Dagashi Kashi 113



This chapter was already animated welp


I want to make her quit her job and become the mother of my children.







Will she ever catch a break?

So when will second best girl arrive?

Next chapter.

Why is Hajime in all these OP images when she doesn't even show up in the anime?

It's the cover of vol 7, I use it when I dump chapters from this vol. And when I dump translations, I use the newest vol cover, which also has Hajime.

She'd make a fucking hot delinquent.

I would be totally up being bullied by a delinquent as DFC as her.

You need to speed it up then.

Join their team and I'm sure they'd release faster user.

Not the TL user but I also scanlate shit so I know how annoying these fucking comments are.

From previous comments they made it was the the typesetting that was slowing them down.


You're talking about this right? It wasn't a team member.

No, in a previous thread.

Then I must've missed that completely since I don't know what you're talking about

If I recall correctly, s07195 said they have enough people already. It's just a matter of scheduling since people have lives outside of scanlating.

Yep I know. You can add "working on different series" too. Was just asking about the "typesetting slowing down" thing.