This is worse than aldnoah zero desu

this is worse than aldnoah zero desu

the absolute state of trigger

>random anime worse than a literal masterpiece
no shit

>I don't know shit about animation
That's right, you don't.

>Single out of focus shot zoomed by 100x
Why do you autists do this?

>literal masterpiece
Is AZ really that good? I haven't seen it but it looks kinda generic and dull.

Dude if you look closer you can see the pixels, how is this not low effort art?

No, AZ kimds falls apart in S2. FranXX is also worth watching, despite what that shitposter says. Try both out, and decide for yourself.

>Is AZ really that good?

AZ is one of the worst shows that aired that entire year.

Typing is hard.

>Franxx is also worth watching
If you are a 14 year old shounenshitter who believes the power of friendship will give you a super power-up.

AZ's sole purpose is to make Cross Ange looked better back when both were airing in the same season.

What reductive, shitty viewpoint. What are you watching this season then, user?

CA was just as bad in terms of writing and it had worse production value. Also AZ sold more.


i regret watching that shit excuse for an anime.

What else is there to say about FranXX' plot? It's the most generic shit they could've gone for. This shit might as well be naruto or one piece with mecha at this point.

Aldnoah is super good though.

Cross Ange was a masterpiece though. MC was literally female lelouch.

Most anime are worse than aldnoah
>this is worse than one of the best anime of our time
what a retarded thing to say

I liked Slaine

I only zoomed it 2x for that sweet memeing

Because any plot is generic when you ignore what makes it unique. Gurren Lagann is just a boy manning up and getting in a mech to take out a threat to the Universe. FranXX's plot is essentially the same, but with a much more serious, melancholic tone. Oh, and it has plenty of sex metaphors. I understand not being interested in, just don't be a cunt about it.


his life passing by

badass alpha

I can cherrypick too

>Dude if you look closer you can see the pixels

Did you not know anime is composited digitally?

>I understand not being interested in, just don't be a cunt about it.

That was clearly a sarcastic comment, retard.

FranXX doesn't know what it wants to be half the time. It's an unfocused piece of garbage but since it has "lol sex" in it underaged fags eat it up. FranXX doesn't have anything unique about it. 90% of mecha has always had the same undertones as Franxx. The only thing keeping it afloat is the waifubait character designs.

The main two characters are boring, one dimensional, and cookie cutter. The secondary characters are absolutely useless and just serve to make the two main characters look good. The characterization is shallow, and the characters are ones you can find in any mecha show. FranXX has nothing unique about it.

What the fuck is this?

that line art has already started not aging well desu

A beautiful place called Hell.

I don't agree. However, as another user pointed out this isn't the place for this discussion. Let's just end the conversation here.


If we gonna talk about art style I think Wit studio wins on all fronts here.

>don't have to be a cunt about it

Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how new are ya?

Real anime like Violet Evergarden

You know what it is bitch

>I don't agree
Of course you don't. You've seen what? like 5 anime at most?

Not new, just not a bitch. Been here for nearly a decade.

A prop gun?

Since when does Cred Forums like Aldnoah Zero? It got shitted on constantly from release and even more so in season 2.

>Been here for nearly a decade
>Cred Forums tries to fit in: the post

Since we have people buttmad about the popularity of Franxx

that's the point

Nope, nice try.

>Sex metaphors make FranXX unique
You sure?

It was great for me, but i binge watch it.

Yet you still fall to cheap bait instead of giving him no you's and letting his threads and posts die. Back to rebbit.

>posts a fucking emoji image
Not him, but you need to get fuck off Cred Forums with your cancer.

Wait where was this? I don't remember this scene

you may not like it but this is what saving anime looks like

Him and Nana have franxxed, right?

How do you know that this isn't an act for me to get (You)'s?

>He doesn't know

>The only thing keeping it afloat is the waifubait character designs.
This. There's next to no fanart of the other characters besides 002 and Ichigo.
Their only jobs are to keep reiterating useless plot-devoid information, reinforcing how great the mc is
and keeping up the illusion that this is more than the writers one-dimensional wish-fulfillment.


holy fucking shit i spit my food out

Good shit user

I forgot, but it;s near the end, the final battle against Embryo and his sluts.

This made it all worth it.

AZ was so shitty that the only reason I watched it is because I wanted to see how a disaster ends.

The best bait is the posts you don't know are bait.

>MC was literally female lelouch.
Ange is pretty much the opposite of Lelouch. He'd think things through, plan ahead, could get beaten by a newborn in a fistfight, had lofty goals about making the world a better place, actually cared about moral and ideological principles, etc. The first thing we see him do is beat a guy in a chess game, demonstrating Lelouch's intellectual prowess. The first thing we see Ange do is lose a game of hovercraft lacrosse. She's not wholly apathetic to other people, but she cares very little, she doesn't plan very far ahead and her plans are almost always as straightforward as a bullet's trajectory. She doesn't aspire to make the world a better place at any cost to herself, she's mostly driven by personal resentment and is a-okay with destroying the world if it means she and those closest to her can pull through and do literally whatever the hell they want afterwards, no regrets about collateral damage.

Listening to the people on here is like putting your face near an anus and breathing deeply.

AZ is the most generic mecha possible and only spics from /m/ will ever bring it up as if anyone else gave a shit

No it's not

Why are people so excessive with their praise for this show? I've watched every episode, but I don't find it that amazing or deep as everybody seems to.

You dont have to believe that the power of love and friendship solves all problems to enjoy a show that does.