Sex with Sluten

Why is she so slim?

Eats just enough

Saten is the female version of Touma in how much unfortuned she is.

No, that's the people around her.

I can't believe Uiharu is fucking dead.

Tougrug no like
Tougrug want women to punch
Tougrug love captain punch
Tougrug get angry
Tougrug demand evil punch

Talk shit, get hit.

Quality thread

Tougrug want punch captain to england
Tougrug angry

why dont the misaka do england
or she pull ww3 and get big jet
better even
why dont the misaka use clones as information network? then she can monitor touma all over world

OP's lonely. He has to have a thread up at all times. The quality doesn't matter. He just wants someone to talk to and shitpost with.


Makes sense. Quality of these threads have been terrible and its mostly attention whoring. Look you even got someone directing you to reddit so that about makes it go full circle.

>Samefags himself to bitch

remember when saten was a thing?

those were the days


Sex with Saten would be very nice, but don't call her Sluten. She is a nice and pure girl, and can't help the fact that she's so sexy.

>all one guy
Keep making yourself look like a joke.

She could stand next to othinus

Whats the difference between Railgun and Index?
I've only seen railgun, thought it was enjoyable

Railgun is a side story.

No sluts.

Railgun focuses on social interactions and drama
Index focuses on Touma's character development and action
Railgun is three times more SOL than index.

Science side vs. Magic side.

Events take place at same time in same city, just different main characters (albeit both interact with each other).

Index has science too dumbass.

>tfw you lost your biribiri, home, and everything else, and now heading to britain

Railgun is a spinoff manga with an anime adaption with Misaka as MC.
Index is the original LNs with an anime adaption with Touma as MC


>Railgun is three times more SOL than index.
Only the anime though. The manga is pretty much a shonen action manga.

DH arc heavily featured social interactions of over action.
Its way more social orientated than index is. At least if we aren't considering peaks and lows.

>you will never watch season 1 of index for the first time again and be amazed at the world building