If you watch the whole anime, you won't see Shinka but watch Shinka and you will see the whole anime

If you watch the whole anime, you won't see Shinka but watch Shinka and you will see the whole anime.


Has anyone ever seen the real Shinka?

Shinka is chubby.

I've been to plenty of Shinka threads and i still have no idea what's this about.

It's about a bunch of larping retards.

i respect Shinka.


i truly respect Shinka. i want to serve her.

OP is applying an Cred Forums meme to anime and it doesn't make sense


Have you even apologized to her yet?

forgive me for the late reply but i am apologizing every minute for my past behaviour.

I can't speak for the rest but I don't trust you at all.

DO NOT display weakness in front of the Shinka. Avoid eye contact but do not move away or turn your back on the Shinka. Try to make loud noises, such as banging together pots and pans, to distract her so you can quietly escape.

Either way you'll probably end up being killed by her smooth, muscular thighs snapping your neck but at least with this method you have a chance. Grovelling and apologizing are a sure ride to getting choked out and your back raked bloody with her nails.

If you watch the whole match, you won't see (player) but watch (player) and you will see the whole match


>Cred Forums
>Watching sports

i understand you, because i disrespecter her so much but then suddenly changed my ways. it just happened, i can't explain. now i only live to respect her.
i wouldn't want to die any other way. i also will embrace this death with happiness

Cred Forums, please





You only think you want to die like that because you haven't thought it through and don't know that Shinka will take things from you that you didn't even know you had. But will miss.

Post it!

You think you're being clever, kid?

I REALLY want to be asphyxiated by those thighs

>watching shinka
>when cento is superior
just imagine a 10/10.jpg

They're pretty dangerous so she'll only use them as a last resort.

I want to marry Dekomori !

I am Shinka Nibutani.

who is this shinka you speak of?

I want to fight you!

i thought about it many times, i am not a young man anymore. and i will be truly happy dying while being crushed, destroyed, exterminated by Shinka.

The toughest kid in her school.

I disrespect shinka.

i was once like you but then i saw the light.