Boruto thread

Who wants to be Denki?


I sure do

The absolute MADMAN posted the greatest art.

could someone explain the foot fetish thing? What is sexually attractive about feet? I kind of understand the stepping on your dick thing because it's a dom sub thing but I just don't know about the liking feet thing. I don't hate feet and are grossed out by them or anything I just don't look at them and go I want to put my dick on that foot hot damn! There's a lot of other parts of a girl I want my dick to be in contact with, just not the feet.

Gekko is Kara.
Hako Kuroi is Kara.
ANYONE can be Kara.
I want this to be true.

Chocho is revealing herself too much.

you know there's a nude version, right?


Gekko is an outer Kara member confirmed. God killer tats included.

So Boruto's rankings got lower according to previous threads. Is it over for us?

no Boruto is doing fine

People are weird. Sometimes they just excited by the oddity of it. It might have to do with the dom/sub thing you mentioned, but sometimes it just people being weird and liking weird stuff.

I didn't know who Gekko was, so I did a little google search and it turns out that's Hayate's surname too.
Maybe that guy from the Byakuya gang is related to him?

If the Byakuya Gang is related to Kara, does that mean they successfully raid Katasuke's lab and give the technology to Kara?

Probably not. That girl a few episodes ago named "Kiri" also shares the same with a shinobi from the Mist named Kiri, who appeared on part 2. And I doubt there is a connection between them.

The kanji on their names are different.

Yes, both are great!

You can only choose one.


Always Tsuru

Why as Hawawa so lewd?



I now want to see all akaski members dressed like magical highschool girls.


If Hako Kuroi is outright Kaguya re-incarnated (before you say anything, search up "Kinshiki Databook" and you'll see a statement on those pics that says Kaguya died from being sealed), we might be in for one hell of a movie arc.

>Hako Kuroi's name is Japanese for "Black Box"
>Urashima Taro, the character Urashiki is based on, turned old and died by opening a box (That is usually depicted as a black box) he was told to never open.
>In some versions of Urashima's story, the box is named "Katami No Hako".
>One of Hako's team-mates are named "Hoki Taketori". "Taketori" is Japanese for Bamboo Cutter.
>There is a famous Japanese Fairy Tale called "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", an alternative name for it is "The Tale of Princess Kaguya".
>Kaguya Otsutsuki, who was called the "Rabbit Goddess" by some, was inspired by that tale and the "Moon Rabbit" myth.
>The "Moon Rabbit", in Chinese mythology, is usually depicted as a companion of the Moon Goddess Chang'e.
>Whenever Hako's on-screen, she's usually carrying a rabbit doll with her.

You can choose only one


Remember that little Juubi-looking thing Shin had? I think there is a possibility of parts of Kaguya still around or being artificially created. Maybe Haku Kuroi is some kind of "part" left over or created as some kind of unique clone of Kaguya.

Maybe it's Orochimaru or Kara related if she was "created".

I don't remember. Do you have a picture?

Hawawa was literally MADE for lewd

Another thread improved by Sumire

Delete this right now.



Accept the true hawawafag.

oh fuck that thing! That's right! That was weird as fuck. You think it was a jubi? I just thought it was a potato clone.

>I just thought it was a potato clone.
It could have been.

Hawawa is pure

Probably not, it isn't new for "fillers" to use canon names or the other way around due to lack of communication. Or sometimes it happens that the author forgets that he already used a name like when Kishi used Shin for the Gaiden's villain despite that already being Sai's brother's name.

But then again, if a forgotten minor character like Ao can come back then coughing guy can also be the new coolest guy.

Yeah, pure sex.

I want Mabui to come back as a brain in a jar hooked up to wires and shit like a sci-fi Kara uses for teleportation.

"I should have died in that HQ."

Mabui deserved better.

>censoring her budding breasts and puffy vulva
But why?

Kumogakure girls are best.

Just in case the mods get too stern.

I'm happy that you guys still remember her, Hako continued the path of the Ninja right?
does that we will atleast see her in a filler episode or never ever?

of course we remember her. She's Kaguya and black zetsu.

Best case scenario, Team 15 leaves and Hako's team becomes a part of the New Konoha 12 before the movie arc. Worst case scenario, she's forever background fodder.

>team 15 leaves
>best case scenario
Literally what?

Kodachi seems to be following an non-existent rule that says only 12 New Leaf Genin can be a part of the main cast.

I'm hoping that we get a Obito-Kakashi-Rin scenario with Renga being Obito, Taketori being Kakashi and her being Rin.
It would be fun.

I want to know more about Kakashi's son

You have a point. Hawawa becomes Katasuke's assistant later on as shown in the manga. So her team will either disband or get a new teammate like what happened with Sai.
I hope it's the second one because Namida and Wasabi both made up their mind on becoming ninja, I don't think they'll settle for anything else.

They're the best team for a nutritious breakfast.

we don't even know who their team leader is

Whatever happened to Sumire's stalker?

Now stalking for Chocho's chochos.

He's going for chocho now

The blue-haired, scar-faced Jonin we saw in EP 38 is either Team 25's leader or Team 15's leader.

Do you have a picture of him?

I want to _____ Himawari


Mating press

It's the rabbit doll

kill everyone who lewds her

I want to kill everyone who lewds her Himawari?

Who's stronger Tsunade or Kakashi?

Kakashi w/Sharingan > Tsunade > Kakashi w/o Sharingan

user, how can you look at her and not imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body, just walking around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on?

She's probably tight as fuck


Tight cunny is best cunny

i'd stretch her out nice and good don't you worry about that sweetheart. You'll fit a bigger one in no time.

The Naruto world needs an Athens to the Shinobi system’s Sparta, desu. It would be pretty interesting to see how the authority figures of the Shinobi system will react to such a paradise, and to the average Shinobi’s reaction to it

The image you posted doesn't even have any kanji, moron.

I know where you live. That's just a warning.

Tell me