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You done fucked the font up

film la brava


Don’t mind if I do

Mirieri a best

film this cutie instead

Good lord yes

See this shortstack works for lewd because of the eyes and jodpurs alone.
Everything else is icing.






Gentle: L-La Brava, No..
Labrav: La Brava YES!

Gets me every single time

When will Deku have a none energy from wishing related power up?

Am I missing some joke here? How is Deku a fake?

God, Mina is so beautiful.

>you will never mindbreak La Brava into your cock cultist
why even live?

Tell me about Destro, why does he wear the mask?

i almost forgot this was a thing

*stares into your soul*

It's actually just a mutation

why have you made me see this?

These two interacting is a comedy routine

>Destro's journal, September 28th, 20XX. Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I've seen it's true face..The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, "Save us!"...and I'll look down, and whisper, "no."

Would you prefer this?

Jokes on you, I don't have a soul.

Not gonna lie, I was hoping that Bee Girl was evil on her own instead of being possessed by bees.

He is gonna die, isn't he?

I hope Mirio becomes a brother figure for Deku, that charisma just might rub off on him

they even have the same birthday


And he'll be in the top 10 of the character rankings for the rest off the manga.

Meanwhile, in nip’s twitterland

I may not like it, but at least the nips get up and fill the niche they want instead of bitching about the lack of content.

He’s the mentor-slash-senior figure that is closer to him both mentally and physically (age, status as student)

Maybe you should consider removing "yaoi" pin from the search field?

>Deku beats two villains
>hurr he sucks

>Kirishima loses his only fight and has to be bailed out by Fatgum
>0w0 my bae is so stronk :3

Show me the best La Brava art

Delet and crop this, Gentle is pure but La brava is pure sex

I don't think that Deku sucks, he is doing great, actually.
And my bae is stronk!

>Bakugou topping AM instead of the other way around
That's weird

That one ain't bad, probably dead but atleast not a soulless abomination

>those new shpo pics


>Bakugou topping anyone
I must have missed the note, but it seems the spergy and explodey type like him is associated with bottoming in yaoi circles

>Browsing for cute BNHAs in twitter
>Came across cute Deku-DadMight
>See artist’s twitter
>It’s yaoi

Is it nip fanart?

we're still in Deku's first year and im already much more interested in the Autistic Four kindergartners and Kouta. i already want bnha next generations.



handsome tom

la creatura...

>mei and iida’s autistic daughter
Fantastic taste, paintbro.

El monstrocio.



la quirk extinguido...

So Iida will fuck both Ochako and Mei?

El Abominacionable...

Where is the sauce?

No idea, got it from last thread and I came in late

>Kirishima then says disappointingly while scratching his head, “Man, I told Bakugou he should join us in your celebration. But he said he was sleepy and went to bed.”
What's with Bakugou always going to bed early? is that just his excuse to not hang out with the class?

this. Where?

He can't tolerate anyone who stays awake past 9 o'clock. He's a good boy

I love Ojiro!

He has lasting PTSD and goes to bed early because he wakes up multiple times a night from nightmares.

Alternatively he just wakes up early and can't fall back asleep after so he does what he can to get his 8 hours.

Bakugou goes to bed early because he needs his rest.

>Not going to bed early and waking up early to do all your homework in the morning and get yourself sharp and alert by the time school starts and everyone else is groggy

That does seem like a thing he would do to give himself an edge.

he's the traitor

>Doing homework in the morning
>Not doing it the night before plus reviewing the past day’s notes and prepping for the next day and wake up early to exercise

Mirio is cute! Cuuuuuuute!

Shinso = Blue Hair

Toga = Blonde Hair

Mix blonde and blue, and ya get...

I flipped it. Worked out in the evening to tire myself out before bed, then woke up early and got those brain juices flowing by doing homework and reviewing notes before class

That'd actually be sad.

I want to touch his tail

Bara Todo when


Pedos ruined this fucking threads.

>Japan cannot into mental health

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he and Deku have a feels jam later after Deku starts getting nightmares (too) since god knows they won't be able to talk to anyone else.


But Shinsou's hair is purple.

I actually like this two together. Kirishima should stop hanging out with the Bakusperg and join the Deku crew.

Another new LN translation, it’s scary stories with the Bird

What episode was this snail shell dinosaur mutant in again?

No, she calls him oni-chan because they're as close as brothers. It's normal apparently, it happens in many anime, like pic related.

>surprised by Eri lewds when Cred Forums stands for pedophili/a/

>Shouji and Mina have matching camo


Some fun facts. It’s now been six months since the school year started. We’re roughly half way through the school year, and we still have a long way to go. We also have almost three months left until winter break. We have no real way of knowing how long it will be until we reach it though. For reference, the first term was about three months as well, and was 65 chapters.


Calm down, Kaminari.

>Tell your mom I said hello
Huh. Ingenium x Todos mom OTP



Where the fuck have you been? Did you miss the eri edits as soon as she showed up or are you acting like a newfag just because?

The All Might VS Deku and Bakugo one. He was one of the villains All Might defeated on TV in Bakugo's flashback.

>Where the fuck have you been?
Out of this fucking threads because they've been ruined by pedo shit.
Yeah, there were some edits of Eri before, but now it has gotten worse with the introduction of La Brava.


For some reason the fact they have the same birthday makes me think if Harry Potter, how both Neville and Harry having the same birthday meant either of them could be the prophecy baby, and while Harry was the big shot of the story, Neville did his part and was crucial to defeat Voldemort i don't even like Harry Potter

Mirio is going to be important in the defeat of the biggest baddie of the story as the person who could have been the protagonist of this story

>Meanwhile in Jirou’s room on the 3rd floor, Yaoyorozu, Uraraka, and Hagakure are practicing some music. Because the other three are beginners, they want Jirou to demonstrate first.
>”Eh? Just a little, then,” Jirou concedes. She hesitantly starts to strum her guitar. The other three girls enthusiastically cheer her on. “Eh? Wait, don’t be like this!” Jirou blushes furiously at their applauding and calls for encore. The atmosphere in her room is reminiscent of a live concert!
I think Hori is more involved in these LNs than I thought

Beauty sleep, he is not handsome without efforth

Does the artist not know what chest hair looks like?

>out of this fucking threads
Good. Go and stay go.

>After Tokoyami’s story, Mineta is far too terrified to go to the bathroom alone and makes Shoji accompany him.
Those two are an odd pair

tell me Quadman
where is this from?

>sero will never touch you

feels bad man

>no fanfics yet
Is not fair

>encouraging people to go just because
That's why this threads fucking die.

They kind of became friends after the sports festival

Is this from the LN? Are they celebrating Iida's birthday?

especially with the callback to it in the actual manga

>the most pure, chaste, calm and composed of the class. Also the tallest.
>the degenerate, perverted crybaby little shit of the class. Also a Manlet.
They could be a comedy duo

Stay go.

Deku is too pure for this, do it to some slut like Mina or Bakushit instead

>“Tell your mother I said hello,” Iida adds.
Yes, the usual Bakufujo translating why wasn't Bakugou at Iida's party.

It's going to be one of the best arcs of the manga, that's for sure.

in a blaze of glory

I prefer the other translation
>Needs more La Brava

How is shiggy ever going to be a threatening villain? Overhaul was Shiggy but more powerful in every way

>LN V3 came out early Feb while the “Jirou, Tooru, and Uraraka in Jirou’s room” panel came out two weeks ago and chapters are made in advance by several weeks
It’s most likely the other way around. The LN writers base a chapter around the canon panels in the manga, Hori doesn’t really control anything written there, just provide a very general illustration

Friendship power. Not even memeing. That was what Overhaul lacked, even though his subordinates are willing the go the extra mile for him

>not understanding the appeal in lewding pure characters
Your loss man

>video cameras in the dorms
>can't fap without aizawa watching you

I think Hori must provide the ideas and the other person must write them.

> three months left until winter break
even more comfy ahead and possibly a frosty the snow villain Ojisan

>”Cremation” approaches
>Aah, now where’s your quirk you were so proud of? Now you’re going to be cremated by one of your “failed” quirks even though my quirk is the same as yours

I think it's nice

AFO will give him his quirk

One thing I never see anyone mention is Mirio's surname. Purely romanized it's Toogata, not Togata.

That とお is another way of saying 10. In particular, it's used as a generic object counter (1 object = hitotsu, 2 objects = futatsu, ... , 10 objects = too). All Might's surname (Yagi) also follows this particular numbering convention (8 objects = yattsu)

Which could very well be Hori's way of saying Mirio WOULD'VE gotten OfA had Deku not changed the future. Since Deku would've died and it would've been lost otherwise.

Yeah some characters are a little bit older now a good example is nejire she was 17 before the current Arc now she 18 because it October and only a few characters in the class is only 15 the rest are 16

>“You guys are so loud! Quiet the fuck down!” Bakugou fumes. He lives next door and doesn’t deal with noise well.
This fucking guy

grape won shoji respect with the tank formation

>the scariest story Tokoyami could come up was is about a woman possibly NTRing her husband with a blond chad and then killing the villagers using blond hairs
>class 1a is shook
So it's canon, they all hate blonds and cuckoldry.

I bet he's just jelly Kirishima is hanging out with another guy.

Pretty cool.

For once I'm in a hurry, so someone just tell me: is this a good thread worth reading through so far or just shitposts?

>music and dance show
>in a manga
When did this manga become such trash?

It'll be fun in the anime.

read the post right below yours and you'll know

If you need to ask this about a BnHA thread your standards are too low to understand

>a good MHA thread
user, we both know the answer to that question...

after the afo vs all might fight

when you started being a stick in the mud

Who's gonna choreograph? In universe, I mean.

so they fuck on a daily basis right?

with how much la brava lusts after him probably more like hourly

Can anyone dump all of these?
I think I've missed some.

He has a tumblr;

They have a pure working relationship

So are you all just shitposters this time, none of the regulars around to theorypost?

Here’s a theory for you, Gentle is planning to rape Midnight.


the new green lex luthor

do jirou jacks make her a mutant?

While La Brava watches.

Yes. But all quirk users are mutants including Endeavor with his filthy disgusting missing-joint mutant little toe. They must all be rounded up and gassed and based Deku must breed all the quirkless women and pass on OfA as the only true non-mutant divine gift quirk to his strongest progeny to lead them in a new era of mutant extermination as they breed the true master race.

they make her adorable

About sums up most bnha threads

Better theory: Midnight hunts down Gentle after he invades the festival to restrain him.
By raping him.
While La Brava watches and films.

What is the Prince of Persia line about? I don't get it.

Keep that herpes riddled whore away from Gentle

>Gentle being ok with some random thot fucking her husbando
Get out of here with that OOC bullshit.

i already told you user fuck off

*La Brava
fuck my life

The artist is Oomori Makoto. Now translate it to English.

gigantomachacha is Deku's dad or is Kiri's former idol because all the theories you could find or possibly think have been thought up before here. nothing much to talk about since Hori moves the plot at a La Creatura's pace.

Wait, who's that? And what is she doing to Deku?

>Pony little shoes

>okay with
Implying she'd have a choice after she encountered Midnight's temporary sidekick, The Grapist.

sero looks weird without his stupid smile

>Grape being Midnight's sidekick
I like this a lot. I hope Hori makes it happen.

thanking him properly for saving kota

Why does Shouji always look like he's about to rape everybody.

Everyday until canon.

Is it from a straight doujin?

it includes impregnation

So it isn't gay crap?

He's big and has sharp features


Can we get a sauce?

By your powers combined, I am

Dax unblock me

When will Deku's next none shit power up be?

translation never

OFA 20% breakdancing

>shoto speaks
>bakugo cracks his own neck

Do Heroes get fan mail? Could I send flowers to Endeavor if I wanted?

he doesn't get power ups he just gain more access to ofa


>power up

It's literally just him using 100%.

Oh look, it's Tintin

>Be Nejire
>See this
What do?

Lame. Deku is going be extremely stale before the year is even up.

are you a fortune teller

Are there any Eri and Deku doujins yet?
I haven't checked in forever.

I can see other people's futures, but because I never wish hard enough I can't change their fate.

Nighteye I thought you were dead


How will KamiJiroufags ever recover?

>deku gets a fan
>it's a fucking lesbian
poor kid can't catch a break

Joins and have a threesome of course


yakuza a shit

>KamiJiroufag actually deleted his folder and fucked off after bakugo interacted with Jirou
Ya can't make this shit up

I think you might be too edgy for shonen?

If this is true then this isn't the first time this serial shipper has almost killed himself.

How can he have such little faith?

Eri finally learn how to control her quirk. So with her power, along with Mirio's and All Might's wishing energy, they brought be back to life. After She gets some rest she'll heal All Might's wounds.

>the VA torture and cripple OH
we already have the villains we deserve

When he has to protect another shota/loli again so probably around winter break.

the power of kachan

Toga should have had her voice actor, Toga's va is shit

She’s already voicing Tsuyu

wakanda smash

El kaccho

El katchán

you are wrong deku use european moves so the next one should be bahdaj smash

Spinner makes a few Videogame jokes.

>Oh boy, I can wait a little bit longer.
Twice is so precious.

My god. She is wearing high heels too!


>open wide bakugou

The cuck memes must have gotten to him
This is why I don't take shipping seriously

You think todo will be able to use his flames as good as a firebender in avatar?

Holy shit Kacchan actually killed him?
You can't make this shit up.


Tsuyu should have been voiced by mayumi Shintani

>four on the floor



Good riddance. Praise Hori

>tfw winter olympics making you a 3Dfag

He was weak, he better not come back if Kaminari and Jirou have a moment together.

I don't think you should believe what he says. He's probably just lurking right now cause if he post anything kamijirou related you guys would just shitpost him about about kacchan cucking denki. He just waits until another KamiJirou scene comes out.


That's exactly what he'll do.
You think these maniacs only have one ship?
No they roam Cred Forums, Cred Forums and any and all boards that have the potential for shipping.

>claim no girl in the class wants Bakugou because of his shit personality and how unshippable he is
>sperg out any time Bakugou exchanges one dialogue with any of the girls
What did they mean by this?

>now Bakugou
Who else will join Jirou's harem?

I sifted through the spaghetti and found the sauce.


Hopefully she dies. Worthless character.

Kirishima is next.

Nerds fear the bakuchad.

Serotape when.

Watch it be Todoroki.


Who's going to be her sound engineer?

She didn't know him before, but she knows him now. Same way Kaminari talked shit about him first and now is his friend.

Don't worry, he will make her straight with the D.

When he’s revealed as the traitor

Praise be! Bless you, user, for delivering unto us hopefuls a

Sauce? saucenao gives me nothing.

I hope this is true, he was one of the good comfyposters here even if I'm not into shipping

Bless you user

The head of the harem

I love shigaraki he don't give a shit about anything except for killing All Might

Cred Forums drawanon

I’m not worthy of the credit.

This user gave me a starting point.



I also love this panel

Your humbleness only increases my respect for you, oh great doujin-bringer. You, alongside the artist and the aforementioned user, were an integral part in delivering this sacred piece of erotica.

I see
>No visible name
literally why

I want to put my benis in Momo and bump it against her bladder until she pees

well at least is not an adult kiss


for now

As a Shiggy fan myself, I warn you not to get too close to him. He's a villain, even if he's right he's destined to lose ;_;

_________________Y E S__________________________________________________________

Hey, pissfriend, if you're here, was the other gold card the glowing stick?

Not pissfriend but do you mean Luminescent Baby?

Since their plan is taking down the heroic institution, their next big plan is taking down the #1 hero

I love izuku and shigaraki I can't wait until they finally fight each other

There have been three gold cards dropped so far, you can find them at the start of the list here:
Also stay tuned for a card or two tonight, meant to do them in that other thread the other day but didn't get to it.

Oh shit, yeah, I meant Luminescent Baby. Why tf did I say glowing stick?

I hope we get a comfy villain sidearc before the festival starts.

Why do they have a picture of the drummer of an indie band?


A while ago, when anons were posting ocs and quirks, someone posted a rather good one about a 'glowstick' quirk so that might be it.


Found the smooth chest

Someone found the third and posted it in the thread just a bit after I uploaded, so some lurkers might have it.
By the way, for next year's reissues, would any of you like it if they had stats for an actual card game? I mean not like you'd ever get to play it in these threads, but just for fun.

I want to kiss Deku passionately.


Eri calm down.

>things go wrong, Gentle interrupts and ruins 1-A performance
>Jirou is discouraged
>Bakugou is mad and says he'll beat the shitty villains up and later make everyone listen to their performance properly
>she falls even harder

Wait I just checked and I have it. I'm pretty sure I have all of them.
Please make more. My autism needs it

She called him Midorya-senpai

sorry but eri belongs to Lemillion now

That would be the case if this wasn´t how it would go due to the unwritten rule of Bakugo getting restrained by villains:

>Gentle restrains Bakugou gently
>"Smile for the camera!"
> "Lets not curse, this is a family friendly stream."
>"I think this guy has to be gagged as well..."
>"Oh! Gentle, look! I think he's used to this!"
>"He sure has a big mouth for that, ufufu, but this is a family friendly program after all!"

As good as a one armed, one legged firebender

Working on it. So far there are fifteen, so that's how many you should have.

Changing his mid-air trajectory using wind pressure (like he did at the end of the Overhaul fight) or repeatable air-bursts like the ones he used against Shoto but at a much lower power.

A pleasure to see you, as always, pissfriend. Personally, I think stats would just be gimmicky. You should focus on the descriptions you do now.

mfw I have to wait until next year to get the one card I'm missing.

Which card and why?

I think that’s after he gets some mastery over fighting style, so it’s still quite far away

Was the Red Riot one released? Did I miss it?

Did Shiggy get AFO passed onto him or ANYTHING from sensei?
How can he be a successor or the rival to the OFA holder with basically a way lesser version of Overhaul's quirk?

My dick goes harder than Red Riot Unbreakable when I see her

It was and I would post it but I already posted LB.

lemillion toilets


If that fight lasts longer than five minutes then Hori is indeed a hack

Is there anybody here so kind to post it?

Daikaku Miyagi (Horny Anchor).

When you say 'why', do you mean you would like me to elaborate on why I think stats would detract from the cards? Apologies for autism.

I'll trade it for Mimic/Chronostasis/Frog Mom/The tv guy or Jirou (can't believe I missed her)

oh shit hol up, you've got horny anchor? I can trade.

why the fuck is this still so funny

Got all of them exept horny anchor

Chrono and Mimic were a few weeks ago I think or maybe one. Beru was one of the earlier ones actually, the fifth I made. Miyagi was the 6th. Their order on the Pastebin has to do with the numbering system I made for characters, not time posted. Sometimes I post in late night or early morning threads in my own timezone, and sometimes evenings, though, to spread them out and just because I lurk a lot.
Oh, no, I meant why can't you get it, just trade. Seems like you are though so that's good.
I'm making Ms. Joke now then going on to Mirio, hopefully the guy I talked to before who asked for Mirio will get it eventually, it's been a day or two, just been busy.

Then just do it Ochako

rappa is best bullet

Fuck it, here ya go anons. I need me an anchor.

Sorry about scarcity pissfriend

I suspect he was tampered by him in some ways even before his heel turn just to set up his fall into villainy going get stronger and wiser just give him time

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but I meant that I'd trade Kiri for any of those cards since I don't have them!
Apparently no one has anchor guy

Thanks. I don't have anchor but i have the rest ( exept crimson). Who do you need?

No it's fine, trading was the endgame anyways and I'm pretty impressed it's happened a few times now under 20 cards.

np, just my crap reading comprehension
I have everyone except the fucking anchor, the elusive bastard.

H-Hey, any of you want to trade a Mimic Card for Yu-Gi-Oh cards? I have this



In fact, just for being nice about it...

Already got it boi

Shiggy is still learning.
Remember how Deku needed to clean all of the trash off of the beach before he could eat All Might's hair?
Shiggy needs to grow as a leader and evil mastermind before he's ready to eat Sensei's hair or skin flakes or whatever.

Because he is weak like the weak kaminari.
He was always secretly waiting for kaminari to get cucked, by a mutant or otherwise. Unlike him I stand by my principles.

I love you so much user

Okay, what about this? You can't say no to All For One

Shiggy is going to ask him for an autograph and a handshake.

I'm calling it now Shiggy is going to have to forcefully take AfO from sensei. It just parallels way to well with Deku being given OfA.

Oh shit, never been allowed a request from a drawanon before.

I'm not an intense memer so I will proclaim my love for the frog and request her. But please, don't pressure yourself.
Sorry buddy, I got that one too, but...

>I think I'm pregnant


How exactly is he going to do that?

They'll shake hands like proper sensei/apprentice

Slap him and beginning disintegration?

So either AfO crumbles and leaves nothing, or he gives Shiggy the quirk to continue the legacy and dies anyway.

>Prison break
>AFO on death’s door
>Congratulations, you passed my last trial




Someone want to trade a jiro for an Aoyama?
I also have eraserhead and gang orca if you prefer that.

I feel you user, Overhaul was a blunder but here's hoping Hori has learnt from him.

He's probably not even going to be around for long.

Gentle is going to be even more short lived than overhole.

He’ll be back, and angry. I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

I am actually sad, because OH probably is one of my favorite designs in the series.

Overhaul was pretty shit from the get, personally I'm thrilled he became the helpless hapless armless quirkless man. I think its the best end he could have gotten I mean the more we learned about him the lamer he became.

He’s not done, the Yakuza will return stronger than ever

This is genuinely my best thread ever. Thank you all for being comfy and thanks to pissfriend for uniting us with meaningless cards.

By using his leadership skills and nakama powers to break him out of Tarturus.
What ruined him was the fact that Hori tried to hard to make his actions seem justifiable. He worked fine when he just wanted to bring the Yakuza back into power and not when he was REEEing about quirks being a diease.

Yakuza sucks ass

How would it feel to be virginia smashed?

Thank you user, I think you deserve my rarest card...

Ask Ocha

I'm still mad there wasn't anything wrong with his jaw.

You koudafags are cucked too muties, Kacchan is the real chad here.

I don't have this


I wonder how Shiggy would react to losing Sensei after going as far as breaking into the highest security prison in Japan to get him back after this.

Could not contain the keks

I think it would make a lot of narrative sense for Shigaraki, as a "good" person corrupted, to have a power with two sides like Todoroki and Overhaul do. A push and a pull, like how Todoroki can both add and remove heat. Shiggy's just so far gone he doesn't even know it and we've only seen the pull. The draining force, whatever it is.

We had this concept, of people who misunderstand their powers and then figure out how they *actually* work, introduced for a long time already, but I'm not sure Hori's even used it outside the one water person example during a phone call with All Might.

>Nakama power
>Bust into prison
>to free someone
>That someone died
>Mindbroken so hard but came out even stronger
Is he Evil Luffy or something

who knows

but this shot right here is probably the most interest any of the 1A kids, besides maybe ochako, has expressed in someone else. Hori's not the kind of guy that deviates too far from the vanilla anyway

That was for me the biggest let down of the yakuza arc, I was expecting something freaky behind that mask

Why did he draw Eri naked for this

It’s ok, it’s tasteful nudity

Wasn't Katakuri's face revealed after that?
Maybe that is why?

Calm down Chronostasis.

>nips are starting to switch from KamiJirou to BakuJirou
It's over.

Am I the only one who finds it kind of weird to think that Deku, AM, and Knuckleduster are the only characters that can bend their pinky toes all the way

I think that came out just around the time he wrecked Nighteye?

Yeah. Like having a gaping wound instead off a jaw.

Part of me wants to believe it'll change in the tanks, but let's be real.

You can’t just say with things without posting some art or something. Plus usually people double down on this stuff rather than switching.

How exactly do you murderfuck someone?

Tasteful nudity?

Yeah that is what I meant, maybe Hori didn't want to use the same reveal, Oda just used.

>yfw everyone in class A will have interacted with one-another on screen by the end of the series.

I for one welcome Unlimited Ship Works.

If people wouldn't keep cuntblocking Toga you'd get to see an example.

sludge monster

I can't see disembodied hentai hands as anyone's but Shiggy's and it absolutely fucks me up now

I think most them have a least one interaction, I can’t think of too many kids who haven’t said an on-panel word to each other.

Do you think Toga would enjoy a 5% toe-pointed cuntpunt from Deku?

Simple, it involves her on top and with every thrust paying back with a stabbing.

No one has a jiro?
I also have mina and fatgum for it?

Because he has good taste

momo haven't said a word to deku

I think it stops being tasteful once tentacles are introduced

Toga had a great teacher. They'd ravage their own clones while Twice watched on the side unable to participate.

The only way to get eri drawn naked is with another bnh female

Who do I pick

There are several schools on the best way to muderfuck. The most popular currently is the Westenra School, which focuses on sucking the blood after sucking the dick. However, the school faces a lot of criticism, with opponents arguing that oral sex doesn’t count as fucking, so the method is invalid.


I didn't want to hurt scarcity further but since pissfriend seems ok with it and I would hate myself later, here she is.

Baka senpai

Recovery Girl

Are there any ones you nees that I might have?
We can still trade for it since that was pissfriends intention.

He's a germaphobe

Is it erimirio or mirieri?

Sucks for Muscular, Twice won in the end.

I need/rabidly pursue Miyagi Daikaku (Horny Anchor) but apparently nobody has him.

He was, but that flashback of him as a babby also had his jaw shaded. No reason for that if he's a pretty boy.

Will we ever see Toxic Chainsaw? I know Hori actually has a design for him. I wouldn't mind Deku and friends fighting random villains in a monster of the week type format.

Where's the drawing Hori drew with naked Toga?


Even got a colored version.

im not spoon feeding you i'm posting best ship

Sorry I don't have that one either.
I am sorry I couldn't help.

Let's use this.


Anyone got a link or at least an keyword search I can use for the archive? I really want to see this.

Toga is the best.

I'm conflicted. They make such a great duo but Twice is ugly as fuck.

>STILL no Izuku/Jirou doujins


It does have the Hori seal of approval afterall.

No need to apologize. The hunt continues.

Toga is cute!

He isn´t exactly the ugliest fucker around.

Where are the raws for this page? is it really what Mirio the janitor said?
What was Hori thinking while writing this dialogue?

Yakuza a shit!!

Toga is sexy!

>i'm already pandering to flujos might as well add the lolicons

>We are keeping Rappa though!

Todo and Mineta/Kouda/Jirou/Satou/Tsuyu

>current year
>still no Nana x Toshi doujin
Its as though most artists are faggots

I wonder what it's like watching the girl you like fuck the clone you made of someone else. That's pretty fucked up.

I want Toga to stab me!

In the raws Mirio describes a date as a couple’s honeymoon outing.

What are the chances of the fucker even coming back into the story? He got BTFO by a quirkless sidekick, a kid with a backpack loli, and a man-child. Dude got fucked over so bad he might as well be dead.

>He doesn't play a mutant archetype

Overhaul fun facts. The scar given to him by Magne could have been easily erased with his quirk. But as a young mafia boss, he leaves it so that it can be used a source of soft power against Shigaraki as if to say "we're both at fault". Sneaky guy.

Good. Decuck only deserves to get buttfucked by Bakuchad. You too being a self inserter.

I want Toga to look at me like garbage!

How about no and draw more kendou

Have you really never heard someone say they were going to take a sad little girl on “date?” It’s just a way to make their time together sound special.

I want to protect Toga's smile!

t. Self inserter

La Brava

What? Even with the scar and the meth addict vibe I think he is pretty good looking

I want to fuck Toga!

If you aren't self inserter why did you say Deku and Jirou? Jirou can get doujin with anybody.

I wonder if he could regain access to his power if he got some of that quirk boosting drug. The dude that Kirishima fought in the alley could only make little blades appear form his arm until he doped up on super-juice, then that motherfucker was shooting blades out everywhere.

>my drawfag friend fucked off
I'm sorry user, I have failed you

Godspeed user.

Why you speak like this bakufujo? You spic? Why speak like this?


You tried

I never saw anyone describe it as a honeymoon's couple outing.

>muh Bakufujo
Why do you self insert as MC?

>tfw you're about to lose your virginity and your chance of escaping alive.

Answer my question Alejandro Garcia.

That was the joke, but yeah, that was weird.

What will Todoroki's reaction be when Endy introduces him to his new step mom Ibara?

Well if the quirk erasing bullet works on everyone, then I can only assume the +Alpha is located in the same place for everyone, probably the brain. So Overhaul's quirk is still there, he just lost the vehicle he used for it. This is just a theory, put if he keeps "flexing" his quirk, it's possible that his body can adapt and he can start using his quirk from his arm nubs. Trigger would almost certainly work


Give the man a proper shave and some good rest since he looks like sleep is his archnemesis and he is totally presentable.

>self inserter can't answer
Again why do you self insert as MC? If you want to self insert go read a harem.

bakugo from the future

what do you think Toga was like when she actually attended School?

Wouldn't he be able to OH himself and get his arms back?

If he did get the ability to use his quirk back who would he go after first? Deku, Mirio, or Shiggy?

>constantly supervised
At least Mirio won't have a chance to make a move.

She who started his journey of pain

Someone draw Ibara getting DP by the Todorokis


>A joke without a punchline
sure user...sure.

He's the one supervising

Don't worry she'll just rewind him back to the point when he first lost his arms and was unable to use his quirk.

Mirio has a weird personality he did fight the whole class naked

>Hori is a Marvel drone
>latest movie features Klaw, who had his hand cut off and replaced with a prosthetic/sonic cannon

Take a wild guess

tintin is very european in a land of prude nips, makes sense

He comes off as hyperactive but without the autism.
>Imagine how fast he'd thrust into his lover

Is Tintin popular in Japan?

>the supervisor is Midnight

Calm down Fuyumi.

How would we know? Do we look japanese to you?

This one took longer than I was expecting.
Remember to check the md5:

Who would be the better genki autist lover, Inasa or tintin?

in the next poll he gonna beat Baku

Sex has got to be pretty freaky in bnha. Would vanilla be in such a minority that it'd be considered taboo? Also what kind of tags do people search for? I bet Mustard is into rape.

Popular enough for Hori to base a character off of him.

How much do you want to bet that la brava is actually the stronger of the duo


We all already know that. When the heroes arrived in one panel Gentle shit himself and called La Brava to do her shit.

My bet is her quirk is gonna be pretty powerful and she only is in the villian youtuber business because she loves Gentle

Shiggy. I doubt he'd go after Deku or Mirio without his crew; them two motherfuckers and Eri and under the supervision of U.A.The VA is still small and doesn't have the resources or people U.A. has. His first goal would be to get back his product, then after building a specialized team, hit Hero Society in a way that would allow him to get back Eri.

Show me a panel of Inasa being as hyper as Mirio and then we can talk

>all those amazing yakuza quirks we'll never see again because overslut jobbed hard

At least he would take from the better superhero universe and not DC.

prision break mother fucker

Who would've thought such an odd looking character could become one of best and handsomest boys in a manga full of good looking males? I swear I hated his eyes at first but now I find them great

We’re definitely seeing them again

Most of the Yakuza guys had shit tier quirks anyways. The only good henchmen were Rappa, Nemoto, and maybe Chrono.

Friendly reminder that reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight will win the Dekubowl.


>Mineta with tits


Hey now, don't forget the vagina

I mean, it's not wrong.

rappa is definitely coming back.

Inasa is so hyper he punches himself user

You're lucky I love my mom, also enjoy your ban.

I assume Shiggy's final test is breaking AFO out of Japans highest security prison, I assume AFO will pass on his quirk then.

their personalities are completely different
they both are short height, just that

Fuck off.

I feel like Horikoshi has really cool design and pretty down to earth art proportion wise making his manga really visually appealing.

I do wonder if the manga would be even better if he partnered with a good writer. Someone who could take his concepts and make them really good.

>loses quirk
>still has his handsome looks, ripped body and wonderful personality
my boy will be fine

Horikoshi really good at drawing characters

If you mean La Brava then fuck you she’s nothing like that boring irrelevant grape idiot.

Do you guys think we'll every get a "What if" storyline where Deku and Shiggy switch places?

rock lock arc soon

She died last year, what now faggot?

No, but I'd love to see a hero/heroic character with a quirk as uncontrollably destructive as Shiggy's.

He really has something for everyone



Fair point. Now, who's more ripped?

That's his style, he is a plain featureless every day joe that just wants to do good.

and that is what makes him so utterly best.

>tfw ywn see Shiggy with that huge bright smile

Nah, she's more passive/unexcited than cautious.

Bakugo kind of does have a point even if he goes about it in his usual spergy way; why the hell should 1-A be the ones trying to ease the stress of the other departments as if they have something to apologize for? It's not like they asked to be targets of the VA.

I agree with Baku's sentiment here, and I don't consider myself edgy.

It's not his point, it's his recycled observation based on overhearing the gen ed students which they others in 1-A didn't. He's just too spergy to explain that.


Why are you reading the shitty translations? MS was unironically better.

>Give meaning to a single scar nearly everyone missed.
>Put it in extras
Fucking Hori

Reminder that Mirio didn't instinctively move to protect a VERY obviously abused little girl from a clear threat to her safety and made the conscious decision to just let them go. Does it even matter that upon further thought he decided he should have done something, much later? That's bystander thought process. If you see that shit and saving the child isn't your immediate #1 priority, you are NOT cut out to be a hero. There literally isn't a clearer-cut scenario to test heroism, even a normal person probably would have said fuck this shit I'm getting her outta here. He went colder than that.

>the villain is a literal youtuber out to get more views and subscribers
Something about this is so perfect.

Post proof.

He had a shitty mentor and he truly made up for it when he realized how gravely his mistake was.

But if you can't into long-term planning and only act based on impulse you're not cut out to be a human being, let alone a hero. You guys are just autistic.