Made in Abyss

New chapter when?

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Five minutes

2 days

In 27.78 seconds!


Delayed one day every time someone asks

I am curious how someone with modern equipment would kill a Tamaugachi.

An RPG or a shot from anti-material rifle should do the job.

bullets, user. As simple as that.

When are we getting Nanachi fleshlights?

Bearspray it to make it go away and just let it be.

I think it was said that its skin is very tough.

I suppose it comes down to the distance at which the thing can read one's intent through the field.

By undressing and spraying yourself with Tamaugachi pheromones

BUN is for lewd

Which doesn't matter when a high-speed chunk of lead hits it.

Only if this chunk is AP.

Forget about the Tamaugachi, you could probably kill it with a tank. What about that huge dragon thing from one of the recent chapters?

what's this face supposed to express?

Bring in the railgun.

everything drawn by Tsukushi is for lewd

the feeling of being caught rubbing your mosquito bites

Is her hand... a dick?

All it has is the ability to read a person's actions
It is completely useless when you have weapons that could break the speed of sound. Or explosives.

If you want it to be.

>It is completely useless when you have weapons that could break the speed of sound. Or explosives
Reg has both, but jobbed.

If we're bringing tanks into the equation then: a fucking tank. What creature made of meat is going to stand up to the artillery even shittier vehicles pack?

Besides, how would you get a tank down there? Taking armor into the Abyss is next to impossible thanks to the often bizarre terrain.

No he didn't
He let go of the hold and the guy naturally dodged his arm

He was also in relatively close quarters. If someone is stalking ol' Tama-san and is equipped with a proper rifle, they may simply be beyond it's range of perception.

I mean, they have elevators that could carry 30+ children. The armor of the elevator is definitely worth tons as well


What could kill this thing?

We barely know anything about it. Maybe it regenerates like Mitty.

I'd be worried about shrapnel if forced to engage that thing. Considering its size, explosives are pretty much your only option for a killing blow, but again, they have venomous scales that flake off on impact.

If it has a brain or a heart, then that's where you have to aim a high caliber bullet
If it has one

>I chose the impossible. I chose... Idofront. A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Idofront can become your city as well.

Berserk Reg maybe.

Faputa could kill it.
In fact, that's what she's gonna do when she joins the crew and protect them like the good girl she is.

>Idofront can become your city as well.
Not really. Idofront works because there's only one guy working there. And continuing with your reference, that's exactly what ruined Rapture, not everyone can be cool like Andy.

And if it doesn't you keep hitting till something important breaks.
Decentralized organs? Shoot at the legs and make it fall over
Then shoot at the head till it's blind
Then you keep shooting till it stops moving

I thought it was the rampant drug use that ruined Rapture.

Loud noises would alert the vicinity.
It's not aggressive nor territorial anyway so just shoot the legs if it poses a threat.
Unless you are doing study for how to kill it, of course.

Rampant drug use was just the symptom, natural result of a broken system that let the selfish and morally bankrupt exploit the weakness of men.

I'd say the struggle between Fontaine and Ryan had far more to do with the fall of Rapture than just plasmids, but gangs of mad splicers certainly didn't help.

That thing unlike tama is am aggressive predator who hunts by either impaling with his long spear legs or by shotting them with poisonous scales bolts
These scales also works as reactive armor as defensive mechanism

I sympathize with Ryan. I think his goal was noble and he was ruined by idiots like Fontaine

Look at this Bun

Reminds me of my childhood.

Well it was made by that little girl that cosplays Nanachi, so that would be expected

Is she also the evil mastermind behind Bon's shoes?

Nanachi is ugly.

Look at this instead

I disagree, but you have the right to your opinion.

Everywhere you go people are obsessed with shitty bunny characters. I have no idea why.

Bunnies are cute. People like cute things. You're the odd man out here.

Please Tsukushi, give us something, anything
Even a diaper doujin would do at this point...

No. Please, in the name of all that is holy, no.


But what does it even feel like inside her?

>mutant furries

>he wouldn't fuck a rabbit goat kangaroo loli

Absolutely not!
I would pet, hug and then cuddle her

It's funny. Normally I'm all for balls-to-the-wall sexual deviancy, but I can't expand dong for any character in this show. I want to take care of them, protect them.

I hate lolis and furries

...why are you here?

>show has lolis
>only want to fuck Bondrewd and Ozen

To suffer.

Because MiA is great

A C-RAM maybe?

berserk reg
Ozen with a running start

I know for a fact that my face would be exactly at Ozen's tits in terms of height.

Would you accept her beast ward?

I'd put my beast through her ward

Does she have fleas...?
That must make cuddling uncomfortable.

Suck it up and power through.
Are you going to let something as small get in the way of a hot 4 arm fluffy hug?

But there is 100% guaranteed a narehate in Irubulu who happens to be shaped like a diaper. Maybe he's rich, and the trio will need financial backing from him, or something Too bad I can't draw for shit

I want to murder you. Our world could do without you tainting it.

Would you Bun's buns?

I'd rather this.

I'd accept even a belly puncture from her.
She's so damn cute.

This would be a perfect stopping point to season 2, but i know it probably won't stop here.
but maybe it'll end at the spread in chapter 43

It's sad how Tsukushi only teased the posibility with Nanachi wondering if she could acquire currency by stepping on the flat narehate. It must have taken incredible restraint from him, letting only Meinya suffer to solve their financial situation, instead of having the whole team all-out prostitute themselves to a plethora of narehates.

Stopping mid arc seems shit, but it is a good spot

I was thinking of 42

Oi. Regu.

If nanachi dies will they make a blanket out of her skin or will they just burry her with all the materials they could get from her body?

Well they already deleted the rug so I dont think they have any interest in a blanket either. Such wasteful kids.

Just nonchalantly throw a grenade behind you while not giving a shit. That thing can't do jack shit about you not focusing your conciousness on it.

Potato Riko figure!

Nah, that Bondrewd has nothing to do with the little Bun, but yeah, I have no idea why that dude decide to use those giant shoes

Why does RIko have no nose?

We will never know

Who is Prushka supposed to appeal to?




6 hours.

I want a mitty rug/plushie/pillow so fucking bad holy fuck.

>rabbit without a nose

Nanachi nose is simply a fluffy human nose, no? or does Bun have a more animalistic one?

It is a cute, little nose that requires to be booped.

I want to break 7chi's nose.


>season ends on Riko taking a massive dump

>he doesn't love loli spilling noises


Can you cook nanachi? Only because she's sentient it doesn't mean she is inedible.

do not cook nanachi she tastes as bad as her cooking

With my fist. Or a club.

peoeple with good taste

>oppai loli
>good taste

It's not like you have many options down there. She wanted to commit sudoku anyways, might aswell give her the satisfaction of knowing she'll serve a purpose in afterlife.


In a memory of all her victims Nanachi's stew should be divided between starving orphans of Seleny and families of tortured delvers.

Her dad.

>nanachi's face

What victims?

>Five minutes
You know, one time that turned out to be right.

They're gonna find a way to bring Prushka back to life and restore her body when they get to the bottom of the Abyss, right?

Why would anyone want that trash to be revived?

riko would still have to blow prushka to use new relics

Pick the best /whitewhistle/

only her moans would make the relics work

>best relic
>not batshit insane
>awesome cooking skills

Take it back, motherfucker.

No nose

The mysterious one.

I can't put the picture of that potato by the other four. It'd be embarrassing.

>Srajo is featured
>Wakuna, who got to the 6th layer without going to Idofront, isn't

The one you didn't post.

Srajo on design.
Plague Doctor old man looks and sounds like he'll be really cool, or really insane.
I'm banking on both.

Remind me where his portrait is in the anime. I took these from the talk Habbo gives in episode 7.

His personal artifact has to be making him either teleport, pass through things easily, or breath underwater, right?

>little girl willing goes on a suicide mission
>not batshit insane

Episode 8, when Ozen is talking to them. About 14 minutes in.


5 hours.

I'm starting to think Wakuna has better hair than Lyza.

The answer is always a "gravitational beam emitter".

Has Wakuna's gender been discussed? Because if the final big bad before Lyza turns out to be Wakuna and she's a cute, I'm gonna be seriously debating on if Ozen or Wakuna would be better.

Bondrewd called him "old man".

>still no Wakuna

Huh, seems I speed-read through that. Thought that was referring to Srajo for some reason.

It's another user. I'm doing Wakuna right now. Pics don't blend well, so I have to brush some parts.

Lyza all the way.

Ozen is disgusting.

>whistle looks like a dolphin
>passed through the 5th layers sea with his own personal relic
Almost definitely can breath under water. Hoping that becomes relevant on the 6th/7th layers as well.

I don't think wakuna or srajo will really be baddies like bonedaddy, they'll just be weirdos


"The Lord of Guidance", Wakuna

I feel like Wakuna is gonna be a bro.

"The Lord of Mystery", Srajo the Obscure

le happy merchant

"The Lord of Dawn", Bondrewd the Novel

Why png

"The Immovable Sovereign", Ozen the Immovable

"The Lord of Annihilation", Lyza the Annihilator

Because multiple screenshots had to be put together and edited. jpg is a nightmare to work with in general.
Plus, muh quality.

Compilation .jpg

And the Riko version.

>Lyza all the way.
I think you wanted to say Bondrew

RIko is insane.

good shit user

So, what's Riko's title?

I purpose "Lord of Robot Abuse", Riko the Insane

Riko still needs her proper "Lord of" title and subtitle.

Lord of being carried by her teammates

Lord of children Riko the twintailed

new chap in less than 24 hours

Lord of cooking

Lord of shitting

lord of lolis, riko the flat

Don't know about the "The Lord of" title, but the subtitle could be Riko the Undead.

Unironically gonna be called something real stupid.
"Riko the Stalwart" or "Riko the Deterimined"
I'd even bet on "Riko the Unwavering".

If you want a serious answer, my suggestion would be

>"Lord of Inspiration", Riko the Survivor

Probably Riko the Forgotten since she immediately went on her last dive to likely die.

Reminder that a third of MiA reader/viewership are unrepentant pædophiles.

>Riko still needs her proper "Lord of" title
I don't know why this is even a question. The whistle itself bestowed it.

4 hours.

This could end up being true, Riko didn't like it that much, but now is the title Prushka gave her so there is sentimental weight to it

Only Voldemort can cosplay MiA

>that adult reg

Riko the Persistent, Lord of Potato

lord of budding breasts

Choose wisely

(edit pro)

Push both at the same time

Did Lyza have her WW before marrying Torka?

Resurrect Torka so he can kill Lyza, but sadly Torka dies in the process

>Did Lyza have her WW before marrying Torka?

minimum would know Riko

Is Nanachi furry trash?

Yes and I love her she is my wife

>wet dream about furry Mitty
>furrydrewd is kawaii

>Resurrect Torka
YFW that's already happened.

Meinya? to good that would make it nice

Is it possible for delvers to make a "fake" White Whistle or Delver's Guild has some sort of "test" artifact to recognize that whistle was actually made from LRS and works?

It's literally noclip

If Nanachi and Mitty where in our world would they be able to claim disability? Would they do well on their own?

3 hours.

They most likely have a registry of White Whistles. Not on the registry, you're a fake. That or they could test to see if it actually activates Special-grade Relics

Mitty could claim disability, but not Bun. Bun could probably get in good with diversity quotas and she'd pay lower taxes because of her disabled dependent.

Nanachi is lewd.

As said, because MiA is great. If you only read a manga or watch an anime to jack off to it then do you really care about it?

Nanachi is not lewd, is a really cute design, but people have to lewd everything

Too bad. Wanna plop my glop in its floppers, rub my sack all in its pomfers to coat wee Nanachi's ticklers and snoot in my sinister sauce.


and meanwhile

So are all the narehate immortal? This thing gets ripped apart and recovers. Mitty literally could not die, aside from Reg's hand cannon. Is every one in the freak village immortal? Is Faputa? how about Nanachi?

No, not all narehate are immortal. The village likely grants people the inability to die for some as of yet unexplained reason.

what was that about? Is there any meaning behind all the letter things dropping at the same time? Some time fuckery?


Sodesu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

I really hope we learn more and more that she's a fucking monsterous psychopath by the time she's pushed past the 6th layer and Riko ends up having to either kill her or abandon her.

I wonder what this retarded motherfucker's desire was that resulted in him becoming whatever it is.

The fact there's a toilet narehate that loves slurping up diarrhea tells me it could be anything.

So far all of the white whistles have been ass holes so I would actually be disappointed if Lyza turns out to be kind. Her nick name is the Annihilator dammit, she better live up to that name.


Also tight, hot, and squirmy

Umm, mate, you do realize if she gives you a belly puncture she is more than likely going to pierce your small intestines and/or large intestines, right?

Name one thing Ozen did wrong.

She was an ass hole.

Sepsis is a minor issue for love

For one, she's a really unpleasant person.
Then there's the fact that she barely has any self control.
She beats children and forces them to crossdress.

If your mum was like this, you'd probably try to kill her.

Considering how durable Reg is and how freakishly strong Faputa is a puncture from Faputa would go all the way through and exit out of a persons back. It would be like puncturing a sheet of paper for her.

Riko shall be named "Lord of Nothing" since she will be dead and no one will remember her.


you are smalltime

She should just turn herself into a Narehate. Her plot armor will protect her from turning into a Mitty.

Sepsis is a hell of a lot more of an issue than love my friend.

I stitched a few screencaps.


I have a feeling Faputa is going to "experiment" with Riko, meaning she is going to put a bunch of holes in her with her claws.




only once


She didn't force Reg to crossdress

Yo user, I've actually got a bunch of low-quality stitches here if you want to go about remaking some of these to be higher quality:!ds5UXaRK!Z9iMFRodEeJvPGyvbeucbA
I'm putting your HQ ones into the HQ folder. These are also in that MEGA link people always pass around.

This is much, much more clear than any other map available.

I guess its a stitch of everything that appears post-credits.

Riko already did, so it wasn't needed

Rewatching with my friends, I've noticed how many people have been hit by Riko's Twintail Strike.
>Leader twice
>Habolg twice
>now Restaurantman
She needs to be trained to contain those lethal weapons

I'm burned out. Maybe some other day.

Yeah, it's a stitch from five different episodes. The most annoying thing was removing Reg and Riko faces from the map.

S'cool, thanks for the stiches anyways. The map looks really good.

Is Riko officially a white whistle?
All it takes is having your own?

>broken ruler
I never expected her shoving ruler THAT deep into Reg's abyss.


Riko considers herself one at least partially, but if that is official in Orth or no, we just don’t know

Riko the Rapist, Lord of Debauchery

But has she tried a dick?

Well, she's not the only one.

I’m amazed Riko hasn’t try anything weird with Nanachi yet, considering for a delver Nanachi is also quite a wonder, I guess is mostly thanks to Riko not considering Nanachi a “thing” at first

Seriously, everyone's a pervert around here. Which is why Cred Forums feels at home when immersed into MiA

What do they smell like? I mean, Riko, Reg, Ozen, Bondrewd, etc.

>amazed Riko hasn’t try anything weird with Nanachi yet
Riko is an A+ tier womanizer.

Nana is a slut for both Reg and Riko.

Riko will casually violate your personal space and body. She has to be stopped.

There is a huge difference between touching the fluffy Bun to probing the robot boy butt

But Nanachi probed Riko's butthole in ep11.

I don't even remember Wakuna's silhouette in the anime, but seeing it reminds me of this.

Still irks me how the translation has to switch from "Lord of" to "Sovereign" just because Lord of Immovability sounds retarded.

Indeed, Only Nanachi butt is still unmolested unless Bondrewd was also into that

>>Leader twice
>>Habolg twice
>>now Restaurantman
Is this the definitive list?
Got Leader twice, but only one Habolg. Ozen, if I remember correctly, doesn't really count.

Knowing Bondrewd, do you really believe that he missed an opportunity to explore how deep is rabbit hole?


I guess is to be expected for Bondrewd to satisfy his scientific curiosity, I sure hope there was no papa's rod involved

Was this ever scanned?

Ozen's table will never recover
Jiruo got lucky to survive both times
Habolg was just barely able to tank the hit
restaurantman will not be quite the same ever again

Riko's vomit
Maruruk cum and vomit
Scientific triumph

It’s a promotional picture made by Tsukushi, so yeah it was scanned but is only that, he has made many other promotional pictures like that one, I think many never got scanned

>no papa's rod involved
>Bondrewd obviously jerks off on scientific researches
>Nanachi's smell is natural aphrodisiac
>Nanachi has a fear of boners now

>rushes to the bottom of the abyss
>self preservation is alien to her
>invades personal spaces
>brutally attacks people with twintails
>lost her anal virginity
>enjoys being naked before robots and boys
>carries a whistle carved out of her dead friend
>regularly pisses and vomits herself
>made Bondrewd watch her take a dump on his elevator

Chapter's out.

Fuck off user.

i don't believe you

Gunposters are breeding like bunnies.

in 3 months

but he's done tho



Something is happening in Orth that involves the death of many people. Birthday disease, unexplained death of children fuckery.


dont post this again



It's 17:00 in Kyoto, where is new chapter you fucking pedo.

isn't it supposed to be tomorrow?

and it's the 19th

I was watching this with my little sister but I had to stop when I realized that the mangaka was using this as a medium to channel his fetishistic pedophile tendencies. Damn shame too because the world and setting is incredible.

>riko the lord of potato

What kind of creep watches anime with his little sister?

I found this amusing

Excellent post user!

Tell us, when did you notice it?

>that Meinya

[I keep screaming but god won't answer]

What, aren't all of those LQ ones pulled from the other mega?


At least its on model with the constant existential despair of Meinya

Meinya's life consists of being pissed during every waking moment


Wasn't the S1 final ep also called "the challengers" like that chapter?

Place a cardboard cutout of a loli in a bear trap


Yeah, I really doubt they used again, but volume 5 had other good titles

This anime is fucking shit-tier. No idea why people like it so much.


Your mother is shit tier, yet she still produced you no matter how much we complain.

I liked the music but I can agree the first three episodes can be skipped completely with zero redeeming scenes and the only worthwhile section of the anime was when potato loli got stabbed by the spike furball and the shota had to think for himself, and more importantly, the fucking autistic loli went away for six seconds.

Manga is way better but really kicks into "good" when best dad starts up his wild ride.

>first three episodes can be skipped
Bait. First three episodes are the best episodes of the anime.


wrong, slow and overbearing with way too many tropes. First scene right up until we learn anything about the orphanage is the best in the whole anime but everything to do with orth is filler setup to get into the abyss and it shows.

that hair or whatever it is on wakuna matata looked more like fire in the manga

Tropes? Buzzword spouting redditard.

They're not slow and the first two are among the best episodes of all 2017 anime. Up there with episode 8 of LWA, 11 of Rakugo etc

Would that be before or after the amazing hot fluffy sex?
>Spiders kill their male partners after sex
I guess that's after then. Good.

>way too many tropes
why did this "using tropes = bad" meme getting so popular lately? they're just tools ffs

Trope is a reddit bastardization of the archetype and an autistic overanalysis of the most insignificant thing in a work.

nanachi... easy on the used condoms

5 minutes

It's an artwork
Nothing wrong

this site is good for nothing but memories.

user, you should watch only wholesome, family-oriented anime with your little sister.

Like this one, it's about a cute hamster. Check it out, your sister will love it!


Snipe it with antitank rounds from 1.5km distance, aim for nostrils/headholes

Just like the Abyss itself.

With guns

Tell me there's an big fat archive of these historic events somewhere.


Definitely fits the bill.

Can someone post photo of author? I hear he is some disgusting beast.

Wont let me upload.

He is just a little boy.

Read the filename

I'm a horrible human being

he's just some random japanese dude, far from being a "disgusting beast"

He has very kind eyes.

Looks savage.

Hold the fucking phone.
Is Meinya smiling there?

Bondrewd have been possessing meinya from day 1. this was just one of his pranks.

>lossless format

This looks civilized to you?

for a random japanese dude? sure. UMA DELICIA


European haute cuisine considers frog legs and swallows as delicacy you americuck.

being Meinya is suffering


... yes? Why?

*South americuck

It's sparrow, why is that different than eating chicken?

Those are sparrowhawks actually

What a dirty bun, also its officially 20th in japan, which mean he can start the 24 hour waiting period to see if we get a new chapter or to start waiting again

Riko should be wary, Meinya can't be trusted

Wait like a kestrel?

>>not batshit insane

the presentation does look a bit shit, but it's a pretty normal dish really

Are you Peruvian by any chance?

Yeah, but I don't have the link anymore so I just put that I downloaded in there.

I asked because it's mine, haha. Well since you put all the stitches in yours, I'll take down mine.

If you want, I can put the link to yours in there and take my copies out. I don't really want to steal someone else's thunder

Nah, it's better if it's all in one mega. You take care of it, user.

Cheers user, you da bes. Have a flat rabbit

Lord of the Monsters

the loss format is kinda loose

Will Reg go nuclear after his moth waifu dies and he gets his memory back?


Can you delete this image? By wife doesn't want to be photographed.

This is gold,bravo Tsukushi


Almost looks like she is swallowing a condom.

>little tiny girl
>stills reaches the 6th floor on first run
that is indeed the only right answer

Tama doesn't know what guns are
It will sense your intent to move your finger/hands but then what?
It won't sense the gun firing

Oh god, I can see it.

Runny Shit Riko, Lord of Shit.

Depends on to what extent the abyss measures intent. If you know the gun will fire, it might be able to broadcast tuor intent to fire a projectile even though you yourself are not directly in contact with it.

>Frogs are subhuman
no shit: the post
3 generations gone in 3 frogwars

Is that a Phalanx on a truck?

Fuck you, Faputa is best girl and thus has plot armor. She will not only not die but save the crew, beat Bun as best fluff and become Reg's owner/sex maitress once more.

I am not ready for the feels when she inevitably dies.

I hope she gets proper development, so I can actually care

So if it's today, what's the ETA? First time being here for a possible release.

But she won't. Mitty and Prushka died only because they weren't best girl. So, since Faputa is best girl, she won't die. Can't beat that logic.

well it's around 2 in the morning in japan so not for a few hours probably

Basically, only difference is the type of ammo it uses.

I love this manga but the glacial release speed really kills it.

>Being this new

I want to mating press the bun

Do not

What if Riko is best girl?

what if your wife orbits my dick

Listen up, the rules here are very simple. It aint fluff - it aint good enough.

finally someone sees it!

That was uncalled for, Tycho.

>What if Riko is best girl?
Then the manga is shit because Riko has to die by the end.

Riko is trash and used goods

Riko died before the story began

Not really. She got resurrected before the manga.

Riko isn't the same Riko that was born

Well, when we say Riko needs to die, we're talking about the Riko that isn't the same Riko that was born.

Well we don't know shit about the cube really. It might as well simply copy it's creator's soul in the bodies who has some unfinished mission at the bottom.


ch 43 was released around 8pm JST and 44 around 1pm so basically anytime

God damn, I hope it actually comes out today.

If no, then we will have to wait until March 10th to try again

Shit yea ... it didn't even occur to me until now that this month doesn't even have a 30th.

I didn't think of that. Holy shit, Tsukushi better pony up

I love Lyza

What's the deal with Prushka's bulging eyes anyway? Why is she so monster-like at times?

she's not exactly in her best state in that picture

where is your god now

Yeah it was likely a really strong fall under the effects of the fifth layer curse, is a miracle she didn't die

Get a longer bun you pleb.

at the bottom duh

So I've been out of the loop recently but heard batoto was dead and assumed I would have to find another place to read this. It seems like the site is still up though. What happened?

I don't think that MiA is there anymore though. Anyway, you can always get it from here.!8lJxzLAb!ffjKahvXUQc3yekrpswfZg

Oh I just checked it's still there. well, whatever

>the bottom of the abyss is nanachi's vagina

it makes sense

>stick your dick in, it ascends from the 7th layer and dies (goes limp)

batoto went up for auction and got bought by an aggregator site, so now it aggregates from other aggregators.

It's actually still there
I don't get Batoto situation anymore

>tfw chapter will be out when i will be sleeping

What did they witnessed to show such reaction?

Unstoppable yearning of boys and girls.

>tfw chapter won't be out until March

well you can just stay awake for another 10 hours or so

>twf chapter won't be out until 2019

So when the moth turns out to just be a side character and they move on from it after this next chapter are you moth fags just gunna end it all or go back to being nanachi lovers?


15 minutes

I knew the risk as soon as I put on the whistle and jumped down this hellhole.
Hope it doesn't happen, but I'm braced for the loss of my precious moth.

Best case scenario: nothing will happen to her because we'll never get the next chapter.

Mothfag here, I was never a Bun lover.
And moth is too charmingly beautiful to remain a mere side character.

When Faputa dies I will go join her camp because that's the kind of death I like unlike Nanachi's living death

Looks like they’re standing by their “princess” till the end.
Three more hollows for the village.

Hey man, I'm with Nanachi until that time. Maybe Faputa will never die

Faputa design is cute, but I have yet to see a lot of charm in her, especially since her personality is that of a cave woman so far, I wish the manga focus on her again soon, we know next to nothing of Faputa so far

Was this ever translated?

Nothing in the Doorbeetle was ever translated as far as I know, heck some user made me realize that even the size chart we have for quite some time now never got translated either

user did a machine translation 1 or 2 threads ago

>Riko's father
>Black whistle but stupid faced


Yeah, but Machine translations are weird, it was exactly that user that made me realize we never knew what those text said

>stupid faced
Man, Tsukushi can be mean at times

oh come on, it's the poor man's fault that his creator does not want it

I didn't notice Riko's dad is a manlet than his wife.

>Nanachi not minding Reg touching her tail
>The hunger in nats eyes for maruruk, and shiggies worried look
>two mitties
>Torka actually isnt dead, just living in Lyza's hair
>The thousand yard stare on one of Ozen's diving team

Its like one of those picture games, I cant stop looking for more.

>prushku shoved in the corner with those disgraceful beasts
rude tbdesu

Tell him to go eat shit, Reg


just steal it

Potato Riko was immortalized in the DVD boxart

>Ozen's stupid face on DVD 4

MiA roguelike game when?

When you are asleep

After Nanachi ragdoll game.

Now this....this is something I can get behind.

Go on


>it's real


>no moth

The dawn of the next 2000 chapters is upon us


I don't have the time to dump right now but here's the zipped chapter for your convenience.!PQF1kQwY!aIrfZysvv6_YEsyFUEjPIoxD7Zwdod1Dc-KcuPyjDKQ

How many cartridges did he spent to get back again? Or did that body just not return?

daddy is back!

translations when

Believe in translator-kun.

What's this then?


Am I missing something? Why does it take 7 DVDs for 13 episodes?

>25 pages
I'm guessing answers to at least 49 out of the 50 or so outstanding mysteries. BRAVO TSUKUSHI

mothfags btfo

2 per episode, 13 is double length.

Im asking why does it take so many discs for that many episodes

To maximize profits

Anime studios are slitty-eyed happy merchants, and otaku have too much disposable income.

was there ever any doubt?

are these canon heights? i thought nanachi was taller than reg and riko.

Oh hey, he was right.


Holy fuck.I can read a little Japanese so nanachi sold xself to the fucking nanehate for mitty and riko have to sale half of herself to save both of them.
Fuck you tsukushi you did a nice job

I want to sniff the bun

This chapter is insane.

>Please choose one of these:
>Both eyes
>Both legs
>Half of entrails(臓腑?)

>that stupid Jew who said Faputa wasn't in this chapter when I literally saw Tsukushi draw it on stream

I was right... AGAIN!




>Local user too pants-on-head retarded to read thread



That's why I made this a couple months ago.