Isn't Takizawa-san a bit gross?

Isn't Takizawa-san a bit gross?
She is always sweating. Her boobs must smell awful.

Was she always this big?

sweat is delicious tho

She is delicious.

I find it hard to tell desu. Her tits are always behind a bra and at least another layer of clothing in the manga, but when it comes to the one off pieces of art her tits seem to vary in size.

How can Kouhai even compete?

Japanese people don't tend to have a strong odor to their sweat.

You just wanted another Takizawa thread dont you?

You've ruined every hairy armpit doujin for me now

More like I discovered Takizawa because of the other thread and wanted to talk about it again even though the thread died.

Reminds me of Meiko

this manga was literally made for me. my years of posting paid off

They also have dry crumbly ear wax which is why ear cleaning is a thing there.

Superior big tittied cake

>translations never

I recognize this character, but completely forgot where she comes from. A little help?

What's this about?

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

I think I have seen her before. What's her name?

Make me.

lurk more you cancerous faggot

Of course

Why are you being such an ass over a question user? Is something wrong?

calm down faggot

Your ability to detect body odor is determined by epigenetics related to disease resistance.

Gentlemen like wine, and appreciate underboob cheese to go with it.

lurk for 2 years before posting

I don't know what you're getting out of your false sense of entitlement for wasting more time on a Chinese cartoon board, but if you're not going to answer the question, that's fine. It's mildly irritating at worse, but I'll find it on my own or I'll just fuck off back to Cred Forums.

If a simple question triggers your autism this much why don't you fuck off to another thread? Seriously what an obnoxious little bitch you are.

enough yeast build up under those saggy bags to bake a dozen loaves of bread

Sorry user, but you need the password in you want to join our secret club and find out the source.
Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san
Stop being a fag user.

Adapt to the board by lurking more, it really is that simple. Or you can fuck off back to whatever containment site you came from.

Holy shit what a fag!

Thing is user, OP already gave the source
Searching Takizawa-san manga on google immediatly gives the source.
Are you going to tell me that is too difficult or cryptic?

They already had the source and cried until they got spoonfed by other newfags anyway. This is why you report these fucking retards.

Who's that qt user?

kill yourself spoonbitch

Does anyone have the card for this?

Not really, but if you have the energy to tell off random people, you have the same amount of energy to just give someone a straight answer, and then maybe call them a faggot or something in spoiler text. What you're doing is borderline shitposting because it's made to breed arguments and off topic posting.

Dude are you ok?

So how exactly would lurking more help him get his answer? He came to the thread about the manga to find out what it was. What was he supposed to do, wait for someone else to ask for it and get spoonfed?

>What was he supposed to do
Find it himself because he already had the answer if he looked for himself. Stop bumping from page 9 retard.


Good job bumpin this thread user.

It was worth doing so.

>you will never watch Kiki's delivery service with her

It's literally described by the title. It's about a 300 year old witch who can't get a boyfriend.

>Summons the devil just so she'll have someone to enjoy a drink with

Sounds amazing.

What is this?

That's Takizawa-san.

>that's what Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san is

I want to humiliate Takizawa-san!!