How does this happen?

How does this happen?

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meme magic became real

it's from a buu fight.

so did it end up just being Goku vs Jiren after all?

Vegeta and Freiza are out?

>Frieza out
Nah, he's gonna be U7's lifeline when Goku and Jiren do a double KO

Toei is so fucking lazy there's a good chance that by tracing and recycling any key frames you'll do more or less the same job.

Oh jesus



You realize DBZ and Super fights follow a similar setup and execution. You can find this very instance in basically every fight since Goku arrived on Namek.

It's more because Super shamelessly recycling animations every two minutes rather than fight choreography.

Vegeta was pushed through the same no energy scenario. Why he didnt awake UI? I know that the series is ending...but is he done as a character?

Kawaii Vegeta transformation seems to be an evolutionary dead end, a wrong path in the skill tree. Just like Super Vegeta to SS2. He truly fucked up. There is no recovery from this. I guess he can be happy he was on par with Goku for a few days but damn, Vegeta, you are a fucking scrub. 2 TIMES you got the wrong meme transformation

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It's not so much the choreography but more the story beats of a fight.

What the point of this new form when everyone knows that Frieza is gonna win the tournament?

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> yfw TOEI reserving a part of this masterpiece for the final episode

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>next episode
>official voice acting is in spanish
the meme circle would be complete

Kawaii is just his equivalent to Kaiokek.
In the manga they use Completed SSB for both Goku and Vegeta, anime gave Kaioken to Goku instead of Complete SSB so they had to give Vegeta an equivalent form which is what Kawaii is.

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