What is the Death Note of this decade? It has to tick all of the above:

What is the Death Note of this decade? It has to tick all of the above:
- unique plot
- iconic characters
- uses the fantasy medium to analyze real human nature
- great production value
- great OST

Tokyo Ghoul.

Pop Team Epic

Does it also have to become total garbage 2/3rds of the way through?


oh come on it's actually the last third, and the last episode makes up for it





>unique plot

Madoka Magica

To be like Death Note, it also has to tick:
-main character is a colossal Mary Sue
-is grossly overrated
-is shit

- how is light a Mary Sue if he is an actual psychopath? he fools everyone into thinking he is a Mary Sue but we see the cracks in him right when he kills Lind L. Taylor

- just because a lot of people like something doesn't mean it's bad

- you liked it when you first saw it/read it, don't be a liar

Monogatari hands down.

so, psycho pass?

Aquarion Logos or Nobunaga The Fool

Any serious answers in this thread?

Absolutely everything goes right for Light and he can predict everything L does because DUDE I'M A GENIUS LMAO, except in the end where he for once makes a mistake. He is, without a doubt, an enormous Mary Sue.
Death Note IS overrated. And I never liked it. There some cool moments, the premise is very interesting and I can see why people like it, but, still, it's bad and I never liked it.

code geass isn't shit tho


they can't provide an answer because anons cant actually name one

Mikami also makes the last part worth it with his DELETING.

Unironically this.

Araragi's initial aloof but kind nature is reflective of his inability to let go of his childish ideals of justice and rightness (hence his constant harping on the best Sisters because their passion for justice is a constant reminder of his former self which he, up until Owari~ abouts, would prefer to his current misanthropic self)

If we look at Monogatari as the development of rrrg you can see clear Jungian themes (I mean there's a literal monster in his literal shadow) And as is noted his kindness to others while he rejects that part of himself is indiscriminate - he isn't a good person because he in a sense doesn't even have the option to do 'wrong' (See also Tsubasa Cat) He actually has to accept his shadow before he can even begin to deal with morality in the abstract (math)

Sex, or rather I'd say sexuality, is also a defining feature of how rrrg contextualizes his interpersonal relationships - from merely gawking at Hanekawa's panties to receiving them over the course of Kizu (where he proudly proclaims they'll be his treasure) Hachikuji is to be groped, licked, harassed and he in turn will get stuttered at, Kanbaru is preeminently sexual but from bake to hana they never drop the kouhai/senpai, this too is shown in rrrg's measured reactions to Kanbaru's antics. Senjougahara even supplies direct contextualization that is sexual in nature to rrrg and Kanbaru's relationship when she explicitly states she'll simply shift his view so Kanbaru can't be called a pervert.

There's also a ton of subtext about power dynamics in interpersonal relationships (which is why Hachikuji grabbing and licking rrrg works as such a great gag) But it's most clearly defined with Bat Cat and Crab, where with Bat and Cat both at times see rrrg as the superior while rrrg himself is absolutely certain Cat is an unfathomable distance above the rest of humanity - But Crab went out of her way to start their relationship at equal ground


ping pong
psycho pass
shinsekai yori

Can't answer since op's question is inherently flawed by insinuating Death Note is good.

Death Note is wayyy better than Psycho Pass (not saying it is bad, but come on )


Lol shut up nerd, monagatari is shit