ITT: Post the one show you absolutely hate with a passion

ITT: Post the one show you absolutely hate with a passion.

And I dont mean post something ironic (bait) or infamously bad. No, i mean that one single show that makes you feel physically sick every time you think about it.
I'll start.

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I'd contribute to your thread but you already posted mine

Sword Art Online
Attack on titans

I only finished it this weekend. The only character I like was shinji

Have you tried not watching shows you don't like?

How can you know you won't like it? You watch some episodes and then drop it because it's shit

I was forced to watch Re;zero. And also sometimes you start hating a show after you finish it and think about it for a while.

Yes. I did that for Re:zero. I thought it was shit, but it doesn't bother me.
Go cry to whatever faggot tied you down in front of it then.

I have a few.
The show I hate the most is Ef a tale of memories.
Shows I also hate alot are NHK, UBW, narutaru and oreimo.

Truly and honestly, my least favorite anime of all time is Coppelion.
I can’t even get through a hate watch, it’s THAT bad.

Thing is: Is Rem still sleeping?




Oh, is this the "I have shit taste thread?"

You sound like gay.

I like to ironically hate things too, user.

Nice bitter samefag.

>Sword Art Online



I watched it for 35 episodes and dropped it for being boring piece of shit

I then waited a few years and thought that people praise it so much it might just have been that I didn't get it back then. So I watched it again for 35 episodes before dropping it for being a boring piece of shit

same here


Fuck, I was literally about to post this and the thread just updated with yout post. I even thought it was my post and I accidentally sent it.

inb4 samefag

This dumpster fire.

Only reason I kept watching this is because the girls were hot.

This and Phantom were straight up bad.


Yuki Yuna

HxH. Mostly because of its fans here. Before that I was just thinking it was kinda bland but not without its own merit. Now I hate it with quite a passion.

Read the manga, you idiot

Madoka. And im not joking. I used to kinda like it the first time I watched it, but after rewatching it recently, I can see that it is one terrible show. It sucks on every aspect. I hate how normies praise it and I hate that fucking dark magical girl sub-genre it started.

Hisoka got >666 lucky guy

meet me irl. i fuck you up

Hey satan.

But really, sometimes fanbases ruin what would otherwise be an alright show. I know I hate everything fate related, because once you mention it, you are in for 7 different types of cancer.


Bokurano sucked too. All this author knows is how to write edgy, child victimization torutre porn. All of his works are just bad.

its hard to believe but two of those in the pic are supposed to be men

>hating something because of the fanbase


Darling in the Franxx but only right now because the threads are so awful
I lurked them a bit, trying to see if the show has substance or if its just waifushit and guess what it is

Feels like the show consists of fillerso that the main girl can have her 1 scene people can make webms of

I always thought that Fate is this kind of a "so much anime it hurts" show, where the plot is convoluded but makes no sense, every chacracter is stereotype for masturbating it's too cool for school in every way it can possibly be. Never seen one single episode or played the novels.

>i-it becomes good at episode 3485 you dipshit!!!

no show but the Steins;Gate filler movie makes me mad. Especially because everyone seems to love it although the story makes no sense. It's probably because of muh feels.

That's because you've watched it wrong. You don't have to take it seriously. Think of it as a black comedy. I remember watching Madoka and Mirai Nikki when I was depressed and feeling down and it was the best fucking experience ever.

Would faggots be a better term to describe them?
That is my smallest gripe with the show.

Kill la Kill


I like that one monologue Okabe has about time travel. That one scene does what Re:zero did, but 100 times better (in a few minutes).

It was a trainwreck but why would you hate it?

Fuck this piece of shit so hard. I was SEETHING for 4 straight days after I finished it. There's literally nothing redeeming about it and I wanted to kill every character in it. Everyone is such an irredeemable cuntbag that I sided with the antagonists of the series. I really wish that mother fucker would have gotten his shit stomped in. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Butt y?

I hated Re:zero as well but I dropped it pretty early on, same with Gate. Last time I hated a show a lot but watched all the way to the end must have been Seed Destiny, come to think of it.

I hated the first part.
I liked the others.

>Gets me hooked with the anime.
>Read the manga.
>The manga is sub par.
>10 years and 90+ chapters worth of build up for the kiss.
>They never kiss.
Fuck this shit.

His superpower is wanting to kill himself.

>Lord of the flies stretched out to 10 hours
>In the last episode they all get back on the ship with each other

That's a weird interpretation

Madoka and all the other shitty shows it spawned such as YuYuYu, Raising Project and Symphogear.

how about you watch the show before you make stupid opinions about it

The hell does Symphogear have in common with Madoka besides the MCs having the same seiyuu?

Vividred Operation and Twintails, God knows why Cred Forums lapped up such garbage you can't even enjoy it if you knew it was a pile of shit to laugh at it, It's just garbage cliches on garbage cliches with uninteresting characters and banking off shitty gimmicks to make easy sales.

my and your pic related, also digmon tri.

Not yet, what series do you like?


Fuck, I meant Day Break Illusion, not Symphogear.

You have such shit taste even in the DiTF threads.

Why do Franxxfags sounds just like the 13 year old fanboys of celebrity youtubers?

People who don't watch and actively hate a show because of supposed thread quality are equally childish.

I will never not be mad for wasting my time on this, it didn't even make a good comedy. It was just awful.

These make for a great watch, with Daybreak Illusion as one of my favorites.

YuYuYu is great, you pleb

Your favorite anime.

I can't even begin to imagine what an absolute singularity of garbage your taste must be.

>let's make these cute girls suffer a lot, you're supposed to feel bad for them 'cause they're cute
>but don't worry, once we're done masturbating to the cute girls' suffering we'll have a deus ex machina fixing it all and making the rest of the story meaningless

It's the same fucking shit as Madoka.

Cred Forums forced me to watch RE:Zero, i'll never trust this board again

Didn't one of them literally sacrifice herself for a somewhat "happy" ending?

Cred Forums shits on good anime because "muh iconoclasm" and circle jerks shit anime because "muh irony"

She was brought back in the movie, so even that didn't amount to anything in the end.

I had discerning enough taste to drop it at ep5, thankfully

Monster is wildly overrated

So you're only allowed to make characters suffer if it's going to result in a grimdark ending where they all die? You're not supposed to feel bad for the girls just because they're cute, they grow up and develop as characters because of the shit they go through.

Also YuYuYu's deus ex machina ending is not where the series ends, it gets explained and brought to a proper closure in S2.

Fuck you; Bake is one of the best anime of the last 20 years and I'm not even memeing.

that shit got me so mad!!!!!!


Naruto and Dragon Ball

I'm still mad.

People who hate people who hate things for supposedly invalid reasons are equally childish

>So you're only allowed to make characters suffer if it's going to result in a grimdark ending where they all die?
Suffering has to have lasting consequences. look at re zero and Berserk for example. In Berserk, Guts suffers a lot. He looses his hand, eye, friends and his girl is raped insane. The rest of the story deals with his losses and uses it to give him character development. Now look at Re zero. Subaru gets maimed, all his friends get killed, but none of that really matters. He just goes back to where everyone was alive and well, and fixes everything. No consequences. Same with other victimizing shows. All the suffering the characters went through, is rendered void thanks to some bullshit time resets or something. No consequences = no reason to care.

I watched that piece of garbage after a bunch of friends and anons recommended it to me. I should have known that it was going to be an SAO type situation again except this MC is even more garbage. I also can't stand how the "best girl" which gets spammed to oblivion on these boards is a soulless piece of shit with zero personality. If that's all it takes for people to worship someone, then anime is a dead medium.

Did you read the first chapter, or not even that, and then assumed what it was about due to Cred Forums threads?
I think even then it is kind of a stretch. Not talking about the quality of the manga, I don't think that's relevant here, I do mean the description doesn't really fit except very tangentially because he miss uses his power at first and damages himself.

Not that user, but it's a decent chunk in before he starts to "not kill himself". They most likely dropped it before that happened.

Huh. Worst girl makes best cuckold.

How much of Cred Forums relates to the self insert?

Kirito was bland. Subaru on the other hand makes me want to kill myself, every time he does something. How does one create such and appalling and unlikeable character?

This thread is gay.

Rem is such a bland character. She just goes from "I want to murder you" to "i want your babies" in the span of few episodes. Her character is just that, crazy psycho to shock the audience and a loyal dickhungry waifu to please the audience.

Wanna see something even gayer? go have a look in the mirror

Damn I was too late. I also hate Monogatari I don't get the appeal. It looks like some generic shitty pedo bait anime.

Fucking Christ that show makes you feel everything.

But that's why I rank it in my top 5.

There is a heavy diference between killing yourself and hurting yourself. You hurt yourself when you drink or smoke, you kill yourself when you run out of alcohol and cigarettes and the weight of the world starts hanging on you again.

How to ruin a fucking series in one simple move.

Pic related

I agree with you user, but we know what he meant. Besides with the way he hurts himself I thought he was going to die too at one point.

Not to mention sometimes its just the same day when everything happens

and he'll have a retarded monologue about he'll be better and learn from his mistakes, yet he never does or proceeds to do the dumb thing immediately afterwards

I don't dig nigger culture. I didn't find this show funny, cool or chill. I didn't care about the characters and the soundtrack. The story was also shit. I hated its episodic nature. It just didn't invite me to continue.

Completely valid when you hate a show for a goddamn thread, and one that you haven't watched. There's no supposed.

What I hate most about Subaru is how he flip flops between like four different characters. He is supposed to be this egotistical, disgusting neet, who sucks at fighting (if his opponent is even mildly better than avarage) and acts like an obnoxious jerk. Then he sometimes changes into a completely different Subaru, who is loveable, charming, a friend to all children and a white knight. Then he becomes a traumatised, broken victim, who throws autistic tantrums. That only lasts a short while before he jumps back into being either of the first two options. And finally there is the generic LN protagonist action hero Subaru. Forget that he sucks at fighting, suddenly he is a badass who can pull of your avarage shonen hero feats with ease. And he just keeps flip flopping between those different and contradictory personalities all the time. It feels like bad writing. Like the author was too afraid to stick with one personality. He didn't keep Subaru as an weak asshole neet or traumatised wreck, because he was too afraid to alienate the normalfags. Thats why he also forced in a good guy Subaru and a generic LN action hero Subaru. Consistency be damned!

Honest to good would have loved that as a plot point, but It would had taken a completely different manga and probably magazine; Plus deku is actually likeable (to some, me included).

I understand what he meant; probably just don't agree much, but regardless, I must accept I was being stubborn and one post was more that enough on the subject.

Violet Evergarden.

Not because of the story or the content or anything, but because they put an insane amount of effort into animating a TV series that looks better than plenty of movies and then they dumped a fucking fog filter over it and cut off each end of the color spectrum. What a waste.

Made in abyss. Anotner edgy show like Re zero, that baits people in with the edge and mystery (like attack on titan did back in the day, and we all know how that turned out.). Aside from the edge, the show is terribly mediocre and not worth the praise.

SAO Abridged.

Yes the source material itself is a mistake but the parody is extremely pretentious and obnoxious. Doesn't help the people who like it are pretty stuck up their own ass and probably like Boku no Hero Academia

The one isekai about the kid with the smartphone. It's everything i dislike about anime in one.

I hate anime with a passion.

I thought Kyoani would be above magic academy battle harems but i guess not

This and Umaru.


it was a 7.5/10 for me, but if hip hop wasnt involved it would have been an 8.5/10

Code Geass, and Haruhi.

If it had more plot and less nog-"culture", it might have been a better show. Watanabe is such a westaboo, and the only reason his shows are popular, is because he shills to the west.

How the hell did I forget code geass. Thats show was a lot of things: unoriginal, gay, trainwreck, retarded etc. Can't believe that I used to kinda like it. Now every time I see it, it just gets worse.

Oh god no. This is a framchise killer right here.

I would have liked deku and BnH more if they went with the original concept of him becoming the #1 hero while being quirkless using wits and gadgets instead of having the best ability in the world. His complaints about being quirkless would have meant something, but that got dropped pretty quickly. Same with using his notebook to remember techniques and how to deal with some people.

Yeah, or his quirk should have been his high intelligence. They switched put his brains for brawn. Now all he has to do is punch hard enough.

Lucky me, this was from back in the early days of digi-subbing, and after two or three episodes, the subs stopped. Then I didn't care about it anymore.

Not really true, but whatever helps you sleep at night, kid

That anime was a rough ride, but I like how different it was when shit got real. The main character really changed a lot, which is normally pretty absent from most anime.

This was really depressing for me.

I didn't think I'd see something in this thread that would actually upset me.

Good job.

If you ask around the SG threads you'll see people shitting on the plot.


Anything by Shaft.


You heard me stupid crab


>Ctrl+F "Kuma Miko"
>0 results
I don't think I have ever been so assblasted at an anime.

Fuck this guy and his awful show that everyone loves because it has tits and shounenshit. Could not stand it.

I dropped this shit at volume 7, and the anime in the second season.
It's blatantly wish fulfillment, but the fanbase get mad when you call it that.

take your pick

>worst pick comes from satan
it rhymes

>All monogatari garbage after Bake
>Reedit Zero

The rest are mostly characters, not the show itself.

Is this an official thing or some youtube shit

Het is way worse.

Subaru went through consequences for his actions, he just didn’t get to keep his physical scars (which makes him depressed in one episode as a central conflict). Besides, Subaru learns that he can lose people through resets when Rem gets eaten; meaning some misery is permanent. Your post makes it obvious you didn’t watch the anime anyway.

Are you fucking kidding me? Different my ass, this shit was an unoriginal mash up of stolen ideas. What you meant to say was: I like how edgy it was when shit got real. Also, there are good main characters, who actually change during the show, and then there is Subaru, who doesn't change a bit. By the end of the show, he is still the same annoying and badly written piece of shit that he was in the begining.


First of all, go fuck. yourself. I did watch the anime and it was the most traumatic experience in my life. This show was insulting my intelligence, repulsive in general and just a pain to. sit trough. And get the fuck out of here with your "consequences". What always happens is:
>his friends die in edgy ways,
>he gets mutilated in an edgy way
>he tries. again and fails
>he is depressed for a few minutes
>all of his depression and ptsd goes away after he sleeps in the lap of one of his waifus.
>He is back to the same cheerful Subaru that he always is.
No consequences whatsoever. And I haven't read the LN because I would rather have anal sex with a red hot fireplace poker, than touch any more of re zero. Also, Okabe from steins;gate went trough the samr shit, but his ptsd was actually well written with actual consistent consequences.

I hate YOU with a passion.

>hey lets make an interesting world and then never flesh it out or add any meaningful backstory
>hey lets introduce interesting plot threads and then ignore them all for melodrama
>hey lets make every character the least interesting character
>hey lets spend multiple episodes hyping up 5 minutes of action
>hey lets have the worst dialogue and pacing imaginable
Maybe the manga is better but I sure as fuck have no interest in reading it

ano hana

Yes. I still can't wait for the butthurt during Season 2

Are you still spamming that after getting BTFO'd? Did you even read the Arc?

7 hours later and you still have shitty edgelord taste

kek maybe dont look at all the shitty parts and just watch and for yourself. just because an anime starts off *average* keep in mind, doesnt mean that you shouldn't even bother.

Bring back ghost banri

Your posts are insulting the intelligence of anyone who reads them. His happy moments were clearly parts of his delirium as he tries to recover after getting mentally destroyed from each death. This is seen in Emilia recognizing that when Subaru acts strong and cracks jokes he is also close to emotionally collapsing pretty quickly. He also fucks up socially with everyone when he betrays Emilia and goes to the selection. You are either underage or putting weak bait.

I was waiting when someone would mention this.

I didn't know people could hate such a basic show so much.

But I watch Franxx. I think it’s okay and complacently average.

Franxxfags are legitimately retarded though.

>"Cred Forums isn't contrarian!"
lurk moar fag



they didn't kiss because the exchange of saliva would be so powerful it would literally fuse them into one being.

>excessive dialogue
>every episode is pretty meaningless aside from setting up the grand finale
Sure, but I'll be damned if the payoff wasn't sweet though.

I wonder if reddit still worships this anime?

Alright i get Sao
but why Aot? sure it starts out kinda shitty and the fabase is terrible but it actually gets good around seaon 2/chapter 50 desu

I legit thought the same thing for years until I eventually got bored and said "fuck it, lets see what the buzz was" and now its my favorite series

I will never be able to unwatch this atrocity.

How are they going to animate season 3 when it will be strictly politics?

It must suck to be you, user. I've rewatched the show a few times and still enjoy Geass so your attitude makes me shrug.


>being this retarded

Never once found this funny and the manga seriously pissed me off

its not that I dont like it. Its just that its entertaining in a bad way

of course you faggots are autistic. You wont have the patience to watch non-seizure inducing bullshit

fucking this.

every fate/ ever

pic related worst anime I've seen so far

dude asspulls lmao

The only good scene in the series and it was ruined

Does this make you an ass-man?

i didn't hate anything before this season. now it's "garbage in the shitxx"

Dragon Ball Super. I am personally ofended by it. I don't know why Toriyama complains about DBE when DBS shits even more on its characters.

Ironically enough, Cred Forums is currently shilling one of the worst shows I've watched in years.

I know those are two ugly fucking dudes on the left

Chicken dinner

This garbage. I still don't understand how this boring shit got a second season.

Yes it does.

If an anime starts shitty and I have to watch a hundred of eps so that it gets good means it's shit.

real patricians read the wiki to catch up to the manga where "it gets good"

A lot of normies claim this is a god sent anime and it's the best. It sickens me that this show is even rated so highly when it's very mediocre in my eyes.

One Piece

the heroin eyes anime

This. Gatari are unironically bad story-wise. Good graphics, good voice actors, but absolutely disgusting plot.

cest tres plus profond pour tois

Its just that after watching actually good war anime like LOGH, and actually good mecha anime like UC Gundam shows, it's impossible to consider Code geass good. The flaws are too many and too obvious.

Re zero is a modern day pleb filter. People who like it are tasteless casuals and people who dislike it are critical thinkers.

>How are they going to animate season 3 when it will be strictly politics?
I dunno
that arc was great though

I could never get into this show all my friends tell me how good it is but I was so bored watching the first 2 episodes

This is not an another shitty isekai, believe me user!

This series with the anime, manga and LN are pure horseshit.

Damn, someone was faster. Hate this capeshit. Hate it even more because normalfags and fujos praise it as the second coming.

Don't really get this. He starts out as a disgusting neet, but after being isekai'd he sees it as his chance at redemption. So for a of the time he's putting on a face to try and please the people around him; especially near the beginning. He becomes the autistic tantrum throwing shitbag when something happens to piss him off, because he's quick to anger and feels he's owed something from the people he's helped out. This goes back to his habits as a shitty neet and perception toward this new world in general.
Shonen Subaru rarely actually does anything actual shonen protags do. The hardest thing to believe that he does is when he stands on top of the White Whale's horn or whatever. Otherwise he never really beats anything; he just risks his life a lot, which is probably a bit easier for him than most other people.

I dunno, I hear a lot of complaints about Subaru's character but honestly I think he's pretty well written. I found myself relating to and empathizing with him more often than is probably healthy. I feel like it's hard to put yourself in his mindset if you never really pushed yourself to "win" a girl out of your league as a teenager and failed miserably. He's an extremely emotional person in extreme emotion provoking situations and that's obviously going to lead to these "inconsistencies". I guess like anything how one takes it varies from person to person, but for me it made him more believable rather than less.

Didn't come around to truly hating this one until I watched the last episode and realized that the 11 episodes of info dumps and cowtits were for nothing.

Is reality too harsh to be accepted?

Not him, second half ruined the whole thing.

Correct OP, it's that show. It pisses me off to the core with how blatently it tries to be edgy and caters to teen edgelords.


For being condescending towards viewers and a masturbatory exercise for content creators.

And i'm curious to what you do like because this is one of the best

This thread is just people hating on shows everyone else loves because they dont like the fan base. Hardly anyone gives legitimate reasons why it is bad. And when they do, they are stupid and flawed reasons.



It's a coinflip between Steins;Gate and xgatari. Both are incredibly boring and I regret forcing myself to watch them for as many episodes I did because friends were really into them.

>getting this defensive

Most anons are 16yo sadboys not suicidally depressed shut in neets


I did not agree with it's messages, and I hated the main girl.

Well, I like what I like. LOGH, Eva, Berserk, GITS:SAC and etc for example.

So people are not allowed to hate what you like?

Every single anime ever made, you should all kill yourself for being such miserable and useless weebs.



I haven't watched Re:Zero, but in Madoka and YuYuYu's case they did end up with lasting consequences, it was just approached in a different way.

Madoka sacrificed herself so that the time reset thing can happen, it's all back to normal, but she doesn't exist in this new world anymore and Homura is the only one who remembers her. I prefer to just ignore the Rebellion Story movie because it connects so poorly to the TV series' ending it's not worth bothering with.

In YuYuYu one of the girls dies in the prequel and stays dead through the rest of the series. When they manage to kill the gods who were going to destroy what was left of their world, the good gods who were been powering them up, protecting the world they've been living in and basically providing free supplies, give what was remaining of their energy and die as well. As a result, they're now living in a world that's mostly in ruins and with limited supplies since there's no gods to give them free shit now.

>Ctrl + f "SAO"
>Only 3 results

Is mother's basement the only faggot who still says it's the worst thing of all time?

SAO is old news. Everyone and their mom knows it sucks, so saying that you hate SAO is kinda redundant.


Yeah, look how kids are defending a show that is on the same level as elfen lied or mirai nikki (pure edgy trash). But for some reason, kids think that blood, gore and torture = deep and mature. Like the second that edgy ''bowel hunter'' chick showed up, I died from laughter and couldn't take that show seriously anymore. At that point I knew that this was going to be another edgelor anime with an angry teenage fanbase.

Dramatical Murder OVA
A boring show with some gay undertones, but the OVA was something else.

Re:Zero and Overlord are probably the best written stories in the recent years.

Makes sense there will be so many haters.


Read the LN.

I can still enjoy Overlord as a guilty pleasure because it's not cringy as fuck like re:zero

The real overrated trash is/was Konosuba (don’t see much threads anymore). Certain characters just disappear from the story altogether to probably maintain the balance of the three main girls and the anime was DEEN. The author admited in an interview he had no idea where to take the story and it shows badly. He’s just reusing plotlines of stealing shit from nobles or having a romance scene where the characters decide to hold off development for the next volume.

First show i ever dropped

I don’t want to read about lizards and their giant filled arcs.



filename relevant

That's not a bait, my friend, it's the hard truth. We are all miserable people.

Yeah, Overlord is more openly childish. A big overpowered skull-man wants to take over the world with his super loyal overpowered minions. Re;Zero on the other hand is immature edgefest, but really wants the viewer to take it seriously.



Can't limit myself to 1, sorry.
Monogatari (every series of it, fuck it all)
Monster Musume

All of these series either don't deserve their hype and have annoying fanbases or they just plain piss me off for certain reasons.

Care to elaborate?


Attack on Titan
Gurren Lagann
Boku no Hero Academia


A sequel has been announced? Amazing if legit. Lets wait and see how it turns out.


Is RE: Zero the worst anime ever? I know this is a phrase that is thrown around a lot as a kneejerk reaction when you don't like some show but I think there is a legit case for RE: Zero.

It's not that it has low quality or bad animation, it's because it's probably the most boring show i've ever seen, and for someone over 30 yo that has seen a ton that's quite the feat.

How do people even find that show good

>Over 30
>Still watches cartoons

Grow up.

ever since this aired this board has gotten much worse

oreimo, fucking incest fags go die faggots

So is this entire thread "this fandom told me to watch it and now i hate it because of the fandom"? At least make good points on why you hate it so much.

Does overlord have a story? It is just OP MC fucking around in exceptionally generic fantasy world.

IT'S SO BAD! Why do people like this poorly done, bad imitation of an already garbage show (AOT)? I'll grant you that at least the characters look good, and it had good animation. But the setting is a bland gray blob, the story is deviantart fan fiction at best, and the characters are all one dimensional tropes. It doesn't even have enough integrity to be internally consistent with it's own retarded logic. The way he transforms makes no sense. He choked himself, and burned the poison away which somehow blocked all of the toxins to reach his head (that's not how it works), and then shot himself with a nail gun because he needed more pain to get his dick up. It's blatant BDSM degeneracy. Don't even try to explain this, you'll lose neurons in the process. inb4 just don't think about it, it's just a fun ride! Well I had no fun. Fuck you for liking this.

I also take back that the characters look good. The women were attractive but the MC's character design is atrocious. Also I forgot to mention that everything in this show resolves with muh WILLPOWER. Fuck this show.

I hate most of gainax's obnoxiously animated shit but this is the epitome of their annoying style

sasuga shit taste

>using cancer meme to tell people that what they like is cancer

It was boring as shit and I can't believe anyone would actually like it past gothloli

All of these except for eva

Fucking this shit.
>show about a tsundere angel
>doesn't have a single dere moment in the entire show
>just the same 'joke' over and over again
>even the very last scene of the final episode if mc walking into his own bedroom and seeing her in her underwear. She kills him and revives him in a fountain of blood
>they could have just taken that scene and repeated it over and over for 6 hours. It wouldn't have made any fucking difference, and they could have saved a ton on animation

this was very comfortable to be honest

You sound like you'd you're first taste of contrarianism. Don't get me wrong, I mostly agree with you, FMA:B is a 7/10 show but I don't hate it just because it's usually most people's first and favourite Shonen

wait, someone watches this for other than masturbational purposes?

your taste is shit

>the manga seriously pissed me off
Why? Don't like femdom?

finnish flag on her blonde tits

confirmed mongol

its been a while since someone this stupid has achieved quads

you need to watch more shows

I have seen a lot of anime. Here are the ones that I hate:
Ef a tale of memories
Elfen lied
Made in abyss
Full metal panic
SDF Macross


Suck my dick, Kabaneri anus licker.

Attack on Titan, I don't know what it is, but everytime I start watching it, the art-style gives me the fucking creeps.

>why care about the suffering of others if they just come back anyway???
Alright user, sure, you do you, but not everyone thinks that way.
Also consider that later in the story they acknowledge the possibility that he's not even resetting anything, but actually just leaving behind a broken world to try again in a different one.
>Mirai Nikki
At the very least Re:Zero should get points for being reasonably logically consistent and having some level of world-building.

Why do so many people have these autistic fits where they have to place a story beneath them? It's fine to express why you dislike something but this authoritative tone on opinions shit is actually annoying.

>Read the LN
Any clue where one could find a digital copy for LNs (paid or otherwise)? Don't have the space for actual physical copies.

Shit taste SZS and Arakawa are great.

This is the only show I can say Cred Forums 'tricks' people into watching. 90% of its value rests on shitposting from 06/07. Anyone newer is just going to be presented an incredibly over-the-top train-wreck.

Posted exactly one of the reasons.

The japs haven't made a better "teen conquers the world" yet, so it's still a solid watch.

One girls curves, anothers lack of curves.

It's a potent combo

The lack of Elfen Lied in this thread

Oh cool. A shit taste thread.

The biggest problem is its a dumb premise in the first place, especially if you try to play it seriously.

I hated the old "best friend becomes your enemy" trope.

>one single show that makes you feel physically sick every time you think about it.
You should go to the psychologist if that is the case, the worst part of this thread is the number of retards posting any anime created ever if you don't like a show just don't watch it and move on there are plenty of them to watch.

Stating series you didn't like and why is really helpful when choosing what to watch though.

I've watched something like 20-30 series based on findings here and so far they've almost all hit the spot.

Sure you have to sift through the obvious bait and preference, but i think it still has value.

Go to for that fucking faggot, then again the thread is about anime that makes you sick wich is stupid.


oh shit this show truly sucked

ITT: I'm an anime expert as you can see. Do I fit yet?


Someday I'll kill this loli

holyshit shit ; i forced myself to finish season 1

what a shitty show

Fuck this boring trash and its incomprehensible infodumps. Mahouka was disgustingly bad.


I want /m/ to leave.
I want reddit to leave.

The most overrated Gundam I've ever watched for sure. Half of the episodes were complete garbage.

>Go to for that fucking faggot
Why would i, when the things im looking for are right here? This is a board for conversation anime, and thats exactly what im going to use it for whether you like it or not.

So you visit bait threads to decide what anime should you watch? Nice IQ you got there. Also recomendation threads are forbidden in Cred Forums newfriend.

Pic related. I'm supposed to be part of the audience of this show I also used to swim, but jesus christ it was one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever watched. At least KyoAni delivered with the animation itself.

It was certainly a waste of time

I watched the entire fucking thing and the movie. I still don't get the hype. All the characters are annoying as fuck, even if they're meant to be - it just wasn't good.

Wow, we got a real boarding expert right here! Taking part in the conversation about anime regardless of thread is very informative in itself.

I don't care what your gatekeeping guidelines say about doing it right, im going to enjoy my stay regardless.

If it really bothers you, I think there is a filter on Cred Forums for spesific threads with certain words, that way you don't have to bear any frustration from these threads.

But I am.

I fucking hate this anime. Honestly, the artist should've just drawn porn.

Fate Stay Night.
Mostly because of him.

Stop reminding me of how much fun we used to have before the movie ruined its budget.
It's sad to see a whole community on Cred Forums die like this.
Remember the good times; like the Cred Forums sings during the run instead.
It'll always be known as wasted potential the show.

Honestly this show is trash.

03 was way better.

Starts off stronger but then goes off the wall

This is shit tier bait, i'm ashamed of even reading it. Why did you even post such a shitty, low quality, effortless bait?

>i think it's pedo so it's an instant 1/10

It was SO SHIT.

Is this enough of a reason to hate it, autist-chan?

If you're 18, you're already an adult.

And racist.

>I hate monogatari and don't get the appeal
>have never seen it
Welp user, it seems I found your answer

Ive seen objectively worse but Zankyou no Terror is my most hated

why did you even take the time to respond to bait?

I guess you like batman more that what I do. I can never seem to reconcile the level of battle on DC with what Batman is mean to be, seems laughable, even on that kind of medium.

Let us recall, though, that it is called Boku no Hero Academy, so the idea was always for him to join the school.

you made me angry, here's your (you)

Never got that. Maybe it's better than I thought.
Time to watch it again.

Is it because of ENGRISH?


faggot & nigger

ITT: Brainlets

PC the Anime.

shinji was a complete faggot

I hope he's a fag


That would still be shit. The whole problem is that the author changed his premise to make it as it's impossible to become a hero with no powers without adapting his world and characters.

It is a generic harem/ecchi show, but it has long stretches of dialogue so it's, like, deep and stuff

Is anyone but femdomfags able to enjoy this shit?

I fucking despise mirai nikki. I quite liked the pink haired girl but god damn did it suck. I hate edgy shit, I hate this whole "oh no how will we ever survive this" every fucking episode until one retard snaps and basically takes out everyone by themself and I hate how pretentious it was.

It's one of the only isekais with a good MC. If you claim otherwise, you're actually braindead.

Well then, I may be braindead, but I still have better taste than you.

Sadists and masochists.

This insufferable cunt

I hated her too. The rest of the cast were okay though.

I tried to like this one but it just got kind of grimy. The girl character barely did anything in the couple episodes I saw, either.
I might try it out again since apparently so many people say it's amazing but I dunno.

I remember liking that one, haven't watched it since it aired though, not sure i even watched the last episodes.

They say that it's amazing, because it has a scene where a little girl is bleeding from her eyes.

why though

only good character in this was homura but that's not saying much considering every other character was complete shit

Good fucking god Louise nearly ruined the series for me.

I tried three fucking times to watch this shit and I just could not find this interesting at all. It's shit.

i can't believe i bothered to watch this twice

The problem with Madoka is that it is just a one trick pony. The trick? Shock factor. First time watching this, you will be surprised and fooled into thinking that it is great. But try rewatching it. All of the shock factor is gone, and all of the problems are so easy to spot. Good shows get many times better with each rewatch, Madoka on the other hand, just falls apart.

basically my problems with it. I knew that there was going to be something shocking in it in episode 3, but I didn't know what it was. the show was just boring after that honestly