Is 219 out today?

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The series should have ended a dozen chapters ago:
>they meet each other and fall in love again
>epilogue chapter of him working for the ReLife institute, her doing whatever and all the kids at university
there, 2 chapters rather than 20 to finish it now there's nowhere to go because the school portion is over already

It's out now

>Thumbnail is Kaizaki and Hishiro looking at each other
Oh boy

On one hand I'm glad the amnesia bullshit was resolved so quickly, but on the other hand why bother at all? Spare us the drama in exchange for five chapters of sex and ten more of engaged/married life.

I want to see them hold hands again, but as adults












I'm so glad An and Ryo are playing matchmaker as much as they can, I was expecting more drama before they started getting closer to each other.

>mirror link



Go home together you fucking autists.



Let's see what happens user!

yeah kinda sad that we probably won't see much of the kids


do you guys think there will be something like a sequel?

Yeh, Kaizaki and Hishiro are gonna get a divorce in the last chapter which will lead to ReReLife

i'm fine with that







Good seems like theres a chance they will remember. Nothing will piss me off more than ending when they start from zero as a couple without remembering they were so close before.

You're gonna love this panel user :)

>female mc being proactive


>give me your dick

oops i guess it was the next one my bad

>A whole week

Yeeees, this pleases me. I was afraid of some stupid ass ending. I will finally be satisfied.

Are these two going to fuck while listening to the other two fuck?
Thanks for dumping.


>He doesn't know

For how many more chapters is this going to get stretched out for?

No, An just has a fetish for setting up couples

So... did ALL their texts to eachother over the phone during the year get deleted?

Yes, then they will teach children to stalk their children.
If I remember correctly it's 4 chapters left so not that long.

>has a fetish for setting up couples
Don't we all?
>Yes, then they will teach children to stalk their children.
There's the sequel premise. Or at least a doujin plot.

Well they edited all photos so I guess they would hack all the texts too.

They couldn't get rid of the Xs though?

fuck i want to read all of this now
can someone spoonfeed me a link to the chapter where the anime ended

Well maybe they had to get rid of any direct evidence. Remember that even their highier ups were touched by thier love story and asked Lab guy if they can remember each other after ReLife.

If I recall correctly it is chapter 108 it ends with the end of the festival. It's really worth the read. Especially now that it's close to the end and it seems that it will be a good ending.

yup it is tnx man

>Give me your phone
I remember this line. Sasuga Hishiro.

Sasuga career stalkers

This fucking chapter. Relife is going to be a death of me.

Cute! Hishiro a CUTE!

Death? Rather salvation! This means good ending is coming. Unless you want something sad.


>TL: ReLife means joy

An is so cute


She looks much better as a cake than a highschool girl. Thus, cakes are the best.

How is this gonna go down? Are they gonna get their memories back or are they just gonna realise that they knew each other during their relife
An a cute

She needs to get under my bed like all the best cakes

Hishiro is having a headache, so probably the first.

Yes I think they will remember. It will be the best ending after all this that happend between them. At least I hope author will not discard all of their story together.

Cake Hishiro > JK Hishiro, that haircut is so good.

Motherfucking author if they don't remember and get their happy ending I WILL INVADE AND CRUSH TOKYO DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!

I am with you , we will strike japs together.

How can they not get a happy end at this point!

I want to see and belive in a dream of a good ending especially after what we have seen in todays chapter. But on the other hand I know wickedness of mangakas.

You have my sword

My boy got the best taste.


Phone straps time.