Is this the anime only high IQ people could get?

Is this the anime only high IQ people could get?

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It is the only anime high IQ people can get

I guess I'm not an intellectual. Moe is a hell of a drug.

I'm not giving that anime a chance, looks retarded af.


Can someone post BluRay version Popuko?

you're retarded af. bitch.

>"I'm not giving that anime a chance, looks retarded af"
>said user while posting k-on shit mixed with alloha snackbar

t. retarded af

fuck this retarded show and fuck you

your powerlevel is too low

>alloha snackbar
FYI it's allahuakbar you fat dirty american pig


the fuck is that retarded gif, are you 12?

no way.. thats just a fan art right? right?

I wish I could be a fat dirty american pig instead of a skinny poor third country bumpkin ;_;

you don't really get jokes, do you? Do you noticeably struggle in public too?


popuko confirmed QT

It's unironically a 10/10. A masterpiece in shitposting anime.

I was the same, but it's pretty good. I even watch both female and male versions, like episode 7 popuko voice actress was really funny.

>I wish I could be
No, trust me, you don't

The Hellshake Yano bit was definitely high IQ.

Oh yeah I fucking do

Hellshake Yano was fucking amazing. I'm impressed with how they made flipping paper so interesting.

Does knowing anime references correlate with intelligence?

No twelve year old would possess that old ass gif.

dumb k-on poster

I don't get 90% of the jokes and I'm only watching it for the seiyuus

It was actually a technically impressive performance. Legitimately amazing, not even ironically so.

who the fuck voiced popuko this week and why did it sound like she was gargling nails the entire episode


For me it's the best skit on the show so far

Yeah, like me.

Exactly what i think about K-Shit.

someone from sazaze san

cute af

you're overexaggerating

Regla de Todos

>t. assmad third worlder

Episode 7 may be my favorite so far.
Popuko baby voice and the skits were all great. Not a single dud for me.

Hellshake Yano was beyond amazing.

the Hellshake yano skit was amazing

I can't believe such a boring gag became the cinematic experience of the year.


I knew that sounded familiar.

subculture bitch be gone


ooooooh yeaaaaah

also what was the parody after the pokemon one?


Seiken Densetsu 3

>people actually getting triggered by this

Always makes me laugh how contrarian you faggots force yourselves to be just to try to fit in

Oh, I finally see why people are watching it then, it's the emperor has no clothes.

>Is this the anime only high IQ people could get?
Is that what people watching it are telling themselve?

People get triggered by reddit and mal constantly here, it's encouraged by mods even when it's completely juvenile.

It's even worse than family guy with the referential humor. Every fucking scene is a parody/reference to something much better than this hot mess

Cred Forums is a cancer board

It's our Rick and Morty

It references Archer?

The only thing better than watching Poputepipiku is watching the hipsters online get triggered by what it parodies.

>oh so postmodern

Who are you even kidding. The people who are into this crap are contrarians.

This piece of shit is universally disliked on pretty much every forum including Cred Forums. The only defense I read for this show is durr you must be a hipster/contrarian not to like this!
That's why the majority of these popepic threads are always inflammatory or contrarian by nature with loaded questions like OP

So what does Manatee taste like?

>everyone with a different opinion from me must be pretending
you actually have autism

You're trying to make fun of it by comparing it to Rick and Morty, but the show is more like Eric Andre than anything.

More like only low iq would find funny.

It's shit posting the anime, That's all you need to say about it.

Truly the Rick and Morty of anime xD


is it true that theres a undertale sketch in the new episode?


>japanese malmsteen

>it actually is
okay im dropping this
the only thing that carried this shit show so far was ac-bu for me

I love how not only it triggers Cred Forums but now Cred Forums as well

No. Family Guy (and Robot Chicken) if anything shoves references in your face at any chance it gets and expects you to get it. Some even being literal internet memes from 2008 like Hamster Dance. Pop Team Epic seems to be much more tongue in cheek in terms of referential humor. Why do you think those type of skits in the show are only 5-15 seconds long.

>falling for the iq crap
Hellshake Yano bit was fucking magical

I might sound like an idiot but isn't that supposed to be that one guy with the funny voice from Gravity Falls?

honestly people being upset at undertale are fucking stupid and only base their opinion on the fans and not the media
you won't be missed

he said better

This. How can Cred Forums hate Undertale when even Japan loves it?

Since when has the opinion of Japan really mattered to Cred Forums as a whole.

A well known idiom on this site is 'Japan has shit taste' after all.

>Hellshake Yano bit was fucking magical

Probably the most creative part of the episode.

Someone needs to make a version of this with no background on the glasses