Yuri doesn't sell-

Yuri doesn't sell-


Is this yuri?

Pic unrelated


>Yuru Camp

Take off the yuribait goggles


Yuru Camp is yur-

Go commit suicide or be flogged Nero

>this yurifag desperation
I thought Citrus was doing fine?

Yuri doesn't se-

said no one ever

Yuri doesn't sell-


>all all girls show is yur-


Yuru camp isn't yuri-

How can it be yuri if Nadeshiko is my cute wife?


This is Yuri.

I buy saus-

Yuri doesn't sell-

Go check on citrus /u/tard

Yuri doesn't sel-

Don't even joke about that.




delete this.

Reminder that all yuribait shows deserve to flop;

What's a flop?

Why can't two people of the same sex be friends?

Hibike doesn't count, it was good.

Underrated post.

Cred Forums likes yuri!

I like yuri!

The whole world LOVES yuri!

I don't play the game but I really like this pairing.

It's pathetic how people latch on to this and claim it's yuri just because Yuru sounds close.

Nobody who has watched/read Yuru Camp thinks it's yuri.

You're giving people too much credit

The universe loves Yui.

I was thinking if I go into da woods and start grilling up some meat, I can lure in cute high school girls and give them the "meat"

>yuru camp


Only good post in this thread.

sentence being interu-

The only reason I watch yuri shows is so I can appreciate when artists draw hetero porn of yuri girls. That's the only reason.