Даш, я знаю что ты сидишь на этой обоссанной борде для умственно отсталых дибилов. Чё по матешу на зпвтра задали?

>борде для умственно отсталых дибилов

Fuck off, vodkanigger.

ravioli ravioli

У мамки своей спроси, долботряс, она с учителем хорошо знакома.

Skidadle skidoodle your dick is now a noodle

Goddamn it, why is everyone doing this?

die, scum

Pewdiepie showcased a meme he didn't get and didnt like on his original show /MEME REVIEW/ so everyone started spreading it like wildfire to annoy him


Школьник нидс ту гоу энд стэй гоу.

Fuck, almost mistook her for Ichigo and started masturbating. Those look like some nice soles, though.

co on tam pierdoli

I for one welcome our Russian overlords!

Вообще то я деффочка

No dude, our girls have small tits and squalid faces.

Школьник (девачка), иди откуда тебя мать твоя родила и издавай там cвои школьные звуки

Дид ю джаст ассьюм ёр джендер?


Здесь не лучше, чем на сосаче.

>лучше чего-либо

Мсьё, же не манж па сис жур.

You stopped?

Геть з мого форчану, кляті москалі!


Какое отношение це Европа имеет к японскому сайту с китайскими порномультиками?

Сам пиздуй, я оккупирую эти интернеты.


Irgendwelche Russlanddeutsche hier?

Stop using barbarian language
Use American you mongolians

Okupanti arī šeit nokļuva?

Тупыые американцы

Why is she wearing no pants?

Of course it's the cancerous ESL-nigger degrading Cred Forums with its new- and normalfaggotry.

Is she from Flip Flappers?


Yes, she's the one who flaps the flips.

I see.

Намного лучше, особенно сейчас.
По крайней мере есть с кем поговорить.

Says the england and europe rejects with poor man's english.

Cred Forums is being degrading by english speaking degenerates in the first place, it's ESL-niggers that adopted Cred Forums culture and save it from complete anihilation.

На бурчане всё равно лучше. Хотя на дваче действительно последние пару лет дохуя серунов развелось.

I can't understand how after the results of the elections (and the proof of Putin's meddling) russians still are allowed to post here.

Because we are new overlords of USA since Trump is our puppet.
Now kneel before your masters.

Двач уже давно мертв.

Because Russian people are very far from politics.

Never, movies like black panther show us why we will never vow to the likes of you.

I can't understand how after the recent school-shooting weapons are still allowed.

>proof of Putin's meddling
I can't believe they're still spinning that meme narrative even outside of american tv, it's anime tier.

What proof?

>thread is still up