Dragon Ball Super

Beerus will never be relevant again

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Beerus > Jiren >>> gokek

>tfw toei buffs goku to ur level

Roshi = Beerus
Kamehameha = Ultra Instinct

This is gokek fans argument

:3 Fucking Gokek

Shut the FUCK up

Apparently goku was never pushed to his limits vs Golden freeza, hit or even goku black and Merged zamasu

where the fuck is the new album with all the black arc songs?

He was holding back against them

> goku was holding back against people stronger than him
> gokeks unironically believe this


Vegeta interrupting people's fights, where is his honor


Sad true is it's unironically true for anime Zamasu and Black because of ssb+kaioken being something that Goku did use in the previous arc (and in that arc Goku only used at the very end against a foe that already was immortal)


he's got some mouth talent...

No honor we're surviving on the battlefield

>hold on jobbers we have an arc to wrap up quick!

What happened to the other thread?

>Manga's ToP is more of a U7 wankfest than the anime

so...was this a prank?

I'm late again

tfw we were tricked and the blanco memes were basically an involuntary focus group run by Toei

Got deleted

He achieved it after millenia of "training".


I'm sorry, but did Blanco already happen? Oh, that's right. The transformation hasn't even been made white yet. In fact, it's only episode 129. Does not having the fanbase who cares about your show count as winning? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the show is still running? Gohan is still the leader in the stands right now and they have been the best team in the tournament of power for how many minutes now? They're playing one of the worst arenas in the multiverse that just happens to have a lot of opposing fans because they're feeding off the lack of support of disillusioned fans. But you know what? Gohan is still fucking here. Gohan lives in one of the best fucking cities in Japan, they had 70 degree weather in December last year and would of had rain if the weather wasn't a drought. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when the Gohan gets blanco and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, el grande padre just announced they're building an arena when the U7 needed to get just one team, just like U11 does. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Gohan topics because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like the anime because it's Toei. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking teams in this tournament, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting silver instead of blanco. Fuck you. You are nothing.

>wankfest for u7
they are literally attacking weaker fighters

whis is a good mentor


Place your bets on how Frieza's going to effect the endgame the tournament

I'm saying he's going to help Goku defeat Jiren by distracting him at an opportune moment with a death beam

Cat GoD pleases Whis for UI

Probably a typo. They most likely meant to say "and 17 gave his life" but somewhere it got mixed up.



He's also good at sucking cock.

Who would win in a fight, SS2 Kefla or SS2 Bra?

Vados is a sassy mentor

Good mentor indeed

>all those leaks saying Goku and Freiza were going to the last standing were true

So bets on Goku and Jiren knocking each other out and Lord Freezer being the last standing.



Where is Roshi?

Nobody cares salagir, take your shit waifu and get out of here.

>*Jiren only using energy when things get out of hand and then waiting for the final universe
>*ends up with him being full strength vs a weakened final opponent
>*great strategy that allows him the best chances to win
>*Jiren who Leroy Jenkins his way through the tournament, but also being careful not to eliminate everyone
>*exposes himself to tricky fighters early on who may not rely on pure strength to eliminate people
>*weakens himself fighting scrubs

Toyo ruins another character.

Why does Gohan keep losing to furries? What happened to him?

>all fodder goes to fight U7 and being erased because they are the protagonists

>fodder is erased because U7 team's fighters are actually competent and actively go to knock out people

So UI activates whenever goku is about to lose? What the fuck is the point of this ? Is this how every fight from now will be?


>caulifla is just a copy bra from a non canon fanfic
cant make this up

Too much soy.

I guess he's behind the bread

With how seperated the continuity has got, I cannot tell. Apparently Bra is supposed to be extremely powerful but Kefla is a potara fusion as well.

> jiren weakens himself

Is goku weakening himself by using super saiyan and fighting? is vegeta weaking himself by fighting?

Still better than the saiyan thots from Super.

>gohan stop being a faggot and start jobbing

I actually like the idea of five staying behind to 'hold the fort' while their strongest strikers go out, this way the remaining fighters can keep an eye on their battles and jump in to assist at key moments.

So dbfz story mode is roast the game?

I'm not the biggest fan of Multiverse but I love the idea of Bra but with Vegito instead of Vegita as her father. I also like the character in general. One of the few good things Multiverse has done.

Post yfw everyone else get Blanco before Gohan

If goku gets eliminated by jiren is he now officially a jobber?

I really hope 17 doesn't blow himself this time.

>implying beerus, whis, vegeta, goku dont eat soy everytime

>toeishill ACTUALLY trying to the defend Toei's Shitren



Y-you're sure this will give me Ultra Instinct, Whis?

He'll remain passed out in a corner somewhere until Goku and Jiren knock each other out, leading to Freeza winning.

The show’s cancelled. In a couple of weeks, none of them will ever be relevant again.

Why didn't Roshi use mafuba on Jiren again?

After actually reading the chapter... it's trash.

- 17 gets the first elimination for those thinking the manga wouldn't wank him.

- Katoplesa and Jimmy out, looks like it's rushing to get to the big fights

My biggest problems with the anime was that it didn't seem like a battle royal past the first episode. Just a bunch of 1 on 1 fights that looked dumb because everyone around mostly respects them lol

However, it did at least show some abilities for most of the new characters, cept Nigirishi...

If they made it more BR like and cut some of the padding it would have been a great arc.

I expect the manga to be trash for a while longer before we get a few good fights at the end.

At least Jirens personality will be a bit better :l


>They stole Mary Sue Bra from us
>They stole Blanco
Toei can't keep getting away with this.

Most of it is done by Cell.

new movie after the show

>Goku gets Blanco before Gohan
is the gohan blanco poster eternal blown the fuck out?

Jiren wants to end this shit as quickly as possible so he can get his wish and then get back to defending his universe, it's way more in character than Jiren who is apparently stalling for a time out.

>every time vegeta punches it sounds like a squeaky toy

>The show’s cancelled.
More likely a hiatus until after the movie comes out.

Super (or some continuation of it) will probably start back up in mid to late 2019.

Reminder Jaco is a dimension hopping parasite but he can only take over the bodies of weak people but he has crazy power ups that make him look like Jiren. He also murdered Jiren's parents.

is toyotaro gonna show off toppo and dyspo or will he be a waifufag like the toei directors?

more like eternally vindicated. this is your show now.

>So dbfz story mode is roast the game?

This is the level of animation Toei will use for this popular show's final two episodes

I want to throat-fuck Whis!

neither will champa
it hurts


i'm glad he's dead

americans got told by their jap overlords to stop inputing their shit into their games.

is goku going to job once again?

This is Toriyama's headcanon and if you don't believe it at this point seek help.

What did Toyotaro mean by this?

Toei is spics?

Someone post the frieza vs goku webm
I swear you faggots are underage.

3.5 incoming

besides that one scene, episode 129 seems to have good animation by super's standards

we never get 2 good looking episodes in a row, so the tournament's final episode will have shit animation

I want trunks to bully me.

I know it'd be satisfying to shut up his floofy voice but Marcarita is literally built for rough oral.

>Can materialize a fork out of thin air

I forgot he can do basically anything. He is an angel after all. They're like psuedo Gods.

trunks should breed with a nice saiyan girl from u6.

Yes, starting from yesterday's episode.
I am fully ready to see the rating fall evrn more and end up below 1% for the very last episodes.

Piccolo can do that shit too. Prior to the Cell games Gohan asks him for a uniform like his, and Piccolo just magics one out of thin air, weighted cloak and all.

>Goku gets ringed out
>Timer hits 0
>Game over
>Jiren is waiting for his 'heres your lizard cubes' moment when Grand Padre announces that Universe 7 has won because Frieza is still KO'ed in the ring AND actually ringed out more then 1 person, unlike fucking Jiren who literally sat on his ass 3/4ths the fucking tournament

Trunks isn't a bully. He's a good boy.

I don't think that's gonna happen.

Male saiyans are meant for female humans.


They are going to make some angel speak spanish, right?, because if that happens esto es el fin, for one week at least.

Toyo Vegeta continues to be the best. If it weren't for Toriyama, Toyo would make Vegeta the MC and Toei would make Gohan the MC

When he was first training Gohan he gave him a Gi and a sword out of thin air. He's had that ability for a long time.

why didn't f trunks stay in present?

he would have been better in this arc than fucking tien

I wonder if she wears her hair like that to spoof Belmond.


That was the clothes beam, wasn't it? It was never shown to what extent Piccolo can materialize objects. Also you're comparing Piccolo to fucking Whis.

Who's stronger, el Angel Blanco o el Diablo Negro?

He just didn't have enough training.

Nobody else ever showed the ability to just conjure shit out of thin air except maybe Buu.

Don't think he would be into sadalans, who like violence.

But who gets Play of the Game?

>this delusion
lmao Soyopedros are fucking funny

imagine trunks half breed potential + u6 saiyan girls potential in their little 3/4 saiyan child.

meant for --->

>traces his own art three times to promote three separate arcs

Seriously, they fucking set it up by having his universe get erased but then he still gets sent back.



People keep saying that, but I don't see a single tail between them

Gohan Blanco posters for shitposting for 9 months straight.

Truly an achievement worth recognition.

Piccolo made Gohan's first sword at saiyan arc and that hourglass at Boo arc you idiots, namekian magic not limited to clothes

>Fine father, you can have Blanco, I'll just have to walk a different path!

Fucking bastards blueballed me fucking twice with that shit

>goten, let's fuck!

slightly divergent evolution.

Vados or Marcarita, which would you prefer to date?

>muh 3.5
The best Super episode through its run got the worst ratings. Yet the kefla shit got like 6%.
Japs are mentally ill.

why should trunks marry mai? She's like 100 years old and has nasty human pussy.

breed with a saiyan girl

At least Vegeta got his UGUUSSGSS form. Gohan got fuck all.

But Vegeta did get his own form.

It wasn't Ultra Instinct tier but it was something new.


Gohan DID achieve an ultimate form, he perfected his jobbing to the level that he was able to drag Dyspo down with him. A mutually assured jobbing.

>tfw no cute tall autistic saiyan bf

Espero que Gohan tenga otra transformacion, seguro que Toriyama le va dar ALGO. Ultimate Gohan 2?


Didn't Jiren ring out Hit, Vegeta, (presumably Goku), and the slime boy? If anything it's going to be even match and the time hits 0 = both Goku and Frieza are on stage thus win.

Thrice, you mean. Freeza controlling gods will never happen, he's just trying to fuck people while surviving, like the manga said
Also "true Golden Freeza" is filler as well


in just 3 more episodes this show gets hakai'd

Cus. She'll need the company.

This arc has been losing people, and people are unlikely to just jump back on at the end of a long arc like this.

This arc has been wearing on people. It's long and tedious, with little break in the action to bring things back down. It's proof that 40 episodes of just fighting isn't the best of ideas.

I'm gonna have to ask you to delete that.

>take this series anywhere new
Why would they. Predictability works to an authors advantage. Its not the destination but the journey. You dont have a 50 year series and try to surprise people. Thats just a retarded premise. You try to keep the essence of what made the series loved, and repeat it until you cant milk it anymore.
Toriyama tried to make gohan the main hero and everyone bitched that they wanted more goku. So guess what, youre getting more goku. You will never get anything else but goku. Its retarded to assume that the final hero of a series as ancient as this thats been following gokus journey since he was in diapers would end with someone else. Its like you people have 3 braincells.

I dont even watch super, I just play fighterz and the amount of butthurt you retards are showing is astounding.

When do they translate it to english?

His cuteness is always relevant.

>Marcarita will never feed you grapes

Platinum Frieza when?

66 is objectively better despite the shit ending.

>look guys I got a Gohan toy from my mighty meal fuck yeah!

The Freeza war against the gods (and seeming allusion to Gokus plan), Mastered Golden, Zamasu, and the baseball and Roshi episodes were the only things Super has done right.

El Smugpup Blanco?

>Bait and switch Vegito
>Spirit Bomb Sword out of thin air

-18 got two eliminations, and so did vegeta, and it was all just fodder. you're being paranoid
-not wasting anytime with fodder is a good thing. leaves more time to characterization of the actually relevant fighters
the U7 fighter rushed towards groups of fodder, goku was fighting 4 dudes at the same time. it feels a lot more like a battle royale than in the anime

If they were just gonna fill this show with fanfiction they should have just gone with dragonball heroes

>the best episode

Carbon fiber Kevlar Bullet proof glass Frieza when?

Kefla had good animation.

Jiren vs Goku was looped ATATATATA.

true golden freeza = freeza without stamina issues

Thats in the manga as well. Goku said freeza got way stronger by mental training

>broly will never bully you
It's not fair.

I want to mindbreak El Padre

>girl beerus
>not male beerus in girl's clothing

Goku vs Kefla fight was better than Jiren vs Goku (round one). The latter did have a stronger start (ssb Goku vs Jiren is indidually the best animated sequence, although kind of short) in ep 109 but there was just too much exposition and ATATATA in 110.

And make her canon.

>Zoiray has no wings in chapter 30, he just floats
>Zoiray suddenly has wings in chapter 33


>good animation

My sides

user please, I just fapped an hour ago.

Truth hurts huh Tyrone?

That's because Kefura was a qt.

He's been pure comic relief since Zeno showed up.
I lol every week his sole shot is making a reaction face.

Kefla is badass, muscular, flashy, and interesting.

why is freeza still in the ring?

We know they won't end this show without reviving everyone. Just know the lizard out and let goku win and wish people back.

DB needs to stop trying to pretend they have any unpredictability

To what?

I want to cuck this manlet.

>that one episode that looked like majin buu saga dragonball
Episode 122 was fucking weird

It's none of your business.

It was beautiful though. Sucks it had no direction.

Was it gay?
Be honest

He grew them just like Gohan grew a tail in his AF doujin

I like how she went full bullet hell when pushed to her final phase, I love it when bosses do that.

>Toriyama tried to make gohan the main hero and everyone bitched that they wanted more goku.
I heard this was bullshit.

She wasn't RAD enough to counter Goku

Kefla was the magnum opus of Super

>tfw super went downhill after her defeat

for a gag
frieza will win the tournament and will summon the dragon to make an evil wish, but his time will run out because he wasted too much energy as golden frieza and will be teleported back to hell before telling the dragon his wish

Why did we need two Zenos?


why do people complain about "muh no powerful women" in shonen?

Shonen is for boys while shojo is for girls

You never hear dudes complain that there isn't some super powerful hero in sailor moon

Goku Kamehameha surfing on Kefla's last attack is going to end up being one of the most memorable parts of this arc.

He is absolutely getting fired/erased if he can't destroy someone who destroys better than he does.


Let's be real: she gave us the most interesting fight. Both her and goku were awesome as fuck. I don't know if the next episode is going to top this, but I doubt it will.

>before, during, AND after
Fixed that for you.

Well what was it?


If there's one thing kefla is good at it's defeating my cock.

It's not retarded to hope for something more. If anything you're the complacent idiot normalizing the stagnation of media.

You can say nothing will change, but if people don't complain it becomes a certainty.

Burn it

why is dragonball so much shittier when it comes to writing compared to other big time shonens?

>Goku blanco becomes a real thing
>Demon realm saga and Demon lord dont
i hate this timeline

Why do you want to know so badly?

Toei too greedy and impatient to wait for the manga

Mostly because of the author Hackira Toriyama. The very few truly good arcs had a LOT of editor input.

No reason
Just tell me

>Baba: Sorry times up.


No, you'll never find out.

plz Cell saga had more plotholes than Zamasu arc did.

Suck a dick toyocuck.

Yeah, it wasn't the fans, it was the Publisher who did.

Are you talking about GT?

Don't tell him. He's trying to steal your essence.

I mean I like tien, but why bring him back just to shit all over him?

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours

Well, he killed Zamasu... and then stopped caring about ensuring his continuous existence altogether.

No, it wasn't the publisher, it was Toriyama who did.

Ratings and toy sales.
That's all super is, a cashgrab

>Vegeta stated his Galick Gun was going to destroy the planet along with Goku
>Cell claimed his final Kamehameha could wipe out the solar system
>Brolly is said to have wiped out an entire Galaxy
>Kefla boasts that her last attack could destroy a universe
Have we hit the ceiling?

So much Beerus and Whis

No go away.

Who is buying a Tien toy?

You're missing the SSG Goku vs Beerus shockwaves.
Also, no we still haven't seen an attack that could destroy the world of void itself.

So Frost is the one doing the torture in the manga, Freeza then tells him that's a rookie mistake and turns him toward U7

Nice trash opinion, Toeicuck.

>implying there's a tien toy to begin with

What did they mean by this?


I'm Queerus for Beerus

Reminder all these bullshit powerups happened within the span of 48 minutes

do they even sell tien toys anymore?


Wel I believe Vegeta as we saw him do it although it was an anime-only filler.
Cell and Kefla might have been exaggerating, though.

>Also, no we still haven't seen an attack that could destroy the world of void itself.
That'll be Jiren's trump card, the Angels will need to put up a barrier.

That bottom panel looks so empty and unfinished

It means I'm gonna fucking body everyone in ranked with broly and bardock.


no it didn't
The only good episode of the kefla arc was 116. I remember you faggots were even more vocal about your dislike of episodes 113-115 than these recent ones.

Beerus>>Blanco Goku>>>Jiren
Beerus is much stronger than he lets on rekt all of the other gods EZ

FUCK this episode

We could do it together~

>tfw no tien toy
>tfw no master roshi sama toy
>tfw no no. 17 toy

>mfw I realized Super Buu is just Buu Buu Absorbed


user stop this is getting creepy.

Same! We should be friends

where did you get this

No eyelids, but at least he has nipples


>XV2 shilling
Disgusting, the Kawaii of Time is the only good thing to come out of that experiment.

Manga Beeruz is God of Destruction + UI = Rekt the shit out of all others Gods of Destruction united.

do frieza and frost kissu~

We don't care about your videos ajay

Wait, was Frost shown to be a prick in the manga before?

Did I just hear someone say 'creepy'?

Remember ss only exists because tori was too lazy to ink gokus hair

fuck you and fuck your shilling

pls respond

Probably amazon, they carry sh figuarts.

He was a cheater who pretended to be an honorable warrior. Once he got found out he completely changed and went "psh whatever don't care about this tournament anyway"
He's a jerk, but he's not over the top like the anime counterpart. Freeza is manipulating him easily

No. Seems like Toyo got lazy and traced his personality from the anime ToP arc as well.


What said but I got mine at a shop in the next county over.

>no argument
i accept your concession

I'm down

Goku said that because of his humiliating loss he would probably turn out to be more like Frieza. It was foreshadowed. Toyo wins again.

Where the fuck do you live burger?

Toei drop this shit show already and give me a good dragonbal remake. i will even buy the shitty toys

At least he has his manga appearances now

He bothered to draw the rest of the panel tho

That would be on point, but I find it more likely he's still cheating with Gohans waifu and so Goku makes the wish instead.

He'll probably wish for all the universes to return or something, but it would be pure comedy kino if he used it to wish King Kai back to life instead to keep his promise.

Anyway, Freeza finally wakes up, he's back in hell and now he hates Goku and Beerus even more. Roll credits as everyone laughs about what a crazy adventure they just had.

beerus has mastered ultra instinct


Why was frieza included in this "dramatic/emotional" segment?
Yeah frieza did revive him with some ki but this is still some gay shit right here.

what is this from? I saw another version with bulma behind him smirking. is it some cuck shit?


mafuba only works on evil people

its literally called the evil containment wave

I'll do it for you~

Does a God even have reproductive organs? It isn't gay if you can't really call them "male".

>He was a cheater who pretended to be an honorable warrior. Once he got found out he completely changed and went "psh whatever don't care about this tournament anyway"
That's way to different to be a sadistic prick

>He's a jerk, but he's not over the top like the anime counterpart
In this chapter he's literally the same as his anime counterpart


whis gave him more training

So, is Goku Blanco stronger than Beerus or not?


GoDs are just dudes who got beefed up and became gods

It would be so easy to pull down her pants.

>In this chapter he's literally the same as his anime counterpart
No he isn't.

He doesn't need wings in his universe to fly.
In the TOP flying is forbidden, unless you have wings, that's why he only uses them now.


What if Whis decides he will be the one throat fucking you

Goku made Beerus use 70% of his max when he was just SSG. He's been beyond Big B for a long time now



>At a pace of 3 chapters per episode it would take 65 episodes to cover all of DB
>Original DB anime: 153 episodes

filler makes a big difference

Nice try I know Australia isn't a real place

shit we need a DBZ remake by ANYONE who isn't Toei

Cause I'm a burger myself and I want to know where to find dbz figuarts, cause I hate paying the shipping jew.

Gods aren't a race, they're a title. Beerus and everyone else were elevated to the rank.

I start drooling and open wide

Just watch Path to Power

>Does a God even have reproductive organs?



I figured it be like Cars, when you achieve peak evolution sex is useless.

That sounds like something Manga Jiren would do, since he doesn't even want to be there. He'd rather be at home protecting his universe, and his feet are cold.

Just go on google and look up comic book shops near you. You might need to go in person and see what they have in stock.

uhm no sweetie, his dick is for whis only


>Freiza Redemption Arc Soon
>Freiza joining Z Warriors soon

Is it a good alternative to watching the anime?

Or you develop strange fetishes that give you the same kick. Like fighting and eating.

Beerus is 100% a virgin and that's cute

>4 of his team mates were being crashed by Goku.
>Expect him to just look to conserve energy.

Do Angels have dicks?

Who doesn't

Frieza will cheat the system and become the new god of destruction. I've been feeling it in my gut for a long while now.

Not really.
It only covers the first arc and misses out on the amazing Picollo stuff

>nice wings, halfblood trash

>wanting poor Whis to babysit that little shit

>wcf kale
I've been looking for that, does your store get stuff in stock before web stores?

Maybe. From what I've seen they're portrayed as either sexless or as hermaphrodites bur rarely as being divided in males and females like humans.

The show is over after this arc m7
It's over. Gone. Finished.

I hope they will make a SoL spin off starring Caulifla and her saiyan girlfriend doing cute things and drinking juices though

Why do dragon ball fans make such edgy OC forms?

tl;dr for the demon realm/demon lords saga?

I believe so, they got tien, yamcha and broly before amazon.

>Dragon Ball fans

Nigga, we have a canon movie coming and Goku will be an ambassador for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Super might be over but Dragon Ball is literally never going to end, Toei will never let its only cash cow to rival OP end.

>un demonio y un angel

Straight normal people who are better than me...

We wew 11 when it first aired

Where's this jaco nonsense coming from?

>make 21 canon

Youre just gonna get a character in a future arc that kinda looks like her like Kale/Broly


>That look of raw despair on Kefla's face after Goku slide-dodges her final attack

I hope this guy has a better fate

that's from Super DB Heroes

Bullshit that's official

It's like with Goku, when you dedicate your life only to combat you never have time for love, but Goku was lucky enough to have Chichi do all the persuit for him. That's why Beerus needs me to teach him about love.

Reminder that the ending will be disappointing because DBS blew their load two seasons too early.

She has only offered Cabba juice.

I don't care about love
I just want his dong in my mouth

whatever let you sleep tonight

Yes, Dragon Ball is not ending. But Dragon Ball SUPER is.

he got less screentime in the anime than in the manga

Fuck off, that ending was literally the biggest asspull in super.

murisam is already out.


resurrection F was a massive population was the majority of customers.
I do not care about the Internet 's unpopular fans who firmly hold my core.
It would be encouraging for customers like this.
If there is a next movie, the first round 1.3 billion, the final 5.5 billion growth, but the
net evaluation may be an interesting phenomenon such as the stars 1 and 2 w
At the time of the resurrection F already unpopular on the net does not pass the fans already It is becoming something.

Dragon Ball Heroes has brought us the most concentrated spic autism of all time

>not the opposite
You retard.

This thread is filled with filthy degenerates.

wakey wakey, Superfags.

Is Gohan wearing the purple Gi?

W-What's his end game?

that would be lewd she doesn't wear pantsu

>dragon ball fans

To be honest, it is difficult to praise the super

Confession time?
>Watched Dragon Ball as a kid but only up to the end of the very first arc where they wish for Panties and everyone goes their separate ways
>Later start watching DBZ, naturally assume it picks up right after that first arc with characters such as Piccolo/Tien/Chichi just sort of existing
It was years before I realized there were entire sagas between what I thought had been the end of DB and where it actually ended after the fight with Piccolo. Going back and watching it for the first time was bittersweet as I could only imagine how good it would have been without knowing where the characters end up.

What the fuck do you expect them to do?
Human eye can't see more than 30 FPS and they fight super fast.

>Straight normal people
OK, maybe fuck with cat people but isn't gay or weird to fuck angels, according to the bible or something jew.


I want Android mommy

>Goku blanco is real
it's been a hell of a week

>Implying he isn't one himself.


It is probably Freeza after a daily routine for a while. It is wondering why you
want to recover the flag of vegeta before Freeza

Super made me really hate 18

What form will Goku achieve for the 2020 olympics?

Is freeza out? He is so irrelevant I only now recalled he was in the tournament at some point

Didn't stop it from being epic
I could care less about consistency


Why was the animation in this so stiff and awful.
Looks great in screenshots but as soon as you see it in motion it's absolutely disgusting

B-Bejita sama..

Why is the pacing so slow on all DB anime adaptations?

I was reading the Buu arc yestarday and I was surprised by how it fast goes

>Is freeza out?

*OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO's in your direction*

>*gargles cum* AAAHH! PLEASE STOP!!! NO MORE CUM!!!!

Theyre a fighting game studio, were you expecting some Naughty Dog quality or something?

For now, catfag. GODku will always win. Check my 5.

Beerus is to slutty to be a virgin

Gonna go fap to beerus and get it all out so I can stop shitting up the thread with my gay posting

Piccolo is out too much Piccolo 's fans poor Sorry
I am a vegetarian fan, but I'm happy but
last week is too broken?
Horikawa's voice is getting strange
Well it was fun, but
sometimes I also let Piccolo make an active

The need to not catch up with the manga, the anime being huge and Toei stretching it for as long as possible.

>strongest human in the world
>best he can do is be a cop for shit pay
She's not wrong desu

So what you're saying is that Whis can't fulfill any conjugal roles with Beerus and that's my duty in his stead?

Yeah, doesn't look like there's any clothes down there.

What's with these gut shots?

Because people don't play the game for the story mode. The actual fighting gameplay is the most beautiful shit in motion.

Goku Atleta
This form gives him android tier unlimited stamina.

guys I found the 18 poster

he has six pack flabs

He just likes teasing people


>literally one second
the absolute state of Cred Forums

>Including the Gohan blanco one
Kek. That got a good laugh out of me

Abortion punch. They're having so much trouble with Jiren they don't want to let him breed under any circumstances.

it's just different. different is not always bad.

That shit fucking hurts

If that's the case then I want to tear a hole in her tights and tongue her asshole.

>strongest human in the world

Even putting aside 17/18, Tien is stronger than Krillen, Uub is stronger than Krillen and it's confirmed that when he sets is mind to it even Roshi is stronger than Krillen

Left or right

>cant draw asses for shit

In the middle


I'm sure they could just form one or something if they wanted.

She's best friends with the richest woman and man on the earth.
She's the most power female in the entire fucking universe. CANON.
She has eternal youth, infinite energy, infinite ki, I don't even think the bitch needs to breath or eat.
She should get off of her fucking ass and either get a fucking job or go out and hustle up some pirate treasure.
Bitch needs to get off

*To Whis's level

H-Hes a lock in for season 2 r-right?

Piccolo was already a break from the front line at the time of the initial freeza.
At the moment when the king god transcends, there is no big difference from Kuririn.

If you want to return Piccollo to the front line, you need an episode for that.
It was definitely useless at the time of professing that we could not go on training with Saiyan.

When the piss was the training taking place they immediately went from Zamasu arc to universe 7 with only a filler episode in between.

Neither. Champa is for hugging. Beers for having lunch with.

kefla has a penis.

Why the fuck is Roshi so small

whats wrong with the ass you quoted?

He was pushed to his limit, but the trigger for UI was him absorbing the SSJBSSKX20 spirit bomb.


Give kefuta pls

Nope, just a puffy vulva.

God I wish that were me

But even a visual like a nappa is a prestigious elite, right?


Goku said he hasn't trained a single day since his fight with Zamasu

Vegeta is the one who never stops training

And it's all thanks to TeamLeaderhan's plan.


>Complete garbage episode
>All associated threads are filled with bad porn
The Empire of Dragon Ball Super

I unironically want GT to be one of the universes that were too strong to participate on the tournament. Goku Blanco vs SSJ4 would probably cause flooding in Mexico from all that spic cum.

I know where that comes from user.

Only in her ss form

>spicposting and spicservice at least until next decade
I'm not that ready

> delusional tien fags at it again

that's a pretty big vegeta shes got there

Found the vegetafag


>C-Chads of Cred Forums, right g-guys?


I like the way the Manga is doing it. It makes shit go so much faster, and allows them to hit the normal DB fight settings.

>When the piss was the training taking place they immediately went from Zamasu arc to universe 7 with only a filler episode in between.
Speed watching retard, a lot of time passed between those.

>Milkers are the only thing that keep me out of being full homo

I'm such a baby, I guess evolution will jew you by any mean.

>oh my god he's in a tournament, caught his enemy and he's punching him repeatedly, he's exactly the same as Freeza/anime-Frost!!!
Are you retarded? He's just a jerk, not a rehash of "the evil emperor Freeza" like the one from the anime

>be me
>saiyan prince/elite
>arrive on earth and manage to defeat kakarot
>job to his 4 year old son and manlet best friend
>strive to be the strongest warrior and surpass kakarot
>believe I'm a super saiyan and fight freeza
>kakarot becomes a super saiyan with just anger alone
>train my ass off in space and finally become a super saiyan
>manage to defeat one of the androids but job to a woman not soon after
>become super vegeta and manage to kick cells ass in his second form
>have a chance to kill him
>let him become perfect and proceed to get my ass kicked
>job to his autistic children
>kakarots 9 year old son surpasses you and defeats cell with a single punch and kamehameha wave
>7 years later
>finally unlock ssj2
>high on majin power
>have a rematch with kakarot
>find out he's been holding back the entire time
>decide to do the noble thing and sacrifice myself to protect my family
>blow myself up to kill buu
>does nothing
>attempt to fight kid buu
>job and admit kakarot was stronger
>a few years pass
>freeza returns with a new golden form
>get the justice i deserve and kick his ass
>just as I'm finally about to get my revenge kakarot steals the kill at the last minute
>time passes
>fighting zamasu with my son
>our combined galick gun is barely able to push back his attack
>kakarot does it by himself with ease
>fighting in the top
>kakarot gets his ass kicked by jiren
>kakarot somehow gains ultra instinct
>still can't hurt jiren
>there's still hope
>fighting jiren
>manage to see through his attacks
>get btfo by jiren
>eventually gain my own power up, who needs ultra instinct?!
>blow toppo the fuck out
>realize it amounted to nothing since he's the biggest jobber in u11
>fight jiren
>get my ass kicked without putting up a fight
>cry like a bitch
>give kakarot the little energy i have left
>kakarot manages to hurt jiren with a power up he got on a silver platter
>realize all your training amounted to nothing

I miss him.

This. He is cute

Caption this.

What a completely shit ending to an otherwise relatively good show.

Have the two boring Chosen Mary Sues ATATATATA for another 20 minutes at each other while all the interesting characters are deleted or sitting on the benches.

>That belt

Feels good to see the fags of Cred Forums be put in their place.



I want to hug Champa and tease him about his chubbiness while I do

I wanted SOL episodes with the angels,kaoishins and GoDs
Barely any filler episodes concerning them besides gowasu

Jealous seasonalfag
Go watch some more 2deep5me animu

Vegeta is the new Tien

Nice anime reaction image, DBS nigger.

It still had Goku right before the tournament saying he was out of practice.

God forbid slug man and the humans do something cool again like in Dbz.
Roshi was cool though.

>Sieg Heil

its a bit still long, but:
>Dende got Xeno'd
>used him to create the Dark Dragon Balls
>Mechikabura was revived with the Dark Dragon Balls
>Mechi gave Towa and Demigra's pals the Demon God state
>Dark Dragon Balls got scattered through out Time AND Space
>Time Patrol and Time Breakers go hunt the Dark Dragon Ball
>Dark Dragon Balls go after canon/movie villains
>DG Putine tested the Dark Evolution shit on Xeno Cell causing Cell-X to happen again
>King Vegeta got Xeno'd by Mechikabura, now his lefthand man
>they did it again on Slug, Turles (voluntarily), and Janemba (voluntarily)
>Paragus and Towa were waging over their Xeno Broly experiment causing Broly Dark to happen
>DG Towa gets hurt by Broly Dark, Mira gets pissed and merge Towa into him, threeway SS4 battle happens
>all Dark Dragon Balls are collected, even fucking Demigra is back, Time Breakers and Time Patrol at the last stretch
>Chronoa goes full god against DG Towa
>Xeno Bardock fights Xeno King Vegeta, puts on the mask to boost his power as Super Saiyan 3 then fourth
>Mechikabura got his youth, something happened to Chronoa, him and the Time Breakers escaped
>next arc is about Fu doing bullshit with a jailed Future Trunks and the Planet Prison, starting with Xeno Goku fighting Super-era Goku
and that's the Demon God arc for ya

Every anime is seasonal though.

This has been refuted more times than you've breathed today.


Name 1 (ONE) good thing about this episode, spic-kun
>Samefag provides 0 arguments

Do you think Dr. Gero did... things... to 18 while she was asleep in his lab?

>being this retarded

>s-s-stop posting sexual stuff guys
Come back when you become a red blooded man and can appreciate lewdness, you fucking beta. God damn.

Did they purposefully design Caulifla to look naked every time they show her from just the collarbone-up?

why do you think she disliked him so much

>Name 1 good thing about this episode
Vegeta got eliminated
Freeza wasn't seen once
U1 Kaioshin

>strongest strikers
ummm no sweetie, Piccolo is stronger than 18.

>he succ Androids without a problem.
>Android 17 becomes as strong as SS Blue Goku with years of scaring off poachers
>Android 17 also dominates everyone from all the other universes and faces Jiren head-on

Imagine how strong Cell would be if he also had the chance to train as a forest ranger.

He made her forehead larger.
Ask him.

That seems absurd and epileptic enough to be a Super arc. I love it.

Good boy.


>I've done a lot of training while I've been away goku!

The lewds are all gay furry shit though


Toriyama was feeling lazy and decided he would design Caulifla so he could then copy paste her clothes and give them to 21 with some minimal changes.

stop posting this spic shit you embarrass us in front of Cred Forums.

The version with Bulma is the original pic draw by Tori
The creepy Goku is just a silly edit I made

Nah man, is like messing with a gun, you always need to assume that is loaded, false memories and lost of it should be a problem at his age.


The cutscenes are literally designed to be like a VN and it's honestly quite good in that light. First time I've really enjoyed celshaded anime cutscenes in a video game.

>too beta to fuck men or aliens
I'm telling you, you have to train your libido for a hundred years before coming here again.

Toyo just confirmed there wont be kefla in the manga.


but it's not. The animation is still super stiff. Like it feels like there's frames missing



I can't imagine how low you'd have to consider yourself to ever be embarrassed in Cred Forums.

Based Toyogod does it again.


>jiren is going to give goku an ultimatum and he will be forced to kill jiren, goku will get disqualified
>frieza will be the last alive in the tournament and is going to wish everyone back, because without the goku nemesis he wont be fulfilled
>vegeta is going to visit universe 6 and king sadala, which will be either another version of him or his father
>an ancient evil awakens

The last good episode of super

No, but 21 did.

Not dbs that's why they hate it's succes


Go away, Juan.


That's not the dyspo fight.

She has cute eyebrows

Let me guess, DBS airs only the 29th of February every 4 years amiright?

Just finished my Caulifla/Kale collection


>Abomination born from the amalgamation of wildly different genes
>Only reaches his full power due to the mercy of a stronger fighter
>Takes pride in the power and accomplishment of said genes despite being a rookie in terms of how long he's been around
>Completely unoriginal, steals all his moves from other fighters and comes up with nothing of his own
>Tastes defeat due to his arrogance in attacking a much weaker opponent and pushing them too far
I can see why American audiences relate to Cell.

This is unironically true.

Caulifla > Kefla > ... > Shit > Zabon > Kale

What if Cell purposely took on a attack from Jiren? Then regenerated absorbing Jiren's attack and using it against him?

I want these toys

Now get them in Dokkan Battle.

Ew you collect cards


>shitting on based Zarbon
Zarbon >>> shit > any of the girls you posted

Nice user
I'm trying to get pic related


>Vegeta eliminated
Assblasted Gohanfag
>Picture evidence

Get ready to pull 5 different version of Frost instead. That banner is shit, even with husbando #17 in it.

I have kale and kefla with 3 dupes and a rainbow cauli

Everyone always gets bumped down a rank when Goku converts a former villain.

It's not the current banner, Kefla's banner only has 5 featured units, Kefla, Caulifla, Kale, Fit Buu and Toppo, and you are guaranteed to get one of the 5 featured units per multi summon.

Her banner may come March 1st.

I just got my kale she's pretty neat.

>hehe they'll never know I used the inspect element feature to hide my samefag

look at her head, shes so fucking ugly.


nice shot

What about the Hit filler episode?

Why do you think he designed Cell the way he did?

Fuck, forgot pic.

I love the WCF line. Is UI Goku out yet?

I don't think so.

Thank you monkey man

It's better than repeating the same 2 frames for 10 seconds.


That is some top tier shooping

Is that the line with the platinum jiren?

I am disappointed we never got good porn of this scene.

>puny Kale with Xbox-hueg Broly behind her


You are a liar.


Dident this whole plot already happen in jimmy neutron?

That's because he still had oxygen in his muscles. Only when he finally runs out of oxygen does he go Blanco.

I wonder when we will get the 250 million celebration.

No it's wcf kale, different line.

Which of the banners on global should I be pulling on to build a team for phy ssj3 Gotenks? I got him and phy super vegito on my first multi on that banner so I honestly don't even know who to use as a leader.

Right now I have:
Int ultimate Gohan
Str super Gotenks
Phy ssj3 Gotenks
Phy super vegito
Str spirit bomb Goku
And i switch between ssj2 angel Goku and phy kid buu.

Nobody in this team actually does shit except ssj3 Gotenks though so I dunno what I'm doing. I'm a f2p baby.

I can't fathom how anyone who considers themselves true fans tolerate the existence of Kale and Caulifla. Not only are they poorly written, but it completely negates and spites the significance of super saiyajin character development throughout the series.

>Not only are they poorly written
no you just hate stronk women
>but it completely negates and spites the significance of super saiyajin character development throughout the series.

Dude, every single one of those is from the Majin Buu saga category, and they are pretty good units.
Use Vegito as a lead.

Also, remember that you can raise the SA of STR Spirit Bomb Goku with the SR Goku from the universe survival saga event that's on now.

Sure if you retcon the first two arcs of DBZ.

toppo and dyspo cant handle el grande padre, perhaps not even jiren.

el hermano could take him no problem

Fuck off jobhanfag.

He's a big guy.

>Super saiyan character development
Stopped existing after the Cell arc, unfortunately


Is his SA worth leveling? I thought he was just support. My main problem with him honestly is I just can't get any good links with him, so I never have enough ki to even do his SA.

For you.

Nice hotwheels faggot.

You have a really nice team for Vegito, so use him as a lead.
That Vegito and SSJ3 PHYtenks are two of the hardest hitters in the game right now, so you got extremely lucky.

That's up to you.
Right now you have the Majin Buu saga category banner, which costs 30 stones per multi summon and it guarantees one of the featured SSRs.
You could try pulling a couple of times in that one, although in your team only the STR Super Saiyan Gotenks, the Goten and the Trunks would link well.

Also, remember to use another Vegito like yours as a lead to double the leader skill increase.

all that vegeta drama just or him to get knocked out without doing anything
goku getting shit on just for him to be ultra powerful for no reason

You think the writing cant get any worse, and then it does

Forgot to mention I'm also too shitty to beat the vegito event so I can't even dokkan him. Is he still a good leader? I busted my ass and used a bunch of items but I somehow managed to dokkan ssj3 Gotenks at least. Even got him to sa10.

Fuck off ajay and stop shilling your garbage channel, nobody cares.

Vegito increases HP and DEF by 170% and DEF by 130% of the Majin Buu saga category characters, while SSJ3 Gotenks increases 120% HP, ATK and DEF of PHY units, so Vegito is much better.

> I busted my ass and used a bunch of items but I somehow managed to dokkan ssj3 Gotenks at least. Even got him to sa10.
I actually had a harder time with him than Vegito, and I use mono INT.
But yeah, that Gotenks is busted and yes, he's a much better leader than Gotenks.
It's just undokkaned Vegito's leader skill isn't as good as dokkaned, but he has counters, so take advantage of those.

I think if you picked a dokkaned PHY Super Vegito as a friend you could easily beat the event to dokkan him.

When does Yamcha show up :(


This theme is the best thing that came from this goku blanco bs

He had his moment

I'm currently running with a rainbowed LR Vegito Blue as a leader, he's STR, so he will hit the PHY SV really hard.
If you want I can add you as a friend so you can use him.
He also has a huge damage reduction, so he always takes double digit damage.


How hard will Jiren job to Blanco?

that was a terrible moment, what does that even mean
they dated for years and then stayed friends for years, this implies she thought badly of him

I really want to get into this game is it worth it?

For the dokkan events I usually just try to find a dokkaned ssj4 gogeta because that unit seems stupid good and I get great links with him because of all my fusion guys I think. Honestly I think I'm just too obsessed with big damage instead of picking units that make all my units a little stronger. My entire friends list is just full of dokkand int gogetas who accepted my request for some reason.

Oh sweet.

I'll kill myself if I pull Toppo or fit buu though

If you are into farming, sure.
It's ALL about farming.

>tfw kuckarot will never win

I am, thanks I'm gonna look into it.

>this implies she thought badly of him

el hermano will save us

Yeah sure. I'm super new though, how do I add you?

Jiren will win then resurrect all the universes

I think it was meant for laughs.

I mean, Roshi did come up with the fucking Kamehameha. Beerus ought to show some respect.

>These great character interactions all led to nothing
Bravo Toriyama-sensei

I'm going to search my friend code, if the thread gets archived i'll be in the next DBS thread right now.

I think it was toeis shit writing

As long as you don't get addicted to it yeah absolutely.

The main thing to learn though is to which banners to avoid like cancer and which to throw all your stones at. Also to re-roll when starting a new account.

Right now there's triple player exp for Quests and some good events as well, so it's a good time to start.

Fuck you. The baseball episode was one of the few good ones.


Friend code is 1645625227, in the main screen go to Menu > Friends > Friend search and put that code.


What if King Cold returned after training in hell with a new army of deceased warriors to retake the galaxy, but Frieza has lost interest in ruling and has to fight daddy?

Just be sure you have a stable wifi connection, it's 2-3GB and if it's not completely stable the download will fail.
The game seems very choosy with that, so a lot of people have problems to download it at first.

It's okay, just go to the dokkan battle wiki and subreddit to see which banners are worth pulling characters from, or you'll waste all your stones (the game's currency) on garbage banners that won't give you shit.