Who is the FeMC of the season and why is it Yuzu?

Who is the FeMC of the season and why is it Yuzu?

Obviously Violet..


Best female protagonist of the season passing by.




>beta enough to fall for an autistic cunt like Mei
>MC of the season
Yeah no, try pic related instead

>and why is it Yuzu

Because Kirin and Inomata aren't the main characters of their show.

The real MC of Killing Bites is the betafag tho.

Rin, Violet or any of the colours are my choice.

Pic related is actually likeable.
No wonder it's the top selling anime this season.


Citrus is fucking stupid but I wouldn't call someone like Yuzu a "beta".

Yuzu is a slut that doesn't deserve Mei.

She''s in love with a dumb bitch.

She gets raped and trampled by everyone she meets

Haven't read the manga yet but based on what I've seen in the anime.
She is very confident, strong, and outgoing.
She also shoved Mei down the principal's table and kissed her.
But yeah, being with Mei fucked her up.

What a bad choice. True FEmc is 02

Mate, later on she literally puts a wedding ring on Mei's left ring finger. She is alpha as fuck.

>Franxx brainlet doesn't know what an MC is
Why I'm not surprised.

MC is Hiro, 02 is only a female lead.

Gura is so cute

Sorry, wrong image.

Yuzu, no contest.

>MC is Hiro, 02 is only a female lead.
Out of curiosity. How do you make this determination?

Now post lewd Citrus webms.


Are you a fucking retard who can't even identify who the main character is?

Main girl =/= main character and the story is told on Hiro's POV.

I'd like someone who's not a little shit to answer.


This season is incredible for all-girl anime lovers.

To me it seems like they both are. It's not always from Hiro's POV. The first episode even begins with a lengthy Zero Two POV and then switches to Hiro.

The Yuri version of a generic harem anime also airs this year right?

Post the one where they got caught by their Grandpa.


Hiro is the audience's POV, 02 and all the characters around him is just a plot device.

Might as well call Sasuke as the main character for Naruto.

Juri, without a doubt

Thanks, how about the one where Mei raped Yuzu in episode 1?


Everyone seems to be avoiding the true FeMC