First two anthology chapters literally any minute now.
What do animeonlys think of Matsuri?

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Still hopeful.

I can't believe Mei is PREGNANT.


I can't believe Mei's son is BLACK.

So, are Mitsuko and Glasses-senpai an actual couple now?

Several people seem to think Matsuri and Co ran away out of fear they would be found out in some cafe, instead of going straight home as per school rules. However, my impression is that since they saw Mitsuko together with glasses they got embarrassed and ran away - as in, they weren't supposed to see them together.

Well, Mei is a black man.

Who is the mother then? Remember that it can't be Yuzu cause she's currently being NTRd.

I can't believe Harumin is dating Matsuri

I fully expect the bonus chapter to be about them.

>didn't even sit next to each other at the diner

They were playing footsies.

Harumin was helping yuzu with her homework.

Mei is both the father and the mother.
Her autism transcended logic.

I can't believe Harumin is dating Yuzu

Can you not?

I can totally see them as Chun-Li and Juri now.


They started it.


She needs it to wipe up the spit from her and Yuu's activities

I'm not talking about shipfaggotry. Take your nonono posting back to Cred Forums.

HaruMatsu is justice.

I'm glad Fukumoto embraced his love for yuri

I don't know if the death threat thing got blown out of proportions but there were definitely some questionable comments in Sabu's mentions from English and especially Spanish speaking fans right after the chapter dropped. Not necessarily using any hashtags but just @ her directly. But after people started calling out the nasty comments on Twitter a lof of users tweeted thank you messages to Sabu, telling how much they've loved reading Citrus and following the characters etc but I don't think she has reacted to them in anyway yet.

The Chinese reaction was mostly contained in their own platforms. The first scans of the new chapter were posted on Weibo quite a while before they were publicly available anywhere else and it got a lot of attention there.

>those manfaces

Retards on twitter? I'm shocked. Shocked!

She already received some shit with chapter 33 and the fiance plot revealed. Not to this extent. I think that people was very disturbed by the lack of to be continued. And many went nuclear. The choice is good on the stylistic level but the emotional impact on obsessive readers was too much.
But she will probably never aknowledge it.

>But she will probably never aknowledge it.

>tfw she plays eroge so much you gotta bribe her with kisses

I recognize that pronounced jawline.
Is that Ohsawa Yayoi? I legit cannot enjoy anything she does anymore because of what a hot mess 2DK is.

It sure is.

>Taniguchi-senpai is canon.

We don't know yet. Honestly, they seemed terrified, not embarrassed. Otherwise, why did Matsuri bail and leave the others to their fate?

Strange Babies is good, can't say anything about 2DK since there is only one chapter translated.

Were the insults and death threats written in English and Spanish? I mean that would take their stupidity to a new level since I doubt Saburouta knows those languages (maybe a bit of English). But hey that means she won't understand shit so why is this so terrible?

Yeah, why you would write to a Japanese artist in Spanish is beyond me but her mentions even now are full of spics sperging out about something.

Just finished ep 7 of the anime. To be honest I can only laugh about Matsuri and her problematic behavior. I just don't feel it the drama people making it out to be. To me it feels like a light version of how drama should be.

To me it's like this story needs some real drama. A cast with only girls playing out a shoujo scenario is just like you try to make a pizza without ingredients.

I've been lurking the boards here and there since the release of Chapter 36 and can say that a lot of the Western "fans" are infantile retards who are basically spitting out their dummies and crying about a work never intended for them.

But of course they'll still stick around till the end just to shit on the series because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives.

It's funny, I checked the mentions and comments for another yuri mangaka to compare it with Saburouta and 99% of the comments are in Japanese. I already knew Citrus is probably more popular overseas than it is in Japan but gaijin are so stupid that Saburouta would be embarrased instead of flattered after knowing about Citrus popularity outside Japan

Also, the readers in Japan really liked the chapter. They believe in the happy ending more than anything. Saburouta knows that her readers want Yuzu and Mei to be together, so she won't dissapoint them.


I saw it as a mixture of both. I mean, that type of expression when the MC runs into some girl changing. You know his expression is a mixture of fear, embarrassment and shame over having witnessed something he shouldn't have.
Kinda like finding some super secret information you know will be dangerous to you.

That was my impression of that scene.

And we fell in love.

The current state of The Yuzu.

Is this love at first sight. Matsuri was all Harumin could think about during their encounter and even after it

Harumin is far too good for that little shitter.

Matsuri has the guts Harumi doesn't but wished she had, whereas Harumi has the maturity Harumi lacks and really needs.

>whereas Harumi has the maturity Matsuri lacks
Is obviously what I meant.

When are they fucking?

Harumin x Matsuri spin-off when?

Is Harumin a lolicon?

They are waiting for Mei and Yuzu first

Sabu will be lucky to get any work after this.

I can only beat my cock so much but this show makes it demand more.

It's YH most popular manga behind Yuru Yuri

Yuzu x Haru = OTP. All others are trash.

HaruKO outta of nowhere


The only trash here is neneposters.

It wasn't meant to be user, embrace the cute autistic girl


She can't help herself around delinquents.

>my crack is better than your crack!

Yes, Harumin knows what kind of girl Matsuri is but she's filled with protective breastfeeding instincts as well. Notice also how she allows Matsuri to grope her just like that. They gonna fug before Yuzu and meicoon.

The only crack here is Yuzu/Harumin though.

Take her to the zoo, Yuzu.

This will be the on next chapter and on .

Why does Matsuri hate Mei so much, would she be okay if it was Harumin shagging Yuzu instead

Mei is cute and would be very happy if she went to the zoo

requesting yuzu spite-take webm

Why doesn't Yuzu just hide the bear?

Why doesn't Yuzu just hide inside the bear?

She did actually in one of those special chapters that Sabu did for their birthdays

Because she is from the future

What are your top 3 autistic Mei moments?

That would be bullying

>What are your top 3 autistic Mei moments?

Stealing the kiss back.


I want Yuzu to put the bear in a high place and when Mei tries to reach it, Yuzu slaps her butt.

Or peeks under her skirt

What's with this girl? I don't get why you avatar with her.

She's Japanese so she's definitely into fetishizing youth and innocence. The question is if she's a lesbian

Lesbian harem, Ive never thought about it or the possibilities.... They are quite good.

>The most popular YH manga is by-the-number cute girls doing cute shit manga
That's why men are YH's the main readership these days. To be fair, also that's probably the reason why YH is the only yuri magazine still standing

Everyone's paired up, only non lesbians are probably Ume, manager and grandpa.
That's not a girl.

Behead those who insult Namori.

We hanabira now.

Somebody shop Mei getting the shower.

>Yuzu kisses her at the festival

>feeds Yuzu
>awkward bath time with Yuzu
>hugs Yuzu in bed


Cute girls doing cute shit is the lowest form of entertainment. Lower than shounenshit, lower than shoujoshit, even lower than fucking porn. Probably idolshit is the closest thing and even there's still some effort under the exploitation to the underage girls

Namori's gonna be my bride.

Evil pink loli

Can someone tell me where can i find Harumin?

Yuzu's an idiot.

Fuck off

She had a raging lady boner for the longest time. Try to understand her.

What the fuck was her problem?

How can Harumin know what kind of girl Matsuri is within seconds of meeting her, but is completely clueless about Yuzu's attraction to Mei, even though she's a total open book?

Are there any doujins? Episode 6 blue balled me.


She doesn't want to see the truth because she loves Yuzu

I am expecting a maximum of two doujins about 6 months after the last episode airs.

unfairly true.

>What do animeonlys think of Matsuri?
She is a pain in the ass.

Crying out for attention in some of the only ways a 14 year old knows how.

I, for one, am enjoying not!Saburouta's stuff.

what is she doing?

Marking her territory.

She's realizing she wasn't ready for piss play after all.

Street art.

I absolutely adore Yuzu.

Too bad she gives her a letter instead of a hug.


So people like her ironically, right?

No, I actually like her. Why?

Maybe at the end of the next volume. I hope.


Yuzu, tell your friend to give me a discount.

Because she's a horrible little cunt.

I thought she started getting better over time once her arc was over.

I think she's a huge cunt but I like her.

Say something nice about this girl

A character doesn't need to be likeable to be liked.

She's a purehearted innocent turbo-dyke who deserves to find a good woman such as Harumin

Junko deserves bulli

Because she could tell what Mei was like from the beginning.
She knew Mei was the by-the-rules type who wouldn't abandon her ways to give priority with Yuzu. That, and of course, she was jealous that Mei was Yuzu's new little sister, which used to be her role up to that point. This was important to her, since Matsuri pretty much grew up neglected by her workaholic parents, and Yuzu was the closest thing she had to actual family.

Also, at first, she was surprised when Mei boldly took her challenge and went on that dumb compensated date, which could have ended badly. She ended up respecting Mei after that and even wanted them to get together. She was likely their biggest supporter (since she was the only person fully aware of their relationship), even considering Mei an older sister too. However, when Mei started backpedalling, Matsuri didn't like it, because that would obviously hurt Yuzu.

So, by this point in the story, Mei is doing exactly what Matsuri originally expected her to.

>So, by this point in the story, Mei is doing exactly what Matsuri originally expected her to.
Not really, because Matsuri thought that Mei was malicious. In her letter, Mei specifically said that she fell for Yuzu to a point of no return.

>protagonist x main heroine
>major side character x major side character (with many moments of teasing)

Yeah, partly, but more than Mei's intentions, her main concern was Yuzu getting harmed, by entering a relationship with someone unwilling to commit.

How is Harumi the main heroine? Also the second one is crack yes.

Can someone please explain to me what happened between the last two chapters?

Yuzu is not an open book about that. Also consider how rare it is for Harumin to see Yuzu and Mei in the same place at the same time. They very rarely are together, and when Yuzu talks about being in love, since she's a transfer student her boyfriend/girlfriend could be anyone. Harumin also does not know about Yuzu's old friends that, for all she knows, Yuzu still keeps in contact with.

And knowing Matsuri's personality is different from pegging a girl who didn't seem to be a lesbian as a lesbian + in love with her new step sister.

Are you retarded? Why did you think I meant that? No really, what?

Mei broke up with Yuzu and went back to living with her grandfather. Then at some point Yuzu discovered the letter that was hidden in the notebook. Also both of them keep suffering to this day.

Not as retarded as Harumi x Matsuri shippers.


So you're retarded if you can tell the author is pairing two characters together? That doesn't seem correct.

I do think you're pretty retarded if you take two friends who have been several times confirmed only friends and say "that friend wants to fuck the other friend"

Yuzu constantly blusters and stutters whenever Mei is brought up, and gets incredibly depressed whenever she's not getting along with Mei. Of course she's not outright saying anything, but if master detective Harumin can determine Matsuri's personality from one conversation, then she should at least have an inkling of her best friend's feelings.

No not really. Yuzu is easily flustered and bothered by a lot of things and is really hung up over her sister.

By the way, Harumin is also really easily depressed and bothered by her real sister, even to the point of tears.

Why wasn't she at the school

And why did she break up with Mei again

It'd be easier if you read the chapter, user.

I'm totally okay with Harumin not grasping Yuzu's feelings, but not if she's going to be able to read a perfect stranger like it's nothing.

No need to be mad your crackshit isn't canon and never will be, friend.

You seem to not realize Matsuri oozes duplicity and ill intent. She also dresses like a delinquent.

Boy, I can hear your crying from all the way over here, Nene. I know, it hurts.

Harumin likes Yuzu romantically, pretending to not know about Yuzu's relationship is how she decided to deny the reality that Yuzu will never love her the same way, so she avoids suffering because of that


Makes sense. Even Matsuri knows Harumi loves Yuzu and not her, and never will.

No. Actually I think it's hard to believe anyone liked her in her introductory arc, but she does DRAMATICALLY improve when she stops being antagonistic.

*kills the remains of your enjoyment of the show*
she should get truck'd

I don't know if that's true. Actually, it isn't. If you like them for whatever reason, then they're likable.

That said, a character does not need to be likeable to be APPRECIATED. Take, I dunno, Griffith for instance. Huge asshole, but you can appreciate his character.

Don't worry, the twins will win you back.

I didn't mean likeable to you. I meant likeable within their universe. And THEN I meant likeable to you.

Also, I was clearly being facetious with my wording.

Matsuri is great

Are you trying to bait the poor user?

He's probably not, since the twins aren't the problem in that arc.
They were actually fairly likeable.

Twins are great and cute.

I highly disagree. They're really paper thin characters with offensively dry personalities and motivations. I didn't like the arc any better for
>immature but larger twin
>mature but smaller twin
with the big one's stupid sister complex that makes her seem like a 7 year old

It doesn't change the fact they're not the problem in that arc, at least, not the main problem.

They took advantage of Mei's autism

>clingy bitch childhood friend
>ojou bitch childhood friend
>bitch sister to other character
Wow lots of characters can be simplified to sound thin.

Did I say I like most characters in Citrus?

They're honestly just the worst offenders and of course they are. They had minimal exposure and barely any time after their arc.

That said Harumin's older sister is an interesting character, and if you mean Matsuri by your first point do I really have to explain why she's interesting?

Himeko is generic as fuck and I'm glad she doesn't get much screentime.

It's the other way around buddy. Mei took advantage of Sara's earnestness. It just happened Sara realised what she was doing and stopped her in her tracks.


Do the twins want to fuck each other, or do they both want to share another girl?

If they want separate girls, then fuck this show.

>do I really have to explain why she's interesting?
Yes, but only within the context of her arc. As in if she never showed up past her arc like the twins.


One wants to fuck the other and the other wanted to fuck another girl but then it turns out she wanted to fuck her sister the whole time.

Thank god.

No she didn't. She never says or thinks she wants to fuck her sister, she only thinks it'd be a little sad if they eventually separated.

Why? Like legitimately. If she's a better character because of what more we've seen, then she is.

And for what it's worth I think the combination of romantic and "sisterly" affection portrayed in a darker sense rather than how it's portrayed with Yuzu and Mei is interesting. It's definitely better than...

What? "I'm mature" and "I'm not"? I think that's about all you can say about the twins.

I met a girl like Mei once in real life. It's such a shame because she is really cute just kind of socially retarded. People like her and Mei sure have it hard in life.

Shittiest taste all thread.

Wait didn’t she break up with Yuzu via the letter? As in she probably left it for her to see and moved out?

Because I don't like the twins and Himeko? I can't underestimate the irony behind such a post.



>pretend you have a deep analysis of the characters
>can't even realize the bonus chapter was Sabu literally beating everyone over the head with the fact they got together

>m-my taste can't be shit!
Go ahead and rank all the characters then, oh great objective character ranker of good taste.

How was any of that "beating everyone over the head"?

And mainly, I just don't give a shit whether those two get together, I just honestly don't but if you want the break down of "teases"
>friend suggest that she loves her sister (as a sister) and would be sad if they were apart
>she realizes she would be sad when she sees her sister with what might be a boyfriend
>she decides to read the popular incest yuri manga her sister reads
If you wanted to you could interpret this as definitely wanting to fuck her sister, opening up to the idea of fucking her sister, or...just realizing that she does indeed deeply care for her sister.


I'm not even gonna bother, I just said they're bad characters and I haven't really seen any defense opposing that opinion. Himeko is every ojou character ever. The twins are too simplistic. Rebuttal?

>there are people IN THIS VERY THREAD who have yet to realize that Harumin knew about Yuzu and Mei all along and was just playing support for Yuzu until Yuzu was ready to come out on her own terms
You can screencap this post. When all is said and done and the story comes to an end you'll all see that Harumin is, was, and will be the best girl all along. I have more faith in Harumin than I have in myself.

Whether Harumi knew or didn't know doesn't change my opinion of her.

For what it's worth it seems more like she doesn't know/care, especially since she had no idea what Matsuri was ranting about in that chapter.

Harumi can't be the best girl, because Yuzu is the best girl.


kill yourself retard

Mei is tired of your shit, user.

Has it ever occurred to Grandpa that even if Mei does get married to Cafe Manager they'll just divorce in a couple of months/years because they don't love each other.

It's a political marriage. Love was never a factor in the equation, but gain.

That isn't how marriage works in Japan, at least not for old-fashioned/rich people. They stay married forever, even if they both have affairs and know about them, for the sake of appearance and doing what's expected of them.

Then why did Mei's mom left her dad then?

Considering his son got a divorce? Yes.

Hell, he's only arranging marriage to HELP her. Mei has NEVER said she doesn't want it, that she's in love, or anything, despite him being receptive to her wishes specifically because forcing his views on his children has been proven to go VERY badly in the past. He has explicitly told her he regrets how he handled Shou and wants to handle her differently.

But, Mei is a retard.

Obviously, in order to set up this contrived situation, just like all the other improbable/irrational things about the background circumstances of the story.

Shou was as stern as Mei's grandfather. That woman probably got exasperated.


Mei's mother seems like a total non factor in everything that happened to her, really. I'm honestly surprised it's barely been brought up. Everything bad in Mei's life can honestly be blamed on her father and maybe his dad by extension.

What did she mean by this?

Kiss Yuzu good

She knew that family was bad news and jumped ship, even Sensei knew not to get attached and wanted to steal their money and fuck off with his lover.

Pinkshit is worst girl.

>I'm honestly surprised it's barely been brought up.

That's why it's contrived. The mother would absolutely be involved in Mei's life, the only reason she isn't is, again, to set up this situation.

Naw, I just think it doesn't matter. It's just strange she's a divorcee and not dead.

What if she left because Shou couldn't fulfil his duties in bed?
Let's be honest, he looks rather fruity.

any other series like this one?

Sakura Trick

Is it possible Mei's mom might be a lesbian. Saburouta hasn't revealed much more about Mei's mother whereabouts she might show in the next couple of chapters.

Thanks, I left anime for some years and Yuzu brought me back.

Sakura Trick is very not like Citrus

She probably can't stand how strict Aihara family is.

She was raping Matsuri with her eyes.

How does one mindbreak Harumin?

put her in the same room with her older sister

Take her out of her comfort one.
Her sister's arc proved her whole gyaru thing is just an act, and that just like other girls at school, she's rather comfortable sticking to the rules.

>Mei's mom might be a lesbian
I would cream myself seeing Mei's mother out of nowhere with her wife shocking Shou and Grandfather out of embarrassment.

>just an act
it's not, and you misunderstood her arc

She's a gyaru who's also comfortable sticking to the rules. Yuzu is one who isn't.

A cute.

I think I worded that poorly.
My point was, she's not like Yuzu who will show open defiance when she thinks some rule is nonsensical.
Harumi may think a rule makes no sense, but she won't openly defy it, and will ultimately conform like the rest.
She can break some minor rules, but she won't openly defy them.

Her comfort zone lies in some grey area in which her actions go unnoticed, and thus her "stealth gyaru" thing. She can be overt on some minor things, like annoying some of the people at the Student Council, but anything beyond that is off-limits for her.

That's normal. Yuzu is abnormal, even for a gyaru. Rather what you learn from that arc is that, generally, Harumi doesn't like standing out or causing trouble (which is similar, but has an important distinction) and that she doesn't try very hard partly due to a sense of inferiority to her sister, partly because she's pretty fearful of failure and such.

>shocking shou

The free wheeling hippy? Yeah, no. He'd probably be one of Mei and Yuzu's biggest supporters.

Yeah, this is the feeling I've got too. Even if the entire nation of Japan was against Mei and Yuzu's relationship, Ume and Shou would support their girls.

Is there something in the water there or something? Why are all these girls gay.

Yuzu emits a pheromone that turns girls gay. It lay dormant for years but Mei's kiss jumpstarted it and after so many years inactive it's gone into turbofag mode and working overtime.

It's also turned Yuzu into a horndog.

I think Harumin explained that it's mostly just having some (sexual) fun before getting married because most of the girls have an arranged marriage waiting for them and because that's an all girls school an fems are more flexible than guys with their sexuality... well you do the math.
It's mostly just a phase for the majority but some girls also fall in love.

All in all, it's a girls thing.
Most women also love to watch lesbian porn so it's not that unrealistic as it seems.

Will Harumin and Matsuri adopt or pull a kaguya mouse?

I like all the characters in this show except for Mei.

Mei is a pleb filter.

I like all the characters in this show except for Himeko.

Childhood is idolizing Yuzumei, adulthood is realizing Haruyuzu makes more sense.

Get out of here, mysterious mustachioed old man.

Unbeknown to many, Matsuri is a highly evolved lifeform, who can modify her genitalia and reproductive cells at will.

She can make her clitoris large enough to work as a penis, and she can have it pump modified egg cells that work as spermatozoa. Thus, can make Harumin pregnant.

The problem is her species place a high value on reproduction, and they tend to have 20 to 30 children, so she'll be making Harumin pump a child out on a nearly yearly basis.



Mei is best girl

It's okay, Matsuri can also turn her saliva into sperm. So, she can impregnate Harumin via cunnilingus.

Yer darn tootin.

Made for each other.

The fact that Yuzu is so into leopard is so fucking hot. Such an underrated style.

>leopard print

Anyway, sexy as fuck.

>What do animeonlys think of Matsuri?

I despise her in every way, her voice, her scheming, her edginess, her two-faced self. Hopefully Harumin helps Yuzu see through her bullshit and deception.

After Mei gets fully over her issues, would you prefer her to keep a similar demeanour as she is now, would you prefer her to go back to that bubbly cute thing she used to be before Shou left, or would you prefer some middle road between past and present Mei?

Middle road.

>read it with David Attenborough's voice


As much as I wanted a good ending but bittersweet ending like 5 Centimeters per Second can be nice too.

I'll suck Saburouta's cock if she can pull it off without the stupid cliche deus ex machina.

Everything rests on what Mei will do. She's the key to all of this. If we can make her work. She's a funnier character than we've had before.

I don't know why people think it's going to be a bittersweet ending when author already promised happy ending.

It seems western fanbase is split between mostly thinking the current development is a terrible development and hurts Mei's character, and thinking that ending the series now and giving it a "realistic" bad ending would make it a mature, thoughtful series.

But Saburouta has already spoken, so expect happy ending after this current drama.

There's also people who hope the series goes on for a long time after this arc. They clearly don't realize how these kinds of stories are structured, since what Saburouta has entered now is clearly near the end.

Only a few fags want a bittersweet ending. Most readers want a happy ending.

What Westerners are split on is on whether they'll take any ending as long as it is a happy one, or whether they would prefer an ending that involves Mei dealing with her issues and finally choosing Yuzu.

The timeskip is going to be used as a way for Saburouta to create random, shocking revelations in the next new chapters and possibly the volume 9 bonus chapter.

At first I thought that volume 5 was a pretty random arc to follow Yuzu and Mei first getting together, but now it feelings like it's been building to the current development all the time.

Volume 5 - Mitsuko forces Yuzu and Mei to make hard choices, but also introduces the concept of creating your own path with a strong will. Volume also showed how much Mei loved the school, even having to hide her grandpa's photo when kissing Yuzu in his office.

Volume 6 - Yuzu and Mei's relationship intensifies and the ring is given to Mei, which triggers her deeper feelings. Mei acting awkward why comforting Yuzu in the library now has a more negative meaning in hindsight.

Volume 7 - Mei starts actively trying to figure out if she loves Yuzu. By the end of the volume she realizes that she does.

Volume 8 - Sexual tension reaches its peak and is really the calm before the storm of volume 9.

Volume 9 - Everything starts to go to hell when Matsuri learns of Mei's engagement. Their friends worry and ponder their future, Yuzu is oblivious to why Mei is acting weird, while Mei is obviously torn. Eventually the guilt overwhelms Mei when Yuzu is thinking of their future together, so timeskip to after Mei bails in order to fulfill her duties. We get a short where are they now of the rest of the cast.

With only the anime and no spoilers of what's to come, my opinion of Matsuri is really high. I think she's morally in the right but she's also being a bitch because she's outwardly jealous and a typical attention-seeking woman. Mei keeps shitting on the hand that's trying to grab her and even after all good things done for her sake, still can't reciprocate despite knowing just how much love is there for her. It'd be one thing if she was a dong gobbler but she's a clam cracker to the end and a fresh clam won't last long with a fucking otter around

>good ending but bittersweet ending like 5 Centimeters per Second
You mean "boring shit nothing matters, that was pointless" ending?

>I think she's morally in the right
I haven't caught up, but has she sold Mei out for prostitution yet?
^spoiler for animeonlyfags

First two stories of the new anthology should be released soon.

I'd say the first 4 volumes also set up for how the story progressed.

Volume 1 - Had Harumin explain how relationships between girls worked at their school and established the deal with fiances. Also had Mei's grandfather as a huge influence on Mei.

Volume 2 - Yuzu learned of Mei's troubled upbringing and dedication to the school from Himeko. Then Shou shows up and we're given the message that there's no one way to live your life.

Volume 3 - Matsuri is there to trigger Mei's jealousy to get her to pursue Yuzu. And while the reader is made to doubt Matsuri's observations, most of them about Mei do ring true to some extent in hindsight.

Volume 4 - Shows that Mei is willing to try to run away from her problems.

Agreeing to date Sara. Hands down most autistic thing she has ever done.


Volume 6 also gave us pic related, which as it turns out, Matsuri was right. Anyway nice breakdown user. I recently sat down and read all 35 chapters in one go, something I'd never done before, and I realized that Citrus' internal consistency is actually pretty remarkable. I am unironically impressed with the storytelling. Used to think it was haphazard for drama's sake but that was due to the long wait between chapters that led to forgetting details.
This is pretty much why I'm okay with the development so far. I respect Mei's decision and it is absolutely consistent with her character. I feel for Yuzu, but I have faith that Mei will step up and Citrus will end in a satisfactory manner.

>yuzu broke up mei's first engagment
>thinking she cluelessly doesnt know another suitor has been in the works since the moment the first flopped a year ago
>not expecting manager-san to notice the ring eventually and work outnsome deal
>manager-san not gay as fuck/cooking, cleaning, and showing no signs of interest in a house full of girls and the one lonly horny older sis/dom

yuzu's playing 5d chess friends, just wait

Can Matsuri predict the future? I didn't remember this.

Mitsuko is a beta dyke and now dating glasses girl after the timeskip though.

Definitely Yuzu juice.

Hmm Yuzu fresh pee

Why you gotta be like this.

It tastes like orange

Yuzu looks cute as a tomboy.

>Matsuri was right about Mei
>Matsuri was right about Yuzu

Tfw Matsuri is actually Sabu's author insert, foreshadowing everything that will eventually happen. Time to go back and check everything she says.

Like Harumi and Matsuri dating?

How much money could I make as an adult male?

Does this mean HaruMatsu is end game?

A question for all those shitty imouto thread user.

Ume knows.

>What do animeonlys think of Matsuri?
Top smug

Matsuri wake up, it's time for breakfast

Fortunately you will get banned for posting this unpleasant image.

Of course.

I love when Nene suffers.

Please, do not bully.


They need their own spin off.

>Harumin Harumi's

Not really. As much as people like to complain about the drama, it's what keeps them coming back.

Citrus would be much better with only these four.

I don't know, it would be more pleasant to read. I can't like Mei at all. But let's see after volume 10.

She is the worst

Don't bully Nene.

Why are you so mean to Nene? The poor girl hasn't done anything, she just wanted to be more like Yuzu.

Why lesbo shit called Citrus?

Most pointless and obnoxious character. She pretty much just exists to make fun of braindead Yuzu/Harumin shipperfags

Because Yuzu. Also connectors? verbs?



Matsuri is a sociopath who should be raped and set on fire in the public square.

>Mei got to eat Yuzu's yuzu every night
>still left her
I don't get it

She only ever got to taste her saliva though.



What a little slut.


>Mei left her

What. Please dont tell me thats how it ends. Did she at least get together with the true best girl Harumin afterwards?

It's not over yet and not yet.

Ah good.

At this point either you're baiting or full on retarded.
And ShiN, that Colgate edit is still shit.

Who is more retarded: HaruYuzu shippers or HaruMatsu shippers?

One got the author to create a character to mock them, it's not hard.


Incoming blood relation.

Haru a cute. A CUTE!

>now dating glasses girl after the timeskip
Will people quit stating this as fact? They might've only been hanging out and didn't even look like they were doing anything a couple would at the time. Mitsuko is harsh on rulebreakers and the cast was all rule breaking by hanging out in their school uniforms after school.

Relationship reveals are a timeskip staple, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Look at the happiness on that face. It's the face a girl would have right after being on a 69 with the girl of her dreams.

Glasses looked like that on the summer trip too and in the flashback from high school in volume 5 bonus. Mitsuko looks like she's sighing.

Plus, Glasses likes to tease Mitsuko, which is what she might be doing here.

You can see Glasses laughing while Mitsuko has a question mark about above her wanting to know what's so funny in the bottom panel.

It's easy to forget details you don't see as important at the time. When I first read that page I thought it was just to show Matsuri's overly pessimistic side and create some tension before Yuzu gives Mei the ring. It's now clear that Saburouta uses the characters to tell the audience info, like when Shiraho narrated Mei's motives in volume 9, for example accepted the ring on impulse when she was overcome with emotion.

Last time my charm didn't work, so I will try again. Both their smiles better be protected in the next chapter.

Too soon. Next couple chapters will be all about working towards that goal.

What's wrong with the chinese?

Some people aren't taking the development well. Same as in the English speaking countries.

Honestly, Japanese readers took it better because the signs were obvious. This type of story has a specific structure that Sabrouta is following, 9 in Japan is an unlucky number that can be read as agony, and to them duty to family is major and understandable.

They also believe in the happy ending more than anything. I guess just some westerners are expecting a bittersweet ending.

>I guess just some westerners are expecting a bittersweet ending.
Even if westerners don't understand how this type of narrative goes, if they are aware of Saburouta's author notes, then they have no reason to expect anything other than a happy ending. At this point I would deem such people as: uninformed, trolling, or trying to project the ending they want onto the series despite the author already telling readers otherwise.

Yes, at this point it’s obvious that Citrus will get a happy ending. Like you said, Saburouta is constantly mentioning it in her notes. Also, since Citrus is almost a flagship in Yurihime, it’s pretty safe to believe that Yuzu and Mei are endgame.

There's a quote about different fandoms that I think fits here:
>When the American fan reads something he doesn't like he threatens to shoot the author.
>When the Japanese fan reads something he doesn't like he threatens to kill himself.
People don't know how to express themselves, that's why everyone commenting on chapter 36 looked like over exaggerating morons when all they actually wanted to say was that seeing Yuzu cry made them sad.

Chapter 35 ended with Mei sad and breaking down. Chapter 36 ended with Yuzu sad and breaking down. It was a deliberate parallel.

And the most depressing volumes for Yuzu, 4 and 9, are unlucky numbers in Japan that can mean death and agony. Any Japanese reader knew to brace themselves for those numbers.

We’ll probably get another parallel, but this time with Yuzu and Mei smiling to each other. Saburouta like to do this sort of thing. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

Interesting tweet the Saburouta liked three hours ago :


A chapter that made cry the reader who thank the author for these emotions and is looking forward to the next time.

Japs sure love their suffering.

I love Mei!

We know Yuzu, we know... ;_;


I can't believe that there are people who think that Mei wrote that letter lightly.

That letter was Mei at her most honest, it must have been very difficult for her to write.

Now if only she could be honest with herself ;_;

But she is. She recognizes she loves Yuzu, and in fact she loves her so much that she doesn't want to hurt her anymore. The problem is that she chose a life of misery in order to please her family.

Mei is trying to convince herself that her "choice" was made by her and her alone. This is completely at odds with Mei also admitting her love for Yuzu and acknowledging that seeing her again will damage her resolve.

Mei needs to be honest with herself about whether she wants to lead a life of misery for the sake of an old man who will soon be dead, or whether she wants to be happy with her lover.

It's probably the lack of Mei POV. We mostly see Mei through Yuzu, who admits herself that she doesn't understand Mei at all even as late as volume 7. So the difficulty of Mei's position doesn't really come through, or rather, she's seen as incredibly inconsistent. Personally, the letter sheds light on a lot of Mei's actions and reactions. Prior to this chapter I shipped YuzuMei for Yuzu, but now I want it for both of them.

This. She'll eventually realise that. Once Mei meets Yuzu again, she'll start to breakdown.

>This is 100% my choice
>Despite this, even just seeing you in person will make me regret it so let's avoid each other

Mei pls

People are angry she only wrote a note. Leaving without saying a word borders on unforgivable. No one doubts Mei is suffering too, but she deserves every ounce guilt for what she's done.

To make it worse that message is effuse with love and emotion, but with no satisfying reason for why those feelings can't lead to a beautiful relationship worthy of them.

>People are angry she only wrote a note.

Trying to do the same in person would've been worse though. Yuzu is the kind of people that would've done anything on her power to remain by Mei's side and Mei wouldn't been able to resist her, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Leaving a note was still progress for her. Mei always hides her feelings from everyone so even being able to express them in writing was a big step.

Of course she's weak and cowardly, that's why she needs Yuzu to become strong.

>whether she wants to lead a life of misery for the sake of an old man who will soon be dead
I wonder if anyone will point out to Mei that she'll end up resenting her grandfather and possibly hating him later on if she goes along with this.

>Now I'm off to run a school that forces similar girls into unhappy futures like mine.


Remember Harumin's infodump. They've all been brainwashed to think that's completely normal.

>"Have you had sex with your lover?"

Mei has a great deal of respect for her father and grandfather, but they've never shown her anything resembling love. For all his talk about becoming a better person, Gramps is still fine with selling his granddaughter off to the suitor that best meets his requirements.

Yuzu and Ume are the only people who have ever shown Mei unconditional love.

Its not a step forward at all. She's been avoiding the conflict this whole time, and when it finally became too much she just ran away.

She is clearly still not confident in her choice.

Except you get girls like Glasses who loved Mitsuko for years. Or girls like Himeko who is terrified at the idea of meeting her fiance.

>getting your shit pushed by a literal middle schooler
Fucking ridiculous

At least she did something to explain her decision to Yuzu. The Mei from the earlier volumes would have just left without ever saying why.

They only have a two year difference though.

Harumin asked that so casually. I'm starting to think she has some sexual experience, but plays it low key.

If Yuzu had just let Mei smash, we wouldn't be having this problem.

>For all his talk about becoming a better person, Gramps is still fine with selling his granddaughter off to the suitor that best meets his requirements.

Ok, first, he's not selling anything and second, he's trying this time to set Mei with someone that will actually care for her. He's still shackled by customs and family honor but he's still showing love and concern for Mei on his own way.

Exactly ! that was always my point about Mei's progression. She just cannot rule the school even if she's with Yuzu. the ending with Yuzu excludes the school.
Because, even though she could live with her step-sister lover, she would just be an exception to a rule she would force upon the student's shoulder in the Academy which purpose is to educate these rich girls from powerful families to be good conventional wives.

I mean, can we imagine Mei living the free life with Yuzu and being a hypocrite and forcing her students to live the life she just let down?

So end game, if we have a happy ending with our OTP together, is Meiletting down the school.

Sure. So what? Himeko will do it anyway.

NO! She's pure!

That would've been feeling like doing it with a doll

>Hey Mei, you know how last time I forced you into an arranged marriage with someone who sexually abused you?
>Well I've learned my lesson and am now going to force you into a marriage with guy who is at least a little bit nice

Mei doesn't belong to Gramps. If he really cared about her, he'd give up on his bullshit family honour.

Matsuri-sama spoke. She told her she's afraid of getting hurt. And that only means she got hurt in the past. She got used and thrown away.

You know, Citrus isn't that realistic. The end will be really convenient for Mei, because she'll get both Yuzu and the academy..

Money and pride

I don't understand why people are trying to defend grandpa here. He actually thought his granddaughter being so emotionally broken was a good thing. Does he even remember what Mei's smile looks like?

She won't get the academy, her father will.

I'm not so sure she'll get the Academy t b h

Again, is not about Mei belonging to Gramps is about the Aihara family. Someone needs to take over and continue it. Shou should've been the one but he left the entire problem to Mei.

Is an outdated and retarded way of thinking but that is just how Japanese are.

>He actually thought his granddaughter being so emotionally broken was a good thing.

Would you care to post the page when he thinks that?

Grandpa is a grandpa. He's old. He doesn't understand there are alternatives nowadays, he just sees a forced marriage as the best chance to leave his granddaughter with a good economic future. Love is just a fleeting thing for him.

True end involves Mei taking over the academy and putting in reforms like, students cannot be engaged.

The only genuine point they can make is that gramps isn't as big a dirtbag now as he was in chapter 1.

He's still a dirtbag though.

He probably was a one minute man

This tbqh. It seems likely that papa will swoop in at the end and take over the academy to save Mei

>Yuzu becomes her secretary and they have steamy sex in the chairman's office every day

Good luck trying to stop parents from parenting their children as they see fit.

When did this become a VN?

Does Shou know about Mei's forced marriage?

There's other schools they can send their daughters to. Aihara will become the school of choice for woke millennial parents

What a fucking pueril and fetid scumbag. She's like a real 3dpd
When does she fucking dies or at least fuck off forever? This is the kind of character I can drop series for.

>Aihara will become the school of choice for woke millennial parents
Matsuri now attends the school already, so clearly the school's standards have already hit rock bottom.

This actually a somewhat realistic outcome, Mei and Yuzu taking over the Academy as sisters and ushering it into modernity while keeping their affair secret to the world at large.

Why wouldn't he? It's a common occurrence in the campus. He just ignores it cause normally they wouldn't get married till the school ends. And because he's a terrible father, of course.

She's a recurring cast member and gets forgiven for everything she pulls now and by the end of the arc.

Enjoy bankruptcy.

I guess he doesn't

Stay mad Grandpa

She did nothing wrong.

She only deserves death or gangrape by niggers

Fuck your headcanon, it's because of her sister not some ex-lover.
She even said something like "my Yuzu isn't pure anymore" when Yuzu told Harumin that Matsuri kissed her on the lips.

Fuck you
Matsuri is my daughteru
And she was right with everything she said!!!!

Now that I think about it, she tried to tell her in person. When they got back from the trip.

That only proves she's a purity fag just like you.

Harumin's sister has nothing to do with Harumin being afraid of dating. Only that Harumin became half assed because of her sister.


Anime onlys want Harumin's arc, since they like her character. Her arc isn't until volume 5, which the anime won't cover unless it gets a second season. Like Pottery.

End yourself you piece of shit.

Good thing this will get S2 then.

mom is a yurifag

Can someone explain how much time has happened since the story started? I remember Matsuri being a SECOND year of MIDDLE school, and when Yuzu and Mei got their rings, a year had passed since they met. Now, in the latest chapter, Matsuri seems to have entered high school.

Does this mean an entire year has passed since Mei left Yuzu?

How fucking cute

We'll see. Even really popular anime that sold very well still haven't gotten second seasons. Not to mention Crunchyroll, the show's co-producer, was shamed on twitter into deleting a Valentine's promo of Citrus.

>different colour
But how are they supposed to mix them up when doing laundry and go throughout the day wondering if they're wearing the other's underwear?

>Crunchyroll, the show's co-producer, was shamed on twitter into deleting a Valentine's promo of Citrus.

Matsuri was a middle school student during volume 5. Volume 5 started a new school year, so Matsuri was in her last year of middle school then. Japan starts school in April. So after about a 6-8 month timeskip in volume 9, Matsuri has now entered high school.

They posted an "Orange you glad we aren't blood related" card and some normalfags flipped out about them promoting abusive incestuous relationships or something.

The image with "Orange you glad we're not blood related?" triggered people, so Crunchyroll's twitter account later deleted it due to the backlash.

Not him, but a literal tranny had a freakout over the card.

That's the impression I got. I have no idea why people here mention only 6 months. They were just about to start their junior year before and were in their senior year after the timeskip.

Anime will end at very satisfying place. S2 would be welcome but not necessary.


Trannies sure ruin everything.

You morons don't realize that Japan starts school in Spring. The start of their second year of high school was in volume 5. Volumes 6-9 were summer vacation before the start of their second term of second year.

It's because you don't know how Japanese school year works. 6-8 months timeskip.

Well I still don't get it, SJWs are something else though.
I doubt Chunchy are the main producer anyway so I doubt this will.
Knowing SJWs, they would also bitch if an anime about lesbians would get cancelled anyway.

You can't win with that kind of mentally ill people.

They believe Citrus is for the male gaze (despite its readership being mainly women) so they wouldn't.

She does try, but she never can. Yuzu's reaction even suggests she may suspect what's coming.
I'm more than a little disappointed that Sabu didn't take the opportunity to move Mei's character forward.

Volume 1 - Fall (second term) of Yuzu's first year of high school. (Both middle school and high school in Japan are only 3 years each.) Harumin had already attended the academy for 1 term before Yuzu showed up.

Volume 3 - is Christmas time.

Volume 4 - covers third/last term of the year.

Volume 5 - start of second year of high school.

Volume 7-9 - summer vacation.

Volume 9 timeskip - goes from start of fall (second term) of second year, to the spring, which starts Yuzu's last year of high school. Fall to spring would be 6-8 months.

Imagine being so frustratedly assblasted, not at a show about incest, not even about incest with no possibility of reproduction, but step-incest with no possibility of reproduction.

>no possibility of reproduction
user please, hasn't Yuzu suffered enough?

I wonder what's Saburouta's intentions behind this timeskip in volume 9.

I think he's more assblasted at Citrus being rapey.

>I told everyone these two were gonna get it on over summer, but I accidentally wrote summer ending
>I'll fast forward to the next summer, but need to give myself a few months cushion to resolve drama

Crunchy is 3rd in the production committee.
It goes Ichijinsha > Children's Playground Entertainment > Crunchyroll > Lantis (music) > Klockworx > Tokyo MX (national channel) > Sotsu (ads) > Happinet (BDs) > AT-X (cable)

Brb buying a chunchy sub, holy shit

>Children's Playground Entertainment
What did they mean by this?

>Can someone explain how much time has happened since the story started?
About a year and a half.

> I remember Matsuri being a SECOND year of MIDDLE school
She started her last year of middle school in volume 5. Did you miss it being mentioned that Yuzu entered her second year of high school then?

>and when Yuzu and Mei got their rings, a year had passed since they met
Wrong. It was in the first term of their second year of high school, so a year hadn't passed since they met yet.The end of chapter 35 was the one year mark since they met, since that's when fall term was getting ready to start again. Yuzu even said it was the one year anniversary since they met.

>Now, in the latest chapter, Matsuri seems to have entered high school.
It jumped from fall to spring. So yes, Matsuri's now in high school and around 6-8 months passed.

Yuri is the purest form of love. They know.

>Did you miss it being mentioned that Yuzu entered her second year of high school then?
I remembered, but it didn't feel like an entire year had passed from Volume 5 to 9.

The unforgettable summer she mentioned was really one year later than the one the reader was expecting. All according to keikaku.

Most likely to put it back the time of year that Saburouta wants the story to be at and to make the characters a bit older. Volume 4 timeskip was just to set Yuzu and Mei up as a new couple in time for the start of their new school year in the spring.

>but it didn't feel like an entire year had passed from Volume 5 to 9.
After the timeskip volume 9 is indeed a year after volume 5 took place.

I want to see Yuzu having a harém in College.

>Mei marries and inherits the academy
>while in control of the academy she turns it into a better place
>Yuzu is crossing the street she sees Mei
>in the end we truly were Citrus



>Several years pass by
>They haven't seen each other since then
>Yuzu is waiting for a train to pass
>A girl with black hair is on the other side
>Train passes
>They ignore each other and keep walking

The marriage won't happen. Why do people keep insisting on it?

This time skip was too long. I don't feel sad that Yuzu is such a romantic she's held on for over half a year, all I really feel is pity. Pity to the point that the very idea of Yuzu taking Mei back is tainted.

These are the same people that can't figure out 50 chapters count bonus chapters and are not referring to future chapters. And the same people can't figure out passage of time or how the Japanese school year works.

The final boss is obviously the arranged marriage. Mei can't get married while still at school (or underage). There is nothing to write about. Timeskip. Now they can tackle this last hurdle. The end. Something like that, probably

The time skip is most likely to put the main cast as seniors getting ready to face their future. And to put Matsuri into place at Aihara Academy. Now she's no longer that middle school child.

Many things

They seem new-ish.

>dat Mei fangirl in the back

Is Yuzu a bad friend for never dumping on her, isn't this a lack of trust

>no possibility of reproduction
IVF is totally a thing though.

Most works of fiction aren't going to bother getting into that kind of thing.

Dodged a bullet

>tfw Yuzu will never take a dump on you

A beautiful sexy and cute bullet

Sure, but it's something they could do "off camera" later down the line.

Harumin deserves at least one platonic dump for all the things she does for her

She probably just wanted to fool around for a couple of years.

>when you bring love to a class S fight

>in the end we truly were Citrus
BRAVO Saburouta!

What's that? You thought this was serious? Too bad! Now go marry some random fatass!

>not posting the original pic

Whenever Yuzu goes against Harumin's advice things always turn out badly for her. Harumin told Yuzu exactly how most girls in their school viewed relationships with other girls. Harumin told her that precisely to avoid something like the current events.


I don't know why people are getting so worked up about the recent chapter. Saburouta loves Yuzu and Mei there is very little chance she will actually give them a bitter ending.

>you will never be a 2d girl and have that kind of relationship
Feels bad :_;

But that's not how Mei views their relationship. If people think so, they're retarded.

People care about the story, not just about the ending. What's the point of a happy ending if Mei still acts like an idiot 9 volumes in and goes completely against all the character building that's happened in the past. It's disappointing if the happy ending is only achieved by some random stranger swooping in to solve Mei and Yuzu's problems instead of them actually working it out on their own terms and own volition.

Whether feelings are real or not doesn't matter. The point is the girls choose to move on and do what society expects of them even if they really love their girlfriends in high school.


I love all the great reaction pics the anime has provided and will continue to give.

Yuzu is a gold mine

Yuzu is a miracle of the universe.

Yuzu is a Yuzu


>harumin will never mindbreak you then take selfies with you

Can somebody read this? I think it's about new drama CD that comes with volume 9.

Pretty sure it means:
>we can't do this anymore, Yuzu, I'm expecting a baby and everything.

Yuzu's baby

The manga has a ton of great ones as well

>Under one roof step-sisters love story.

>Under one roof
Make it stop

>Mei gets more months of love-making with a man
Enjoy your used goods, Yuzucchi.

Manager is way too beta for that.

>implying Mei and Ume aren't racing to pop out the next male heir to the Aihara family fortune

>pregnancy before marriage
That'd destroy their reputation. It's not happening.

But Sho is too much of a faggot to come home to fuck Ume though.

>implying this would happen in a fucking yuri magazine

Its not that bad. In some cases its good reassurance to know you're not wedding someone with fertility issues. Keep the wedding date early, and no one will raise a fuss.

Why do you think she comes home late all the time?

Then how does she find Sho if he's in some third world country and make it back to Japan to make Yuzu and Mei breakfast?

That's not how it works, dude. It's shamefur dispray. They'd have to commit seppuku.

In the bonus chapter he comes back all the time to watch Mei in secret. No reason to assume he stopped coming back, especially now that he has some ass back in Japan.
this is all shitposting anyway

So I assume Matsuri's family is actually loaded for her to be able to enroll into Aihara Academy.

SO best ending would be outgrowing their incestuous relationship and fix their lives? I'm happy with this ending.

Matsuri is loaded alright.

She could also be a charity case.
She's certainly not above blackmail to get in either.

If by that you mean living a boring sad loveless life and always regret the choices they made, sure.

Her parents weren't rich in volume 3. She used her "part time job" for money. Either her family got promoted or something else about her living situation changed. There's indication what the off panel change was yet.

*There's no indication what the off panel change was yet.

This one is from before her confidence was shattered by Mei

>In b4 she's mooching off Harumin.

Matsuri could've pissed her parents off and they threw her out of the house or something. So she could be living with one of her friends. Her relationship with her parents was bad/non-existent to begin with.


>Harumi Matsuri spin off set in the time skip detailing how Matsuri came apply to Aihara Academy
>chapter after chapter of sad Yuzu just quietly existing in the background

They could leave Yuzu more vague.
>This is our close friend that just got dumped recently and threw herself into her studies. Read Citrus main series to learn more!

Can you name any spin-off manga where the old main character is actually around? I feel like spin-offs only work if they do it through a timeskip/location switch or just leave certain characters out.

Holy shit, only after rewatching this scene can I appreciate this comedy gold right there. The old man almost got a heart attack.

Dear My Teacher had a spin off that was of a character that was in love with one of the MCs to show why she acted the way she did during the main story.

The lucky star spin off had some of the main cast palling around in the background.

Here's one theory of how Matsuri's now attending the academy after the timeskip.

Yuzu went full depression mode right after Mei left, which caused Matsuri to go full on depression mode too.

One day Harumin decides she's had enough of this, so she goes to check on Matsuri in her old house. Harumin tries to get up to cheer up, but Matsuri snaps, pins her down, and forces a kiss on her. Matsuri's parents show up at this exact time and catch their daughter being gay. They kick her out of the house. Harumin, feeling responsible for this, takes Matsuri home with her and convinces her grandmother to let Matsuri live with them. Grandma agrees since she's chill.

Mitsuko either doesn't know the details of what happened, or she knows and this fit of rage is why the entire cast now run in fear when they see her.

They also kept the details a secret from their friends so that Yuzu doesn't have something else to worry over. And volume 5 bonus shows that Nene would explode if the truth were revealed to her.

That wouldn't explain why would she change schools or who would be paying for her tuition. Matsuri is a smart girl, she probably just got a scholarship thanks to her high grades.

It's more likely that Matsuri has been able to found lots of brothels/ massage parlors, whatever they're called over there throughout japan so she's become this business woman and she has her parentts act like they're rich, but she pays them to keep quiet about her business. She did all this to get close to Yuzu and support her, but more importantly so she can start spending sexy times with Harumin doing lewd stuff at school.

Aihara is always said to be for old families and rich girls. No scholarship students are ever mentioned. Yuzu's only there because she's Shou's stepdaughter.

>That wouldn't explain why would she change schools or who would be paying for her tuition.
She's be living in Aihara's school district and Harumin's grandma would be paying for it, since Harumin's grandma would be Matsuri's guardian by that point.

Sure, and they never said the show takes place in the planet Earth either. It's a private school mostly for rich people, sure, but smart students are always welcome in any place like that.

>Aihara's school district
There aren't really school districts for private high schools.

Matsuri is street smart, but she's obviously not a serious student. Her grades are never mentioned, but I doubt they'd be very good.

Part of the manga was Matsuri wanting Mei to help her with her homework and help her study. Kind of shows she's not that good with school work.

Come on, that was a bonus chapter, and Matsuri was only there to troll Yuzu about threesomes.

Sabu will probably never seriously address how or why Matsuri is going to the academy. She just does now.

Matsuri wanted Mei to help her study in volume 4, so it's in the main series.

She's obviously the stereotypical autistic super genius girl that gets bored on class.

That's called an excuse, user.

No, in volume 4 Matsuri came to deliver a New Years gift in February, then wanted to know if Mei was around to help her study.

Yes, of course she wanted to study and not just to fuck with them cause she was bored. Of course.

The point is there's is some evidence that Matsuri is not a good enough student to get a scholarship into Aihara Academy, so there's probably some other explanation for how she got in.

If anything you could read that as foreshadowing. She was already prepping for Aihara' s entrance exams, and went to literally the best tutor for them anywhere.

True, Mei was always 1st place in exams. In fact, in the latest episode of the anime, you can see her name on the scoreboard at 1

I'd say the foreshadowing was how she kept calling Harumin "Taniguchi-senpai". Which could be funny if Matsuri doesn't call her that now that Harumin is her senpai. My guess is Haru-chan or Harumi-chan.