify it.

>Also, the fact that they both have different fucking birthdays
Things answered in the SBS that take no incident in the canon don't matter, user. I think the theory is stupid too, but so is this justification.

>haki punch makes him not stretchy.
Fucking speedreader

>His true body is flesh and blood
Technically wrong. His true body is made of rubber.

Haki bypasses DF defenses to touch their true body, but it doesn't stop Luffy from being rubber. It means he can be hurt despite being rubber. See pic: Smoker doesn't cease being smoke, he can just be handled AS smoke. Logia users are not made of their element, they can TURN into their element. Luffy has taken Smoker offguard and hit him from behind in Alabasta.
Only Paramecia like Luffy's, Buggy's, and Alvida's permanently alter the user's body. Buggy's is just a strange hybrid of active and passive.

Seastone makes DF users weaker and prevents them from activating their powers. Luffy's power isn't an active one, it's passive. Hence why he can still stretch in contact with Seastone but is just exhausted. Seastone is only a solidified form of the sea.

ONLY Blackbeard actually removes DF powers.

Why does this surprise anyone if the whole current tournament arc is copied from a fan-made comic?

I reread it from time to time

Airspace Control, Babylon!

Toei is so fucking lazy and uninspired that if you badly trace over DBZ frames you have a good chance to be doing the exact same thing Toei is doing.

you can't make this up

Nah edgebro. Is shit, only Sato scenes are worth reading.

>the solution to Bleach's pacing problems now applies to One Piece.



>One Piece
>Shit art
>A 10/10



It's dragged as fuck even if you read it in one go. For comparison, the entirety of Marineford lasted 30 chapters. The fight has been going on for 20.

Step aside


I liked that they showed how Time Skip looks like from an outsider perspective in the OVA.

>manga is seemingly about a world where female chimeras devour weaker males
>male sheep chimera is the strongest character shown so far
raws never

It's not as HAPPENING as people lead on, the similar looking scenes in the fan made thing were just lifted from the show at various points. Dragon Ball Super is just copying its own animation, it's nothing new.

Superfags on suicide watch

is just smoker

You must be confusing Haki with Seastone. Must be tough for a speedreader like you.

I'm generally not a fan of anime-only additions to fights, but goddamn if the OVA material added here isn't top-notch. Maybe I like it so much due to pacing; DIO "Round 2" is very short in the manga, probably shorter than it should be, but this feels like a proper brawl.

so you're telling me Luffy has good defense
almost as if his body....
...was made of ... I don't know... rubber... woah can't be....

Came here to post this.

this fight is great but not because of some (admittedly cool) power up, but because of what Yuuhi fights for, thats what really makes a fight, and im not talking about the fate of the world, thats boring and been done a million times a million ways, he fights for something deeply personal that the audience is invested in.

I seriously can't make sense of these panels. This is some serious crap.

It's ok, you're just too used to reading bad fights.

fuck off

>Made of rubber
>Can deflect hot lead moving at extreme speed
>Get cuts by sword

Of shut the fuck up, nothing about this is logical, the character being tanky is a shitty troupe in most of the fights here and it doesn't even attempt to make any kind of sense, it's just to drag out shitty predictable and boring fights.

I was looking for this webm, thanks

what manga?


>assblasted hxhfag
What's wrong, buddy? Why are you mad? Your favorite chink cartoon can't break through 1m sells in first week like wan piss or what?

vinland is fucking bad

Fucking hell this manga is way overrated.

You can actually see the nosedive it took after the "I love you scene" which IS the magnum opus of the series.

>sales mean anything to subjective individual enjoyment
If it wasn't obvious how insecure certain fans get after the quality drops, crying about figures like they matter here is a good indication.

Stay mad.

>subjective individual enjoyment
>quality drops

Anyone posting OPM fights without posting this one hasn't read the webcomic.

Mad Chimera World.

>Stay mad.
Why do you think I'm mad? I didn't come here trying to start another fanbase war by spouting out irrelevant figures.

You can enjoy the story even when the writing quality does go down. Unless you think that Oda has been topping himself every arc?

Looks cool, but I can only find up to 4 chapters translated, where did you get that page from?

WCI is the best One Piece arc.

I agree actually, but anyone that denies the quality actually improved this arc is just a delusional contrarian or a marineford/dressrosa baby unable to deal with the weekly release
Just because it slowed down it doesn't mean it is suddenly irredeemable
Also claiming the quality dropped as if that weren't also a subjective opinion is completely fucking retarded.


raws are up to chapter 6
spanish translation is up to chapter 10

>WCI is the best One Piece arc.
Ok lad.

>claiming the quality dropped as if that weren't also a subjective opinion
I mean, things like character focus, pacing, fight choreography, and other things are inferior to other arcs in the story (Guess that makes me a contrarian huh? Nice strawman by the way) Oda tried this same idea of execution in Dressrosa and it's clear he's not that good at juggling this many actors as cleanly as other writers. Not saying he shouldn't try, but he needs to improve because even in re-reads of Dressrosa it's clear the arc had problems that WCI hasn't readily patched or improved.

I'm not inclined to lie to myself about how Oda's been carrying his story.

My fucking sides.

I disagree it hasn't improved, it is not hard to follow what characters are doing what, the fights have been fine and besides the only fight with choreography worth noting was the katakuri fight and people at large have liked it and some even compare it to the lucy fight so yeah, I am calling you a contrarian
The only thing that has been a blunder this arc is sanji

>my subjective opinions are facts

What's your favorite arc, tough guy? Let me guess. Marineford, maybe?



In my top 5, but I prefer WCI.

>I disagree it hasn't improved,
Than you're willfully being blind to the writing.

>t is not hard to follow what characters are doing what
Never said it was hard to follow individual actions. The story isn't that complex at the end of the day.

>I am calling you a contrarian
If you can provide me with a reason why this fight is comparable to Lucy besides "it's epic" than maybe you will be able to do what no other person who compares those two fights has done and make a good point.

Lucy vs Luffy worked so well because it took an arc to hype up Lucy, and another to show Luffy working his way to that level of skill. Oda tries to do something similar with this arc, but all in one go. Having Luffy get beaten and then immediately (from the perspective of the reader a few chapters later) turning around and making his comeback by pulling out a form he didn't need to learn from his opponent, but by using something he already knew how to do. Luffy is the kind of fighter who improves a lot, but Snakeman isn't that kind of desperation move, it's the writer adhering to the same fight theory most shonen do even when it makes no sense.

Kata vs Luffy is between two guys with comparable skillsets, yet it's absurdly clear that Oda made Luffy too weak for the New world and has been extending more fiat than usual to keep him alive.

Why you people get mad that WCI isn't everyone's favorite arc, and that it's obvious why people would say that is beyond me. OP is still good imo, but Oda has to clean himself up a bit otherwise these arc won't retain what made OP so good for me. Bigger isn't better in storytelling and Oda has been going for Bigger for a while now.

>my subjective opinions are facts
Tell me how the quality of writing hasn't gone down? Tell me that you like how Oda has been treating his own characters or even that Sanji was well handled? I'll wait.

>he didn't need to learn from his opponent
He did learn from him, that is the whole point of him gaining a better understanding of CoO
>Having Luffy get beaten and then immediately (from the perspective of the reader a few chapters later) turning around
That has happened before in fights like the crocodile one so I don't see how that would be a hindrance to the quality if it is just the style of story telling he uses
>Kata vs Luffy is between two guys with comparable skillsets, yet it's absurdly clear that Oda made Luffy too weak for the New world and has been extending more fiat than usual to keep him alive.
This is why this fight has been so important because it shows luffy is getting closer and close to becoming his destined self
It is still necessary for him to suffer on a fight immensely just so he can grow
>Why you people get mad that WCI isn't everyone's favorite arc
I never argued from that standpoint but if you want to keep that strawman going, whatever.

You're very oblivious about what you write

>I never argued from that standpoint
>but anyone that denies the quality actually improved this arc is just a delusional contrarian or a marineford/dressrosa baby unable to deal with the weekly release
So how should I interpret this? Because this is the comment argument used for people who don't put whole cake Island as their top Arc or even in their top five.

>He did learn from him, that is the whole point of him gaining a better understanding of CoO
I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear about what I was talking about. I'm referring to when Luffy used Gear 2 and 3. And comparing that to snake man in this fight which is something luffy should have pulled out earlier even if he did not have sufficient understanding of observation haki. Unlike that previous encounter, Oda has more than told us that Luffy has a number of skills and forms he gained over the time skip. Why wait until now to try something different instead of trying it earlier and then maybe also having his observation haki bolstered to make it more effective?

>That has happened before in fights like the crocodile one
And I have called bullshit on that fight two or how luffy survived at least the third attempt on his life.

Feel free to make a point anytime you want.

>Why wait until now to try something different instead of trying it earlier and then maybe also having his observation haki bolstered to make it more effective?
>shit I don't know how to deal with his haki
>I will learn how his haki works
>alright now that I know I know how to counter it effectively
Not that hard to follow desu
>So how should I interpret this? Because this is the comment argument used for people who don't put whole cake Island as their top Arc or even in their top five.
That is not my problem, that's why I am calling your strawmaning out because you are instantly putting everyone arguing for this arc being an improvement from the previous arcs in the same camp like a retard

I guess the new version wasn't as good?

Not him, but yeah. The 2015 anime was more faithful, but did far less cool stuff. The OVA had DIO and Jotaro throwing cars at each other and a lot more things going on, skipping the worst parts of the fight and improving on the best ones. The animation was gorgeous too.

>That is not my problem,
It is because you're making the exact same disingenuous argument as what you claimed to be getting lumped in with. You opened up with an argument about how I was being a contrarian along with an entire group of people who might put previous Arts including marineford as their favorites. You can't now turn around and say I'm unjustly accusing you of using a bullshit argument that other people use when word for word you threw it out there.

If anything you're being called out for using a complete non-argument as a jab in a discussion about the quality of a story.

I agree. Farmland Saga is much better.

It really is. The ending is good and some scenes like "I love you" and the owl confronting the kid, but the rest of it is bland. Felt way too safe, too. Easily could have killed off more people to keep the audience at edge.

New anime was a panel to panel animation almost. Not bad but the OVA was special because it did its own thing.

DIO's voice in the OVA is so shit. The rest was great.

It's okay, go back to your highschool animes.

reddit pls

I did that because it is true, the argument that this arc has not been an improvement is just not true and you moving the goalposts doesn't help it either.

it's a shame that fucking terrorism ruined the ending to this shit. it was so good up until that point.

Also what the fuck is up with your IP?

Just about every fight from Shigurui, even the super short ones.

>I did that because it is true
At this point I'm convinced you're being completely retarded. You think it's a foregone conclusion that anybody who does not put this current Arc at the top of the standings is just being a contrarian even when they can demonstrate and backup why they think this Arc would be inferior to others and why the writing is not as tight?

So basically you're allowing yourself to spill whatever nonsense you want, and then trying to say that your opponent is creating a strawman even when you fulfill every single thing he says you did? This is the state of the one piece fandom on Cred Forums I guess.

>You think it's a foregone conclusion that anybody who does not put this current Arc at the top of the standings
Where have I done that again? Can you fucking point out where have I made a fucking list of the quality of the arcs?
Are you fucking hallucinating or something?

>Where have I done that again?
>but anyone that denies the quality actually improved this arc is just a delusional contrarian or a marineford/dressrosa baby unable to deal with the weekly release
You made the claim that not thinking that WCI is an improvement implies being a contrary an or overly attached to at least two previous arcs. You then agreed with my assessment of what you meant by this. Don't try and pretend you didn't say/agree with that sentiment now. You already dug this hole for yourself.

I agreed with the fact the story took a dip, I guess I should have quoted you on that to make it clearer but I disagree with your argument that this wasn't an improvement
My point wasn't that WCI was an improvement to great arcs like enies loby, if that is what you think.

>I agreed with the fact the story took a dip
To further clarify, When did the dip occur? And if it's this arc, how has it improved from then?

>When did the dip occur?
For me, probably FI, zou was good for worldbuilding but it was just a setup arc so it isn't that relevant.
This arc has improved the overall story by fleshing out the yonkous and their crews, the dynamic in the Big Mom crew has been really interesting to watch, the characters are interesting and have good designs, the arc has also made me laugh and has brought excitement not like the previous ones and if the numbers are to be believed people at large have responded similarly
The fights have been good plus the interactions with bege's and luffy's crews have been really fun
It may not be as great as it could be but it is a step in the right direction and even more so if the reverie arc ends up meeting expectations

I think Fishman was exactly what it needed to be in showing off the straw hats progression. Hody was unfortunately a pathetic jobber but the arc was solid overall. DressRosa was the dip in my opinion and while I can say that WCI isn't as bad, it doesn't qualify for "best arc so far" and we both seem to rate enies lobby fairly high. Especially with how much I dislike the overall writing of kata vs luff (and again, I didn't necessarily like luffys endurance and death defying during the latter crocodile fight either) and Oda hasn't really set up the personal arc of Sanji in a satisfactory manner, partially because he's drowning in all the other sub plots that are also in this arc. It's not that the arc is complex, but it has too many moving parts to properly give time and focus to things.

Like I said, people saying that not rating WCI is being a contrary are being ridiculous. This arc may be an improvement over the new world arcs (which I would contest as punk hazard was all around more solid) but it's still no where near the peaks of the earlier stories. I've been called a nostalgiafag, and now a marineford baby, but honestly if liking the better written arcs of the story earn that kind of ire, it speaks more about the people using those terms as an insult more than it does my taste and analysis.

What? Why?

I agree it isn't that good but I still think it is better than the rest of the new world arcs, punk hazard left me with too much of a sour taste with the whole "most powerful poison but it doesn't actually do anything" fiasco and the yeti job brothers, dressrosa has some hype moments but the rest is forgettable, the characters are shit and the fights aren't that good other than the franky one and maybe luffy vs doffy

OK then, with all that being said. We can then agree with my original point that the quality of the story has dropped. We can quibble over whether we think that this represents individual subjective opinions, or if it is also informed by Oda's writing. But I think the latter is the more valid starting point since the things we both can point out as problems with dressrosa are writing problems first, and personal problems with taste second.


Yeah I mean that is why I agreed back there, I should have quoted to make it clearer but that was my bad
I have high hopes for the future though, this arc has been enjoyable and the arcs that are coming have already been set up so it seems hard for him to fuck it up, we can only hope I guess.


Agree on the eva one ocnsidering the manga is superior to the anime, yet TTGL last fight was the weakest shit from that anime

>no The Breaker or The Breaker: New Waves

I went in expecting generic isekai and got one of the best fight scenes I've read in years, both as an actual battle and because of all the story context. Sorry about the poor quality, even the raws are shite.



Hinomaru Zumo is GREAT! Cant wait for a amazing anime!!!


Nobody mentions Zatch Bell? Gosh and i thought Cred Forums couldnt get any more retarded.

Bastard!! exceeded my expectations. Some spreads are god tier.

>Faggots on ice got a second season and this didn't
I will never not be mad

Seriously hoping they become bannable soon.

I absolutely adored how the timestop-parts of the fight were seen from an outsiders perspective. Seeing dio just disappear actually looks really creepy in a good way.



The best. If you think I’m wrong you are a factual retard

Fucking this. Everyone mentions Berserk but no one mentions this goddamn fight. Guts vs Zodd was fucking incredible.

Fuck. Wrong image and it’s also small.

You didn't even bother reading the thread.

That was what made the OVA work over the David production. The lack of sound or fanfare when DIO stopped time, and no dupstep darts worked so much better


lmao One Piss fans are just as delusional as Hack x Hack fans now.

No. It's decent at best.

>O my rubber body
But that's literally been a thing since like 20 years ago. That's been a thing for like so many fights. That's been explicitly stated multiple times.
What? I feel like you're not memeing correctly, user.

Berserk has so many fantastic fights.

Which vagabond fight wasn't 10/10? Even the single-strike massacres had gravity and weight.

I'm rereading it it's so good





Shit like this really makes me want to see fights like Yami vs Julius, even though it would never happen in a million years. I just want to see how that fight would work.

In trigun where either Vash or Knives empties out their cylinder and chucks the bullets over the cover of where the other one was hiding, then quickly reloads and shoots the falling shells to cause a small explosion overhead.

Shit was tight.

so it's Nanatsu no Taizai now

I don't have a 10/10 fight yet

Coldsteel the hedhehog-tier

That, and the OVA used camera angles to make it look seamless. I hated how in the anime, you just saw Pollnareff and the senator get "teleported".

Why was One Piece art so good 2006/2007? Fucking oda.

Julius is kill user

Less stuff in the panels. Less complicated backgrounds. Probably some more nuanced observations regarding how he draws bodies and figures for both men and women but that's the first thing to pop into my head.

I know?
>that fucking jump at the end

and all of those 30 chapter were focused on Marineford fights. This one was constantly alternated with cake baking and escaping from Big Mom (and other minor characters updates)

This seems like as good a place as any to ask, is her name fucking Gally or Alita? And is it Tiphares or Zalem?

That was the worst fight in the series though. How do you post that over Dragon vs Tiger, Shin vs Mech, or literally anything with Teru in it?

Some of the more recent fights come close, but I have yet to see anything in the manga top this.

>tfw it will never resume

this fight got me into Bastard!! just so fucking ridiculous. but my favourite is actually DS vs Abigail.


Why does nobody seem to care about the literal spanish

it's never coming back at this rate..

what manga?


I've gotta admit, I'm one of those people who just would say Wan Piss every time I see it brought up on Cred Forums and never looked into it, but this is kind of convincing me to check out the manga.

thats were ur rong buddy boy

You have low standards.

Most BHA fights have zero substance.

Just keep in mind that it's not always about fights and there's a lot of other stuff in the manga.

>a series can not have multiple 10/10 fights

Well? Where are the 10/10 fights?

Will Keijo ever be translated again? It just kinda stopped.

Yes. I love it when characters use strategy to overcome a more powerful foe.


>No one has posted this

not a 10/10 fight, it's too one sided.


it's on Cred Forums now too

Hey, ease up. He was just asking.

its amazing how triggered you are over this.

Dude its a shitty shonen. Itsokay for it to not make sense and just be "fun".

Here you go.

This is actually pretty good
A shame the manga is so bad


Allmight vs All for One was a million times better than this shit as was muscleman vs deku

I'm pretty sure the adaption has been announced.

Pretty boring actually

Gotta hand it to Toriko, it really ended up delivering all the hype it set up.

It actually did, which is weird considering how early Ichiryuu vs Midora was.
Jirou was the shit though. I knew he was meant to go down but goddamn did he deliver.


It was bad and the end was asspully

>slaps the nitros around like they're toddlers
So fucking satisfying.

Someone is not beautiful.

>Bakugou's complex emotions toward's All Might's death only being able to be addressed through challenging his successor who is also his childhood punching bag to a fight
>Bakugou still winning despite Izuku's growth with OFA
>Bakugou's relationship with Izuku improving greatly after this, albeit subtly, as shown by his critique of Izuku's fighting style
>No substance

>Thrown through buildings
>AOE hax btfo your friends
>Thrown through more buildings
It wasn't.
>5% OFA has no effect
>Guess I'll break my bones
>He can still move
It wasn't.
I bet you think All Might vs. Nomu was the best fight in the series, too.
Now I understand what you mean but there's no scene that tops this one. This ZA WARUDO had the perfect VA, buildup, sound quality, and tensity that was never surpassed in the OVA.

If there was a scene you would pick in the fight, this would be a masterpiece for me.

What a fucking guy.

I wonder what happens in the scanlation underworld, myself. The TL Cred Forumsnon who provided translations up to the current translated chapter said he had RL issues (studies, health or something?), and hasn't been heard of ever since.

Fuck yeah, this fight was fun as hell.

>wah why did my childhood idol fall after trying to save me trying to play maverick and nearly getting myself murdered (again)
>hehe you'll never beat my ultra instinct *grabs ur collar*
>one evening of not acting like a coked out patrick bateman speaking with homeless people only to immediately pick it back up the next day
The whole attempt to bring some tragedy to Bakugo's character to parallel Deku fails because he beat Deku. If he didn't win, that would hammer it in that his maverick gary-stu-tier prodigal skills at practically everything does not mean shit when his selfish desire to win makes him act like a retard.

Jeez. I said fights, not stills. Where are the fights on par with Ali vs. Foreman or Tyson vs. Holyfield?

Poor bastards never stood a chance.

some spic did a Gohan Blanco animation tracing frams from Gohan vs Buu and Toei thought its okay to reference that



This. Having absolutely 0 ambiance to it actually improved it.


Crazy how a series with so many shitty fights and disgusting art gets its dick sucked more than any other.

I gotta disagree though. I'll admit that maybe it's having seen the OVA years ago (it's what got me into Jojo) but there is a much more imposing and sinister feel to Dio using the world when he isn't accompanied by so much sound effects and visual flair.

I would argue that "less is more" and even seeing how time stopping works when you aren't able to follow your opponent made Dio instantly unnerving. One frame he's there the next he's gone.
Starts at 2:00, but that is how you start a fight to me.

The way I've always viewed it. The OVA had a better director for this sequence even though they took some liberties. But the Anime had the better voice acting and a more faithful visual aesthetic to the manga panels.


Power level bullshit is what kills most shounen. There needs to be a steady escalation, but the most popular shonen constantly jump the shark by exponentially increasing the risk factor with every new arc before the fatigue sets in from the repetition. One Piece used to be a little more clever about it due to its own internal consistency, but it has been shitting the bed since around the time he learned to shift gears.

This was actually pretty damn entertaining iirc. I guess no one talks about it cause it wasn't really flashy.

asuka vs those evas is like superman vs the kansas city PD


>playing battle simulations in your mind
do people actually do this?


>do people actually read books?
Yes, yes they do.

Haki hasn't turned off Luffy's rubber yet, but it does seem to stop/prevent logia from going back to intangible form.
>fail to evade haki punch/slash
>'real body' gets smacked hard for 'unavoidable' damage
We know that logia can turn intangible before getting hit (aokiji), but also take damage like with swordsmen attacking akainu. In that instance he may have actually been cut, but se don't get to see scars.

The only fights in manga I think are worthy of a 10/10 are Toguro vs Yusuke and Toki vs Raoh

Ken wanted to do a shounen, but his name means ecchi harem. There was what only 5 contenders for the dick anyway, and they all got shut down before the series ended. The NEET won and we still haven't seen what came of it, if anything.

jiren is one of the best villains of dragon ball because the mystery is held on until the end

All the fights on vagabond are 10/10.