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Wonfes is over.

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It sure is. Now the wait begins.
Overall I'm happy about WonFes. Lots of great stuff.
2 new Flare EVA figs im mega hype and ofc this goddess.

Read the guide before asking questions:

I agree. It does look cool and all, and I wouldnt mind except chances are this could be the only Raven scale we ever get. I want one where the focus is more on her than ancillary bullshit

Native is doing too many figures at once. QC is going to get sloppy and rushed.

I'm Emilia's stamen

Missed the Wonder Festival? Catch up on the previous threads.



Or simply check this link for all wonfes related news:

Day 1 pre-order

I want to see her ass

They are not releasing more than a couple per month though.

Nah, they'll just take 400 years like usual.

I really want this and Kat but I suspect they're going to be absurdly expensive.

Post cancels
>Ume Kyouko
>YuYuYu scales
>most of Tanya's scales
>Touhouvania line

I'm certain Akko and Tanya will get cancelled because they're the only non shit things this Wonfes left.

Yeah no, its their usual gigantic backlog. They haven't increased their output at all

Thanks reddit!

I'm disappointed that we don't have more from this series, and the only scale we do have from Kat is from UC, but I'm relatively happy with the figma from her and Raven. They're perfect for characters like that with lots of poses and whatnot, but they're indeed still not scales, though I do prefer something like that which is a bit more understated instead of those statues which are extremely exaggerated.

Didn't Akko already get cancelled?
I really hope she isn't.

that one actually makes me want to watch the anime

>with the figma from her and Raven
I own the Raven, I like how well her clothes conceal the joints

>Post cancels

Huh, didn't know Native was Max Factory

ryuuko's face looks bad.

is she playing a gun violin

stop posting that shit

>Both YuYuYus
Damn, those would've looked good.

yes, with a sword. Problem?

Not yet but considering Toys Works seemingly cancels half their announcements she will be.

Raven is much better in that regard compared to Kat, since she has more clothes to hide the joints, but I still think they're both nice, specially if you use the clip stands or get one of the suction ones, and then have them sort of floating around. It's one of the rare cases where I might actually prefer figma instead of scales.

Never ever


I like this one.

Yeah I'm a dumbass for naively believing Toys Works will deliver something for once after they cancelled half of last wonfes' lineup.

just because a figure wasn't featured does not mean it was cancelled, genius.

Ban!, Kurehito, and TONY shall rule the world!

yay, more meme figs for people to spam.

Yes I'm sure any day now Papika's prototype will get shown off even though they had her guns done a year ago.

Buying Sensei!

The novelty of faggot shit probably wore off since last time, but I'm sure retards are still going to spam it and other retards are going to make sure they get the attention to keep it going.

you're missing Oda-non.

>>Touhouvania line
Bullshit, we got new artwork. That means Ques-Q is right on track and we should see an unpainted prototype sometime around 2022.

Why do they even bother producing such low quality figures?

because idiots buy it

Because that's actually a GK

Skytube Premium basically means limited figure right?



so many sluts so little money

Next wonfes for sure!

nobody borns as a sculpting master.

who's that winged girl with glasses?

I don't see any futa in it though

It's been 2 years since the annoncement right? pretty sure she was canceled at this point.

>I don't see any futa in it though
Maybe you're blind.

>I don't see any futa in it though
you're an idiot.

Stop buying with your dick

Fuck, I missed a preorder window.

After a quick check, nin nin games is the cheapest out of those still open. What's your experience with them?

Always fap before making sex-driven purchases.

Double idiot, there are two futa figures there, and Jeanne was announced one year ago which is far from a cancelled status in this industry where some companies have literally taken up to 5 years for the figure to be produced

I dont buy from uber shit stores

Does this have a MFG listing? I can't find it, but I'm also retarded so that's usually what my problem is.

My goddess

It's impossible to tell exactly when preorders are going to go up for a fig whose sculpt was announced just yesterday, right?

They were okay except you have to pay upfront for preorders, including shipping.

>buy Kurehito figures
>pretend it's one of the Saekano girls
I can't be the only one

what the heck did you miss?, I might find it for you.


imagnie being a fag this big

Imagine having this much shit taste.

dva futa when?

I wonder if she wears blue underwear beneath those stockings?

i'm counting the arai and fennec nendos because the kemofure style matches nendos perfectly


If they sell a 30000 yen daki on Yahoo auctions it's probably not a bootlet, right?


>bootlets out

Rem by alter.

>850$, limited to 500 pieces worldwide

plus a weight of 18lb

Now what's the shipping cost?

If I got these for 67USD with shipping, did I do good ?

150$+taxes cause I'm not a murrican.

I saw them for 3,5k at manda

Aren't they being re-released?

No, that's awful, didn't they rerelease them for like 2000 yen recently?

That's how you draw infinite power.

She's glorious

That is fucking stupid. Back to hopes and dreams.

This is a really disappointing paintjob.

looks good

Announcement after the first BD release for sure.

can't wait

When will the bug get a figure

Forget the paintjob, look at the fucking legs. One is considerably longer than the other.


Prime 1 has ridiculous prices, and they're even more awful if you're in Europe.
Those scales need to be approved first, and if they are, they'll probably be at least 500$, even if they're tiny compared to what they usually do.
It really sucks those games never had scales from affordable manufacturers.

That striped dress looks like it's made of fast food chain uniforms.
And the floating collar looks horrible too

That Ratel sure is delicious though...
>inb4 canceled too

No new Kallen figure right or did I miss it? :(

Narbe looks like a (really soft) tranny here.
Her hips are like a boy's and her tits are saggy AND small.

Are there any Me!Me!Me! figures or at least some chinese unofficial stuff?

Are you sure you are actually checking the paintjob and not the color palette?

Still not seeing the issue with the paintjob, the colors were long known before the prototype came out

Tit size is fine, but the sag is really bad even if the outfit looks like that. I still can't believe her of all people got a figure though, in a bunny pose using so-bin's style at that. It's so random.

Kinda of I guess. The stripes weren't so hard in the artwork though.

The contrast was even higher on the original image

Yes, I preordered them on ixudeviance, they make you pay upfront.
If they're really worth less that sucks I guess.

Yeah, it's dead
>YuYuYu scales
>Ume Kyouko
>most of Tanya's scales
Most likely not canceled, not being featured once doesn't mean it's canceled. Especially the GSC ones considering they have so much stuff to showcase and probably need to make choices.
Not a loss, the manufacturer is trash.
>Touhouvania line
It was present at this Wonfes

Face looks off. Like it's too long.

Will this Ai be good?

how much?

Post your Wonfes dick purchases

What the fuck is this the new sculpt? I thought it wasn't there.

No kidding, if I didn't know better I would have assumed it was just more Banshit.

how much?

Sweater alter or side boob skytube

Can someone who's forwarded from Koto JP help me? Is their packaging good, or should I get my PVC repacked at my forwarder's?

Shit, I was interested in him. Did the mangaka's CP shit scare Max Factory?


>Enma Ai
I think it's an insta-buy

Looks ok to me

It looks like she wasn't there, but her photo.

Vampire Mafuyu

When do the crossboarders go back to their boads and these threads slow down?




My spike box was pretty beat the fuck up when I got it. Don't know if that's koto Jap or zen market issue. I don't think it shipped in original koto box

>and Jeanne was announced one year ago
*Two years

She had a card up as early as 2016

Her box art was colored last Wonfes

I had my fears but it looks like they nailed the pose
I wonder what her panties will look like

Yeah. it sounds like you've been ripped off. Use the guide next time to avoid making the same mistake twice.


One year, May 2016 to be precise, which means two years haven't passed yet

I guess the only thing I'm shocked about is that recreators has fans.

ZM repacks everything even if you don't ask them to, so it's probably ZM's fault. I hope your Spike's okay.

I resisted Yui but I don't think I can resist this one.

You can see exactly when she was shown , you know.

One year


It is the most popular on Cred Forums compared to everywhere else

>Not insta-bAi
you have one job.

Not sure what part of the guide you're talking about but Ixu is listed there as "well priced" and I assumed ordering from the same country would be cheapest for shipping so I didn't bother checking any other shops. Lesson learned.

You can add Nono and this.

Who /druggyAlbedo/ here?

I mean to import from a reputable retailer that is listed on the guide.

I like her drugged yandere look

Not enough to get the figure though

I might have to get my first 1/4.

Wish she got a Figma. looks flat. Don't like the red. Hate the heels.
I do like her pose and the camera though.

I wanna start buyfagging but I don't know dick about shit. Is there a guide?

>No Dorothy figure

It was supposed to be our time bros.


Satsuki sucks dude.

Is there a prototype of the symphogear stuff or is it just the artwork of hibiki and Miku?

>gets nendo
>aquamarine is the company
but why?

Why are so many characters getting Nendos instead of Figmas? Like wouldn't Lina Inverse be more suited for a Figma?

Are all PriPri's gone?

figmas look like shit up close

Nendos actually sell.

Much thanks sir

Lame. I just want accurate proportioned figures.

As long as is it on my dick, i'm totally fine with that.

It's weird that they were only showing this prototype and not the painted one.

and nendos look shit both close and far

How are the KanColle lineups?

With a doll.

Nendos are made by most GSC subsidiaries. They are all the same

that's a matter of taste. their paint jobs and shit are fine. figmas not so much.


Figma don't have accurate proportions. They are all small head long arms


Post more dolls at wonfes

If only they looked good and weren't overpriced.

Nendos are easier to make and have easier collectability. As in they are more visible than figma when displayed, and are easier to pose and swap parts. I am a fan of both but it's clear why a lot of characters get token nendos, it's almost the same as Pop figures.

>wanting jointshit

Reminds me more of the Victoria Secret strip branding.


Preferences are preferences, but that’s your opinion.


I think it looks more or less fine, I just wish there was a bit more contrast between the two colors.

First Tenga, now Victoria's Secret. What's next, Playboy? Does Nero have a bunny?

Nothing too exciting for me this time. I hope Nemesis will turn out all right, I don't want to wait another billion years for the next one.

Didn't see this posted yesterday. Good chance this will turn out well.

Good Wonfes. I got a bingo and my only real disappointment was the lack of anyhting new for the Touhouvania line.
Lots of new cool-looking figmas. And it's also nice that GSC seems to try completing already existing Nendo lines instead of doing more random one-off characters.
Not all that much in terms of regular scales, but a lot of really promising lewd ones.

Do we know anything more about this? Like what scale?
I want either that fumikane or this fumikane

they said I could be anything

I’m pretty happy with this WonFes; I got an almost bingo but a lot of the sculpts I liked got painted.

Never ever user.

I wish my taste was shit enough to like this Wonfes.

>Style based off the LN art
>That look in her eyes
Here's hoping we get Albedo by the same people.

How much will this lewd saint be?

I want her

God wills it

probably around the same price as koto's other fate figures

If god didn't will her to be impregnated he wouldn't have given her a body like that. Checkmate, atheists.

>probably around the same price as koto's other fate figures

>wanting the girl who literally lusts after strong, thick dragon dick

>Ruru scale
That would be so great. They could make it 1/1.


going to guess 12.7k

I'm with you user.

Face looks like it's going to turn up pretty bad.

RIP wallet

Did anybody ever get a pic of the big nep figure?

That wonfest wasn't too bad. I'd give it a solid 7nendos/10. Even though I didn't get a lot of the stuff I wanted I got a shitton of figs I didn't even know I wanted until yesterday. It was fun.
Now the great wait begins.

Can someone please link me to that think where you search for specific figures?

It will be announced when the second season comes out, surely.

Is your pic a graphic representation of your mental state after asking that question?

Forgot bingo. I know my expectations were mostly unrealistic but I still like how it turned out.

It's the guide

Yeah, the day season 2 comes out is the day figures come out.

What's this from?

Chinky guns

Fuck you stuck up neckbeards

>Tomose Shunsaku

Yes please.

Girla Front Line. Those are guns, China edition.



>THICCER than porkchop

mmm I bet her braps are magnificent
who else is looking forward to this?


>look up the source since I like the art/character design and I'm interested in the scale
>it's fucking NTR-shit

Every fucking time, I don't know what I expected.

These kigurumi fans are a whole new level of strange (it's called weird)

hello sophie

>not fapping to NTR

Nice meme.

People that are bothered by NTR, what do you fap to? Vanilla shit? NTR isn't even really a fetish of mine but it sure doesn't bother me. Does rape bother you too?

I believe its called Google.

Nice one.

It's just one fetish of many possible. There's plenty out there that's not vanilla or NTR.

Is this Griffon?

It’s heartbreaking and I want the characters to feel happy with each other while I fap (unless there’s a bad guy involved).
Also, NTR/cuckolding only exist to make people feel bad and I suspect were created by people to poison the porn industry. Then again, different strokes for different folks.

I mean, I just don't really like the content associated with it generally. The idea of faceless old men raping someone's lovely housewife doesn't appeal to me too much.

I'll still probably give the game a shot though.

I wonder.

Wait, still no Sherman Nendoroid Panzer?

What the FUCK are they even doing

>NTR/cuckolding only exist to make people feel bad a
That's wrong though , NTR is about bitches feeling happy and succumbing to the carnal pleasures of an alpha male and not a shitty beta guy.

NTR fetish is not about building up hate feels, but instinct over corny shit.

Nice meme.

Stop having taste in buyfag threads and buy Kizuna Ai.

I think the problem is you are inserting as the wrong character or feeling empathy towards the wrong one. Think about it from the gir's POV who is reduced to an animal in heat, or the guy doing the NTR (Netori)

Did Aniplex show their Astolfo?



so it is griffon?

i'm sure there's someone else

>alpha male

Don't pretend that a large part, if not most, of the genre has the stealing male be some low paid wage cuck (or even unemployed) low-life who doesn't have any valuable skill to succeed in modern society and takes out his resentment by violating and stealing someone else's girl.

Her nose + chin are too pointy and mouth looks weird. Could be the angle though

That butt looks oishii

Which means a lowlife is actually the alpha male, plot fucking twist. We are talking about basic instincts, not life success.

>Maid shinji
It's a nice fantasy, user.

She looks like she should be second best girl but I haven't gotten to her. How is she?

I don't know, I like NTR doujins when I don't like the characters but they're hot.
Like, Subaru is an idiot, and Rem is a dumb whore. BUT, Rem NTR doujins are great because not only I'm breaking that whore, I'm also stealing the girl from Subaru.
It feels great.
Cucking a guy you know in real life is just as great by the way

You have a fucked up definition of "alpha male" then. Following basic instincts never does anything good unless maybe some times out in the total wilderness (which isn't the setting for the vast majority of genre so it's a moot point).

The definition is correct though, the dominating male, often the one passing down the genes down the line, and the source for most of the pack's descendants.

You don't need a total wilderness setting to actually think of the NTR settings as purely instinct based since that's exactly what it is, a girl going by her sheer lust, pleasure or instincts.

Point is, you are still inserting through the NTRd POV, you are not considering the other players in the game.

chads are boring, you want fat, bald men fucking the girls.

>Following basic instincts never does anything good

No way, captain obvious. I think that's your main issue, you actually need to think a bit on the whole scene on NTR games/doujins/manga/whatever, and usually going through some other's character's point of view or even as an omniscient watcher of the settings is what people do.

Your field of view is too damn narrow dude.

I prefer big-dicked shota banging my h-manga women, actually.

any word on when or where i could get these. more specifically the tricolore airline one

Why would I want to self-insert as a scummy loser with a low paying job and deep-seated resentment with his only good feature being stamina and girth (which is present in non-NTR stories anyways)?

Dem thighs

big-dicked traps are pretty good

Huh, i already have the re-release of the altair one, but this one might be good as well.

Which is the more expensive buyfaggotry, importing anime Blurays from Japan or importing figures?

>Touhouvania line
Nope they were there. Now with less Sakuya silhouette.

Why not? It's fiction anyway. I could self insert as a damn rock watching the whole thing develop. Or you know, not self insert at all.

self-inserting is for fags

Depends on how many you get from each.

That's a retarded question

I know

Anyone built one of GSC model kits before? wondering how different they are from say MG gunpla.

>figure project start
So is this an original design series made specifically to produce scales?

it would be similar, no?

I don't think any have been released yet.

I'm ok with that

Tiny shota dicks are fine

I suppose so. There was a prototype

My bad thought their Mazinkaiser was already out.

I like the Sakuya a lot, but I think I need to see Reimu as a model instead of art to decide how nice it is.

You can self-insert as anything but not every character feels good to self-insert as. And I don't self-insert, but I still see NTR stories, by and large, as a nasty series of events that shits on most of the characters'. It's just a shame so many good artists exclusively do doujins with this crap.

Literal newbie to figure buyfaggotry here, what's the difference between a normal figure and a garage kit?

Who else [Wait and hope] here?

one is do it yourself.

>not every character feels good to self-insert as. And I don't self-insert

Contradictions everywhere


What a cute little but.

It was you who suggested that I self insert as some fat, bald "alpha male". I was only arguing against that.

You mean an amateur modeled the figure on his own and with his own equipment in his garage (hence the name)? So I assume the amount made and sold is going to be very, very limited?

I suggested the total opposite actually

>you are still inserting through the NTRd POV, you are not considering the other players in the game.

Which is exactly why I mentioned you don't like the works. I never said you absolutely need to self insert either, just that you are viewing from the wrong perspective.

Collecting keychains could be the most expensive if you bought enough of them

Well, I built the Frontier Setter from Expelled from Paradise. It's the only plamax I have, and i felt like assembling a regular plamo or gumpla, except it had less parts and is a little bit less detailed.
If GSC releases Strelizia as a plamax, I don't think anyone would problems with it, aside for the price.

I really hope there's more. I want his white-haired girl the most.

I think you need to re-read all that discussion, dude.

Why would anyone self insert as anybody?

Cant you guys just enjoy what's actually the pinnacle of truth: looking at women getting ahegaoed and showing their inner nature as turbosluts ?

New anime never.

It's the whole discussion going on

See But apparently someone absolutely needs to feel empathy towards a character and has no abstraction skills.

Stupid phone. It cut some words.
Anyway, if GSC released Strelizia as a plamax, anyone would assemble it without problems.

You're one search away from the answer and you still decide to post here.

it is a new line call MODEROID

I self insert as the turbo slut

feels good

Who is this fine lady? I can't find it on mfc and image search gives nothing.

Hopeman looks good, though I kind of wish he had a more dynamic pose instead of his standard FGO art
waiting and hoping for a figure with his Count outift as well

you do know the whole "alpha" concept among wolves is total bullshit right?

why do all my wolves back off and let me fuck the females on my farm then??

Here's hoping.
I also hope that design becomes an available costume in game, like how Jeanne Alter got her Shinjuku outfit.


God damn it, why does this have to look so good? I have too many Persona figures already.

>that hair.

leslyzerosix is shit at sculpting.

Why does Testa get three figures but Chidori gets shit?

Damn I'm happy with this wonfes


>Post cancels
>Touhouvania line
There was a sign for this there with Reimu and Sakuya on it. Line isn't dead. Yet.

man, when is the bionic jk going on preorder

There's new tessa figures?

It seems Fine Clover changed a bit this Kisaragi Honey figure, making it more simple.

Their 3D models look really nice, but I'm not sure one's ever been used to make a scale figure before? Really not surprised the result isn't very good.


right but modeling!=sculpting, he shouldn't have made it all by himself.

If I put a credit card on my Amiami account will it enable any kind of auto payment? I missed a payment window because I'm an idiot and they locked my account for a month.

>If I put a credit card on my Amiami account will it enable any kind of auto payment? I missed a payment window because I'm an idiot and they locked my account for a month.
there's no autopayment, retard, that exists in HS

Has it been mentioned if they will need painting?

Thanks for the info. I pay with paypal so I didn't know if it was an option.

Breast grill, love her.

Guess I gotta wait a bit more before they post.

This looks too good to pass up on. The size and cost might be an issue for me, but it still looks incredible.

love thy kouhai

use HS if you need that option that much

From the Moderoid Mazinkaiser page on HS:
>The product is a partially pre-painted model kit. The runners are separated by color as well as pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together!

I'm pretty sure that it would be someone at Native that would handle translating the model into a sculpt, not the modeler himself...

>Zero Two scale
Any other pictures of that?

I can't believe this is getting a re-release.

he's listed as the sculptor though

>going through everything on Dengeki

Maybe I've just never paid any attention to it, but god damn, I didn't think /m/ shit was still that popular.

It looks like they did a great job hiding the seems on these.

Deserving of a girl like Yukino.

3D modeling and 3D sculpting is the same, where there is a difference is the actual prototype production, which is not just sculpting, and then there's the mass production preparation, which again is neither.

>Kat and Raven finally get some stuff that is not figma
>It is by Prime1
haha who needs savings


>Dat feel when Native does not ship to your shithole of a country..

Man, I am a little bit scared that I will need to use the proxy thing for the first time to get my nekos.

The worst part is that they're separate figures. I expect them to be $500 each.

>3D modeling and 3D sculpting is the same
where do you get that?, I know a few guys in college which are decent at 3d modeling but they suck at sculpting.

>did you

Sculpting is not limited to physical sculpting you know, the definition has been broaded since long ago to create a 3d model out of a 2 dimensional one. And MFC uses the sculpting tag for 3D sculptors as well.

Production is the term you are looking for, which is bringing that model into physical form.

If this user is right, and it makes sense, it's way more than that

Holy crap. People buy things from them at that price? Why are they still in business.

Likely because people keep buying things from them at that price.

Because people buy them. You hit the right niche and you can still profit doing that.

Because they're fucking huge, extremely detailed, and exceedingly high-quality. I bought their Lady Maria.

For some reason this doesn't look as good as I thought it would be, maybe is her boobs weird shape.

You can sculpt digitally. I can't sculpt traditionally for shit even though I work with 3D modelling and sculpting.

The only thing I was hoping for was confirmation they were working on a Shoufukan for S2. Maybe Summer.

Both sculpt and model are interchangeable when talking about CAD you know. So yes, they are the same, as in synonyms.

Are you the same retard who posted for like a week straight asking whether you should buy that figure or not, while everyone told you to fuck off, and then when you actually bought it proceeded to post on every other thread letting people know that for no reason whatsoever? Fuck off.

I keep seeing complaints about her titties being too big. She always had big titties, why are they a problem right now? Regardless, it's a day 1 preorder for me. I love her and her milkbags.

those fucking ears.

>Are you the same retard who posted for like a week straight asking whether you should buy that figure or not
No, I hate that guy as much as anyone else. I ordered it straight away when it went up, and only ever mention it when current pre-orders or Prime-1 itself are brought up.

Tempted by ishikei's ass

that face


who is that tan semon demon second from the left?

kuroinu binding.


it's beautiful. A bit boring pose though.

ChinkKole knows what's up. Need more animal ears in the Japanese counterpart.

>People buy things from them at that price?
Its all relative, most people think its insane that people pay regular fig prices

I meant the one in the swim suit.
I know full well who that one is

First dick purchase I would have ever made.

it's a bitch from mouse unit.

her name is also on that poster behind her.

Thank you based Koto. My lovely harlot looks absolutely beautiful. Will be getting her and Kaga. I need my fox sluts.

I tried goggling it before i asked.
maybe I'm using the wrong first letter?

that pic is from the GK ver.

I can't keep up with all the dick purchases I want to make. This is way better than last year.

Iowa looks amazing. Weird way to take the picture. Maybe a closeup next time, those other bitches are distracting.

It sucks to be a poorfag, I'm planning to spend 8 grand in figurines this year.


this is sex

shit taste


>She always had big titties, why are they a problem right now?
Because they're now constrained in a dress several sizes too small.


It's funny how things are. If Stronger made only ONE of those Mashus, I would have pre-ordered it right away.
But since there are two options, I'm a few days in pondering which one to get. And I thought so much about it, comparing every little detail that I ended up noticing stuff I don't like that I didn't notice before.
Do you guys ever felt something similar?

Nude Mashu

right has also some armour

>implying this is new

Fuck did you guys even read what I said?

If I cave and decide to pick one up It will for sure be the one on the right. That leotard is pure sex, and it looks like it also comes with a cast on set of armor. Lighter then the left figure but good enough for me.

No, but to me it's a no brainer. The fanservice version has less to look at, is less detailed and is in poor taste. I may be biais because I have a thing for girls in armor, but left Mashu looks simply better to me. Right just look like a cash grab for people that buy with their dicks.

I thought the same, but then I noticed the lewd Mashu has a better face, while the armored one has a plastic sword that looks like a toy.
The boob armor in the armored one looks odd too.
It's a tough choice. Noticing all these fucking little details I don't even know if I really want to make the choice.

Should come with a parasite peeking out of her pussy.

you could any other sword as a replacement.

Just get both

so what was the fucking point of this?


they've done that before. it could be an unfinished prototype but they wanted to show they had one and werent just teasing art, or they're going to release pictures of it exclusively but wanted to get the word out first.

Post Symphogear figs please


Re-releases are usually the same price as the initial release depite it being years later, right? Because this could easily cost 20k nowdays.

get both unless you're a poorfag

I would feel really dumb having two almost identical figures.

Just because it isn't new doesn't make it look good.

So you want something that isn't true to her original design? How about you just don't get it and stop complaining? Clearly, you are not a fan of her.

Samoa? Really? Who the fuck ships to Samoa but no to Tacoland?

FATE is like Soul Calibur. With every new iteration all the women have bigger tits and less clothing to the point that it detracts from everything else. That Artoria is no exception and it wastes an otherwise good design.

Surprisingly decent wonfes overall. I'm still sad Korbo didn't get painted and nothing movie-related was announced for Nanoha.
On the other hand, wedding Louise wasn't a ruse so I'm happy with it.
Unrealistic longshots still are unrealistic longshots.

It's a licensing thing. Samoa is a US territory.

Need advice.

There's a figure I want and I have 2 options. I can either buy her from amiami (new) for 15k and combine her with an existing pre-order I have in March or I can buy her on Mandarake (new, box damaged) for 12k (cheapest I could find) plus shipping. Wondering if the the extra 3k yen is worth to avoid paying shipping twice. Do shipping cost stack per figures on amiami?

I would personally just get it from Amiami


Amiami charges you their actual shipping cost which depends on exactly what box they choose to use when packing, how compact the figs boxes fit together, etc. It's really hard to predict exactly. That said shipping two figures, even in the same box, is basically always going to cost significantly more than shipping one. So you're probably better off grabbing the cheaper Manda option.

Dolls are cool!

No. It was too long.

I'm getting this.

I checked the buyfag guide and this is probably a stupid question. Does AmiAmi charge Japan sales tax? EX: Pyra on Amazon is 18k without taxes, but listed as 19k on AmiAmi.



>Yama no Susume
Did I miss something?

Yes and no, theyir base price includes tax but they usually have the discounted price.

Also, ordering figures form amazon is a terrible idea, they ship with DHL.

Will they ever make more figs besides Remilia Scarlet?

I'm debating getting Pura/Homura on Amazon or Amiami too (or maybe there's another decent option I haven't heard of)?

I also heard Amazon's shipping is not the best as far as packaging go (?)

How long can we expect the preorders for her to stay open?

Read the thread.

why did they have to pick such a similar pose for the new one?.

That’s Bellfine, actually.

What happens if I remove that fugly plastic stand? Would that be painful for her?

To bait the weak willed to buy them both for completion/symmetry. I'm just glad I haven't played the game yet or else I would probably be one to buy both.

Preorders end on April 25th

Ah ok. It seems with Pyra the listed price is the asking price, so I guess no tax deduction. Thanks user.


Would you pick SAL as a shipping option or EMS only. Not in a hurry to get it but I don't want it to never come either.

It's baited me. It hurts. I love them both.

Next will be a Nia which will probably decimate me.

Fuck I have to decide soon would Amazon let me cancel by any chance?

Oh sweet

Aw man she'd look better in those sweater puppies. The apron is kind of a letdown now.

Amazon lets you cancel to April 30th.

AmiAmi locks you in.

If you're aren't in a hurry just go for SAL.

Read Amazon's own page

Color theory is a bitch.

I was looking at AmiAmi shipping chart, SAL only covers up to 6k in damage? So no

Amazon's packaging is fine within the country, but its absolute shit when shipping overseas. They add little to no padding and then there's DHL in charge of handling your order, they are retardedly fast but they also damage the packages like no other courier or postal service does.


Whatever. I guess I'm just interested in paying extra for insurance on the extremely rare chance something might befall a complete luxury good.

neat. i really liked the sculpt and i was interested in her colours. i hope it's not too expensive.

I love the game but I feel like their tits were way bigger. Figures should have bigger tits not smaller!

Oh? They did show the Mika prototype? I must have missed it. Can you post the pics for that one?

People used to use DHL all the time with other stores, like, Amiami

Did their service went to shit those last few years?

I always went with SAL since I'm a cheapfag, but I didn't remember people shitting on DHL back then. Or maybe it's just selective memory at work, since I dind't care that much about them anyway.

Seems deliciously big enough to me.

Amiami adds a ton of padding though, and use thick cardboard boxes which really makes the difference. so even when using DHL they just get a few external scubbs and thats it.

Amazon uses thing cardboard boxes and either no padding ( figure box literally taped to the bottom of the box) or add a couple of air bags which don't stop the figure's box to rattle inside and offer no support against beatings.

Puffy Sword Vulva~

DHL has always been utter shit though, difference is amiami and the like know their public, collectors, and they ship their items as such. Amazon just cares about getting rid of them as fast as possible from their warehouses and ignore the collector's POV


No update on this huh?

Most people use DHL for dense stuff like books, since they are faster and relatively cheaper depending on the country and the taxes that may or may not apply.

For shipping fragile items it's hard to beat Japanpost.


>2018 and still no decent modern PVC scales of Sailor moon girls, best thing we got was figuarts zero bandai shit

Fuck this shit world.

You did.

Bandai still has the distribution rights for anything sailor moon related, so don't expect to get nice figures. At least nothing above shit megahouse scales

Yeah, well, last time I ordered from Amiami, I got this.

Oh nevermind..

was still an unpainted prototype I think

Oh shit fucking nice. Thank you user.

I was gonna wait for Plum's, but if they aren't holding hands anymore, I might have to get Pulchra's instead.

What country and shipping method?

If anything I wish the in-game model's tits were more accurate to the character/concept art. Cuter this way while still having decent size.


Never had any other problem with SAL (be it from Amiami or other shops). I was just unlucky that time, but their supposedly superior padding and cardboard box sure didn't help that much. Alter's box did.

I've had less problems with DHL than any other carrier.

Which would have been way worse if that was shipped with literal no padding and a thinner cardboard box.

Like amazon does

Anyone have the mfc link for this?

I'm ordering from Amazon and using Big in Japan to repackage and ship it overseas.

Hope this gets made and doesn't just vanish.

its called hyakka ryouran

I've yet to receive a single well preserved package shipped by amazon japan. DHL from any other site seems to work fine, but not with amazon's JP shitty poadding

All of them (30+) ranged from damp/wet crushed boxes to torn up envelopes.,

That seems a tad excessive. Are you banned from Amico's shop or something?

is that your account user

Yeah I know that ,they still released Megahouse 1/8 scales in 2003, they don't look ugly but still are pretty dated, more recently there were also a couple of 16cm scales by megahouse plus a couple of other prize figs but I'm talking about detailed PVC scales.

Keiji Maeda its the name

no it was a trick i took out the item id but it just redirects to a profile

Yeah, I only buy manga and Lns from amazon japan because i don't need to worry about them breaking.

Yup, for a couple of years now. Roommate made an account with the same address and they eventually caught it and banned us both.

Megahoiuse by themselves are not known for releasing nicely detailed scales, only those projects where Alter/HJ collaborated with them have good scales

and yes I know that wont happen.

Same, I only buy artbooks and rarely games/CDs. But I know at least Ill get bent obis or damaged corners

I had many POPs and all they had pretty decent quality, none of those were collaborations.

POPs have quality on par with average kotobukiya stuff, they might seen fine at first glance but they never pass the macro shots tests.


Thanks to you too.

Wait for Dangerous Beast.

thank you all

Nope, I had over 20 megahouse scales and on average at least paint work was much better than in koto scales (around 12), notice that I'm only talking about MH's POP line.

They told me they don't ship to tacoland because of issues with previous orders

That’s a GK, unfortunately.

yeah no

But it's not, it was taken from GSC's website.

I guess they will adjust the pricing. If you search the aftermarket of this figure, the prices are insane.





They will rise the price accordingly, and expect to pay no less than 25kY. the original one was released back when the usd to jpy rates were at 1:75 and consumption tax was lower

>they're model kits
That is disappointing

They're still getting figmas too, Ann already has a scale as Panther, there was a DSN fig announced too, and she'll probably get a casual outfit fig too based on some rumors.

Where can I see these rumors?

Did she really need to be ¥18,333?

It's in one of the dozen or so threads we've had in the last two days. Some user saying they think that Phat's going to be doing casual figs of all the PTs, given they've already made Futaba and are making Joker.

Speaking along such lines, Koto is following up their Joker with a Crow, so maybe they'll do Skull and Fox down the line too, covering the boys while Amakuni does the girls. Except Haru.

Of course. The saber tax is real.

Yes. Making her right leg longer than her left is an expensive surgical procedure

Yes. Couches aren't free.

They are the same length, it's just the knee has little shadowing.

Thats the cost of superior Japanese plastic, extruded over a thousand times.

Even Alter's Saber Alter was just ¥15,800 and arguably better done.




Well, it's saber... Extra


The couch is probably the most expensive part there. For no reason.


what is this from?


that dark elf from L2 was the source of so many busted nuts when i was a pre-teen

thats like asking for accurate proportioned KLK fan art. people apparently take issue with the fact that ryuko has small tiddies. she was perfect and every bit of fan art is huge tiddy/fat ryuko. rip.

i will be purchasing 2 of these. one to SoF on, and one to keep in the box.

see you at /gif/ in the future, user.

But it's made in china

Post your favorite figures senpais

>another year no miyamori

I was impressed with how they try stop you taking photos of the no photo figures, they have someone standing at each of those figures and if you try take a photo they stop you. I guess it isn't just people being polite that slows those figures from going up.

did you see anything that hasnt made it on the internet yet?

I haven't read most of the threads or gone through mfc/etc. But there probably are a few minor things.

Pay up Nerotard


That fig + couch costs more than my actual couch.

wew, that feel

prototype when

I love her and her lance that will pierce the heavens.