Idea: fanmade watamote season 2

if we cant find the email of the creator and ask about it then we should make a fanmade season 2

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I'll voice Tomoko.


What I want is a Watamote where her life spirals even more out of control.

who the fuck is gonna animate this though Cred Forums is where people with 0 talent go

What a mere faggot that achieves nothing in their life and only browse Cred Forums for 24 hours could do?

we need drawfags and people fluent in japanese

this should happen

inb4 SFM cgshit

hey, guys! Let's start a kickstarter campaign, quick!

he can use powerpoint or sony vegas player and at least make an intro (jap. OP) using images from the manga
>contacting creator
>not the studio/publisher

i'll do the logo

I'll do tomoko

i'll do the patreon

I'll voice yui.

>I want to watch something made by anons.
Just kys instead OP.

we can do this

I'll masturbate to it.

can we make a discord for this?

Season 2, impossible.
A little OVA teasing season 2, possible.
We would need some 200.000 trumps.

We need to make atleast 1 episode or a teaser
and discord, everybody who works on it shall be distributed a copy to upload to their YT accounts

Couldn't be worse than the last 3-4 episodes of season one.



Someone should make one

^heres the discord link guys

What's going to be the OP?

nah this one doesnt expire

this might actually happen

didn't anons already sing the OP?

gg we can use that


Having an s2 OP would already be great

Maybe since you have been lurking, but plenty of good stuff came out of 4-chan.

Does anyone have a link to this OP, I really want to hear this


This is a dumb thread.

You're a dumb thread