Etotama S2

>Etotama S2
>Danmachi S2
>Goblin Slayer anime announced
Quick, post that anime announcement/sequel in here and it will come true!

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Naruto shippuden 2

Heavy Object S2


Made in Abyss 2

Please lord, bring us S2

Monogatari Monster Season.

You do know that's already confirmed, right?

Spice and Wolf 3

Tsukihime S2

Beat me

More Yozakura Quartet.


Gotta start with season one.

Trinity seven 2

more Amaburi pls

Boku No Pico 2

>Danmachi S2
>this is good news

It's good news for my dick.

I see the first quote but who are you quoting for the 2nd quote?

Just give me ranma 1/2 covering the Musk Dynasty arc.

Darker than Black season 2.

It's called "the >implying green".

Love Lab!

I do wish we had more content from the time period of The Last. Boruto has been a bit boring a lot of the time.

Horizon S3, any minute now. All the companies involved will remember that they do in fact like money.

Ping pong girls

Re:Zero S2
EroManga Sensei S2
And make Made in Abyss S2 faster

Fuck you! MiA was awful

Scanty and Kneesocks with Briefs before everthing else itt

Yuyushiki S2
Watamote S2

>Danmachi S2
Are you fucking kidding me?

Road to Metal Gear is awesome.


Blood Lad

Mi negro.

Seriously, I want to see my bibles animated.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu S3

*S2 2-3 cour

Spicy wolf s3.

Part 5

just believe

GS anime announced? Sauce?


Sabagebu S2 please

part 3 plz

A man can dream...

>Noriki's waifu
I believe!

These, Matoi, and Vividred.

Man, Yuma-chin looks so lanky. Like, almost CLAMP level noodle person.

Kaiji S3

The manga's only gotten better.

Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Inuyasha, Lain and Princess Principal.

Konosuba S3
Haikyuu S4
Amagi Brilliant Park S2
Gate S3
Prison School S2
Tsuki Ga Kirei S2
Fuuka S2

Give me more PriPri damn it

>Cowboy Bebop
Don't worry. Toonami will do that once they get done rapeing FLCL.

Locodol and/or Rokujouma please. Thank you anime shoemaker elves.

Not even the infinite power of Pure Illusion can make that happen, user.

Overlord S4

Chihayafuru 3

>Nichijou season 2
Just keep dreaming user

Only after Big O s3.

Mote Matoi would be incredible.

Vividread would be great just for yellow.

Barakamon s2

>being this new

Re:Creators 2

I need my fix of magane


Soul Eater remake

Just give me my Hoshi no Samidare anime

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii S2
3-gatsu S3
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni S2
HaiFuri S2

and seconding Will an S2 really work for Tsuki ga Kirei?

With this ending

Shinbo please give season 4 and adapt the final chapter

Galko Season 2, full length episodes this time.

It's been confirmed for a while now.

Kill me Baby

>Just read about the new danmachi season
>though the other 2 were also truth

Fucking this.

But they're all true

It's happening a new series, movie and mobage soon confirmed

Always believe Cred Forums

Given me the muse reunion please.

Nice taste.

And a good Berserk anime without CG

I dream about this everyday.

Full Muv Luv trilogy

I still have the same list
>Etotama S2 (CHECK)
>Galko S2
>Kill Me Baby S2
>Nichijou S2
>Watamote S2
One step closer!

Turning Girls S2 ;_;

New Mai Hime series when?

Seitokai no ichizon LV 3

Juuni Kokuki remake
Kemono no Souja Erin remake
Natsume Yuujinchou 7
Sora no Woto 2

Utawarerumono never works well as anime. They have to skip so much details and internal monologues to make it fit the format.

But I'd still love to see the scene where this music plays animated

Whops, I meant this one

Yotsuba is coming up!

Don't pillows actually have a song called biscuit hammer?

Anime adaptation of Yuusha ga Shinda.

But those are thighhighs.

Source please.



Was is lucrative enough for a second season?

D-Frag, Nanana's Treasure, School Rumble 3.

This and Blood Sign.
Actually, just give me adaptations of all of Kamachi's novels.