Holy shit! This is some next gen technology!

Holy shit! This is some next gen technology!


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I'm so fucking glad these walking nightmares are not carrying guns yet.

How horrifying.

How soon till we die?

DARPA says hi. Daily reminder that everything available on Youtube isn't the extent of what exists.

don't need guns.

They're not really intended to actually carry guns. Instead they'll be used to carry equipment and supplies for all of the dudes so they carry little more than their guns and armor.

I'll bet a cheap fishnet slightly off the ground (as in lying on top of grass) would defeat one of these.

>dog when it’s clearly a spider design
It needs 2 or 4 more legs and it can be made into a big version to carry heavy loads or be made into a mecha with a cockpit.


>less than 1k in camera drone
>quick-drying foam canister
>fuck your robodog

Also, all sorts of traps will fuck these up very cheaply. I mean a roll of toilet paper with something sticky spread on it would.

>toilet paper
>Middle East

Fine, a pit trap. Point is, these things are just about as costly as a missile and way less effective.

These robots are garbage, and Google has been trying to sell Boston dynamics for a long time.
They cost a gorrillion dollars each but far less effective than a driver+a truck for most purposes.
The actual useful military robots are drones, which are cheap and can do stuff humans cannot.

These things aren't combat drones, they're pack mules, if you have to use a Big Dog in combat you fucked up.

>why is this extremely new and complex set of technologies not competitive with traditional alternatives yet?

This. You think they are gonna be sharing their newest technology for the world to see before they are ready to implement it? there is a robotics arms racing underway and in the coming decade they will be deployed in some conflict to blindside the enemy by this apparent jump of weapon technology


there are places where drones can't go.
>drones bombarding your hq
>everything goes quite
>you start to hear a faint noise
>a hornet nest?
>it gets louder and echoes
>something is crawling on the ceiling




Pretty amazing, right?