Dragon Ball Super

The absolute worst episode of this arc.

It was such a waste of time. What was the point of all those inspiring Bulma scenes if Vegeta was just going to crap out? The writers are so trite and predictable. Get Vegeta out of the way so Goku can have the victory lap as always, never take risks, never think outside the box. Every opportunity to give Vegeta Ultra Instinct, and the writers just had him tossed around in slow motion like a rag doll while Goku lay on the ground and repeatedly yelled his name like a tool. Then the second half was literally the exact same fight only it was Goku. Finally, only in the last 60 seconds do we get UI, and it's over. Thanks for tuning in guys, wait until next week for the real fight! We promise...for real this time!

Seriously fuck the writers of this show for their creative bankruptcy and inability to take this series anywhere new.

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can someone post the cuck circle

So Jiren is the jobber to end all jobbers right? He could have easily ringed out Vegeta and Goku in seconds, but instead decided to beat on them and shit talk them, even though his universe is still by the rules losing the tournament and will be erased when the time runs out. And he ALREADY KNOWS about Goku's UI and has ALREADY SEEN it activates when Goku is pushed to the absolute breaking point, and yet he acts totally shocked when Goku does it.

Every single being in Universe 11 is going to be erased, and it is 100% Jiren's fault.

Why is Jiren such a jerk in the anime? Toyo and Toriyama vision of Jiren is fucking pure

Nah, the worst episode was the one before that with Android 17 indirectly being portrayed as stronger than Limit Breaker Vegeta (and therefore GoD Toppo) by hurting Jiren and even matching his punch. Glad the 17 fanwank by that one Toei guy is finally over.

what does he say?


>manga jiren is cuter than both anime versions of adult and child jiren

Is Frieza a good guy now?


Donut man and the rest are returning in 2 weeks

sasuga freeza

"Go away"

The manga is so rushed
Also the arena is tiny as fuck for some reason

>Caulifla's VA said she is working on a project with a "theatrical release" for which she is very excited


Please leave
Become attached to the people that is getting erased in 48 minutes would be even more painful, he already hates the tournament enough

>Caulifla's VA said she is working on a project with a "theatrical release" for which she is very excited
gohanfags on suicide watch

Jiren is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

I personally want to see Frieza win somehow and be like "Fuck it, I'll wish everything back".

it's on her twitter, japbro on 2chan translated earlier today


>so Goku can have the victory lap as always
Do you even watch this show?

Caulifla is your typical feminist idol. She's an overbearing rude bitch that can't be criticized cause she's a woman.

Most db fans unironically like her

Makes you wonder

this saturday was a bad saturday both of my weekly fav animes went full straight in my face.

Most DB fans unironically dislike her though, only mutts like her


>found the triggered spic


found the white knight burger

Cry more Pedro

>more Saiyan shit
Please no... UI was supposed to be stronger than the gay transformations.

So far every other Universe besides U7, Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren are just as big fodder as they were in the anime. I'm beginning to think the ToP just sucks in general.

>What was the point of all those inspiring Bulma scenes if Vegeta was just going to crap out?
The fact that he was willing to fight with every last scrap of his strength in spite of understanding that it was futile. You retarded autist.

Fuck off, we meme blanco into the show and gokek gets it of all people. I'm fucking done with this show.

If this is true, I can't even describe how WAKU WAKU and DOKI DOKI I would be.

Fixed that for you. Retard.

>didn't make it in the final 3
>biological dad stole his blanco form
>Caulifla who they have been bullying will return in two weeks
>probably won't be in the next movie
get smoked

same, pls let it be true

>Caulifla who they have been bullying will return in two weeks
Thanks for the raff.

Why the fuck would Gohan get UI when he never trained with Whis? As a matter of fact, why should he get a new forn when he doesn't train as often or as intense as Goku and Vegeta? So asspulls are okay when your favorite character does it? Go fuck yourself with a taco.

You act like thats unique to vegeta. 17 did the same shit and so did goku. FOH

gohan should've been aborted

Android 17 just managed to make Jiren flustered

It's simple really

Goku has always been the main character. He exists to be the least developed character by design. His purpose is to be inspired by those around him, and strive to do better; he's as much of a spectator to what happened as we are. The kids watching the show are supposed to want to be Goku because he's the easiest for a young person to attach their own personality to.

We're supposed to love Vegeta's resolve and regret his defeat, and we're supposed to want to be Goku and absolutely crush Jiren for the sake of Vegeta and the team and all of U7.

Scans or it didn't happen retard

>jobbed to dyspo
>jobbed to toppo
>jobbed to jiren
>still dead
Nice try lizardcuck.

Your waifu's didn't get shown training either but they pulled forms out of their ass.

Here you go.

>assumes waifufag for no reason
Fuck off.

So what the fuck happened to Frieza? Did he get eliminated? I don't remember.

And yet they jobbed to the superior fighter who has more experience, techniques, and training under his belt.

>that arm stance
is el grande padre secretly el grande nazi?

>no fusion dance
Fucking why? They could have probably overpowered Jiren at that point?


Gohanfags are desperate


translations when?

We are talikng about a new form
ss2 is irrelevant at this point

He is regaining his stamina to unlock UI

It is irrelevant when in Joblifa's hands, thats for sure.

Is it me, or does Super look fucked up animation wise? Like it wants to have the same sort of blurry lines and old, grainy, cel animated look of Z, but it doesn't look right.

He's still in it. Otherwise they would have announced his elimination. My money's on time running out and them forgetting Frieza was still in so U7 wins.

Give her Mystic form so that gohanfags start seething

He's going to win the tournament by doing something sneaky and underhanded. There's literally ZERO reason for him to still be in the tournament unless he does something big.


congrats you're way ahead of everyone else in the show because none of them have asked that question

it's almost like he's gonna pull some glorious bullshit last second


I miss him, I hope he does well in the manga.


>kids watching the show
This. At the end of the day, this is a show for kids.

it's irrelevant in general same as ss3
ssg cucked them

>cauliSHITfla bugs getting uppity again

Frieza's going to redeem himself and become a 100% good guy like Vegeta and everyone's going to be mad about it.



best ship


Is he the only confirmed non-douche Pride Trooper in the anime?

Posting the accurate version.

>can't beat Base Black

It's irrelevant for everyone

>gokufags vs caulifags war

Has Vegeta's new transformation been explained at all? Is it stronger than regular SSB? Is he faster? What the fuck is it other than a pallet swap to a different shade of blue.

Goku is a great martial ar-

>d-dad! w-why did you take blanco from me?

Why does he constantly switch between swole as fuck and skinny as shit from scene to scene?

>What the fuck is it other than a pallet swap to a different shade of blue.




You mean gohanfags, they use Goku because he's the chad who defeated her

Well he did punch through a Hakai. Sure the emotions helped but I'm pretty sure he couldn't do that previously

cuz ur a bich

>Goku just gets up again afer this
I see Caulikeks truly strive to be comedians. You would do much better if only you fixed your tastes and ditched that shit waifu.

It's the same shit as Trunks, filler horseshit, don't think about it


I don't hate caulifla, but I hate the fact that they gave her 4 episodes to fight Goku while Jobbo had 2

>Blanco was never your's to command

>Caulifla losing to base Goku
>Caulifla beating and fighting evenly with SS Goku
Didn't all of this happen in the same episode?


I hate that guy's voice, hope he kills himself

Toppo was still less of a douche than Dyspo, so the latter would take 2nd place.

>100% jiren's fault
>literal GoD jobbed without ringing out anybody
nice try jobbo fag

That's Toei for you



In the same episode, yes. But:
>fighting evenly
See , it's from the same episode too.



Not entirely sure, desu...

The more we learn about him the more stupid the character becomes. What the hell is Jiren even doing with Toppo and the rest of the Pride Troopers if he:

A) doesn’t like them
B) doesn’t trust them
C) thinks they’re weak

Why did he help Dyspo earlier? What the fuck was that meditation thing all about? It’s like they had a character in mind then scrapped him to turn him into an angry idiot.

he was cute desu

Which kid does Goku love more?

why does he trigger waifufags so much? they didn't even interact.

>quoting the filename


The colors and skin tones ruin it.

Toei's making it up as they go.

so once super is ended. do you think fans will continue the series themselves?

we may not need toei anymore!

Toppo jobbed, yes, but at least he tried to save his universe. The same can't be told about Jiren. And this Jiren, unlike manga one, has no jutsification.


Burn crackshippers alive

Remember when Shin was ultra smug for some reason?

uhm... Cauli what are you holding there?

what is she doing with her other hand?


Obvious answer.


Majora > Smugpup


He did the heavy lifting by ringing out the most u6 fighters (3), even Goku Vegeta and Freeza only did 2 each.

I think if a few people actually got together and worked on a legit fan episode it could look better than the show. But it would take a few months to look good since a huge staff of slaves draws faster than 5 guys with tablets.

As long as they used Takahashi's style as reference I'd be fine even if the animation was sub par.

Dyspo is best boi, /ourboi/

Majora = Smugpup

It's going to be hilarious if universe 7 wins simply by having one more player on the field and all the asspull transformations were for nothing.

>jobbed to a furry

Well, Goku's most emotional scenes with Goten are filler, in canon it's hard to even describe their relationship. With Gohan, despite memes and Toriyama's attempt at retcon, you can clearly see they love each other.

Ironic that he ended up dying to the same person he said he was gonna kill

Goku lied there and took a little nap like a bitch while vegeta got his teeth kicked in.

Smugpup > Majora

why would you need such a toy? am I not good enough for you anymore, sis?

>keeps posting Dyspo who doesn't even have anything to do with his jobber waifu
Imagine being this butthurt.

>"and then I asked him: 'if you wanted that fucking blanco so bad why didn't you fucking train for it?'"

Will Vegeta beat him down for this?

Majopup > Smugora

>el grande padre heiling hitler

Christ Toyotaro

>furry who beat golden frieza
>didn't even job to dyspo since it was dyspo who jobbed to gohan because he got ringed out because of gohan
yeh shameful as fuck

dyspo and toppo could've ringed out a lot of people, up to hit and vegeta, and keep most of pride jobbers in. nobody tried in that fucking team, don't blame just jiren


You guys sicken me

>Thanks for tuning in guys, wait until next week for the real fight! We promise...for real this time!

Only idiots go into dragon ball expecting anything else to come out of it.

caulifla is really ugly.

Come on Kale! Be adventurous~

Don't you think it's interesting that Goku has never cried as an adult? Piccolo has. Gohan has. Vegeta definitely has. But Goku must be emotionally stunted because the last time he cried is when he saw Grandpa Gohan way back when he was 14

Not as much as a shoe to your face

>he could smell your cock musk from across the room

Cabba is doomed into being Vegeta's shota boytoy no matter what he does (or fails to do).

I hope the manga has a scene where Vegeta and Cabba fight together

>needing help to beat dyspo

>muh waifu boogeyman
>still mad that gohan jobbed to a furry
Kek once again.



Staying out of fight while everyone was targeting U7 wasn't bad idea. But once U7 did the dirty work? There was no place or fucking around

She isn't and neither are you.

When did Piccolo cry?


>Thinks about Frieza
>Gohan nowhere to be seen
What did Goku mean by this?

whos uglier? kale or caulifla..?

hey remember vegeta having a brother

is this pic implying she has a dick?

Thought he cried when Roshi "died" in the ToP

when he died

hey! Thanks for saving my meme!
Feels good to see it used

>being blind
>cant even keep up with a childrens cartoon
literally 10 IQ

This, dyspo could've ringed out everybody but Goku because of his UI bullshittery
then it'd be jiren + god toppo + sonic vs goku

If Majora was so sensitive to smelly feet, then what does Majora's feet smell like? Are they like roses?

Does Goku have autism?

Go back to playing with your legos.

He's not there retard

when he died protecting Gohan and calling him the first friend he ever had.


Don't say bad things about my shoddy waifu please, I can't bear having her criticized for her shittyness every single thread ever.

Nope. Go back and rewatch.

>Goku and Vegeta are a gay couple and Trunks is their kid

Uub. Dude got as far away from Gohan and Goten as possible in canon and in super all of Goten's scenes are fillers to remind us he exists

But he was.

El Hermano?

yes he fucking is retard.

I'm really curious about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Musk now.

Judging by the way he dresses, Majora strikes me as one of those posh types who tends to bathe in various perfumes.

u rike bruer!? I MAKE BLANCO!


La Hermana !? I thought El Hermano killed you together with my parents?

This one

>Episode title spoils everything

someone count the amount of times they said "BEJITA"


Can we talk about how great a character Vegeta is?

I personally feel that Vegeta was one of the most tragic characters in the whole series.

Goku got to grow up and live a nice life on Earth. Fall in love with his childhood sweetheart, had kids, great friends, and was loved by everyone.

While yeah, Vegeta does have a wife, kids, and friends, his past definitely influenced his present self a lot. Vegeta always talks about his pride as a Saiyan and how strong they are. I personally feel that he deeply cares for his friends just as much as his family.

If we just look at the surface of it, he's just someone who keeps bragging and boasting. Maybe someone already said it before me, but I feel that it's much more than that. He lost his entire race to Frieza, and ends up having to work for him or face death.

I feel that, when he talks about his pride as a Saiyan, he truly wants the Saiyan race to be remembered, not just how strong they were. If you watched Dragon Ball Super, the arc where he meets Universe 6 is a great example. When he meets Cabba and learns about their surviving race in that universe, a part of him wants to meet everyone. He probably wants to see the Saiyans again, even if they were not from the same universe. Vegeta teaches Cabba SSJ to ensure that he and other Saiyans are strong enough to defend their race for when the time comes, unlike how SSJ was a myth that only legendary Saiyans could accomplish, resulting in their mass genocide to FrIeza.

Saiyans beating the shit out of each other is sort of like standard practice though.

Reminder Gohan helped his father achieve Blanco from the very start.

Is Majora the spokesperson for Harbl Essences?

He deeply misses his race a lot, and it really shows in ep 128 on Dragon Ball Super as a drive to fight against Jiren, regardless of a losing battle. He wants to win, to revive specifically Universe 6, in order to meet and befriend the Saiyans in that universe.

The only time we see him cry, is when he fails to avenge the race and defeat Frieza, and when he realized he could not defeat Jiren to help revive Universe 6. To always be second, and give up the spotlight to someone who is number 1 (Goku) is a big punch in the gut to someone as prideful as Vegeta, yet, he knows this is the only way to ensure victory.

I honestly feel that Vegeta is one of, if not the best characters in the series, but not due to obvious reasons, but because he probably cares about his friends and families so much. He really truly misses his race, and it shows when we see how much he cares for Cabba and the others from Universe 6, even though he just met them. He might seem like a prick and an arrogant douche in the beginning series, but it's mostly because he took them for granted and thought nothing would ever happen to them. When he finally lost them, he finally realized what he lost, and tries to make up for it by carrying their legacy.


Vegeta probably cares the most out of anyone for his friends and family. It's tough love, but he probably also really misses his people.

>Autistic Rabbit was just faster
>Forced Toppo to abandon his ideals
>No argument there

And even then Freiza withstood Toppo's hakai and next episode got up after Toppo had completly wrecked him and then he was hit by a blast from Jiren and he still got up.

Freiza if nothing else is one resilient lizard.

bro...why would u ruin this with a wojak? that goku and jiren are so cool, can you post this without the shit wojak?

>But Goku must be emotionally stunted
Yeah, no shit.

Only a small portion of it which is why Goku's hair is plata and not Blanco

>Vegeta has no energy left to even transform or deal any damage
>Gives Goku his energy, who had nothing left himself
>Goku can go SSB

>Forced Toppo to abandon his ideals
Yeah, 17 did.

Canon Goku and Freiza friendship when?

>Falling for my bait
You retards

>Explicitly the most competent GoD in the ToP and in the upper half of GoDs in general
>Intelligent; would have won Toyo’s GoD fight if it hadn’t been interrupted
>A total bro to his Supreme Kai and angel
>Humble enough to voluntarily retire and pass his position on to Toppo; genuinely supportive of his fighters
>Gets away with sandbagging during the GoD fight, despite being told not to under threat of erasure
>Fucks an angel; so much of a taboo that it takes TORIYAMA HIMSELF to put a stop to it
>Knows that GoDs can’t compete, so he cleverly brings a mortal STRONGER than a GoD as well as his pseudo-GoD successor
This genius managed to stack his team with two members alone who could probably handle everything if they were serious, and yet his trump cards have fucked EVERYTHING up. How must it feel to be Belmod? To be a competent, slick leader who practically secured his universe's win, only to get fucked over by incompetent ningens?

the only way to become as powerful as jiren is to become as bland and uninteresting as he is.

>no caulifla/vegeta interaction

clearly you missed now you're trying to save face.

I dunno, maybe for Universe 4.


>Japanese titles
>"Burn Up!! Hot Fight! Fierce Fight! Super Violent Fight!"
>"Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan"


Freiza is the one who hit him in the back, no?


Why didn't Jiren go all out with the exhausted Vegeta, and why did Jiren need to block Vegeta's hits when he tanked SSB Goku's full hits when just his body even with not trying. Also why not attack Vegeta and just block him with all his strength?

It seems you two have escaped my wrath somehow. Well, it doesn't matter. Esto es el fin, mis hermanos.

>he didn't see the ending of the broccoli movie

>17 did
HAHAHAHAHAHH Toppo was about to ring him out before Frieza showed up.

>Android 17 destroyed himself so Vegeta could roll over

...oh my fucking god

"Leave my sight. You're in the way. I don't want to use excessive energy."

Herms translated it

>"Burn Up!! Hot Fight! Fierce Fight! Super Violent Fight!"
This tells you literally nothing about the movie. Who thought it was a good title?

Ah, El Hermano. I see you have returned...

He's hiding that shit

>Even his daughter turns her back on him

nope, he did a lot, his daddy his proud.

>why Toei can't write for shit?
I wonder


This is all for the sake of the ost-EoZ Uub movie where Uub masters both his pink skinned super Majin form and the white haired tea instinct form into to become a supreme kai in all but name


Remember when Dragonball Super lost its love?

Daily reminder that Toei stole Goku Black's design from fucking Deviantart, and Toyotaro followed suit.

The guy dressed like a fucking clown is the only guy taking this seriously.


Also jesus christ, what did piccolo deserve to get the worst toss out of the fucking tournament?

Goku's alot more confident now, and he has reason to be. Compare him now to how he was during the first fight of dbz. Maybe dying has humbled him?

He cried in DB when he didn't literally know everything about the universe and how the afterlife worked, so when his friend died it was much sadder.

>Vegeta interacts with her, see how crappy Turdlifla and companions are, gives up on bringing their shitverse back and decides to use his wish for some toy as a gift to Bulla when he's back home
Such a pity.

Vegeta in BoGs went from being so scared of Beerus that he'd dance to try and appease him to raging out and attacking him when Beerus slapped Bulma
Vegeta for the first time in his life sought out training from Whis because he never wanted to be outclassed by Goku or Beerus or anyone else again
Vegeta became a master himself teaching Cabba about SS and more importantly how to have pride as a member of the saiyan race
Vegeta lamented his inability to save a version of Bulma in the future and fought with everything he had against the villain that caused Future Trunks so much strife
Vegeta beat the shit out of Toppo for abandoning his ideals for the sake of power by defeating him while holding on to his promises and his pride
And finally Vegeta gives Goku his genki after refusing to do so earlier, finally conceding that he wouldn't be able to beat Jiren or keep his promises, but put his trust in his rival and friend to do so

And this is all Super alone.

>and Toriyama's attempt at retcon

first with vegeta and now this

>be a kai that hates mortals
>steal a mortal's body and start wearing black clothing for some reason
>don't actually go about erasing all mortals but just waste time on a planet chasing literally one of them down and messing with him for weeks on end
What was the point of Black?

>jobbed to a yardrat
>jobbed to a furry
>cucked out of relevancy
>cucked out of blanco
Is he done?

>Honestly, I don't think they even put that much effort into it.

Grande el padre when?

TFW when your own daughter is more interested in your father (whom himself is a shitty parent) than she is interested in you.

Evil tyrant that spread terror via monster offspring
High class that looks down on inferiors of his race
Sadistic emperor with a military that enslaves the population
Inhuman killing machines with no sense of morals treating the world as their stomping ground
Bioweapon determined to become complete at all costs then revels in his own power
>Majin Buu
Uncontrollable monster that treats the world as his playground with psychotic yet innocent joy
Lazy yet amicable deity with a temperament to destroy when he's annoyed.
Self-Righteous deity that believes in a twisted form of universal justice
Pain from Naruto if he was an alien.

The issue is that most of this is a retread of the same character development he went through in the buu saga. In fact, he went even further there, admitting that goku was just better than him and that he was okay with that.

Yeah pretty much.


Will she even be in the manga? That was part of the joke, that her magical girl name was just two letters added onto her real one, but who knows.

>Become immortal
>Lose all sense of priority and waste years fucking with this one guy that looked at you funny
checks out


It's the genki that he refused to give to the spirit bomb earlier, brainlet. It's called chekov's gun.

>hasn't interacted with a saiyan woman in over 40 years
>doesn't want to now

>el grande padre getting ready to exterminate 600 trillion ningens


Oh, a-user


She started out as Ribrianne so she may be even fatter.

>Godhan haters can't help themselves from talking non stop about him
He truly is /ourguy/.

You know, you'd think after being a fan of this franchise for so long that people would start to recognize patterns. Vegeta lost so Goku could fight Ayy Lmao by himself? What a shocker.

Frieza's totally gonna win this, tho. Mark my fucking words.


every single thread

Hey, at least Vegeta went out like a boss, unlike Tien or Cuckhan.

admittedly given his two opens so far I'd proilly stick with fucking Bulma too.

Why is this antigohanfag so active these days? Gohan is not even in the arena anymore

If you gonna google these terms then at least copy them correctly hahah

>Toei stole Goku Black's design from fucking Deviantart
Toriyama made the design.

But which new character is the worst?

Anyone have the Universe 7 ToP page spread panel?

hes just so butthurt he cant let it go

Well they are like 15 and vegeta's in his late 40s at least

>How must it feel to be Belmod?

Like a clown.

>gohan cucks still SEETHING after getting cucked out of blanco
Your tears are delicious.


>The issue is that most of this is a retread of the same character development he went through in the buu saga.
No it isn't. Vegeta admitting Goku is better isn't the same as essentially putting his life in Goku's hands.

I'm sorry, but did Blanco already happen? Oh, that's right. The transformation hasn't even been made white yet. In fact, it's only episode 129. Does not having the fanbase who cares about your show count as winning? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the show is still running? Gohan is still the leader in the stands right now and they have been the best team in the tournament of power for how many minutes now? They're playing one of the worst arenas in the multiverse that just happens to have a lot of opposing fans because they're feeding off the lack of support of disillusioned fans. But you know what? Gohan is still fucking here. Gohan lives in one of the best fucking cities in Japan, they had 70 degree weather in December last year and would of had rain if the weather wasn't a drought. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when the Gohan gets blanco and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, el grande padre just announced they're building an arena when the U7 needed to get just one team, just like U11 does. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Gohan topics because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like the anime because it's Toei. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking teams in this tournament, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting silver instead of Blanco. Fuck you. You are nothing.

Vegeta is happily married and loves Bulma.

>Dad please I need blanco in order to stay relevant!

Its already happening

>"weak ningens, now is my duty to save these little shits from majin buu".

leak from production studio for next ep

spoilers; be warned

its you whos seething my friend

interact, not date.


how do we stop toriyama?


take away his crayons.

>getting cucked out of blanco

That's where you're wrong my man, now that there's an actual canon white haired form, GODHAN BLANCO WILL BE A REALITY IN HEROES.


Frieza is an aberration. A year ago it would have been unbelievable that he would team with the Z fighters. Now he is amicably working with them.
Maybe Frieza learned a lesson from his time in hell after all.

Could it be?

I already beat you in the past, hermano. What makes you think you can stand up agains a power that surpasses even the Zenos? Prepare para tu muerte, Jiren!


>UI theme playing low key in the background as Vegeta gets beaten up
>Visions of his family
>A literally pointless "filler" episode when we barely have any episodes left anyway
Should have masturbated instead

tell him to stop playing with the color slider in photoshop

Goku being super tired then just pulling his most powerfull UI out of his ass was terrible writing aswell

remember in DB when people would be tired and warn out, and they would continue and end the fight tired and worn out, it made sense
now people are tired and then just more powerful than ever, theres no action and consequence anymore


Someone did. And we ended with "no color" transformation.

Do you seriously think everyone who shitposts about Gohan is the same person?


so these are the kind of people posting in these threads, interesting

>This series would be better if Vegeta, Piccolo and Cuckhan where all on par with Goku.

Super is just retreading GT with Jiren as Syn Senron at this point.

We had our trunks arc.

We had our super 17 out of nowhere arc

now he's fighting the grey universe destroyer but he's doing the job of a fusion solo. Because rendering the rest of the cast of actual characters worthless to push the slab of wood that is goku further to the front then he already is.

stop listening to the spectators. They don't know shit.

It's like nobody here read Buddha's sutras

>toei secretly lurks these threads for ideas

>see pool
>90+% of people liked the episode or thought it was decent
>come to Cred Forums
>nothing but complaining
not sure why you autists even watch

Dyspo is best boi, though.

Reminder that this is goku's show and he is number one.


In the manga, looks like everyone will gang up on U7 because they made themselves targets. They did too damn good in the beginning of the ToP so they're top threats.
It's not one by one though, universes are going to team up to take them down

you know what. Mr. Satan obtains God Ki would still be more entertaining then what we're getting.



It would be good if Yamcha and Tien got some sort of conclusion
and if krillin could do something usefull

Considering even Toei's website used their transformed forms for their character art I guess the untransformed ones may be Toei's invention

Why would he care if they are women. He has a wife. He just wants to be a mentor to Cabba because he gained respect for him after training him to reach super saiyan in battle.



if this is true I swear I'm living this franchise forever after over 20 fucking years.

I've been here all along

>Gohan Blanco and Timebreaker Bardock Blanco will eventually be in Dragon Ball Heroes

Freeza sent Frost after Krillin? Fuck you Freeza

poast chapter

considering he's actually going to be universe 7's ace up the sleeve? he's still actually in play. he didn't get killed (technically already dead), and he hasn't shown up in the stands. thus he's still on the field.
Jiren vs Goku isn't the nail biter they're hyping it up for simply because universe 7 still has two fighters on stage. all Goku has to do to win is survive for two minutes.

thus the anti-hero Freeza is literally going to be the reason for universe 7's victory.



Don't forget time breaker dark dragon ball SSJ4 ultra instinct broly blanco.

Fuck you dad...I can't believe that after all these years of being a cuck, you steal my only chance of redemption. My spotlight, my hope, my fans' hopes. You ruined it dad! YOU RUINED IT AND I WILL NEVER BE RELEVANT BECAUSE OF YOU!

memes aside she's a good voice actor and one of the better screamers the show has had in a long time.

Toriyama tries to portray Goku as person who doesn't understand a concept of family and thinks about Chi-chi, Gohan and Goten as just anothr friends ever since that one interview. The gags about kissing and his sons births are just extensions of this. It is a retcon though, since reading actual manga one does see that he behaves like a father to Gohan, maybe very carefree father, but still a father.

>Mastered UI has white hair
>All Angels have white hair

What is Whis' natural hair color bros?

Gohan...you still have me! and our daughter!

>antigohanfag on full meltdown

I don't even have to post, he's getting butthurt all by himself

I know that, I just meant interaction in general not just romance.


Oy Vey! Remember the Ningens!!!!


best couple

while this cannot be proven, it is possible. especially after what we've just watched.



>Son Goku I can't take it anymore, three months alone in this time chamber with you and I'm well past the limits of a female saiyan's urges!

Cred Forums just happens to have good taste and hence prefers GT over Super. I'm sorry to say, but it apears the opposite is true to your irrelevant website populate with faggots with bad taste.



Oyakodon when?


Hola estoy aqui por las bebidas y los dragon balls

Certainly, I love her ORAS, the way she rolls the R makes her sound like Jolyne's voice acctress from that one JoJo's game.

>antichadhan fag making himself look like a complete unfunny idiot everyday
just let him post lads.



>implying it is one person

That wall really has you seperated from civilisation eh, pedro?

Pretty sure it's just mastered SSJ Blue


>Vegeta can't even turn SS
>gives his energy to Goku
>now he can turn SSB
what did they mean by this?


rent free never forget

WHy isn't Chi-chi on the damn photo?

>the guy she tells you not to worry about



On a scale of 1-10 how butthurt was Cred Forums when Vegeta got his shit pushed in so Goku could save the day?

Samefag... truly pathetic.

Women are only for breeding. Vegeta isnt going to waste time talking to those hoes. Goku is retarded and sees Chichi as a friend. He would fuck Caulifla.

People really needs to stop shipping Caulifla x Goku.

He's married and 3x older.

I can't wait for ToP to be over so we can start on the GOOD arc.


>tfw no caulifla/goku interaction

Magenta Jiren will dominate all

Gohan's time to shine soon

>Jiren's family gets wiped out by an Evildoer
>Jiren trains and trains with his master and disciples to be able to defeat said Evildoer
>Jiren overtrains for the battle, is able to defeat said Evildoer, who turns out to be one of the master's old disciples who sought revenge upon Jiren's family for leaving or some shit in pursuit of his own Justice
>Explains his unnatural strength and learning ability as partially genetic, just like Saiyans
>Jiren grows distant and cold, dedicating himself more and more towards the idea of JUSTICE
>Joins Pride Troopers intent on focusing his godlike strength into something for the greater good
>Rejects the offer of being a GoD because it wouldn't mesh well with his need to defend and protect the innocent
>Berates and is disgusted in Toppo for abandoning Justice for power
>Can't comprehend that Goku fights for the sake of the fight and not some higher calling
>Gets more and more confused until he realizes that he and Goku are more alike than he previously thought

Probably still shit, but infinitely better than what Toei gave us.


oh he speak korean now?

They are saiyans, not worthless humans.

I think Nappa would like a word with you.


Goku has never even kissed Chichi. He is brain damaged and doesn't understand what marriage is.

Some common misconceptions about Goku's new form:

This form is more than just base goku with ultra instinct, this is Goku utilizing 100% of his potential. It's an established part of the mythos that everyone has mental shackles that hold them back from using their full power, but these shackles can be dropped. Usually it requires an outside source but it does seem feasible one could unlock this force by themselves given an appropriate threat. Ultra Instinct is a side effect of this since Whis was training Goku and Vegeta to attack without thinking. I'm not sure why goku's hair is changing color but I think he may be approaching angel level now. Hope this clears up some confusion on how Ultra Goku can go toe to toe with Jiren with blue couldn't, he's utilizing 100% of his potential in (ironically) the same way Gohan does so there's no way to enhance it with other forms.

I stand corrected user-san.

GODku only interacts with the top tiers. Bottom tier fodders including her can go fuck themselves.

I was just mad they wasted time on the episode for Vegeta's pride/muh bulma crap when it amounted to literally nothing besides him losing. It was fucking pointless and the only part of the episode worth watching turned out to be the last 20 seconds when Goku finally goes UI.

For a show that rushed its ending by two episodes I'm surprised there's still this much filler.

Plot twist.Jaco was the evildoer, who somehow managed to jump universes posing as a galactic patrolman.

>so *sucking sounds* this is gonna help me go blue right?

Makes me wonder if the Hiatus was even planned and they made that up as they went along too.


new daddy found

How the hell did Chichi even have sex with him?
Did she make Goku think it was a fight?



who wins?

Was Frost the last of his kind?


Vegeta already picked his protege. He isnt gonna make small talk with random have you met Vegeta?

the weird noises Dyspo made

She told him this is what husbands and wives are supposed to do. It's why Roshi likes girls but can never master the "two become one" style, because he's not married.

Goku just lies back and thinks about fighting while Chi-Chi does all the work.

>that was fun goku, what's the next step?


I'm just meme'ing at this point, but it'd be sweet Frieza somehow being "the one" instead of Goku despite the Ultra Instinct shenanigan then, when the time comes to grant wishes, Frieza somehow brings them all back together for some sick twisted reason or for a hilarious "too pure" joke.

>K-Kakarotto! I didn't give you my energy just so you could job and have that lizard win us the tournament!
>Ohohoho, who knew I'd be the one of all people to bring you back to life? I guess you owe me one!
>Goku trying to give excuses on why Frieza is a good guy now
>Everyone acting all awkward because of the whole situation

Replace the robot with Chibi Freiza and I'm fucking sold.

SSG Goku's hair here looks kinda like Ultra Instinct.

Which makes sense I suppose. Ultra Instinct is just base hair but kinda wavy, and isn't really meant to be distinct from Base form hair if Toriyama's art is any indication.


Shut the FUCK up

>Frieza gets revived
>King Kai stays dead forever

Fuck Goku

Goku probably still has the primal urge to fuck. He just doesn't get romance or monogamy. He probably saw Chichis ass bending over one day and 9 months later Gohan was born.

super is over it's not a hiatus.

They missed her cute little ora's when she's chasing the namekians around just prior to their deletion.



you okay?

Why are you surprised ,when was the last time we saw a good final antagonist in Shounen? Father in FMAB?

>Goku's first kiss will be from Frieza

Mystic Gohan Ghost White defeats Jiren, the team get their wish but Frieza steps in at last minute to fuck them all over making and betraying his universe.

Better plot twist; Freiza was the evildoer who used time travel shannigans after winning the tournament and wishing to become a God.


Actually she was shouting something about beating their asses

I can't wait to see her getting figuratively blue balled again. I want to see her tear her stupid hair off in frustration (no dumb Calvo meme please) at her incompetence and worthlessness, only being able to go blonde. Bonus points if she remains SS1 zoned and doesn't do even SS2 in the manga.


Freeza's ohohohohoho.

Goku SSBKKx20UISBSS when?

SSSB = Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan

Maybe she took the photo

>cauli will never punch you so hard you eyes pop out
it's not fair

>super is almost over
Can't wait lads.

>no dumb Calvo meme please
Sorry, man, but it's your fault for bringing it up.
Gohanbros, if Caulifla attains Calvo, is your win or loss?


Jiren was at least half interesting since we didn't know why he was that powerful, now we know he just has autism and somehow that made him stronger than the kids without even having god ki.

My sides
Toei no please

Don't wait, just watch Kamen Rider and don't stop shilling it here over how much better it is than Dragon Ball Super. Or even better, get to the next level and say you're from the future and don't stop telling everyone how much better gegege no kitaro is.

>Wow there, let's not get too hasty, the most important part of training is knowing when to rest your body
>Now there's nothing like a hot bath after some sparring, come on and squeeze in here and you'll see what I mean

Reminds me of when I thought Goku Black was hot shit until he turned out to be a Kai anally devastated Goku ruined his evening.
I actually thought he was better than Turles at first.

Note is pure!

Frieza time traveling sounds way too convoluted but maybe Jiren could mistake Freiza for Jaco. I still think it would be an interesting twist for Jaco to be some sort of universe jumping sociopath. The question could be HOW he jumps universe.

17 is the GOAT

>fucking anyone or even having any sex drive in the first place

>that ghetto jacuzzi
What episode is this from?

It sounds like genki ora's to me.

>LSS makes kale taller than goku
>KEKfla goes LSS2 and she is still a womanlet

>tfw goku already absorbed spirit bomb since 2005s

I want to fuck Goku so bad

>Don't worry guys, I'm used to dealing with animals!
What did 17 mean by this?

Wow strong would Geran be with god ki?

Fuck yeah I love U6
so much character potential to them

I want to fuck Beerus so bad

I think it's from either the first Cooler movie or the tree of might.

Wow the mango tournament is even more filled with jobbers than the animu

Why does Goku have infinite stamina but Vegeta doesn't?
Why does his ball of energy boost Goku back to normal when it was clear that Vegeta was out of energy and that he wanted to win by himself?
Why doesn't Jiren go for Frieza since he knows he's almost dead?
Why does Goku think of Frieza as a friend in his flashback?


All we have to look forward to now is Goku's pearly Kamehameha over Jiren's face

I sense some really strong ironing in this post

>lewding beerus

Kill me

I want broly to bully me.

Either that or he is using a shitty online Korean keyboard and google translating it like I do sometimes.

17 targets the minorities first

how about the beerus whis fusion?

One word: Toei


Everytime I get annoyed at the series, I just remember that it's a kids show and then I feel alright. In the end it's still the same Dragon Ball I have watched all my life, it was almost always a Goku show and I am ok with that

I think he did so I’m a movie.

The Super Android 13 movie came out in 1992 actually. It just took 11 years to see an English release because, y'know, early days of anime and most of what we got was hardcore hentai or space westerns.

Who is going to bring Jaco to justice for murdering Jiren's parents?

Flying won't save you birdman

So I saw Goku Blanco at the end of the trailer there

Literal fanfiction, there's nothing about a legendary saiyan warrior such as Broly in Super. Also Kefla was especifically told to be a SS2, nothing fancy about her being some legendary pokemon or whatever.

Bardock is by far the most popular character in DBH and he just got SS4, not even God. Bardock and Gohan will never get Blanco, not in the next 20 years at least

bruh you are really deep

>Son "Grab her by the pussy" Goku
>No sex drive


what about bulma and bulla?

Reminder that pic related is the same rank as SSGSS Vegito and Merged Zamasu.

He's a dork (at 1:39): youtube.com/watch?v=t61txyWpH4s

What are they trying to do with 18?

I'm gonna steal your megablocks

>sex drive

Still white. Goku transformation mimics angels look and technique, but angels aren't using a transformation, they are just skilled guys who happen to look like that

green hair?


Further plot twist. Jaco is actually a member of the Truffles

is he, dare I say, /ourdroid/?


how strong is caulifla calvo?

>New FighterZ DLC
>Brolly and Bardock
>Still no Caulifa, Roshi, Saiyaman or Satan
Fucking tasteless nips.

Yep, he's also canon in Xenoverse 2

I think because of the environment they want to give it an otherworldly feel to it.

No. His final "job" will be to change bedsheets for pennies like the filthy spic that he is.

Sounds alright to me. Unless they go deep into his race, nobody will be satisified by this. He's a stoic, mysterious quiet warrior who beats the shit out of everybody and looks like a muscular ayylmao. How could you not have more explanation than that?

The answer is always Ryona.

His wife and daughter? Obviously he loves his wife but she is still for making half Saiyans. He probably wants Cabba to bang his daugnter when she reaches breeding age to increase the childs saiyan blood.


thanks doc

Vegeta: Bulma! after resurrecting all the universe's that were destroyed in the tournament of power and merging them into our own, I have decided to present you with an anniversary gift of your very own planet. it's name is Sadala until you decide otherwise.

Bulma: but it's not our anniversary.

Vegeta: DON'T ARGUE WITH ME WOMAN! this is the decision of Vegeta! KING OF ALL SAIYANS!!!

Cute and dork are interchangeable.

Reminder Caulifa is really her universes version of Kid Buu reincarnated and Kale is fat Buu.

You got it. That's just how Goku's hair looks in motion so when he has his aura on his hair looks like that.

What is this expression trying to convey?

I take it this means Freeza already cucked Vegeta from his rivalry with Goku once and for all (with it being mostly onesided even before this arc)

Goku's most emotional moment with Goten is canon, though.

Haha fuck no. He was a shitty I want to be become a god. A cheap Sephiroth. Also he created the homos 7 because lmao I needed some minions instead of having a deep reason.

Father is literally the worst from FMAB and cheapens the experience as a whole by being a classic shonen shitter in a series with high emotional impact characters.

I dont know what the writer was thinking.

There's no way Cabba doesn't get deep in that Caulifa puss.

Goku is the real villain. Why the fuck would he not revive his brother Radditz or Turles but give Freeza a second chance at life after defeating him THRICE now?


Kefla is super Buu then
Is cabba babidi?

Goku SS Blanco vs Caulifla Calvo when?

Vegeta wants Cabba's boipussy for himself.

okay good


yea i understand brolly but fucking bardock? who asked for another goku look alike? literally anyone would have been better.
or u know user was lying


Pretty much.



>Also Kefla was especifically told to be a SS2
Just like Broly was especifically told to be a SS. According to the guy he's just a freak with a weird SS form that can be powered up like that, you can call the form SS, Broly-type SS, legendary SS... whatever you want, but there's no difference between Broly and Kale, both are freaks with rare super strong SS forms



Caulifla was the original SSG.

Bardock has a weird level of popularity in Japan, it's no wonder he got two specials an a major plot point in Xenoverse. Think of it as Bardock's popularity in Japan is like Cell's popularity in the west.

>not My pride as a gayman

You only had one job

Radditz wanted to turn Goku back into a planet-killing Saiyan warrior.

>Name a more iconic duo getting BTFO'd this season than Ichigo (FranXX) and Gohan.

I'll wait.


>Not posting the Viz media one

Reminder that Goku Blanco will job to Jiren holding back.

>vegeta in the same situation as goku
>doesn't awake his UI
i am done

no, they're not the same person. However Nappa is his agent.

Jesus, Raimi!


>When Zeno forgets how to use the toilet


You mean Niggastream.

>Vegeta cares the most out of anyone for his friends and family
>Kills Nappa

Rendering your whole textwall invalid.


>DBZ Super ends
>DBZ Ultra starts
We all know this is what is going to happen


>not posting the actual full version
Waifufags literally posting fake news.



none cause i am not gay

To be fair, Vegeta didn't absorb a GenkiDama

>jobs to goten
no thanks, wont play around with character that lost to fucking goten.

I want to caress him

it's not gay if it's a god


reminder caulifla jobbed to the little guy.



you probably posted this to mock caulifla but as a caulifag, i'd love a scene like this where she visits earth to train, goes to the kame house and jokingly spars with turtle then akwardly misses once and gets mad


Gohan! This will give you a power-up to end your faggotry! Here, catch!

too bad she will never visit earth, but its good to see you know caulifla would job to the turtle.

Jobifla also was the single figther to job to katchin.
>clutching head in pain from colliding into it face first

Caulifla would steal Roshi's porn magazines no doubt

I really thought he was going to do it, it was the perfect moment.

>Why does Goku have infinite stamina but Vegeta doesn't?
Which one of these two got energy from the spirit bomb and from frieza (and from vegeta)?

>Image limit reached


O_O What?!

as a gag scene, sure why not - dragon ball is for entetainment first and foremost


wasted digits.

Bad GET.

why are these so funny?

and gohanfag salt. Lots of salt.

>caulifriend getting quints


>no more furry images can be posted

gohan wouldn't care for shit


I want to see frieza wishing to become stronger than zeno and then start a war against the remaining universes. Then he will create his ideal world

Expected to see Shaggy screaming "Goku" too.



no picture, literally useless.

cutegang wins again

>retards caring about repeating digtits

why would any Chadhan be salty about her jobbing to a fucking turtle?

is cell really that popular here? niggas only like him for their "legendary" cell vs gohan.


As far as I know Cell is more popular in America than he is anywhere else. Dunno about the actual numbers though.

He is the only character who managed to lose against Gohan, we must give him some credit for that.

LMAO Toriyama always planned for Goku to get Blanco. BTFO faggot.

Cell Saga is more popular in Japan, but Cell himself i dont now.

>literally anyone would have been better.
It's hard for that to be true considering Bardock is one of the very few characters in the series that actually has good writing.

It's probably because Cell is an amalgamation of different genes who thinks he's automatically superior to everyone else.
This resonates with the average American.


Man I still never get over the fact of how Gohan turned out. (And obviously a lot of other fans with all this blanco nonsense). I don't give a fuck if he wanted be a scholar at 4 years old. Goku literally threw his life away for this little nigga and he goes let himself get rusty like that. Toriyama done fucked majorly. I hope someday we get a Dragon Ball rewrite by a superior writer so we can see the series in it's true glory.
He's cool and all but in a fighting game his moveset is snooze tier

>x is more popular here
>x is more popular there
where you guys get your numbers from? your ass.

Cell arc is really popular because it gave the japs Trunks. At the end of the arc Gohan was the most popular and Cell was below Mr Satan.

Why the fuck is he wearing a bunnysuit?

Because it makes me feel funny.

When does Yamcha get his chance to shine!?

The baseball special.