I just watched Oath Under the Snow. This desire to make Miyu happy is too strong. Please have a Prisma thread

I just watched Oath Under the Snow. This desire to make Miyu happy is too strong. Please have a Prisma thread.


most of the movie was boring desu

90% of it was boring, made up for by the last 10%

Wrong. There should have been more SoL with Miyu being cute.

>when you just want to watch Shirou be a broken hero but to get that you need to watch countless episodes of pedo pandering shit
Fuck you Nasu.


t. mentally ill pedo


Can I jump into this after 2wei? I'm feeling lazy and want to see some Shirou.


It's a prequel just like how fate zero is to fate stay night.

>Miyu wishes to become truly become Shirou's imouto
>magic happens and her eye color changes to match his
Does sex between them now count as incest?

Not really. It's a flashback that happens in the middle of the 4rd part.

rd, I mean

2wei, snsbu or nii-sama?

>tfw unexpected pottery
Bravo Hiroyama

No, the flashback is there to explain what happens in the first part of 3rei, so it will spoil things if you watch it first.

user please don't lewd them. Miyu and Shirou are a rare example of close and normal sister and brother. I just love heartwarming family stories.
Incest is fine but it shouldn't be everywhere.

Finished rewatching the whole series last night, it's pretty crazy how it just got better and better as time went on. Waiting for more is suffering but I'm enjoying the anime enough that I don't want to catch up to the manga.

If the sister is a lesbian, it doesn't count.




>use the powers of your AU self who got those powers by making a contract with the world, to fuck over the world
The absolute mad man.

Great movie. I wish Oonuma Shin did HF. Ufo's soulless adaptation just won't do it justice.

I'm not even sure if that's bait or retardation. Sure OuS wasn't bad, but the shit animation quality really did it a disservice, especially in the fight scenes. Shinji vs Shirou was decent, but everything else was just shit. The emotional scenes were good, but for an action movie it was severely lacking. Presage Flowers SOL intro alone was far better than the whole of this movie.

Oh wow, I didn't expect Nii-sama to throw that out, but >track 1: Toosaka.

I guess it comes down to whether or not you want to change the sub track to every episode.