Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 7

New chapter is out, raw at
Translation and typesetting done, I'll be dumping soon.

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Leave it to Ayano to slut it up.


And that's it. Ami has no chance against a full powered Uta.
There was no omake last week, but there's going to be a tankoubon so maybe it will be included there.
Please support the author when it comes out, if you can.

Thanks, user.

Thanks my negro


Don't worry imouto, if something happens I think your friends will always be there for /u/

god bless

It's been 15 years.

Loving this series. Thanks for scanlating it!

Remember, she's not a slut if it's for her brother.


good lord

Muffin hat is best hat.

I mean, that skirt isn't any shorter than her school uniform skirt.

Is this where they "Pretend sex"? this is going full doujin already.

I love you for this user, these threads complete me.

What a lucky onii-chan. Must protect that smile for all eternity.

Exposed shoulders are truly amazing


Thanks OP

If you move the "is" to the beginning, then the sentence is actually a question.

>on class,
in class,

>dropped the copies,

>look good on that
with that

Thanks you very much.

Thanks user

Imouto Armpits soon

Which imouto friend is the most /u/?

They're all c/u/ck enough to make her give herself to a man.

Author made this image for Valentine's, I wish we got Uta instead but it was nice anyway.

Thanks, will fix that for the zip.

Sidetail is the only gay one.
Short hair is normal.
Long hair is just a slut.
Glasses probably draws doujin of her getting ravaged by old men.

Thanks user, once again.

>tfw no pretend gf sister

Pretending to go to a love hotel when?

I know your pain user.

Is this from another series or just an oc?

I want to see more a pretend pregnancy and pretend to raise a family together.

Best meme

No. , the boyish style does not suit herat all.

Here's the fixed zip, with 's corrections and page 2 redrawn:!Vk9DkA4A!bbPQYbPpqT-b3VmpVd8xkg-6zYVTiQ0ps6lDbjCsSYg

Random OC as far as I know.

Thank you!

Thanks user, kinda short chapter this time.
>When you want to turn a lie into truth
They didn't last long with the game of pretend

You da man OP

You're wrong and I can't think of any innocent and pure style that wouldn't suit her.

I want her do dress in a miko outfit.

And i want that now.

I love when she holds her twintails like that

>Actually listening to the slut friend advices
I like it

Well, she was right after all. And They (or Uta alone) still did that decently.

Is glasses having an orgasm over there?

Thank you kindly user! Do you happen to have the mega link to chapter 6 as well? I couldn't find any thread for it in the archive.

Thanks for that chapter user.

My mind immediately jumped to this when I saw the page.

what a highly complicated title
i have no idea what it's about

It's exactly what it says on the title

siscon older brother and brocon younger sister. you don't need to know much else

>this thread
Does your mom know you're into incest?

> When a Siscon Brother and Brocon Sister Become Honest
But they are becoming less and less honest by lying to everyone that they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

It's not a lie. It's merely pretending.

Only if it's mom/son incest.

Sorry, I'm strictly into siblings.

i wouldn't have figured

No, but I preffer father/daughter incest over imouto/onii-chan.

Something tells me this was drawn by a woman

Does your wife know?

havent managed to see the threads in ages, where can i read chapter 4?

No but mom/son incest is the best. Sibling are alright too.

Nigger, I'm a wizard.

Thank you.

I love you user.

Considering all stuff that author has on personal site, I think that you are probably right.

Reminder that this series is nothing but oficially published rehash of author's Little Busters doujins. And Ritsu and Uta are nothing more than expies of author's portrayal of Kyosuka and Rin. They even look nearly same.

What will be your reaction, if this series reach this point?



Thank you as always user

is this translated by any chance?

Are there even full scans for it? I only see a sample.

what a rare ocurrence

Not even scanned