How will Berserk end? It's inspired by Devilman, so can we expect an apocalyptic ending? Will Miura pull an Anno and do something like End of Evangelion?

Miura said it will have a "non-grim" ending.
I think it's a load of bull and that he will die before finishing it

Isidro walking toward the sunrise wearing Guts' cloak with Puck on his shoulder, with Falconia collapsing behind him.

In other words a bittersweet ending? Maybe a Pyrrhic victory where the God Hand and the Idea are beaten but at a great cost? Perhaps the world is ravaged and Guts sacrifices his life, but Caska and Guts' child are alive and together along with the rest of Guts' friends with hope for the world to be restored?

No, literally a happy ending that ends with Guts marrying every girl in his harem

But Farnesse is for Serpico and Isidro will fuck Scheirke and the mermaid Loli.

>How will Berserk end?
It wont.

>But Farnesse is for Serpico
They are siblings

Serpico is adopted.

In truth, he's "only" her half brother.

Both Guts and Grifith die and their final words will be I love you, looking at the stars.

I can expect Griffith to actually do that since Griffith is basically Asuka Ryo from Devilman.

odds of Griffith turning on the god hand?
I'd say pretty high.

There's no point in discussing it since Miura himself doesn't even know the ending. Why do you think the boat arc and the dream arc are so long? Miura wants some time to develop a good, non-grim ending that still satisfies the fanbase.

What if Guts kills himself

>Caska and Guts' child
ew dont remind me that shit was gross

He won't. He'll either kill Griffith or die trying.

I think he will try to usurp them sooner or later. It's not in Griffth's character to play second fiddle to others.

He said Berserk was only 1/3 in IIRC.

Or perhaps he will even become the god of the Berserk world. None of them would be surprised about it, though. In the end, they're all evil, and everything all the five god hands do will further evil.

Makes sense, we still have the return boat journey after all.


Guts will actually move on with his life while Griffith's ambitions crumble from some Kushan overthrow or killed by Rickert

>killed by Rickert

No Scheirke is for me

give it to me straight, Cred Forums.
will he die?

>casca wakes up and she's totally fine and wants revenge
>guts uses the wildcard behelit to summon the godhand
>it's a repeat of the eclipse except Guts and his party are well equipped to fight off all the demons
>skull knight shows up and obliterates Void
>everyone takes turns raping Griffith until he turns back into a cripple
>Slan is so into it that she doesn't intervene
>somehow, the world ends up fine and unfucked by monsters. time travel maybe?
>they take Griffith home and rape him for decades and decades and decades
>Guts and Casca's kid is also fine
>Zodd is totally cool now and takes the kid for rides on his back
>the end

Pretty sure he said 2/3, not 1/3

So at the current realease rate, about a century more to finish it. Can Miura survive that long?

so what is that like, 2 more arcs or something?

IIRC that statement was from a couple years ago so once Elf Island arc is done I'd say the arc after that will be the last one.

O O F thos digis
ah ok thanks


2/3 actually and he said it as Millennium Falcon was ending/Fantasia was starting.
So Volumes 1-34 are 2/3.
Meaning it will end around volume 50-51.

Why do you think he is gathering all those people in one place?

it'll end with Griffith still in his cell dreaming of what never was

>that twink?
Next time we meet Rickert he will be the Bākirokage and his pringle no jutsu will be invincible.

Isidro isn't meant to ever be more than a side character.
What will matter in the end is what Guts will do, Isidro's endgame won't be plot-relevent.

Where did this meme start. I'll admit mirua might have taken some inspiration from ryo when writing griffith, but They're not the same character. In fact griffith is a much better written character than ryo.

I can't wait for next chapter to come out and everyone to start whining about casca not being healed yet

The God-Hand will be killed off one by one until Guts reaches Griffith. When Guts kills Griffith says to him "You were always following me". Then Griffith dies. Guts is free but his life is behind him because he never lived for himself.

Berserk is a tragic tale of Guts, a man who should have controlled his own destiny after leaving the band of the Hawk. But he doubted himself and went back to save Griffith and then spent years of his life suffering trying to kill him. In the end Guts did have control over his destiny, but he chose to live for Griffith.

>The God-Hand will be killed off one by one
Griffith is going to eat them all in one big super eclipse when he becomes the Idea of Evil.

Jokes on Griffith. He would just be a big fat dumb immobile heart that gets easily taken down like the final boss in a Gradius game.

And? He will be at the center of everything, he will have complete control.

Guts just needs to slice him up, then Griffith-Idea heart explodes, and Guts wins.

You do know what the Idea of Evil is right? I doubt Guts can just slice it.

Sounds like time for another pirate arc.

Just go to Hell and jump into the big maelstrom.

Miura retconned the IoE chapter. God knows what he will do with it now.

>This is what berserk fanboys actually believe.

And then get torn apart by it.

Not if Guts has a boat that can sail the maelstrom.

Except he doesn't.

Because it "gave away too much about the story too fast". Meaning that the Idea of Evil or something resembling it is at the core of the story still.

Griffith will try to pull something with Falconia, obviously, and the set up along with the Gaiseric-empire parallels are so fucking obvious it's hard to believe other God Hand members don't know what he's doing.

Guts has experience with boats. He'll get a new boat to sail the sea of souls and then destroy the Griffith idea.

Do you guys we will ever get a good berserk anime?


Which God Hand is dying first? I think Slan will be the first one then maybe Conrad. How they'll die is impossible to say.

Conrad is eternal

Any clues to the identities of the other God Hand are? We kind of know Void is the guy who Skull Knight had a spat with when he was alive as a mortal. My candidates for Slan is the prostitute during the rape horse and Minister Foss is my choice for Conrad. Chances are I could be wrong on the identities on both Slan and Conrad and they could just be random people from different decades or centuries WAY before the story took place.

>they could just be random people from different decades or centuries WAY before the story took place
They are, don't speedread.

>the prostitute during the rape horse

didnt the horse try to rape Farnese?

If he can remember Foss and not Farnese then it has to be bait.

I'm just pissed off that it started so strong and became mediocre.

Isn't one Godhand chosen every 200-something years?

2050 when we're all fucking old and still pathetic enough to be on this board.

They are but they might've achieved some corporal form and stuff. Foss did sense something really sinister inside Griffith so maybe as a potential God Hand he tried to do away with him before his ascension since he knew it would cause them all trouble.

I love Schierke

i thought he saind 3/4

When did you realize that Nosferatu Zodd was a lolicon?

>But he doubted himself and went back
Damn son, you're right, was about to do a pretty similar mistake. Kiss your eyes.

>still pathetic enough to be on this board
We could still enjoy anime in our fifties (which isn't old) without still being on this board. Just get kids and get them to keep up with anime, then they'll trickle the good shit down to you, same as I do with my mom.

If Skull Knight is Gaiseric and Wise man is Void, did he deserve what he got for being a tyrant? Is Void the good goy?

There are no good guys in Berserk world. Even God is evil. Gaiseric did unite the people and he doesn't seem to be much of a dick as Skull Knight except when he fucks everything up, so who knows. I'm rooting for him.

>he doesn't seem to be much of a dick as Skull Knight
Skull Knight is fucking based wtf?
>except when he fucks everything up
Give my boy a break, it was a mere accident

I like potato Casca, of course I prefer Casca being regained but I don't understand why people want it to happen like fucking immediately. Seriously what is the fucking rush?
>been waiting for 20 years!

Yeah dude, Conrad, a member of the godhand is totally Minister Foss, he was merely pretending to be shocked and fearful of Griffith.
Great lil headcanon you're making there.

That's pretty much what I mean. It's pretty obvious that the dynamic between Guts and Griffith is inspired by Akira and Ryo from Devilman.

Dude, you are COMPLETELY wrong. Slan and Conrad and the rest of the God Hand were humans from several centuries prior to Berserk.

don't even kid

He thinks that all the Godhand members are in a corporeal form even though Conviction Arc pretty much shows and tells us that the ONLY Godhand members in a corporeal form is Griffith. The remaining Godhand members only show up as mere shadows during the faux-Eclipse. And Slan has to take the form of Troll intestines in order to be in the mortal world for a brief moment
I think the person is either really dumb or trolling.

After much deliberation I finally found out that the exact panel when Beserk went to shit was when the Witch magically sealed away the sacrifice brand.

By the time Guts gets back to the mainland Rickert will have already slain all five members of the Godhand and established world peace.