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You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, getting outta here is a delusion
Even a smooth Prince one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with the bullet that she bought
Nine millimeter kickin' thinking about what Benjamin gonna do to me

Bless Gon for freeing Pitou from her mortal shackles so that she could assume her true divine form. Freed from the slavery imposed by her life, she has become far more wonderful than morals can even conceive.


Pitou reincarnated when?

Nobody would care about Pitou if he looked like Youpi.

Her reincarnated form will be as Gon's sex slave

Pitou was irredeemable.


The queens' guards are directly allied with the queen in question and are used to spy on the lower queens and princes. As Rihan mentioned in the chapter, the 3rd Queen's guard had no loyalty whatsoever to the eighth Prince. A guard from Swinko-Swinko was even the one who killed Momoze.

Pitou's character arc made her the most human of the royal guards, though. Her initial animalistic traits slowly turned into compassion and genuine care for the human her king cared for. She was almost motherlike in the way she tried to defend Komugi when Gon showed up. Her design developed alongside her character, matching its growth

The last HA was a slapdash affair where most of the Princes sent some guards to become Hunters. They'll only be considered Hunters for the voyage, after that, they're done. I think that's what you're talking about. As to why, it's because as Hunters they have more mobility in traversing the top deck, specifically entering certain rooms.

her? she?

simply obeying orders, no emotions towards humans were involved
in fact that lying bitch got what she deserved for not telling truth

fuck off, Satan

Speaking of manipulation, could Blaise control Meruem if she got the kiss in?

Only if Meleoron and Zushi tagteam her.

People say this, but for my part, I disagree with one exception. When she defended Komugi, it was because of the King's orders; the child was precious to the King, so the child was precious to her. It's like when Knov said the King can wave his baton and change the guard completely. Since it was her mission to defend Komugi, I don't count that as character development. If the King decided the order her to kill Komugi right afterwards, she would do it, no problem.

But, she does gain some kind of compassion because she apologizes to Gon about Kaito even though it doesn't benefit her in any way. So I guess that, at least, is some development. But I would argue that Youpi is the only one to have character development, because he formed his own opinions based on his own experiences. Of course, the guards are functionally immune to character development since the King could just say do the reverse and they would, so it's kind of moot.

Yes, much like APR is impossible to destroy

One face smashing wasn't enough for this shit character.

There's obviously more than just the order, he didn't order Pitou to protect Komugi after the healing but she did it anyway.

Given that reincarnation is a thing in this setting, I think that her having a chance at a life free from the shackles of being a chimera ant (and especially as a royal guard) to attempt to grow the traits that began appearing in her right before her life was put to an end would be fascinating. But I doubt it'll happen

Can someone post the picture with gon-san about to smash pitou and he turns around to say something philosophical and edited in, to killlua?

Because Pitou wasn't an autistic robot and understood that the King meant actually protecting Komugi, and not letting randoms kill her.

king ordered previously to deal with any kind of circumstances that could lead to harm done to her (crow bs)

What the fuck are you talking about? Pitou got disintegrated by Gon

You think Pouf or Youpi would have done the same?

>the pitouhater is illiterate
Not surprising at all desu~

Youpi probably would, if under direct order of the King. Pouf, no, because he was betraying the King, even in his own words. Pitou didn't hate the King enjoying a human's company, and since he ordered Pitou to take care of her, she did. Pouf actively hated the effect Komugi had on the King.

Pitou wasn't as stupid and literal as you, I guess.

Pouf would have loopholed out of it as quickly as possible while still rationalizing than he fulfilled the order. Youpi would have just sat around protecting her until ordered otherwise.

disintegrated is a word, faggot

no I mean you were incapable of reading my post, because you obviously think it says something other than what it does. Why don't you give it a more thorough read, and then read your response, and think about why it's obvious you're a moron.

I'll try to explain everything as best as I can. Copypasting part of another post.
>are the family guards formal guards for the queens that are allowed to go spy on the other princes, or are they just guards for the entire family and they just-so-happen to align themselves with one of the queens?
A family guard is hired by a queen and assigned to her own prince. Affinity with and loyalty to the prince may vary, especially if the queen has multiple kids and plays favorites. An example of high loyalty but low affinity is Sale-Sale's guard captain. He works for Swinko-Swinko and has Sale-Sale's best interests at heart through her, but Sale-Sale is happy to get rid of him for a few hours.
A spy guard is part of the royal hierarchy system, assigned by a higher queen to the prince of a lower queen. Zero loyalty to the prince, spies at best and assassins at worst. They aren't even included on the princes' staff list.

A queen's spies and normal guards are not counted together, by the way.

>The second thing I don't understand is why twenty of prince 2-5's buddies became hunters. It's because a hunter's license allows them to break certain laws? I would think laws are pretty subjective on this fucking boat to begin with, so I don't really get it.
They became affiliate hunters because cooperating/being in contact with the HA grants more privileges and ensures better security for their prince. Just so you know, they are not true hunters. They have temporary licenses which will expire when the expedition is over.

>or why Marayam didn't inherit Momoze's lone guard.
He did. It was either Vergei or Barrigen. The total count doesn't include dead guards.

Still doesnt make sense. Reincarnation never happened if we exclude the Ant Queen shenanigans. So how in the fuck would Pitou reincarnate?

Already settled science. All Nen abilities use Nen. All Nen can be resisted. Conditions only make your Nen more powerful, not irresistible. Even the tiny vocal minority of retard(s) who say she could control him if he let her kiss him will backtrack on their own argument if you point out the fact that not all conditions are good enough.

he still lives inside those threads

>it would nothing because he is too strong
this isn't dbz

Die in a fire, you autistic shitposter.

I think most people are wrong in regards to Pitou's development. She became more aware of herself, if anything.

All conditions ARE good enough. That's how Kurapika was able to completely subdue a master enhancer like Uvo.

When will you hxhfags move on to a better series?


>pic unrelated

>people still respond the shitposter who says that things only he believes are "settled science"
Stop giving the dumbpowerlevelfag (you)s already

When a better series pops up

He's right, though. Bisky, Morel and Knov all agree that in a battle between nen users there is no certain outcome

>All conditions ARE good enough. That's how Kurapika was able to completely subdue a master enhancer like Uvo.

So, since in your mentally retarded fanfiction, Shalnark can control Meruem if he touches him with his stick, another Manipulator could mind control everyone (incl. Meruem) by winking at them (since that is his condition). You said "all conditions are equal" after all.

>He's right
You're not right. Why do you even bother doing this? Your retarded opinion isn't accepted anywhere on the Internet. Not on Cred Forums, not on Cred Forums, not on 2chan, not even on the place where you came from. Literally your own brothers think you're an idiot.

>winking at them
Correct, but knowing nen, simply winking at them wouldn't be enough. It would need to fulfill other conditions, like you wouldn't be able to use your eye for 24 hours afterwards, you'd have to explain the ability, etc.

>Correct, but knowing nen, simply winking at them wouldn't be enough.
Do you even read your posts before you submit them?

The series has established there are minimal requirements for conditions for mind control, but has not established any requirements for it to scale against stronger nen users. Those scalings are inherent in the difficulty required for the original condition once against a stronger, more aware opponent

Thats retarded though, shoot hit youpi and his effect still worked. Doing as said in the poll would be retardly difficult but baise's ability if the conditions are met would affect someone even infinietly stronger than her and there is zero evidence in the manga to dispute that

>when it's not Hisoka vs Chrollo this is what you fags shitpost about all day long everyday
I hate all of you

>you guys
there's only one person that ever brings these things up, the problem is that too many people bite every time

Fine. Back to Pitou gender shitposting it is.

>shoot hit youpi and his effect still worked.
Because his ability does literally almost nothing in one application? He would need to touch Youpi about 70,000 times to beat him.

I bet the same turd who shits on Meruem is the guy who says cute catgirl Pitou is a man.

Please read chapter 210. Where they clearly state that depending on condition and environment, even a weak nen user can beat a master nen user

When was this ever stated in the manga or by Togashi? I just want to know

please stop responding to dumbpowerlevelfag

If shalnark was able to pierce Meruems skin, his ability should work. I'm just speculating but i'd say controlling someone uses nen, hence why illumi doesn't just go around turning the likes of ging, the zodiacs and his family into dolls since it would require a constant massive upkeep


It still worked and baise's ability would probably only for a few seconds or less n Mereum. The guy who cuts and eats peoples hair ability worked on bisky


He's actually right you literal baboon.

>All Nen can be resisted
How do you resist her ability then? Nothing in the story says that you can overpower a manipulator if they fulfill their conditions. Even the simple ones like "kiss the target to control them for a short duration".

Ya, and if you have good enough En, you can detect Perfect Plan, right? That's why the royal Gaurds were able to see Meleron, right?

This whole "can manipulation be resisted" is quite pointless, isn't it? I mean, everyone can state their opinion, but at the end of the day, no reasonable debate is possible due to our lack of knowledge. And "it's fun" argument really hardly applies, since the "discussion" looks the same every time, where's the fun in that?

honestly, to even give a serious answer to a guy using a poll as evidence is already overdoing it

What will Tubeppa's froggo do?

I'm convinced no one actually cares but keeps arguing about it because it's like a recurring meme or something

Irrelevant strawmanning that you posted just so that you could reply to yourself with this No one is denying that conditions STRENGTHEN your Nen or that weaker Nen users can beat stronger ones. What everyone is trying to explain to your ultra-autistic brain is that conditions don't make your Nen irresistible if you're using a subset of a subset of Nen categories.

By every single Nen teacher in the series, Morel stating that there are no absolutes in Nen, by actual demonstrations of how Nen works in the series and by Togashi himself as well.

>If shalnark was able to pierce Meruems skin, his ability should work.
Incorrect. His NEN has to pierce Meruem's skin. The sticks themselves are worthless piece of garbage if they don't carry his Nen. And his Nen will never make it there.

>How do you resist her ability then?
Meruem doesn't need to "resist" her ability, her Nen would get obliterated by Meruem's Ren before her lips parted his. Also, I replied to you three times in this post.

>wants Pitou to be relevant so badly that they wish for him to be reborn without of the trails that defined his character
The absolute state of Pitoucancer.

>not enjoying all great works of shounen.


The anus is on them to prove otherwise. Hisoka clearly said that if Chrollo touches him with Shalnark's sticks, it's game over. Just because I don't speak Japanese and can't verify the translation doesn't mean that I don't automatically win.

It's already stated that the will of the nen user is involved in the process.

For example an emitted nen beast would be destroyed if somebody attack it with enough power and the nen user that emitted the beast cannot fathom the idea of resisting the attack.
That was happened with the nen gorillaz in the dodgeball game.

On the other hand you have the little monster that Knuckles created that couldn't be destroyed by Meruem nen nuke attack.
So it's a bit fuzzy.

But we can assume that if a strong nen user could resist a nen beam then they could resist a manipulation technique.
It would be silly otherwise.

>When was this ever stated in the manga or by Togashi? I just want to know
>By every single Nen teacher in the series, Morel stating that there are no absolutes in Nen, by actual demonstrations of how Nen works in the series and by Togashi himself as well.
wow that's a great example user, you sure showed him

The entire point was the conflict between the human aspects they were beginning to develop and their initial any nature. Is it wrong to want to see how Pitou would turn out if given a chance at life to grow those human aspects? I already said I don't think it would actually happen.

Yes. I actually did. You being "ironic" about it doesn't change that fact.

Would be fun if Gon had a meeting with reincarnated Pitou only to end up killing her once more or at least trying to.

>His NEN has to pierce Meruem's skin
>Meruem doesn't need to "resist" her ability, her Nen would get obliterated by Meruem's Ren before her lips parted his
What makes you think her ability would get stopped by his Ren?

Gon is cancer incarnate. If I could kill Gon to bring Pitou back, I would do so without hesitation. Pitou is a much better person than Gon.

Nen ability with weak conditions
>Easy to activate/control
>Limited or specfic functionality
>Power output or length can be modified by amount of nen user has

Nen ability with difficult condition
>Difficult to activate/control
>Can cover a wide range of functions when conditons are met
>Usually alot of blowback on the user (eg Pika Kastro had to focus hard to make a working clone)

No, you didn't

It's the same shitposter with the same arguments and I just wanted to see if anything changed.

>Also, I replied to you three times in this post
Calm your paranoia Patreak.

>her Nen would get obliterated by Meruem's Ren before her lips parted his
Prove that this can actually happen because not once in the story has a manipulator tried to control someone and had their "aura obliterated".

>It would be silly otherwise.
No it wouldn't, manipulation is stated to be able to do something and it can do it. Just like how you CAN create an indestructible nen beast with emissions. Manipulation abilities CAN control anyone who falls victim to the technique. Nothing about how Manipulation has changed since it was fleshed out in York Shin.

All Nen can be blocked by your Nen. Unless you want us to believe that Meruem survived Netero's Zero hand because his ant carapace is so tough.

Rank the princes by how dead they are:
>dead as doornail
1, 2, 3, 4, 8
>only mostly dead
5, 7, 11
>Schrödinger dead
6, 13
>likely not dead
9, 10
>absolutely alive

At what point, in the entire series, has someone ever used their Ren to "obliterate" someone's aura and negate the effect of anything that isn't pure, physical damage? Hell, name one time it's even been implied you can do this

>All Nen can be blocked by your Nen
You can't block Hakoware from activating though. So is it just an unblockable attack as well as being indestructible?

Komugi's not a child.

She used an old fashioned way of proposing to someone when she told Meruem how happy she was to be with him.

I think you have a severe chronic disease that causes you to act this way. Most of the things you say dont even make sense and aren't even based on the manga.
A battle between nen users isn't decided by the amount of aura they have

>Incorrect. His NEN has to pierce Meruem's skin. The sticks themselves are worthless piece of garbage if they don't carry his Nen. And his Nen will never make it there.
Exactly, Shalnark would never be able to pierce Meruem's skin and therefore would be able to activate his ability but in the offchance he did then his ability would work (eg a gon lik aura powered up his needle)

make me huehuehuhueheuheuehuhe


>It's the same shitposter
>then he proceeds to bring up his mentally ill crossie drama
You're the worst shitposter that's been plauging these threads the last year or so.

>You can't block Hakoware from activating though
Because it's literally making you more powerful. It would be like your own Nen blocking your Enhancer Nen.


You can block/dodge Knuckle's punch. It only works by lending aura to someone else which is transferred by physically hitting someone.

Your shitty poll means nothing. Meruem would fall under her control.

holy fuck, can powerlevel fags shut up? and the last thread was going so well

She is clearly a child.

>Unless you want us to believe that Meruem survived Netero's Zero hand because his ant carapace is so tough.

Again, it doesn't matter if he can pierce his skin. He needs his Nen to get inside his body, but the Nen will never make it through Meruem's Ren. A Netero-tier Enhancer who focuses on enhancing sticks could almost certainly pierce Meruem with a stick (and then die).

It's comical that you decided to quote Morel, a Man that literally stated that you cannot decide a battle between nen users based simply on the amount of aura they have

>You can block/dodge Knuckle's punch
So let's just say he hit the target can they stop him from activating his ability? Saying you can dodge the punches like saying you can stop yourself from getting pierced by Shalnark's needle. Of course you can avoid the technique if you don't get hit.

>then he proceeds to bring up his mentally ill crossie drama
Hey I'm not the one who runs to the My Hero Academy thread to complain about people calling you out on your bullshit here. Do you still try to get the last word in when you're on a thread? Do you still talk about grapes and Momo?

Also you just admitted your statement is false since you cannot in fact, block hakoware if struck by knuckles.

The only ones I feel one hundred percent sure, absolutely positive, there's zero chance they can possibly survive, even if in the end there are several Princes that do because the system gets bucked, are Taithon and Cammy.

>Your shitty poll means nothing
Here's the best part, the one that makes your tears so delicious - I haven't made that poll myself. It was made a year ago by some other guy who was unbiased at the time, but now convinced that we (the majority of HxHfags) are right.

Not with that body.

>Hey I'm not the one who runs
I don't know what "running" a thread means but no one cares about your shit shonen general. Leave us alone you mentally ill fucker.

The nen system has a high minimum bar set for the difficulty required for conditions to control people, and in all the cases we've seen they naturally scale to be harder to accomplish against stronger, more aware opponents. There's no reason to think that the nen system allows any instant-win manipulation hatsus that you're arguing against. Non of the manipulators would actually be able to achieve their hatsus against Meruem to begin with, there's no need for additional nen powerlevel scaling. The only problem is that the nen system apparently doesn't consider synchronistic hatsus, which allows for some unbalanced combinations when things like perfect plan are brought into play.

I am the original guy that made the poll and actually makes most of the polls in these threads. I have not been one of those guys arguing.

Why are you quoting me there? I asked you to give me an example of someone using ren to "obliterate" someone's ability that isn't just damage. You then use Zero hand as an example... a move that is litterally a massive damage nuke

>if you have good enough En, you can detect Perfect Plan, right?
Youpi could see the blood dripping off Morel as it was leaving the area of effect.
A strong enough En might be able to sense the air being displaced by Meleoron, allowing the user to get a rough idea of his location without actually perceiving him.

>I am the original guy

If you had a strong enough En I think you'd be able to detect things like slight footprint indentations and grass being crushed and things like that.

Okay, random user.

>I don't know what "running" a thread means
You left out a word there patreak. Maybe fix that reading comprehension before posting again.

I can't offer any proof other than my autism is saving polls from various times.

I think Perfect Plan covers things like that, since birds couldn't notice being poked and other things.

>It's a power level-faggot spouting his head cannon episode

>You then use Zero hand as an example... a move that is litterally a massive damage nuke
No, dear brainlet. Zero Hand is a beam or pure Nen emitted from Netero's statue's mouth. It does not have the properties of nuclear energy. It is the single most obvious case of Nen being blocked by Nen (in this case, not completely blocked, about 5% of it got through and cause minor nonlethal injuries to Meruem).

She's small, short, and is still reliant on her family. She has only been playing Gungi for a few years despite the game being her entire life and how she helps support her family. How can you even argue that Komugi is not a child?

We've seen seen anyone control nen from within their body, noyl ever outside as shiled therefore working of what we've seen we can say its not possible to block an internal nen attack. For example why wouldn't silva just block the poison from the blade spreading round his body using nen

No, it's a mentally ill faggot having a tantrum because he cannot handle the fact that no one except 1-2 people share his opinon -episode. Aka your episode

Also Welfin noticing the smell vanishing when perfect plan was activated

Look at it like this, if Meleron was using Perfect Plan while within someone's En and his foot struck a pebble and the pebble subsequently fell down some stairs, the En user would be able to notice the pebble's movement, even if they couldn't immediately notice the cause.

>We've seen seen anyone control nen from within their body, noyl ever outside as shiled therefore working of what we've seen we can say its not possible to block an internal nen attack.

She's blind you retard, of course she would be reliant on her family

It doesn't change anything though. Manipulation not working is just wishful thinking.

>Manipulation not working is just wishful thinking.
More strawmanning. You're the one who's basically saying that Manipulation doesn't work.

>we've seen they naturally scale to be harder to accomplish against stronger, more aware opponents.
Not really though. I agree with you that the whole reason why mereum just won't be controlled because he would just kill them.

But the strictest manipulation techniques just require physical contact.

All evidence points to Komugi being a child. What possible evidence leads you to believe that she isn't?

>What possible evidence leads you to believe that she isn't?
Children aren't allowed to be so sexy.


What evidence? I'm not that user, but Komugi wasn't ever stated to be a kid, just an idiot that's too stupid to breathe and only has a single talent. She could easily be 16-18 years old.

You want to know how you're full of shit? There are plenty of other ant bitches in the sea who have to do that exact thing you want for Pitou, yet you could give a fuck less because you're sucking your waifu's cock so badly you deluded yourself into believing that one apology to Gon and an hour of submission (which was for Mereum's sake and not Kogumi's) magically overwrites the fact that he was a irredeemable monster that killed thousands of people in the weeks leading up to the palace invasion.

I'm glad that nigger's dead. Fuck Pitou.

Specific physical contact is a massive requirement in a nen fight though, and precisely why Meruem can simply murder any manipulator that triess to go after him. Manipulation is countered by strategic thinking and situational awareness as well as normal capabilities

Shut the fuck up already, all of you.

My memory is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure Komugi had a massive family and abusive parents, and she was the biggest money maker out of any of them. I think she also said she started 10 years ago or so. She also has big knockers so I doubt she's a kid.

>She's small, short, and is still reliant on her family.

That means nothing. Her being small and short doesn't mean anything, there are plenty of grown women that fit that description. And she's blind and not very bright so she can't live on her own.

In-canon says she was the last Gungi champion for 5 years straight. So she would have to been at least 10-13 years of age when she beat the previous champion factoring in the time it takes for her to learn the game and her nen ability to develop in response to her wanting to provide for her family. Include the fact that she is knows how to propose to someone and she's at least 19 or 20 years of age.

a kid wouldnt hold hand of a guy who she knew merely days before
she's an adult (like gon)

I am saying that it would work dude.

this really wasnt needed
at least we didnt got the shot of her trying to crawl around with her skull open like the guy she killed a moment before


It's hilarious how this one guy who shits on Hisoka non stop keeps posting this picture where Hisoka was talking about himself (objectively proven) because a bad translation is all he has.

No, you're saying that the Manipulation ability you like doesn't follow the rules of Nen, doesn't need Nen to work, doesn't need to even be trained in and all it relies on is "muh condition".

Fuck Shizuku, if not for her, Meruem would be dead in the first act.

What an utterly fucking pointless wall of text. It reminds nobody of nothing. Why did you even screencap your own word document?
Also, Genthru's bomb involves emission only when he's placing the bomb on people from afar via the explanation and when he's triggering it by 3thumbs connect.
It doesn't need to be emitted to explode when the timer runs out or to move the timer. It's just a bomb bro.
Everything else you wrote is pointless drivel - literally every HxHfag knows how those Hatsi (plural of Hatsu) work.

Gon fucked adult women, he's clearly not a kid.

Is this guy aware that everyone in Cred Forums HxH community thinks he's demented?

That's what fuels him

>Specific physical contact is a massive requirement in a nen fight though, and precisely why Meruem can simply murder any manipulator that triess to go after him.
I agree, I'm just saying that I don't think that people are jumping through bigger hoops to get their abilities to work. Even shalnark was able to handle a 1v1 situation until he realized his opponent was also using manipulation.

Now we have komugi autism on top of king autism wew

hunter x hunter is literally dragon ball done better what are you talking about

Can we get some Illumi autism going?

No, he refuses to believe it, see

They were innocent dates. They taught him a lot (about history, math and science, since no school on island) and only held hands at best. I think those people are called (instruction) maniacs.

I don't know who you are talking about but it's the Viz translation.
>No, you're saying that the Manipulation ability you like doesn't follow the rules of Nen, doesn't need Nen to work, doesn't need to even be trained in and all it relies on is "muh condition".
Because you think you can create Hatsu like that without training? Did Meleoron become visible when he faced Youpi because Youpi was too strong? Baise's ability would work, but she has no chance in hell to beat Meruem in combat.

If there was a sound based manipulator who had to make someone listen to an entire verse of his song to control them, would it be nen controlling the target or nen on the instrument causing a magic-like influence on the target

If you admit that the king would simply murder anyone trying to manipulate him, then its obvious that there is a bigger requirement against more capable foes. It's an indirect form of scaling


I never got my answer, again what is this supposed to be reminding me of? Are you making broad assumptions of people somehow completely forgetting the basic interactions of nen?

>I don't know who you are talking about but it's the Viz translation so therefore it's flawless.
Well it clearly isn't, since Hisoka's statement contradicts statements made by Togashi directly. It's clear that Hisoka is talking about himself and easily proven as well.

Can you repeat the question?

It doesn't require emission because the bomb exists. It's only transmutation and conjuration.
>They were innocent dates
Haha no. Obviously Gon is a virgin, but that's incredibly naive to think they were innocent.
>held hands

Shizuku will die alone in a pitch black room by the laughing clown.

Reminder that my waifu could beat up your waifu. Uh, unless like you pick Pitou or Bisky or something. And she probably couldn't beat Komugi at Gungi. But she's tough.

>contradicts statements made by Togashi directly
Where did he say this? Link

>since Hisoka's statement contradicts statements made by Togashi directly
Which one?

>It doesn't require emission
I said it involves emission when he conjures it on someone's neck. It obviously has to involve it at that point because you can only materialize your conjured object where your aura is. Once it's materialized, emission is no longer necessary. Read my post before you reply to it.

We all know that Komugi's a young adult like Neon or Pika. 2011 once again skewed people's perception

>Obviously Gon is a virgin
Not after he fucked Pitou's corpse.

>Obviously Gon is a virgin

I imagine it would use Emission and the music would be "infused" with Nen. Sort of like Senritsu's ability. If you Conjured an instrument that had the special properties of Manipulation, that would probably be different in theory but not in practice.

She can't beat Cammy!


as says, it's in the mango

Manipualtors manipulate emotions, something that can not be stopped by nen

She's 15 at best

The entire manga.

If that's fine for you, be that way.

I'd imagine it'd be like what Morel does with his smoke, meaning the pipe, or musical instrument in this case, is just a tool used to produce the smoke/nen

A 100% Ko punch, which Palm can comfortably do because of her protective hair armor, would decimate Cammy and blast her pathetic body into many pieces scattered all over the place. We don't know if the cat could fix that level of destruction, but I personally doubt it. You're dead meat, Camilla.

So you've got nothing

>Manipualtors manipulate emotions, something that can not be stopped by nen


Thank you for finally providing us with a retarded statement we can all laugh at together, "Muh unstoppable mindcontrol" faggot.

>Knov in Zetsu has his life destroyed by Pitou's fear inducing En
>Gon and Killua survive it because they were still shielded by their Ren, even tho it was weaker than Knov's

>The entire manga means nothing to me.

Yeah well, can't say I'm surprised. Then again don't you think it's kind of hypocritical of you to say this about a manga you've never read?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was Knov actually ever inside of Pitiou's en? I thought he just saw it approaching

Here's the manga for you, bud

He saw Pouf's en.

Komugi is obviously a young adult.

Knov never saw or touched her en up close, what he was scarred by was Pouf's en coming down the stairs. Right after Knov left, Palm showed up who was then bathed in Pitou's en.

That's a big cat.

The original Japanese text clearly implies Hisoka is talking about himself.

he basically acted like the white boi when approached by kara boga

>>Knov in Zetsu has his life destroyed by Pitou's fear inducing En
That was Pouf's en.
Palm was the one who got raped by Pitou's en.

Doesn't change the fact that he was completely destroyed by it whereas Killua and Leorio resisted it.

>the original text actually agrees with me, so its a shame neither of us are capable of reading it

For fucks sake you daft cunt! Nuke is used as a fucking saying. It means it for as lot of fucking damage, not that it has the properties of a fucking nuclear bomb. I asked you not to use a pure blasting move as an example of a Nen effect being used, as that's completely different then a manipulator or conjuror ability like Needleman or Chain Jail, and yet you didn't because their litterally is no evidence that such effects can be negated simply with enough raw aura

Who's that?

Cammy can use nen, so she'd protect herself with Ko, it wouldnt be strong enough to survive Palm's punch, but at least her body wouldnt get torn ino many pieces, so she'd be able to use her ability and instant kill Palm.
If you kill Cammy, you die!

Knov was in Zetsu, so man. That's 0% protection. Even a non-Nen user would fair better than a Zetsu user.

>Viz is the only person on Earth who understands the ancient Japanese language

Based on this stupid argument, there's nothing obvious about it.

He never was INSIDE the En. He just saw it on the stairs.

but merely seeing malicious nen was never implied to have direct effects. Wing describes being inside malicious nen as like being in a snowstorm without clothes, he never says anything about looking at it from zetsu

Exactly. That's why is a retard Gon and Leorio blocked it with their Ren (reduced its effect).

More from the manga. This one would not work on Meruem though because the antennas can't pierce his skin.

Can we please stop talking to powerlevel-kun about manipulator abilities? We have been going in circles for weeks now and he won't listen to reason. At this point, it's pointless

A coin appears out of thin air, let's not panic because clearly there isn't anything wrong with that.

You're presuming her ability can activate without being in Zetsu, which we don't know one way or the other. She could be using Zetsu just to maximize the damage or it could be a condition. Time will tell.
Regardless, a fully juiced Ko punch from a Chimera Ant-powered Enhancer is going to be pretty hard to defend against, especially since Palm can just keep on punching.

Give it up, you slag.

that's what I keep saying, but there's always people that bite anyway

We don't know if Emotions have the same limit as En. Emotions may be emitted around your Nen, so it was outside of the En range.

That ugly rat woman also emits her Emotion and I doubt her En is that big.


With how twisted Pouf is, I can't blame Knov for losing his marbles at just looking.

>More delusions / character talking about himself.

Why didn't Gon rescue Kite? He said he would rescue Kite no matter what.

>autistic shitposter's brain gets fried after reading this

Yeah, if I'm Ben's guard and Zhang and his beast are clearly my enemies, I ain't going to be touching something the beast spit out. I don't see any good coming out of it.

Yeah was a bit weird, does Zhang know about nen beasts yet

>Can we

Well can you do that, dude? Because if you stop disputing canon manga facts, no one else will do it.

Pitou was much scarier
Yupi would simply kill you, Pufu would ipnotize you but Pitou would fucking chop you up alive just for the lulz

>We don't know if Emotions have the same limit as En.
What the hell are you on about? Emotions aren't established to be a different force from Nen, Ren and En can communicate feelings.

Why wont he listen?

>Emotions aren't established to be a different force from Nen, Ren and En can communicate feelings.
I'm not saying it's different.

>tfw pitou will never dissect you for shits and giggles
why bother living

So, what do we think Musse is, Emitter or Conjuror? Based on his first bird, I would say Emitter since it looks like raw aura rather than something clearly defined. But his second bird, the one of Camilla, looks more clearly defined. And although only the user can see the second bird, that's not without precedence for Conjuration category. To me, it seems like Emission, but what do you guys think?

Completely wrong.

One of the most unsettling panels

His autism is just too strong. He also seemingly cannot accept that he is blatantly wrong

He does, but I don't think he knows about his own. More than likely though Ben's guard fucked up, especially since the beasts are based on the personality of the Prince. And from what we know of Zhang, he's magnanimous enough to give options and chances, but very prideful and easily offended. Looking at the beast's design suggests it being rigid in what it does.

He doesn't know as far as we understand it, but he already conditioned somewhat by Kurapika's information. But being a novice, I don't think he'll immediately think of it being malicious towards him.

Didn't Musse say that she was in a state of Zetsu to maximize the potentiality of her ability? Since the guardian beast feeds off her aura, she uses Zetsu to avoid that, so her cat can work at full strength.

Conjurations aren't seen if they're hidden with In. It's most likely Emission.

I'd say conjurer since his other birds looks conjured

>Cammy is locked up
>Simply leave her there without food or water
>She dies without her cat having the chance to activate
check mate cammy

To see Nobu dissected by Hisoka.

Knuckles emitted beast looks solid too though

>So, what do we think Musse is
Dead, hohohoho!

The page after this, Kurapika doesn't explain further because Coventoba and Slacker are the room and he asks Zhang if he wants to hear about it later. Then Zhang gives Pika his two men and they leave.

>mfw Trudeau was right all along

I can't wait for Fury to break every bone in your body after observing your Nen category so we don't have to argue about it.

We've been over this a million times already.
Her guards and Duazul know she's there, so they will get her out. If that's not the cause, then her guardian beast will do something

>the strengths of his control system... if satisfied his conditions, it's checkmate

Proof that Hisoka was talking about himself.

Eh, if people can be resurrected from being digested and reconstructed as a new species then I don't see why the cat couldn't still revive her.

Like I said, it could be to maximize damage and reduce the consumption of her Nen beast, but it could also be a requirement for her ability to work. We don't know yet, but that's something we should find out soon.

dumbpowerlevelfag you realize you've literally made a persona identifiable to everyone in these threads out of beliefs that only you are willing to defend, right? You're just another nuisance like Grapefag or Tierqueer or countless other general ruiners, the kind of people that are recognizable purely by the shit they say that's unique only to them and yet insist on spamming it anyway.

What type of husband or wife would the princes take if they won the throne for their king or queen?

Healing abilities in HxH haven't been explored very much, so god only knows. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Blythe and Healing Chain, and now Cammy's Cat.

Fury seemed such a brawl seeking edgy faggot at first but he's actually a very serious and thinking man. It's probably his eyes that disadvantage him, can't believe he still doesn't has a family.

>I've literally made a persona identifiable to everyone in these threads
Yes, you certainly did that. You shitpost more blatantly with this persona of yours so that you can pretend there's 2 people who believe in your headcanon.

But then Furykov would die

For what it's worth, Pitou did fail to bring Kite back to actual life after a decapitation, but his Number 3 Good Spin Mace might have had something to do with that.

there's far more than two of me, and still only one of you

Reminder that Cammy is a bad King, she'd have to birth countless children and she's already 30-something, while a male King can just sleep around.

Togashi is my cousin and he told me that Furykov can break every bone in someone's body without killing them because of nen.

Okay, go cry yourself to sleep again, shitposter

I fear for the poor bastard who will have to marry Tyson or Tubeppa if they win this succession war

>Togashi is my cousin
Togashi has no cousins. His father and mother were both their parents only children.

>actually thinking we haven't studied Togashi's family life

>you may have evidence, but I have strawpolls!


The Queen Phagogenesis is different. As it was explained, it was a case of old souls finding a new host to which I would assume had some trace amounts of the original body biological material. It was the only mechanism to which rebirth could work. I can't see the same happening for Cammy.

The ages of the Princes are mostly guess work. Since they all look so different, and because they have different mothers and thus several could have been born in the same year or some shit, it's pretty much impossible to guess anyone's age past Halkenburg who seems to be in his very early twenties. Zhang looks way older than Cammy, but he's younger by some amount.

I imagine the King would have foresight to ensure the future Kind wouldn't be a barren old spinster if they won. Besides, we don't know the effects Nen and guardian beasts and Kakin coffin tress has on the womb. Maybe Bisky could still conceive.

He's talking about manipulation in general. Not once does he specify himself.

>you may have evidence
You don't. Your last desperate piece of supposed evidence (what you projected it to be) was destroyed in this very thread. You have nothing at all.

>damage control

Uh, I meant by marriage. I'm really Naoko's cousin, but we're all very close. He talks to me all the time and tells me everything that is going to happen and wow it's cool, you won't see these things coming.

>I'm really Naoko's cousin
Well if you know her name then it must be true... how else would you know that

Probably because healing abilities are very hard to train. Someone would probably need extensive medical knowledge and to go through at least a few guinea pigs before they could construct a hatsu that's versatile and safe to use.
I imagine most healing hatsu are Specialization, because that's the "it just works" category.

If all you can do is pretend like there's no Universal mechanics for nen that the story is reinforcing with individual character dialogue (multiple instances). It's no wonder your brain is bursting at the prospects that manipulators can control anyone provided they get their conditions off.

At the point in which literally every manipulator, or person commenting on a manipulation ability agrees that it's game over if their ability connects. You lost the "unreliable narrator" argument.

It's no fun talking to a shitposter like yourself that can't even defend your points.

>I destroyed X evidence
You keep saying that, but you still haven't managed to convince anyone but yourself. At least you've learned to stop responding to me directly. If other people could figure out to do the same for you I'd be very happy

Just watched her dubbed debut, it was cute.

How did someone like Togashi score a top girl like Naoko?

Togashi's a top boy.

Palm and Cammy are probably modeled after her.

>no gon for at least 10 years

At least they got her right. Now for the other three. Meruem's better blow me away.

he's not a fucboi like you

Based on Healing Chain and Wing's early comments about Enhancement, self-healing seems pretty firmly to be Enhancement's thing. You speed up cell and tissue growth or something magical bullshit. Doctor Blythe seemed more like it was basic surgery rather than magic and that was Specialization. Cammy's works off of turning someone into a milky slush of Nen, which I guess would be Specialization, following the logic of Meruem's Hatsu.

No clue. It's kind of neat that Togashi didn't have a bunch of boring healing Hatsu. He also mostly avoided run of the mill elemental powers, too.


i liked youpi more. kaioh meets parasyte

Cammy is not Specialization, brainlet

Youpi utilized the whole Parasyte thing way better than Parasyte did. He felt way more flowing and organic when he morphed. More creative too.

>no gon for at least 10 years

Dude, don't start this. Her cat could be argued to have some ability in every single category. Until we're told one way or another, just don't open the can of worms.

I see, so you're just desperate now so you're going to throw a couple of tantrums and never address the facts. Enjoy your heart attack.

Dr. Blythe just didn't have the life force transferring power of Neko no Namae or phagogenesis.

>suddenly a Gon chapter while skipping time on the boat

Based on her personality she seems like she'd be emission
Her ability being emission and enhancement makes sense to me

Show me a clip

Compared to some things, I don't think healing abilities would be that difficult to train. You could just do medical research to understand how the magic works, or walk around trying to cure lepers until it actually works. Harder than training a punch, I'll concede, but surely easier than however the hell Feitan trained. And what, did Bono just start with a lot of small Jupiters and work his way up?

>I-I'm winning in my mind
Enjoy your "victory" dumbpowerlevelfag


he showed her the properties of rubber and gum

The only good bug is a squashed bug.

Don't watch it, it sullies the perfection of Japanese Pitou and it is disrespectful to Pitou.

She's fucking voiced by the same cunt who ruined the perfect voice of Japanese Nonon from KLK.

Natural healing can't do things like remove bullets ore regenerate limbs.
Enhancer healing hatsu would be about bouncing back quickly, not undoing damage.

I didn't like Pitou's japanese voice very much, I don't think Ayumi Fujimura is a particularly good seiyuu. The Pitou song was cute though.
I'm just curious on what they tried for dub pitou. I'm not expecting to like it.

OH hey! I actully bought a similar animation cell at a con yesterday

I posted my evidence. Only thing you said was "this is wrong because I say so".

Now please leave.

judge for yourself

Fucking nice.

Are you the same guy with one of Nobu crying?

Are you the tranny phone poster?

>I posted my evidence
You posted your projected feelings. Hisoka was talking about himself in your "evidence". You have nothing, you filthy EOP scum.

How can people watch dub anime?

I never understand why people do this, but congrats.

Please for god's sake, someone who has a vague grasp of jap or knows somehow can read jap, post the original scan and see if Hisoka was talking about himself.

Remind the political and subjective plot of Succession war (second best arc, losing only to York) is too smart for the average shounenbrainlet comprehend

Threadly reminder that Toguro could beat up Youpi.

We don't know that, plus the whole dying thing boosts its power

Does this mean that Benjamin is Hillary Clinton?

Ya! It was a total steal at 50$. Would have thought it would have been more for such an iconic frame.
Er, no. This is the first time I've bought cells. I also got this cool Leorio/Hanzo/Tompa one. Pic related
Who? I'm certainly not trans and I've never posted any cells before
I just like having a part of the show. It's cool to me, though I totally understand others not finding it very interesting. Not sure if I'll but any more in the future though

I don't give a shit about your retarded shitshow you're having though.

Oh, yeah, no thanks.

What page/chapter? I can post a page in jap for you.


Ch 351 pg 11

>Er, no. This is the first time I've bought cells. I also got this cool Leorio/Hanzo/Tompa one. Pic related
I asked because another user said he got this one for $80.

Already posted.
And Viz translation is correct. He's talking about "strength of a manipulator" in general.

I don't accept that translation because it doesn't fit into my worldview. I only accept translations that agree with me.


you mean ?

>He's talking about "strength of a manipulator" in general.
Your desperate opinion that's factually disproven in the manga.

Nice turquoise quilt, faggot

Kill yourself. You're not funny or interesting anymore.

Ah, my bad didn't see it

>Chrollofag calls Hisoka the c-word all the time and shits on him
>but when he can use a badly translated page in the manga, Hisoka is literally God to him

Facts are not meant to amuse you. Whether you find them interesting or not is also irrelevant. Facts are still facts. Hisoka was clearly describing his situation, because there are facts int he manga that show that Manipulation abilities are not magically irresistible. Grow up and deal with it, you autistic fuck.

No, sadly that's not me. I wish though, that frame is sick. 80$ is a lot though, I'm surprised my Pika one was so much less then his Nobu, considering it's a pretty heavy moment too. The Leorio I can understand running 40$ (though that one came with the 3 character sketches too, I think I'm gonna get a big frame and put all 4 in for a cool effect). Regardless, he got a really cool cell

It's more of a sky blue

Niggastream translator.

This is viz

Also this is the most retarded person and thing I've seen fought over in these threads. Stop replying to this moron.

This has been especially boring . More so considering the elongated hiatuses . This is just never ending.

>Pitou's character arc made her the most human of the royal guards, though
Youpi was the most independent, and Pouf was the most secretive. Pitou stayed an ant the whole time.

Just in case.

How about a raw scan for this page?

>Pitou stayed an ant the whole time.
Not exactly. When explaining why she/h/whatever cares so much about Komugi, Pitou said something among the lines of "she is important to the person that is important to me" and not just "following my orders". Pitou's devotion to the king had human-like loyalty component at least.

>is it even possible to pierce that shell
why doesnt he simply enhance the antenna? restriction and shit? even a little would be helpful

Pitou was the least ant-like from default. Possessed individualistic, non-ant interests from birth, was concerned for the individual rather than the concept of Meruem, was empathetic to the human concept of a soul.


Damn, owning an original Leorio cell with no background. You can't get a rarer Leorio then that. I'm jealous


>because there are facts int he manga that show that Manipulation abilities are not magically irresistible.
like what

lmao she literally left the queen to die like a piece of trash, and was overall a liar

Do you think anything will happen next chapter, or will we get 20 pages of Kurapika making plans?

Compared to how viz translated it japanese seem to make it even more clear that 1v1 opponents strength doesn't matter if he gets to stick the antenna in he WILL win.

They all did. They were all born specifically for Meruem's sake, not the Queen's.

This arc is making me hate Manipulators and Conjurators, when will Togashi make more Emitters and Transmutters?

>It doesn't get rarer then that
Oh but it does! You see, it also came with the original pen sketch that they put behind the transparent frame to guide as it was colored. Which means that I own the rarest possible Leorio of all. I didn't even need my Reaction Hunter to beat that rare Leorio poster. I simply out-rared him

Not an argument, if anything your claim of Pitou being an overall liar is only further evidence of deeper non-ant qualities.
just stop shitposting.

We might get a Tse chapter or Vergei might spread rumors leading to a domino effect and throw everything to shit.


Hopefully we get some Cammy!

Five pages of Cammy making toilet wine

Vergei can't spread shit. As the 7th queen's guard he can't call anyone BUT Kurapika, at least not without having to use the spies as go-betweens.

Would Bono and Netero have gotten along?

I hope Vergei tries to exit the room by force and DIES

Yeah, my headcanon is that Vergei realizes his prince is dead and so he wants to exert the lastsemlanc of power he has by being a dick to the only group (theoretically) lower in the food-chain the his own.

last semblance

>calling Kurapika Dracula
He's not entirely wrong plus he had a point on the other stuff.

So now that we have multiple translations as well as the original Japanese text. Can we please stop entertaining the retard in this thread that insinuates that manipulation abilities can be "obliterated" by powerlevels?

Now that I think about I kind of feel bad by Vergei.
He's the only normal guard in a room surrounded by spies, Benjamin's soldier, and hunters.

He's gonna get Knov'd.

In Parasyte's defense it was more about them morphing their host than transforming into whatever they wanted. I think Youpi had Kiriko DNA.

Yeah, and the only colleague he had was just murdered.

plenty of them wanted to save the queen, if you wanna shitpost you should at least try
lmfao you cant liquidate stuff you cant prove false as non arguments famalam

Shut the fuck up already.

I meant Pitou and the guards, brainlet

Will CHAD-CHAD die fellow CHADbros? I'm scared for /ourprince/

Why didn't Youpi just transform into a manipulator?

There's nothing to prove false because you literally did not provide any sort of argument, you dumb nog. Absolutely nothing written in your shitposts is contrary to the idea of Pitou being non-ant-like in many facets.

>I meant
and now you will say you were pretending to be retarded
not a try/10 sorry

Is there a more pathetic character than Nobunaga?

How are you fuckers still arguing about the same fucking stuff 300 posts in?

nice reality evasion skills dude like did you train them or you were this retarded since day 0

He'll die but not in this batch of chapters. The only ones I could see dying before the hiatus are Fuu and Kacho

>The only ones I could see dying before the hiatus
We're not going to get another hiatus after the following 6 chapters, right? Right?
Please god, no ;_;

No more (You)s for you until you at least try. Maybe this type of shit works on your native land of Cred Forums, I highly suggest going back.

This is how generals get, specially during a boring chapter

What else would I mean by "they" when mentioning Pitou? I'll wait, Spee D

Machi has ABS


how long until dark continent?


More than two months in-story.
In reality? Who knows with Togashi at the helm (or not).

that scene was pure kino

10 years more or less

It's those hiatuses that give me the most anxiety when a new chapter comes around. I'm hanging on by a thread

I've watched the anime and started reading the manga recently (both happened last month), and I really see what you mean. These things are painful. Is there any hope he'll do more than 10 chapters this year? Why is he doing this to us?

It's not like any Emitter would be able to top Razor powering the entire Greed Island magic system while also summoning an entire dodge-ball team and still having enough power left over to almost overpower an entire team of pro-hunters by himself.

If it makes you feel better this hiatus was relatively brief. He did have genuine back problems before so there should be a RELATIVE increase in production. I'd be fine with ~20 a year.

Hopefully it'll be at least 20 a year, but we'll see. I really want to live to see this arc finished, and animated.

the rules of game were heavily putting him at advantage tho

Know what would have put him at more of an advantage? Not providing an entire island of people with teleportation and full healing at the same time he was fighting.

Musse was more of an emitter than a Conjurer, I think. Hanzo is also probably an Emitter at the core, personality-wise. Vincent's power is probably Emission. Melody and Izunavi are Emitters. I think Enhancers and Transmuters are the ones currently getting shafted, but there are plenty of shifty looking characters in this arc and Tse is a somewhat stereotypical Transmuter so they'll probably get their chance. In before the Koi looking guard transmutes water. I figured Ben would be an Enhancer but he's almost certainly a Specialist.

it's not like a healing can do much if he disintegrates your skull
and even so he would just do it again, you dont beat a stronger opponent by respawn

>Izunavi are Emitter
anime-only nonsense

I wonder if they'll reboot again once that happens or take off from where 2011 ended. There's already easily enough content for over 20 episodes of new content alone, but no satisfying stopping point in sight.

You don't seem to understand. Razor was literally powering every single use of one of those magic cards on the entire island at the same time he was playing the dodgeball against Gon's team. That whole fight was him using a tiny fraction of his leftover power.

If there's something Tse hates, is a lying bitch. How can he be a transmuter?

It's how he decides to introduce Nen to Kurapika. I admit that it's not confirmed, but he also had the stereotypical emitter personality and was introduced at the same time as Hisoka's personality test, which is definitely the point in the series where characters most correspond to their nen affinity.

I really hope they don't reboot it again. The last reboot was understandable, because of the animation being very different, plus there was the fact that there wasn't technically a lot to go through until the new arcs that didn't have an adaptation were adapted, but now it would be a crazy decision. I love the CA arc, but the thought of having to wait for the new anime to get through all the arcs (including CA, which is gigantic) again is terrifying.
What needs to happen is that Madhouse needs to do a season that adapts the voyage to the Dark Continent.

>On the other hand you have the little monster that Knuckles created that couldn't be destroyed by Meruem nen nuke attack.
>So it's a bit fuzzy.
Potclean is special because it doesn't really exist. It's just a graphical user interface for Knuckle's actual ability, which is emitting his aura into other people and taking it back with interest.

That's a nice totally made up post you have there, punk.

It says in the manga he was the one powering the magic system. Which includes the teleports and Angel's Breath. Now unless you've got a panel showing that all the teleportation on the island shut down during that fight he was still using most of his power keeping that shit going while playing dodgeball.

Liars can hate when people lie to them. He's a hypocrite with a secret life.

Aura of whores.
>tfw when you can actually go fuck yourself

Nowhere it says he's doing it costantly. The most realistic thing is that when cards are created they are stored with the necessary nen to work. It's all headcanon, sorry.

If anyone's going to have a whore aura it's going to be Sale-Sale.

I haven't read or watched GI in awhile, but I'm pretty sure that it said Razor was behind the emission-based magic on Greed Island. That means that other experts were covering different areas of the game (Manipulation cards, Conjuration cards, etc.) and it doesn't mean that he had to constantly pour out energy into those cards. The cards probably operated through nen seals and Razor just had to power them once. Keep in mind that Greed Island also has a pretty massive participation condition that allows for cards like Angel's Breath in the first place.

Razor is one of the most powerful nen users shown to date, but he wasn't powering the whole island at the same time.

I just double-checked and he powered all the cards, but my second point is the more important one anyways.

It's not fair. How can I compete with that?

You're memory is correct. I would just call into question the amount of energy it requires to upkeep the system. This is the same question I would have for Genthru and his groups Countdown ability. Given the Dodgeball fight we can assume that whatever energy the island needed from him to operate the emissions systems, it wasn't enough to diminish his combat effectiveness as a Game Master.

But truthfully, we don't know how joint abilities work. If Morel is any indication, Emissive clones require a flat energy to manifest and then will retain that energy so the island could have been populated with NPC's over a time with no loss to Razor. Stuff like teleportation cards could also have contained and set amounts of energy but lots of cards should need emissions and new cards can be made when conditions are clear so there is that to think about.

That grey area aside, yeah. Razor is an absolute monster in terms of the amount of aura he can throw around.

That would still mean he was powering all the cards being created at the magic store that people were buying during that period.

>Hanzo is also probably an Emitter at the core
Remember that personality isn't a perfect judge of nen categories. If Hanzo is a capable nen user, it's unlikely that he made an ability that was opposite his main type. And his clone is definitely a conjured clone since any and everyone can see it even the guards we presume to not know nen.

He can charge some, then recover, then do some more. They probably stored up a great amount of them just in case. It's not like there are thousands of players who spam million of cards, most people use them rarely (the number limit of the book is pretty low too).

Being a conjurer would make more sense for a ninja like skillset.

You shouldn't forget that Hanzo is an idiot down to his very core. Despite being edgy on his recent assassination.

>rare_leorio_14.png acquired
You can't. It's over Leoribro, just throw in the towel, you've lost.

Btw, the Leorio looks like this, but with Leorio instead of Hanzo. So um... enjoy your rare Hanzo or whatever

It's Conjuration and Emission(and Manipulation probably). Hanzo is talented enough that he can tap into other characters in the same way Netero's ability touched on so many categories despite him being an Enhancer. Also I think his biggest advantage from the double is safety(as long as his body isn't detected) and an instant return to his actual body. The instant return/warping process is emission. We'll have to see what his other 3+ powers are though.

>You shouldn't forget that Hanzo is an idiot down to his very core.
He correctly deduced his target's ability and was one of the people Wing said had passed the secondary hunter exam before even Gon and Killua who lucked into their teacher.

I don't know why you would call him an idiot. He was goofy yeah, but nowhere near idiot levels like Leorio.

I am just pointing out that by all rights, he's probably a conjurer. By this logic he's using emissions + Manipulation to remote pilot the conjured doppelganger. But if he was coming from an emissions background his ability to manipulate would require less restrictions and he outright stated that the guy who killed Momoze was doing something similar to him. I would say that if he was an emitter the clones he could make would be more like Naruto Shadow Clones where they can act on their own alongside him.

I would further argue that the reason why both needed to immobilize their bodies to use their abilities is because they have such a poor affinity for manipulation and required that extra focus and the restrictions they put on themselves to make their abilities usable. No need for another Kastro situation where you make a useless doppleganger.

I don't know why, but this shit always gives me a chuckle

Both Tuffdy and Hanzo are immobile during their abilities, but I'm assuming Hanzo has a larger radius if there is a limit at all. Pic related, I don't know how far he had to go to reach Tuffdy but I think it was further than 20 meters. Emission is a matter of distance, so the further the range of an ability the more relevant it is. Not saying he has to be an emitter, but this ability alone uses a few aspects significantly enough that it's not a dead giveaway.

To be fair I can see him as a sort of Shizuku-esque Conjuror personality, though.


Those Gaurds really don't look to scale

Remember as well, Tuffdy only had one restriction we know about; he had to close his eyes and lie still. Hanzo also has the condition that should anyone touch or speak to his body the clone will dispel. As well as a time limit on the clone's operation. Those could be bolstering the emissions portion of the clone as it also has the ability to phase through the ceiling at the very least and a greater range as Tuffdy was in the prison area which is an untold amount of distance from the Prince's quarter.

Until the final boss, Gotoh, came around, all the Parasytes just used their hosts heads split in half as blades and that's it. No one even bothered using hands or legs. That's how we won so easily at the school; Migi countered the head blades and protag just stabbed the guy with a pipe because they were an idiot.

For what it's worth, these guys could easily see Hanzo's clone, pointing towards him being a Conjuror.

I love Pitou regardless of her gender though

I could never complete with someone at this level. You're an Olympian weeb and I'm just the basement champ.

His consciousness being fully transferred to the clone is probably to get around having to also use Manipulation while using two opposite categories.

I won't steal that ubik, but good taste in manga friendo

Just leave it Furykov!

I want to gangrape Cami with Cred Forums!

Manipulators and Conjurators are for the real pro and their hatsu are much more complex and interesting in detail. Enhancer and Emitters are for no brainier. Transmutters are just shittier Conjurators. Specialize are either for special people or evolved Conjurators, Manipulators.

It sucks bonding with Ben's men when they're designed to die doing their jobs. RIP Musse. I don't think Rihan is going to have a good time in the upcoming chapters either. Fury is certainly going to have a miserable death. Either Cammy get and brutalizes him or the Silent Majority user wipes that smug grin off his face.

*accidently teleports in front of Tserriednich*

I think he's just frustated that in the most recent chapters we've gotten a lot of Manipulator and Conjuror Hatsu, but few others. Transmuters are really having the roughest time right now.

It's not like they all have to die. Baby seems like an obvious candidate for not dying and I hope Furykov makes it out even though he probably won't. Vict might get out of the whole situation since he's been detained, depending on how the court ruling goes.

I think she has to physically crawl where she wants to go. So unless she crawls 6 rooms down I think she'll be fine.

Palm's scrying ability was enhancement, and so was one-legged top guy's. I wish we'd see more enhancers whose hatsu isn't just "I punch very hard in a weird-looking way."

Since the murderer "committed suicide," I suppose Vict will go free sometime soon.

I'm just waiting for Nobu to do some sick sword moves.

*pass out in her tunnel and dies* is more likely

*accidentaly teleports into user's basement*


Nothing in that image looks up to scale

Are we sure that she can teleport at will and not just to where Kacho is? Because taking in count not even Melody could detect Fuu inside her tight hole, that would make her power really OP.

That might be a possibility, or the teleportation could be really limited in some other way. But so far the beasts havent been really fair. Compare Sale Sale manipulation which is viral with Momoze "i control two people and phew, done here" beast.

Can't you post a picture together or something?

To be perfectly honest, from what we have seen this far, Sale-Sale's Nen Beast is ridiculously over powered. If the people in the succession war weren't avoiding contact with others as much as humanly possible, he would have already won by now.

We don't know how weak the mini beasts are, or how long it takes the main beast to affect people not loyal to him. We also don't know the actual effect of the beast. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just spreading good vibes to make people not want to fight or something.

Gon-San and Palm had my favorite enhancement techniques. It makes sense that most of them are just hitting, but I like the weird ones.

Waifuship with Pitou over Cheadle is my waifu now

It's good in this situation, sure, but you have to be in close proximity to him for endless hours for it to affect you. And it has no immediate way to defend itself outside of the affected.

congratulations you took another step toward furfaggotry.

Or you can just blow the fucking mysterious smoke away like any non retard would. Its only good with non nen users.

Momoze one is worse because any nen user should realize they dont have to reply to the mouse.

Fuu is broken as for now. But maybe it only moves to Kaachou which would make it not completely shitty, but way shittier indeed.

if only you knew how bad things really are

What I mean by his being OP is that, he can seemingly effect an entire country very quickly in normal cercumstances. One gaurd spreads it to the others while they all sleep close together in their quarters. Then those guards spread it to their family over the weekend or whatever. Their kids spread it to their class. The kids in the class spread it yo their family, who then spread it to their workplace and so on.

Give it a month or two and that's game over. It doesn't matter if a Nen user prince can avoid being effected when Sale-Sale is rocking a 99.99% approval rate and his death woukd cause massive riots

Which makes me believe he´ll be dead before the banquet. Or will die during it.

It is possibly something in the middle. For example, "Teleport somewhere there is someone thinking about you".

Or maybe it isn't exactly teleportation, but rather the Worm digging tunnels between spaces and it takes several hours for the Worm to dig tunnels between rooms.

>there would never be a nen user who would even think about replying to the mouse and especially not Nobunaga

>Razor powering the entire Greed Island magic system while also summoning an entire dodge-ball team and still having enough power left over to almost overpower an entire team of pro-hunters by himself.
No he was not doing that.
Musse was emitter. Vincent too probably.

>I bet I can breath more smoke than you, Feitan!

An ability which teleports her only toward Kacho would be retarded. It also doens't make sense because it can't protect her.

Not only is Pitou the best girl but she's also the strongest, there isn't a character besides Meruem and maybe Netero that can beat her fairly in a fight without some kind of asspull.


anime fags delusional as always

Sorry sweaty, but she's female in the manga.

you heard it here first lads


>he reads youtube comments

i have some news for you

how is that smug if she was just saying ohayou to Youpi in that scene?

I like Vergei. I felt like I was in an alien world when I came to the thread and saw everyone sperging out over him. He's doing exactly what he should do in his situation and we wouldn't even bother remembering his name if he just sucked Kurapika's dick.

The real problem is where the fuck is Biscuit.

>antipitoufags still this delusional

just accept the fact that Pitou is female, not everyone has to be a trap you fag.

Its her expression. It's a very smug expression, even if she was only saying hello. She is very smug about being a royal guard at this point in the story

Kek, I remember seeing that

Don't reply to dubfags.

Why the hell did the English dub give Pitou a boy voice? Did they fall for the trap meme?


>literally called a male in the manga
sorry your waifu is a trap

What he is doing is understandable but it's far from being "Exactly what he should do".

I was just thinking about Nobu's hatsu, or lack of one considering he's an enhancer.
We all joke about how 4 meter en, but something doesn't add up. He says that's his striking ranging, but the sword obviously isn't 4 meters long.
Could he be a Gon-like enhancer who dips into the adjacent categories? Maybe Nobu also produces a transmutation blade, which extends from the tip of his real sword out to 4 meters. This would allow him to trick people into thinking they're at a safe distance when they're actually vulnerable, especially if he applies In to the extended blade.

Chrollo cheated

The English dub of HxH gave Pitou the voice of a young boy, like Gon or Killua. They also repeatedly refer to her "sir", clearly implying she's a trap. A trap with breasts and a very clearly 100% female figure.

It's a good thing, really. Now any mongoloid that likes to pretend Pitou is male can be more clearly called out as the EOP redditors that they are.

I'm curious; what's the context?
Is it a Hunter x Hunter vs Naruto video? I want to see the drama that must have unfolded.

Guys where can I get Viz translated chapters as that one Mediafire link died some time ago?


The mediafire folder for chapter 341-370 still looks up to me.
Sadly that user stopped uploading, but you should still be able to find scans of the new chapters in the archives.

>A trap with breasts and a very clearly 100% female figure.

Didn't you know that anime is canon? They fixed every thing where Togashi screwed up.

Can you give the link please

I'd be absolutely fine with that sexy body even if it wasn't an obvious metaphorical view


>Didn't you know that anime is canon? They fixed every thing where Togashi screwed up.
For that comment, I don't think I'll give the link even though you said please.

how long until he notices that those legs are completely different from normal, meaning this was pure symbolism and not how she looks naked?

You do realize that as the royal guard Pitou would most likely be Male? Even when you consider the fact that as a chimera, Pitou could exhibit other physical traits All the royal guard are incapable of reproduction so judging them by the perceived breasts is futile.

>All the royal guard are incapable of reproduction
I don't recall that ever being stated. All ants are capable of reproducing under the correct circumstances.

why would I stop replying to something giving me reasons to post Pitou?
0/10 reading comprehension

He already knows. You're giving him (You)s.

I'm deeply sorry user for me being such ignorant

>You do realize that as the royal guard Pitou would most likely be Male?
That would actually make the least sense, given RG's have a more singular purpose to their lives it would make more sense if they were infertile female ants who could not be distracted by reproduction.
>All the royal guard are incapable of reproduction
This is actual headcanon. Shoo.

>Being this assblasted over your waifu canonically being a trap

kalluto isn't mai waifu though.

If Pitou is "male" then why is all the art of her female?

>all the art
Don't make me post images of her adorable dick spurting cum

>I don't recall that ever being stated
>This is actual headcanon. Shoo.
You're both retarded. None of the other ants outside the queen and maybe Mereum can actually reproduce. That's how ant colonies work and is what the story says. Zazan and Pouf were the only ones capable of altering humans and that's not reproduction. Nice try though.

>The only official statement regarding Neferpitou's gender appears in the "Hunter × Hunter: Character and World Data Book". It, refers to Neferpitou to using the pronoun "彼” (kare), which is usually translated to “he”

>When speaking casually, Neferpitou uses the pronoun “boku” (translated to “I” in English) which is often used by boys and young men, though women may use the pronoun as well.

Def a male

I'm sorry user, I speedread incapable as capable. In which case I agree, it makes the most sense.
Solider ants were stated to be able to mate, however. But that's a different subject.

here we go AGAIN AHHHHH

>None of the other ants outside the queen and maybe Mereum can actually reproduce
Fuck of speedreader. All the soldier ants can reproduce and potentially start their own colonies. That's what happens when the queen dies.

>All the soldier ants can reproduce and potentially start their own colonies
No, they don't go off and reproduce and even the one that looks like it can (Zazan) Isn't reproducing. They all strike out to form their own colonies but none of them are capable of breeding.

looks like a perfectly normal female (male) figure to me.

this fucking thread

They are though. Zazan not breeding is likely indicative of female ants being unable to breed, exactly like real ants in which all female workers which aren't a queen are sterile.


Except this is a strain of Chimera Ant that was never accounted for and was deviant in a number of ways, and even Knov isn't 100% sure that they could actually breed.

This is merely consequence of the latest chapters focusing on the snoozefest and not car accident we all really want to see.

dont you mean
>eternal recurrence

Colt reaffirms the same thing on the same page.

I am not sure about the extended blade, but I do think he delves into other categories for his Hatsu. After all, he was the only enhancer to do average in the Arm Wrestling competition.

And yet we have not a single instance of any of the division commanders reproducing. Strange isn't it.

This is Pitou's (very masculine) character song. Say something nice about it.

Cute song, I love bokukko and Pitou is no exception.

Most got killed or regained their human memories and thus presumably would be wary of producing another Queen with a human mate.

In fact, Wani is the only Commander still unaccounted for.

If Pitou survived would she be loyal to Kite or would she rampage against humanity in revenge for her king's death (or would she commit suicide)? I find it hard to believe she wouldn't have a very strong grudge against humanity and feel the need to somehow redeem herself for her failure to protect him.

Where da human wimmin at? Once you go ant you don't recant.

Strange, sure, but it only means that Togashi had other plans for these characters. Not to mention the crocodile and mantis ants are still at large. You're not providing anything contradictory to the idea of soldier ants being able to mate as stated by two characters.

Why would she serve Kite? She has no relation to Kite, Pitou was born to serve her king only.

I agree that she probably wouldn't serve Kite, but I've seen people post otherwise several times so I was hoping they could explain their thought process

I say Sepuku is most likely given she was the most obedient Ant Royal Guard. But she could also try to destroy the Association since she could blame them for Netero blowing up Meruem.

Kite is Meruem's twin so he's royalty now.

was a character comparison of Sasuke and Blonde Sasuke

They're not twins. Kite had her own egg sac and wasn't ready to be born.

would the manga be better if Killua was a girl (male)?

Cats... are so very interesting.

So what replace it with just as garbage chrollo/hisoka dick wagging, ugh