Who would you put your money on?

Who would you put your money on?

who measured them?

Right looks stronger and more experienced in bed.
I'll go with her.

I'd pay the right one as escort.

I did.

who are you?

The guy who measures all the idols.

>yellow eyes
I guess we have a winner

the legendary Measurer, i see...honor to meet you.

Sakuya is sexy and all, but Rin is borderline perfection.

I also measure the depth of their vaginas and anuses.

How good is Sakuya ass?

It feels like silk.

rin is kind of boring

rin is too short tbqh fampie


Uncute height, take this manish-women away

The absolute state of manlets.

He's not 200cm tall and can't i m a g i n e any girl

Right looks too old, whats the point of doing a highschool idol if she looks like a 20 something woman who borrowed her imoutos uniform

/ss/ with all the cute boys?

Whose butthole was more yielding?

>175 cm
Mommy gib

I'm gonna pull a wild card

>44 kg
Is she anorexic?



SS is sure pretty tame regarding to the extreme anime hair stlye and color.