Nao Tomori

I'm 2 years late to watching Charlotte
mfw I relate to her on a spiritual level

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the only good part of charlotte was the op

>tfw you'll never watch charlotte for the first time again

>tfw when you'll never watch this trainwreck with Cred Forums again

There's always 2020, Summer Pockets and the new LB movie.

I liked it until he traveled the world.


>new LB movie.

explain further

But who was Charlotte?

kud wafter


And dropped

I liked speedbro.


The comet, I thought?

The banter between leads during the few moments they remembered Yuu had a personality outside of when he went full edgelord was fun. What a waste of a series.

>mfw it will no sequel

it hurt's lads

How would they do that? Another meteor?

Nao is very pretty.
Her anime however is shit.

>but the anime was shit
People keep saying that but there's less than one anime per season that even tries to be different from the rest.

the only good part of charlotte was the pizza sauce


I want to lick the imouto's pizza sauce.

charlotte is just discount rewrite, and rewrite is walmart ubw

Anime when?

A fate fag's opinion is worth a lot. Almost as much as Miyazaki's opinion.

Being special doesn't make you better.
This, the part where his sister gets necked and he eats the shit out of the sauce was the only good part of otherwise shit anime. Also the OP.


It literally is when it comes to anime though.

>tfw Uno Shoma, the silver medalist in men's skating, listed Steins;Gate and Charlotte as his favorite anime
I guess he has better taste than Yuzuru who named Tokyo Ghoul

>tfw you'll never watch angel beats for the first time again
>tfw it will never have 24 episodes
Why even live?

Charlotte is 2 years old? What have I done with my life!

fate a shit

I think you mean ED

I was expecting garbage and instead I was highly entertained. Only Cross Ange tops it on average ludicrous shit happening per episode.

At this point I'll take a creative but poorly written show over some refined generic crap any day.

She has some nice doujins.



user, I...


That gave me a weird hit of nostalgia for pre-election Cred Forums. I'm sure I thought it was shit at the time too but I didn't know how bad things would get.

What are you trying to say, user?