Can y'all tell me the appeal with tsunderes? I don't get why so many people like them

Can y'all tell me the appeal with tsunderes? I don't get why so many people like them.

In real life, no one would deal with these types of girls unless they were autistic or cucks. They'd be told to fuck off and left on the corner in a heartbeat.


didn't feel like typing "you all"

fuck off

can you tell me the appeal with reddit?

Tsunderes act mean to the guy they like. The existence of this concept allows me to pretend that there are girls that like me.

i guess being a faggot constitutes you not being able to read and answer the question posted in OP.

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>In real life, no one would deal with these types of girls
You're underestimating my masochism.

It's more realistic so it’s easier to self insert into the show and believe that the girl will end up liking you. Since girls are naturally uncaring to us the progression from that to her revealing her feelings for you makes you think that you would be able to get the girl. Also it’s cute to see them get flustered

It's all about journey of them going from tsun to dere
>unless they were autistic
Where do you think you are?

>in real life
But these aren't real girls, they're cute 2D girls. Why is this so hard to understand?

considering shows like Love Hina, where the mangaka basically made the main character a representation of himself... yeah... that line becomes blurred easily

Don't misunderstand. Liking certain tsunderes doesn't mean you like all of them. The one you posted pisses me off to no end.

Gap moe

Good tsundere. starts off bitchy, becomes dere after a good dicking

bad tsundere. is a complete bitch 99 percent of the time, shows dere side at rare intervals

bad tsundere. starts off bitchy, becomes dere after a good dicking

Good tsundere. is a complete bitch 80 percent of the time, shows dere side at some intervals


>Good tsundere
those don't exist

>real life
Fuck off cunt



tsunderes make my peepee feel funny

and so THK appears.

they do not exist in real life, also find a girl that is in denial of their feelings to be cute, also the angry on the outside and shy on the inside is also a factor.

both are good if done well, how ever we should all agree that neo/fake tsunderes are all shit.

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took you a while to respond. had fun fapping?

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#1 Best Tsundere of all time, Sawachika Eri
Now this is #2 not the blond ones of course.

probably just means i'm not as autistic as you are

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you really like to self project don't you.

He is THK he is most likely from reddit or MAL.

does being a faggot feel good? [2]

hard to answer questions?

i wouldn't know as i am not you.

good one

tsunderes are better when their love interest teases them back.

eri sucks ass


only autistic like aggressive tsunderes like taiga,luise,asuka , but only faggots think a well done tsunderes like kurisu,kyou,vegeta




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>no one would deal with these types of girls unless they were autistic or cucks.

Welcome to Cred Forums!

Hi Cred Forums. My name is Cred Forumsnon, and I have a tsundere addiction.

The thing is, I can justify this preference pretty well. Having been an average edgy high school kid, I quickly grew uncomfortable with both interacting with people I just met (especially women) and developed trust issues about whether someone really hates me behind my back etc.

A tsundere shows you her worst side first, the ugly violent verbally abusive side. No matter how bad they are with this, there's no scheming behind anyone's back, the tsundere does this because of her own nervousness/insecurity. There's an instant sense of comfort when someone I just get to know throws a casual insult my way. They can't get any worse than what they first show you, and there's no ongoing paranoia whenever you interact with them. A tsundere's harsh words are like a violent rainstorm, they bring with them the message that everything will be alright and that sunshine is just on the other side.

Tsunderes are love, tsunderes are life.

If you don't understand the amazing attraction on your own, then you will never understand them. It's like attraction to loli, which is something that can't
be explained to make you a lolicon, but it's something that comes naturally. That said, you have my condolences for missing out on the greatest anime archetype ever made.

Are tsunderes kinda out of fashion nowadays?



Not even close.

they been out of fashion for a long time, Mine from akame ga kill was basically the last tsundere to win and that was two years ago

haven't been seeing any new ones though and they are not going to win anymore if there are any new ones.

Tsunderes are a meme. People obsess over them for no reason. They are just one character archetype among many others.

I love Taiga!

Because Tsundere didnt exist in real life, unlike other deres

the only dere type to actually exist in real life are the yanderes and they only exist on tumblr, are fat and only go after rich hot guys.

This is the yuri age now and half the yuri shows out there have them. If you want some het wins stuff though, just look around and beyond just anime. You'll still see more than plenty.

How in the name of realism did this 4'9" 17 y/o girl give birth to three children?

>Top tier bants
>Strong and independent
>Coy and shy affection is cute
>Usually some damaged background for all your "save the one you love" fantasy needs

Obviously actually dealing with the horseshit of someone who keeps acting like a bitch to you would be immensely tiring, but there's a level of abstraction to fiction, and anime especially, where you can just kind of chalk that up to one of those things that are overblown so that there's actually a show.

every Tsun Kyoani made or adapted ever

Taiga isn't a tsundere.

That feel when your waifu is tsundere so she hits you and calls you a baka. But, she isn't strong enough to physically harm you and you think it's cute so you kiss her to make her stop. She blushes, obviously swayed by your sudden sign of affection amidst her battering of your body and after a few mere seconds she kisses you back in return. You remain like this for at least 10 seconds uninterrupted and then you slowly pull away from each other. She stares into your eyes, and you are already doing the same with a horribly goofy smile that sends her heart pounding at a much faster rate than normal. Her face goes cherry red once again, and she punches you to cover up her embarrassment. She calls you an baka afterwards. You only stare at her for a few seconds, saying nothing. She asks you why you're staring, acting as though she doesn't care. Again with your goofy smile you just laugh at how horribly cute she is while flustered. And she starts to hit you and call you a baka again.

If only you didn't feel like typing anything in your post.


This. The answer to all women archetypes is to just be a chad. Get your shit together, Cred Forums.

Through the vagina, you should have learned this in school.

Same reason why the abusive shoujo bf appeals to girls.
Anons like getting abused.

That's fucking retarded.
And what, my waifu doesn't go to the gym with me? Pathetic. I dump her for being a lazy piece of shit.

That must be some big vagina!

the MC of the other animes also need to get their shit together too, as most of them are beta males that don't fight back, and tsunderes aren't fun when the MC doesn't fight back.

for you

Fuck off to fuck your submissive cardboard hajidere girl with zero personality, THK.

Girls are weak, user.

I wonder if Taiga has a Megaclitoris? I'd be like a old Atari controller.

i already chased that guy out.
also most tsunderes are submissive as well when they become dere.


>waifu is tsundere but she is strong to knock me out with a single punch
>but it's OK because she'll take care of me and nurse me back to health later

She is so cute.

>17 y/o
There was a timeskip. She likely gave birth at 19.

Tsun a shit


Isn't the point of a tsundere the change from tsun to dere? Why people try to add anything else into this simple formula? If the tsundere had the change then it's a good tsundere.

Shit Erina is SHIT


I don't look at the angry part of Taiga. I love her for her sweet part.

no u

Who do you think initiated the first "moves"? Sure the fuck did not seem like Ryuji had the stones.

Unironically this is the appeal of tsunderes. For men who have been treated like dirt by women for most of their lives, being able to mentally quadruple backflip into believing that girls who treat them like dirt are secretly just too shy to admit how much they love them is a useful coping mechanism.

Taiga was always trying to test the waters desu
>"It's so dumb. This room is so big, yet we're sitting this close to each other"

Yet ultimately her fear drove her to run for that year. Why? She loved him more than anything else. Her family fucked her up more than needed.

When she saw Ryuji fixing all his family issues so quick i think she realized something needed to be fixed
besides, her relationship with Ryuji was kinda weird, i mean, he was more like a dad or something desu

And funny you mention that. I'm sure it started with her as such considering that dandy fuck that called himself her father just saw her as another fucking asset. I'd like to think she spent that year tracking him and his new wife down to terrorize the fuck out of them, get what money she could so she could start a family with Ryuji.

It's the mix of having a secret admirer and someone who is deeply in love and loyal only to you and also so innocent and vulnerable in their desires that they feel like they have to hide them.

I like Tsunderes because they are interesting. They have layers. They are prickly on the outside and warm on the inside. Inside they could be a shy little girl who only wants to be loved, but hides her heart from the cruel harsh world and projects an attitude as protection. Many of them have a pride that doesn't allow them to admit that they feel something that makes them vulnerable like love does. They take some time to understand and once you understand them, they are all the more cute.

classic is best

I guess I like Tsunderes because it seems like they have lives and ambitions beyond being the MC's cockwarmer. In fact, they usually punch the MC in the face and force him to get up and do something to make him earn affection. the complete opposite of most harem shows, in which chick constantly swarm the guy's nuts without him ever lifting a finger. Admit it, Taiga drives the narrative forward and forces Ryuuji to actually try to get with the girl he admires, rather than sitting back like some punk, feeling sorry for himself.

also, I actually like bitchy girls. they are actually interesting and have interesting opinions. unlike super sweet girls who are just happy to be doing whatever everyone else is doing. I fucking hate those girls

amen, brother

TIL being from Texas makes me a redditfag

It just needs to keep some tsun as time passes. All dere at the end is nearly the same as if it was never there at all.

you know... this girl I work with is a legit tsundere. we always tease and pick on each other. She talks a lot of shit, but she always comes to me when she needs help, and always shares happy news. It sucks that she already has a bf, because it would be fun to date her. she is also short with huge tits...

anyway, I think tsunderes constantly fight as a way to push off people who would betray them. its a defense mechanism. there is a sensitive, fragile little girl, under all that. if you can handle the abuse and still be a friend, then can you earn their trust

y'all is also something niggers say.

Exactly this.
Everyone who has been through some tribulations develop an outer shell that is different than their true self. Breaking through that shell and seeing her true self is the most satisfying thing about witnessing a tsundere romance.

Every day until THK likes it.

who is that girl in the second row on the right?

Scholars and gentlemen of culture.

Bants with sex.

Theres a board for requests dumbfuck. And before someone is like "JUST TELL HIM WHAT HE WANTS TO KNOW IM A FAGGOT RAPE ME REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" You're waifu is gonna get raped by a dragon dick and theres nothing you can do about it

if you are talking about the pink haired girl next to louise, her name is Mine she is from akame ga kill!

tsundere are shit and you all should feel bad for liking them

>he doesn't know Shana
What is this I don't even.

Wrong chart, bro.

>doesn't even know Mine
What is this I don't even.

especially after those shitstorms she caused.

She fucks a dragon.

and here is the proof.

by the way the boy she is kissing in the above post turns into the dragon in the lower post.

and here is the meme pic that ending caused.

As long as she's happy.

>when you remember that mine is dead


sorry but the manga (were Mine is alive) is canon not the anime.

Someone post the epilogue pages of them being happy together. Mine stilll has a bit of a teasing streak in there. know, thank goodness I took that 2 year break from Cred Forums. Now I'm going to take a 5 year. Thanks for the nightmares!

I don't think that anyone ares what some newfag crossboarding non-Cred Forums reaction napoleon dynamite poster thinks about Mine.

No she wasn't, at least not until after Kitamura confessed to the class president. It's pretty obvious that there's genuine romantic feelings toward Kitamura until after that.

Might as well ignore the anime ending since it's non-canon. She only leaves for a few months, and spends her senior year at the same high school as Ryuuji, Minori, and Kitamura. It's never revealed if Ami bails though.


The ending ruined the show for me, and even then it as only alright. 26 episodes and the payoff is that close to the fucking end? Okay. None of that shit about Ryuji's outburst out of fucking nowhere to his mom and that plan to elope made any fucking sesne.

And Ryuji only started liking Taiga after Minorin shot him down,


But how?

I'm sorry I asked.


they fucked before he became a dragon.


But hajideres are literally tsunderes except not rude and violent.

hajidere are bae af

get born, infant. the entire American South says y'all. the only reason Blacks say it is because the majority of blacks came from the South, and immigrated to the rest of the US during Reconstruction.

actually, a lot of black culture is distilled Southern culture. that stupid meme about black people liking fried chicken and watermelon describes nearly every human being from Tennessee to the Gulf

akame ga kill was complete shit from beginning to end. anime and manga.

that's why they are considered to be boring.

mine dying made that show even more tolerable

I'll bet you're either a fucking Yankee, a dumbass Redditor, or both.

But tsunderes are just a disgusting half-measure that aren't submissive enough to be moe nor dominant enough to be pleasing to masochists.

because "hurr durr you saw me naked let me punch you" is entertainment

THK must be really angry today.

>not submissive enough
tsunderes are most submissive dere type in existence you retard.

he is most likely from MAL, their taste is shitter than reddit and tumblr combined.

>hurr durr all tsunderes are violent

That's why they punch you, right?

>i like hajidere because i'am too much of a cuck to put a tsundere in her place.

not all of them are violent, THK. also i was talking about when they go full dere.

>implying anyone puts tsunderes in their place
Everybody just endures their bullshit until they suddenly turn dere. Tsunderes would be a lot more entertaining if paired with MCs like Akkun.

that's because if the MC fights back they are no long be the nice to everyone mary sue self insert.
there was also a time in which MCs were jerks with a heart of gold, what every happen to those.


Tsundere a shit

>9th grade
>confess to the taiga look alike in the classroom
>she rejects me

Their relationship didn't quite convinced me until that moment. Mine is a quite fine woman.

Replace Asuka with Kazusa Touma and its fine.


Fuck them. I'm not that submissive. Agreed.


Waiiit a minute.

Someone just opened my eyes to vegita being an obvi tsun and that changed my perspective.

Can be done right. Fuck.

Dude. Fucking love how he refuses to acknowledge bulma. Shits adorable.

I like to watch that Taiga crying gif that I see on Cred Forums sometimes just to see her suffer. Fuck that cunt, dropped that anime becouse of her

Dude, Vegeta isn't tsundere for Bulma.

He's tsundere for KAKAROT.



>she gave birth
Did I miss a secret scene at the end of the show?

Masochists like myself wan tto be emotionally abuse by cute girls.

Reminder that Taiga is love!

Yes. Greatest love story etc.


>Asterisk bitch with actually good characters