Episode 7 out and no thread? Things are starting to get intense.

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Cumming in

I prefer them flat.


don't read spoilers if you don't wanna get spoiled, idiot

Wait these niggas just left the most powerful item ever that they needed to protect in a tree somewhere? Why not just keep it in a bag on their person or hidden under some lose fitting clothes at all times? At this point with their special snowflake powers they have all the advantages in this situation and just 5 mooks+the big cheese to take out.

Big cheese turned himself into a herald though.

Why do they need to expel them? Why not just end the stasis now?


Juri's hand>Sagawa

Muh honor, can't leave them behind and make them heralds
If they end the stasis, everyone who isn't with them will be stuck in there forever.

Neat, I can totally relate to this dude.

Oh lord

Oh boy...did it fall on the Umetsu curse?

male hands

I like Juri.

It's cool that they changed her clothes in the OP.
Is it me, or was this episode more QUALITY than any of the ones before this?

There are consequences if you don't.

We're at a point where they don't care about dazzling the audience anymore. Anyone who's still watching it has already invested far too much to drop it now. I expect the rest of the show to be like this. They never really had a budget to begin with.


as long as it doesn't become a slide show like final episode of Wizard Barristers. It was a fucking disgrace

Was it worse than this?


>tfw no 2nd Amendment


I guess what they say about broken clocks is true.

Wow, I've never seen anything like this. Might be worth digging the archives to see the reaction.

God damn, there were like 5 frames in that whole scene. This has to be an edit right?

No, they ran out of time. It was fixed in the BD.

>NEETDad is going to go full shining at some point

Juri-neechan is a qt!


they should have expelled the dad and the kid from stasis and hide them

They should have expelled the dad because he's for sure going to screw something up.

>getting intense
>the one episode where nothing fucking happened

>get awesome fucking power
>don't use it, destroy it, just want to live a normal boring life

What is wrong with nips? I'd use the shit out of that fucking stone. Also Sagawa did nothing wrong.

Speaking about T-shirts.

If you don't know what that H.G. W stands for and why it is there you are a fucking causal.

nothing actually happened, and who the fuck are these douchebags

Dead thread. Not even the boobies in OP help. Such a shame, it deserves more love.

What if the thread participants are inside a stasis spell and are having a wholesome discussion while we wait here, wondering where did everyone go

>inside stasis
you can't use the -ing form when referring to people in stasis

They still experience a present, different as it may be from ours

Who is that and why does she look like Iris from FFXV?

For us their either already experienced it or will experience it. It is impossible for them to experience it while we are talking about them.


What if we were all inside a stasis spell where inanimate objects are able to move outside this stasis?

Then it will be unpleasant surprise for inanimate objects that they are integrated into human constructs.

So is this show a failure commercially? Threads barely survive long enough for discussion.

It was made to advertise a manga series that has already been finished for like 4 years. I don't think low sales will matter that much like most such manga adaptations of already finished series.

Lurk more.


As intended.

No heralds left to protect the stalled.

But how do they know there are none?

they read the manga

1 or 2 cour?
sincerely, I will drop if it would have more than 15 episodes.


How add are you?

I really hope you never try to watch things from before 2005.

>Think something's gonna happen with the kid
>lmao expelled see ya
>Think Sagawa is gonna do something
I am a bit upset.

Anyone else notice how she looked kind of embarrassed/upset that she said a cool thing and got ignored?

What else could've conceivably happened with the kid? He was extremely malnourished, so if he did't get stalled he'd probably die, and before that happened he would've just stayed unconscious all the time.

It's like a real RPG game. You drop a cool line and everyone starts talking about actually planning things.

My sides, sagawa's hair is in stasis while at high speed for sure.

His hair is part of the body, it isn't stalled if he himself isn't.

>when all your followers thought you were just gonna use stasis to fuck stalled bitches and stop disasters

Doesnt seem like an evil ambition, too bad about his current method.

This nigga.

sagawa did nothing wrong

This guy brain works in a mysterious way.

why was he shirtless, did he rape the kid

He might be a somewhat slow dude but raping his own son is too far.

She looks like she's trying to cosplay as Chie from Purse Owner 4.

I'm digging the tights a lot though, I love it when they're combined with shorts.

I know it's a mistake but now I just imagine him raping his own daughter AND his grandson

Nice episode, would be cool if one like sagawa could still do human speech and be himself mentally after turning into a herald.I doubt the heralds would be dead if the stone(s) are smashed.

Spoilers: From what I saw of the manga I think he does.

You know there are actual spoiler tags

I think the stones only act as entry/exit to the stasis world, and the world would still continue to exist without them.

Are you fucking kidding me

Yeah,thats what I thought too, its not like the stasis is dependent on the stones and the stones might just be from a bigger stone/boulder waiting to be discovered again if they need to revive the series.

Got me a nice "WUT" for sure watching the scene.



yeah tht was kind of strange, it madem e wonder if these guys read the script

I don't even know who is segawa, ogawa, jebawa, lipawa, yukawa

It's just cool to watch and I never look at the timer how many minutes are left

>It's just cool to watch and I never look at the timer how many minutes are left
Cumming in,
Cumming out.