Is named 'Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov'

>Is named 'Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov'
>Literally the most slavic name out there.
>Fights for the krauts
Please explain this.

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>be slav family
>emigrate to germany generations ago
>become naturalized german
>war breaks out
>fight for germany

Amerimutts can't into logic.

Why they keep getting this wrong?

East Prussia was mostly ethnic Slavs.

I hate her design so much. I don't think there's ever been a character that makes me angry just by looking at them

She's an isekai white émigré.

>Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
>--ya --na --ov
WHY!!! This one is literally the most simple and logical naming you can find, yet they end it with "ov" instead of logically continue it as "ova"!

>Not knowing that Böhmen, Schlesien etc. were part of the Kaiserreich, which the Empire is based on


>American in charge about knowing anything aside from what does and does not constitute a pizza or a hamburger.
Yeah bud, that's not happening.

>What is East Prussia

it's the eyes

>Hurr durr Americmutt stupid
What the fuck does Vladivostok have to do with any of this?


>what is white emigre
>what are foreign volunteers
>what are conscripts

she heard there would be potatoes





The Empire is probably more like a unified Holy Roman Empire rather than a unified Germany.

Visha is CUTE! CUTE!

based croacia, virgin slovenia

Tanya is also russian name, it's probably just japs not understanding the difference between germans and russians.

Prussia is Germany.

Ottoman Empire when

Why the butthurt, perhaps you're an amerimutt?


>Loyal to the Tzar
>flee country to avoid getting mauled by filthy communists
>help glorious Kaiser to remove the filthy communists
It's that simple.

Isn't Eastern Prussia Polish land?

Byzantium is free!

Constantinople is in the Greek's hands!

where are the stat sheets?
how can I tell how strong Tanya is if there aren't any stat sheets

>pray to Being X
>get instagib plot armor

Not all Slav languages have gender-sensitive surnames, you know?

You can leave patronyms for the middle name and have the surname fixed (usually to the male variant) for sake of easier paperwork.

Whereas older Visha is just plain sexy.

If you saw episode 2 or read vol 1 of the maga you would know she a W H I T E R U S S I A N.

He'd better make that Byzantium.

>read Anna Karenina a long time ago
>minister's surname is Karenin
>Anna is Karenina
I always wondered why it was like that

she's a lolicon



>those lips
>my dick





>Kaiserreich AAR the LN
Good luck with that


TRI MORETA Fuck you.


Do you greek anons still remember the byzantine empire?

The LN mentions "United Turkmen Emirates", but the writing on the map in the anime has "Magna Rumeli".

Hey, at least they got the "first name, patronymic, last name" right.

>Die Kriegsgeschichte eines kleinen Mädchen
Töte mich

>mfw makes the anime an alternate universe where the Muslims were btfo'ed, because of the Tanya memes.

Why does older Visha look like a sultry older Tanya? And why do I have this boner?

>tfw the jap author actually use Ottoman real name, Kayser-i-Rum
can't wait for butthurt greeks

Because Erya made Visha a slut.

Physically she doesn't imo. However characteristically she's picked up a good deal of Tanya's personality, in the years she's been serving with her.
While Visha's exact age isn't known, she's been serving with Tanya for at least 4 years, and began when a "teenager". So in that pic she's anywhere from 17 to 19, maybe even 20.
That pic is cannon from the LN btw.

Visha is a teenager in Volume 5 (mid-1926), so she can't be more than 17 during Dacia-Norden (1924).

She's got a short bob, a riding crop and a smug rape face, that's close enough to Tanya for my dick.

I find the fact that Croatia has its modern borders hilarious

Everything except Norden are based on modern borders.

True, but she'd been serving in the Rhine before that with Tanya, and by Volume 9 Tanya is 14. At the outbreak of the Dacian war Tanya had just turned 11.

>Iberian union

>>tfw it's central asia emiriate of chads uzbeks.
can't wait for butthurt ottovirgins

>tfw it's the Jewish Khazars
Can't wait for butthurt everyone

is she the cutest girl of the decade Cred Forums?

That's just how our surnames work. The female forms of "-ov", "-ev" and "-in" surnames have an extra "-a" at the end.

IIRC, the novels mention she was a refugee and was drafted because magical aptitude.

> Serebryakov
Is (s)he a trap?

That would be Viktor Ivanovich Serebryakov.

Then why isn't she "Serebryakova" ?

I heard the creator plays Victoria II

Because cunt-eyed nips cannot even read a Wikipedia article about Russian names, obviously.

An Empire under the Sun, actually.

>Not all Slav languages have gender-sensitive surnames
Why, all of them, as far as I know.

Or as a migrant to not-Germany she just didn't care to continue that particular tradition. I'm sure I've heard of women of Russian descent doing the same thing.

Why she kept patronymic then? Not logical.

It's not even a "tradition", it's simply incorrect grammatically. Our surnames are possessives (they indicate _belonging_ to a particular family), which is why the male and female forms of surnames are different, like any adjectives.

Don't know if you've noticed, but people do illogical and inconsistent things all the time.

And everyone always does what's perfectly grammatically correct, do they?

Maybe she's a filthy Ukrainian race-traitor nazi? You have a lot of those even today.

You're trying to explain japanese name-giving?

This. Everybody complains about the lips but I love 'em.

Occasionally it does have some thought behind it.

Russians are not the only Slavs, you know.
Surnames ending in "-ko", "-uk" or "-vić", for example, only have one form.

Because of my job, I've met plenty of slavs who immigrated to America. Whatever dumb rule governs adding an extra syllable to your name is quickly abandoned in favor of paperwork

Mexico shoul had help Germany during ww1


Kulturkampf. In the years leading up to WW1, starting with Bismarck, the Germans have made efforts to asimilate their Slavic minorities (mostly Poles). They tried to destroy their language/culture and convert them to Protestantism. It's entirely possible that Visha and Tanya are succesful examples of this, especially with at least Tanya being an orphan.


Tanyas father was a soldier of the empire and Vishnas family fled from notRussia during the communist revolution because they were supporters of the tsar

this is amazing.

Eastern Germany was mostly populated by Slavic tribes that got subjugated during the Ostsiedlung. Slavs have always been party of Germany, Sorbs for example, and have for the longest time been an essential part of Germany so it doesn't really have something to do with a more recent assimilation. I don't wish to claim that every ethnic East German has at least one Slavic ancestor but a LOT probably do. Throughout the centuries most got germanized anyways but I noticed an increased interest in the culture among young people nowadays. Still, those cultures, while protected to a certain degree, are certainly a minority among minorities at this point.
Anyways, in this case it's probably just emigre related.

she's too stupid to understand there's anything wrong with that

Even the Nazis has a field marshal with the Russian name Fedor and another who was born Lewinski.

>but I noticed an increased interest in the culture among young people nowadays.
Yeah you can blame Aleksandr Dugin, and his general train of thought for that.

His hypothesis is that the world island's cultural liberal hegemony attempts to wash away all remnants of culture and ethnicity in the societies it attempts to dominate. He also stipulates that this in turn is hollow, and merely a culture of superficial Oeconomicus.

This hollowness leads to people searching for deeper meaning, and in lieu of one, create one.

Its umm... gained a lot of traction. Terrifyingly its gained a lot of traction subconsciously, rather than deliberately.

People give Dugin far too much credit. He's not nearly as influential as many claim.

Did the user who was translating the BD Drama CD ever returned?

Nazis were just Germans so obviously, yes. You mean Manstein who is part of the nobel kashubian Lewinski family.

Retarded bullshit. There is nothing wrong with looking into your ancestry and keeping local culture alive, no actual local minority in East Germany has separatist thoughts or anything like that.

Why is she Visha when it should be Vika?

It sounds cuter?

Her family immigrated to Germany during the Revolution

True. He's not the man behind it, but has coincidentally cottoned onto something, and it only takes a key few to further his point of view. Most who do it, also have no loyalty to him, and do it for their own selfish reasons. ie everyone in that picture.

The female forms of word end in -a in a lot of languages.

The image in question is specified towards America, and is not that relevant to European Ethnic subcultures. Of the subcultures Germany probably has the least problem in that regard. France, Italy, Spain and Belgium would have much greater problems.

Also, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it... merely that it is a tactic being used at the moment against America.
As far as I'm concerned, they made their bed, they can now go and get raped in it.

Grammatical genders, man.
They also make it nigh-impossible to portray characters as gender-ambiguous if they interact with anyone at all because there is pretty much no such thing as addressing someone gender-neutrally.

>As far as I'm concerned, they made their bed, they can now go and get raped in it.
I'm not a 'murrican, but you do understand that America being fucked hard won't do anyone besides perhaps the Middle Eastern monkeys any good, right? Yourself included.

Though I do agree with your point, in a shorter story or conversation, you could just go with You or the person's post.
Referring to a particular character by only using their position or polite form of 'you' throughout an entire novel is possible but could be absolutely retarded if not done right.

America IS a multicultural country though. There will always be tension in America because of this in particular and the enemies of the US are going to use this to their advantage. I don't believe that there is any way of reversing that, especially not when the government more often than not in recent history has supported division while preaching unity.

Hah I never knew there were two Russias. Amazing.

>you could just go with You or the person's post
Well, kinda, but very soon it will start to sound extremely contrived.
In Russian, for example, when talking about a person in past tense, using grammatical verb forms in unavoidable. For example, "Sasha was" would be translated as either "Саша был" or "Саша была" depending on whether Sasha is male or female. Same for titles::
"Major was" = "Майор был" OR "Майор была".

I'm not sure if it's a pan-Slavic thing or just South Slavic, but their past tense is formed with the past participle, which is inflected. You can't write a story without the past tense.

The problem with America is that it is inherently multicultural, but tries to insist that there is only one culture and it's White American. Even if you could somehow remove non-whites from the equation, the white people are from enough of a variety of other places that different cultural origins do come into play.

Oh, crap. I completely forgot case languages conjugate verbs and adjectives according to the noun's gender.
I concede.
No, it's case language thing, incidentally Latin also has it. I just completely missed it because I'm stupid.

Which is more likely. The nip didn't read a wiki before making up a gaijin character name, or went into incredibly deep and subtle backstory involving immigration and breaking with oppressive grammatical rules as well liberation of the human name from gender bias?
If the latter I might have to rethink the importance of all the Jormungandr swords, spells and other similarly named things that appear all the time in stories.

> East Prussia
> Vladivostok (= East Russia)

I assure you, I probably know this better than most people. I don't know the extent of your own reading on the topic, but unless its substantial I am probably more aware of it.

It'd only be better for the middle east in... 30-100 years time, when the struggle for regional hegemony between nations subsided and Iran, Turkey, Egypt, or Iraq(but probably Iran) achieved victory. It would still get worse in the meantime.

I don't feel the need to go into how losing the protective shield of Nato would be bad for Europe.

Africa mainly runs off subsidization from other nations, and any net loss to investment in that continent would throw all countries without a Mediterranean border into a state of crisis.

Without the US to restrain its ambition China would seek to abandon growth of its economic soft power, and seek to militarily assert itself into becoming the hegemon of east asia and beyond is possible. Falling underneath another nations hegemony is of course never a nice process.

Generally speaking, where before warfare would have been an unacceptable cessation in supply chain, warfare as a political tool of nations would be on the table again, and within a few years a lot of the world would be engaged in small scale wars.
The middle east would be the main exception as the war there would be much larger.

For all wealthy nations, it would see the supply chain of the world economy simply shatter into a thousand pieces. Resources once relatively cheap would become exorbitantly expensive, and many modern day items would shoot up in price. Also most economies would find that they lack key fundamental production within their economy, due to the nature of comparative advantage.

I assure you, I know these series of events would be viewed as an Apocalypse later on in history(if at all).

>As far as I'm concerned, they made their bed, they can now go and get raped in it.


In a globalized world with ever decreasing distance between people large scale wars are out of the question.

You are just parroting military industrial complex propaganda used to explain why trillions are spent on weapons and bases instead of things that actually matter.

I'll grant you the former is more likely, but the point is that it's not completely unrealistic for her to not add the -a to her surname.

>no way of reversing that, government supported division while preaching unity.
This is the definition of, they've made their fucking bed, they can now go get raped in it, to be honest with you.

Made decisions knowing there is no turning back. Always chosen to make the situation worse.

Okay, I pretty much agree with you besides maybe on China — at this point they have such an enormously strong soft economic power that the need for aggressive military action is simply not required.
But in that case, I also feel the need to clarify whom exactly you mean by "they".

Man, you are delusional. The moment Middle Eastern countries feel like they CAN use large-scale warfare to achieve their geopolitical goals with no fear of immediate strong response, they absolutely WILL.

Then why are you seemingly not concerned with them getting raped in their own bed? I, for one, am very much so and would be ready to do a lot to fix murrica's retarded mistakes as to not spend the latter part of my life in a fucking post-apocalypse, if anything.

large scale wars will continue to exist as long as people with different ideology disagree; which is inherent human nature.
On the technical side of things, until automated, large-scale precision weaponry is developed cost effectively, boots on the ground in an occupied area will always be needed, and thus the scale of an occupying force in a war between two countries will always be large

>In a globalized world with ever decreasing distance between people large scale wars are out of the question.

Look up a General Systems Collapse. One sub hypothesis is that by becoming too successful in narrow area that you weaken the structure in the event of an break in the supply chain. Any such sustained break causes the economic system, and thereby the entire society and systems to collapse. The theory mainly applies to the Bronze age, but similar less cataclysmic events with similar patterns have occurred.

The misconception that you are under in regards to what I believe is that I don't believe Globalization would survive an American collapse at this stage.

The General Systems Collapse Theory, is similar in its approach to Minsky's Stability- Instability hypothesis, which I also subscribe to.

By they, China has multiple internal factions within the party, and in recent years the military has been appearing to gain increased sway over Chinese foreign policy. They constantly work as cross purposes with the faction that desires to embed Chinese soft power in its presumed hegemony.

If the world went fubar, the military faction would dictate events in my opinion.

Well, in that case I can only hope that the military dumbasses will try to go full balss to the wall with their plans. Because in that case, there is at least some hope of retaliation and China's defeat. Otherwise, there isn't.
And I sure as hell don't want this country to be the dominating world superpower.

Tanya is supposed to be a russian orphan or something like that.

No. Her father served the Empire.

why does tanya have those hook strands in her hair? is it bait?

Still not impossible to be of Russian descent.

Might wanna look into what WW1 Germany looked like, user.

Little kids should never fight in a global conflicts.

Es ist wortwörtlich nichts falsches daran fürs vaterland zu kämpfen.

>Donald J Drumpf
>Literally the most german name out there
>president of the USA
Please explain this.


Poland abandoned the tradition of gendered surnames during the communism for the paperwork/feminist reasons. Nowadays only the surnames that end in -ski/-cki are feminized as -ska/-cka, while all the other slavic surnames are left in their masculine form.

Hilariously, the feminists now throw a bitchfit that the titles (doctor, professor, minister) aren't gendered although they were in the past, but when the feminine surnames were abandoned so were the feminine versions of these jobs.

> the titles aren't gendered although they were in the past
Implying the female versions were not artificial in the first place. Women couldn't have those jobs until the 1920s.

>"-ko", "-uk" or "-vić"
"Serebryakov" has nothing to do with it. It is clearly Russian surname.

Even the Slav admixture that was there was from Poles, not Russians

Maybe you should've read the whole fucking reply chain before posting, instead of just that one post, retard?

> Not all Slav languages have gender-sensitive surnames, you know?

> Why, all of them, as far as I know.

> Surnames ending in "-ko", "-uk" or "-vić", for example, only have one form.



They exist, it just depends on the slav language in question.

>Vladivostok (=master of the east)*

>Youjo Senki thread
>appropriated by Slavs

cute kot

No, it means "to own the East".

someone has to stop this horrible pervert

>By they, China has multiple internal factions within the party, and in recent years the military has been appearing to gain increased sway over Chinese foreign policy. They constantly work as cross purposes with the faction that desires to embed Chinese soft power in its presumed hegemony.

It certainly seems Deng Xiaoping's "Hide brightness, cherish obscurity" doctrine has gone by the wayside.

I dont think Poland exists in YS



good taste

You know people were saying that exact shit before WWI, right?

It's true though. We haven't had a large-scale war for 70+ years.

Why did they make her so ugly in the anime?

Pax Britannica lasted for a century.

Large scale wars will exist. What won't exist is large scale defensive battles (and the resulting counter-attacks). This is because no government, at least in the West, has the political will to willingly accept such catastrophic casualties by doing it. The last time there was a large scale defensive warfare was the Persian Gulf War (Or Iran-Iraq War, fucking people can't decide on fucking names and the Asians in the area rename shit to fit their perspective) but the amount of death was nowhere near WW1 or WW2 levels (unless you include civilians and soldiers on both sides, then it's going into the millions). Large Scale conflicts will exist purely because you need some poor underpaid, under-trained, under-equipped squaddie to walk through city streets to make sure nobody gathers there. USA spends money on the MIC because to not do so would result in crashing. I call it the 'Running Down The Hill' Theory. If you've ever been on a hill and started to run down it, you suddenly need to go faster and faster to keep upright, if you can't go any faster, you crash and then tumble and hurt yourself. But in the act of not wanting to stop, you keep on running. Which is actually worse because by the time you HAVE to stop, you're going faster and gonna hurt yourself more.

That's what the MIC. Except running is funding and the crashing is when you just can't produce anything new or you reach the max amount of funding possible, then it crashes and if the MIC falls, the USA falls. There's too much money in it for the USA to survive it failing. This is why the USA is always going to be willing to go to war with people.

China recognised this. I could go into more wonderful little recent historical information on this, but it's not really the thread for it.

She is the daughter of the exile from the Federal territory. So she has a Russian name.
But why dose Tanya have a Russian name?
Her father was a German soldier.

Not long enough. So close to stomping out pointless war so we can go and meet aliens and fuck them up.

>and meet
You meant fuck, right?

"You" is considered impolite when talking to strangers. t. slav

When you refer to people per "you" to some random person you just met like he's your buddy is really rude. You're supposed to refer to people you just met or don't know on first name basis per "mister" or "sir" and "miss" or "madam" respectively.

Nobody can call out the US on its debts, China can never demand anything. They patiently wait for their pimp to throw dollars their way, but there’s no real power there because everyone knows you can’t actually force a nation that powerful to do anything it doesn’t want to do, all you can do is indirect influence via the individuals in the senate and so forth, China can do nothing to actually demand that the US pay debts, and every dollar the US owes them actually traps CHINA into a relationship that benefits the US strategically: China can’t do anything to piss off the US because they want their money back, all those trillions the US owes them. If they declare war, or break international treaties and get on the US’s bad side, then the US can just pull a post WW1 Germany and basically give a finger to the Chinese and not pay them and at that point they can’t do shit. Right now they’re actually getting money from us; if they push too hard, suddenly they stop getting money, and they realize that the US doesn’t need them as much as the they need the US and that nothing is actually making the US follow the rules beyond our own restraint, they’re literally our rules and nobody is there to stop us if we decide we don’t want to follow those rules, the world basically sits and waits patiently for American scraps because it’s all they’ll ever get and it’s ironically the strongest position they could possibly obtain, anything too aggressive and suddenly all that “soft” power turns to nothing when the guys with the most dominant military in human history decide that the world is taking their Hegemony for granted and pulls out everywhere, causing chaos in every vacuum all over the world and leading to the collapse of the economic system.
In plain terms, the US has a loaded gun pointed at the forehead of the rest of the world, and assures everyone they won’t shoot, but they could if they were pushed far enough

They also said the same after Vietnam: that thanks to 24/7 news cycle nobody would let any war happen. A thing that was discredited right at gulf war

I would mash that potato, if you know what I mean


Right, but she immigrated in her own generation. and was drafted.

She's still ok with fighting for Germany because she remembered her family starving in slav land and feels grateful to Germany keeping them from dying.

Just like Germany, amirite?

As if you wouldn't.

I'd give her my CHOCO if you know what i mean


t.shithole countries

So would I, if it were not so entirely insistent on dooming itself. The main damage to "western" societies, has been done to ourselves, with the main victim being the truth. Our societies lie. We lie so much that we lie to ourselves, and would rather lie, to other than to tell the truth, out of a fear of retaliation.
This makes them largely immune from outside interventions of good will.

The result is, our society as we see it now. I'd rather we could prevent hard times. But there is the severe possibility of them on the horizon.
Jordan Peterson is a reassuring sign that maybe it can be avoided but...

The logic would be that you can economically dominate your enemies later. The circumstances allowing for military domination are temporary and fleeting. The collapse of the previous hegemon would spur many nations to secure themselves at the expense of neighbors by force.
The good news in that regard is that China does not yet possess the power to become sole world hegemon, and would instead merely become a regional hegemon.
The bad news is that then leaves multiple regional hegemons bickering over influence, which leads to wars.
Further bad news is that it would unlikely be a Chink crusade for asia, and more a securing of key strategic assets, along with crushing major theoretical opponents, leaving smaller countries be.

This broadly is true, meaning that as it stands the US's worse enemy is itself. It didn't stop the Romans and the US is essentially saying hold my beer to the Roman fuck-ups.
Dissatisfied populous. Introduction of political violence. Crippling inequality and a political class so degenerate and aloof that it cannot fathom why the people would support a "tyrant".

That's Visha?! She looks way too flat!

its a single region of the greater united germany, and also the home province of the kaiser, but it's not all of germany

>She's got [...] a smug rape face

Ideal attribute for a female to have.

Visha IS flat.

wait how does the first world war even break out here if the ottomans don't lose control over their balkan holdings which the austro-hungarians then annex?

What's a cross purpose?

This author can’t into why WW1 started.

>I could go into more wonderful little recent historical information on this, but it's not really the thread for it.

You're no fun!

Thanks to that meddling BEING X

>Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
She's not a true slav. if she were, she would be "Serebryakova", cause she's a girl (I hope).

Why is Ohbummer disguised as dumpy Trumpy in that comic?

What happened?

>Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
wew that sounds so fucking retarded. Fucking nips at it again

>The result is, our society as we see it now.
Man, you are exaggerating way too much. The society you apparently dislike so much is still better than pretty much any other in the world, at last out of those that matter. At the very least, it is definitely one hell of a lot better than the Chink supremacy looming over the horizon. I live in China right now due to live circumstances and can say that on good authority.
The current Western, mostly American, civilization is most definitely worth saving.
And even then, as you've said yourself, the very fact that Peterson exists and is getting such an incredible traction, encouraging more and more intellectuals and just regular people to come out of the woodwork and start fixing shit, building new systems and pushing against harmful tendencies, is extremely telling. To be honest, at this point I don't see the ongoing war of idea going the route of a disaster. The pushback is too strong, gets too much support, is already starting to organize itself, and the people are too fed up with the things it opposes.

Entente Alliance decided that Norden is theirs and send their army there. Literally chapter 1 and episode 1.

>implying Germany would ever be invaded by a silly little Nordic country like that, implying anyone is that suicidal
>”hur dur let’s attack the regional hegemon”
Only explanation is being X made the world retarded.

Happened during ww2. Germany knew the Brits considered intervening in Norway, and wanted to beat them to the punch.

You’re missing the point. That’s the hegemon attacking a periphery nation, makes sense. A periphery nation attacking the hegemon? Completely suicidal and ridiculous, the Japanese have a childlike understanding of WW1 geopolitics and it shows.

Sorry misread your post.

Finding out the right Kasus seems to be pretty hard.

>Let's kick America by the balls and hope they will sue for peace
>Las Malvinas is so damn far from Britain, they won't be able to do a thing
>The Empress Dowager demands all foreign powers to fuck off

He is right though, Serebryakov is a gender-sensitive surname.

>The character is clearly female
This triggers my autism.

>>The Empress Dowager demands all foreign powers to fuck off


Denmark was in an incredibly weak position after the Schleswig War, and their economy forced them to be neutral. Don't know about Norway, Sweden, or Finland during the early 1900s.

What Denmark?

Niiskuneiti on vähän muutunut

Right or wrong, it still has nothing to do with what I was talking about in the post he replied to, therefore he is retarded, and apparently so are you.

The Denmark one.

>The society you apparently dislike so much is still better than pretty much any other in the world
The thing that I don't like is that our society is not which is required in order to maintain the institutions which our former societies created. Our civilization is great, but is running off of the basis of great institutions built up before our time, institutions which are slowly dying. Or more accurately, being deliberately killed. It is this process that I hate, and am not exactly sympathetic to the society which has created the conditions we find ourselves in.

>The pushback is too strong, gets too much support
To be seen. I've already said, its worth trying to save, but the rot is so deep that unless we get lucky and have a mini crisis to mobilize the push back in a single constructive direction, then there is too much risk in the environment as it currently stands to be secure in anything.

My point stands though that any change must be internal, and that in and of itself is the problem. All of a sudden people must become accustomed to tell the truth, when they have gotten so good and used to lying...
Then again, my outlook presumes that the attitude of everything will just turn out alright, is the first step to the exact opposite occurring. And we have for so long presumed that everything will just work out ok.

Whatever you were talking about, it had nothing to do with the subject of your conversation.

> Half of the posts are about her surname not ending with "-ova"
We get it, you are smart enough to use google.
Congratulations. Now stop it.

You are the first one in this thread to mention Denmark tho.

Wasn't me.

I don't need no Google for that shit mate, I'm a Russian.

>mfw I'm German
>feeling slowly a loss of identity all the time
>japanese cartoon chaaracters are doing more for your country than you ever did
>almost everyone is glorifying Germany while it's just today a shell of it's former self

Being German is suffering.

Я тоже, что дальше-то блять?

Visha is not blessed in the chest department in the original story. She compared herself to her friend Erya in that aspect.

The anime made her a Moomin cow and deleted Erya.

>Not all Slav languages have gender-sensitive surnames, you know?
All of them have gender-sensitive surnames, it's only a few specific surnames that aren't gender-sensitive.
>You can leave patronyms for the middle name and have the surname fixed (usually to the male variant) for sake of easier paperwork.
I don't think anime characters care about paperwork, in this case it's just a writer's fuck up.

А я ничего и не поразумевал, лол.

Тогда нахрена было постить, что ты русский? Медаль хотел?

Frankly, if demographics are anything like real-world demographics of the era I'm impressed the Republic even held on for so long against such a larger neighbor.

The wars after Vietnam were presented as police actions, sectarian conflicts, or a nebulous fight against an idea. A "great war" has not been fought since WWII, with 'Nam being an ideological pissing match more than anything.

It is also very hard to fight a large scale war with a collapse of supply chains, so the situation that would lead to large scale tensions (Murikkka getting fucked) would disrupt global economics to the point where the logistics for a large scale war just aren't there. An economic disruption of the modern industrial powers has been likened to the Bronze Age collapse, where everything implodes.

It's just a bunch of Slavs, user.

А почему бы нет, собственно? Чего ты бугуртишь-то?

You should listen to the rants by old Japanese people. Literally the same kind of "Everyone's brainwashed and made to hate being Japanese and we're being Koreanised by the ignorant youth who..."

So yeah, just get your panties unscrewed and maybe start making something worthwhile again.

>be Pole from eastern end of Poland
>escape Soviets
>join SS
>kill russian niggers for fun

Please speak in the language that 99% of anons here understand, or in Japanese.

I'm so, so sorry for you, pal.


>Navy refused to commission the latest frigate because of how freaking bad it is
>Zero operational submarine
Rip Dönitz

's pretty alright though, I'm not complaining. There's a great number of worse nationalities to be born into.

I believe you are greatly underestimating the number of Russian shitposters on this website.

Bless the anime for making her a Moomin cow.

Да хер его знает на самом деле.

>or in Japanese.

>Still no doujin of her
Literally what for?

when you living under the Tsar and suddenly Red commy start to kill everyone you love

Well, it's the only language that everyone here has at least some capabilities with.
Even if they're merely being able to read some and getting it translated semi-decently.

>has been likened to the Bronze Age collapse, where everything implodes.
eyy, in this very thread in fact
Where's the fuck'in video...

By the time the Revolution started, Russian had long stopped being a tsardom and became an empire.


>Surnames ending in "-ko", "-uk" or "-vić", for example, only have one form.
>Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
You're not just a regular retard, you are an autistic retard.

One more imbecile didn't read the whole fucking conversation.
Man, I never realized the posters on this board were THIS dumb.

I love Cred Forums.

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She's a Hiwi, user.

Well shit explain it to me then.

read the thread faggot

Fuck you too user, I don't have time to understand your autism.

Not even my autism. I'm the long posts autist, not the language autist. You're still being a faggot tho

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You were the one replying to me, now you have to explain it to me bitch.

are the light novels translated

>Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov
Why japs can't at least use her name without mistakes? Jeesus Christ, grammatical cases are difficult huh.

Trips say otherwise. Your a faggot.

Tanya is not for sexual!

Please explain why it's wrong, these faggots don't want to give away their secrets to me.

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Would Tanya call her subordinate Serebryakov or is there something wrong with her name?

At least try to keep the thread alive you fucking retard. Triggered slavs were perfect for that.

>polish worm
>calling anyone a nigger
Oi Pan Kurwa, the toiled are dirty, stop daydreaming.

Please don't be racist to anyone on a blue board, except for slavs, fuck them.

>polish worm
>calling anyone a nigger
Worms at least rejuvenate earth. More than can be said for niggers.

>reading russian literature
user you fell for the """russian literature""" meme


>Defenders of the gates of Europe in 1683
>Defenders of the gates of Europe in 1920
>Defenders of the gates of Europe in 2016 onward
Neck yourself faggot.

Its pretty much The german empire and austria hungary+modern croatia as exclave

Tanya is for violent, brutal sex! Giving or receiving!

>Lost in every single war
>Buttraped by Germany and Russia
>Defenders of anything

>Defenders of the gates of Europe
user even in the anime poland is a bunch of bitchboys.

thanks for taking it for the team, repeatedly and without appreciation

Traitors of their heritage and Europe's biggest whore, are hardly the defenders of anything.

But he's just a child.

>Defenders of the gates of Europe
Literally Ukraine 2.0

Don't be jealous of slavs being superior to you dirty anglo mongrel.

Meanwhile, the japanese are shipping Tanya x Lehrgen. HARD.

Nothing is more beautiful than a gay love.

Well, Lehrgen would be heterosexual from his POV.

>that eastern border

Well, yeah, they just belong together.

What are you gay or something?

> Viktoriya
> slavic name
Not really.

It's Chinese actually.

>Please explain this
Its call EUROPA. to the right of atlantic ocean

what is europa? please explain

>everyone calling Carlo Zen a nip
>everyone insulting his love of the CIS region
>loves it so much he spends countless volumes in it within Youjo Senki
>even creates a novel with 4 volumes dedicated to Communism jokes
I just don't understand you slavs sometimes

Serebryakova is the correct way to spell it.
Ignore the idiots who say otherwise.

>everyone insulting his love of the CIS region
Who's everyone? Show me those people.

Would Serebryakova craving the loli Tanya also be considered gay then?

She's cute

She's a potato.

Its considered a blossoming motherly instinct. Also Yes.

Norden is the Kalmar Union.

What the the Portuguese against union with the Castillians and Aragonese?