Accelerator should have been redeemed with death instead of being allowed to live happily with his fake family. It sends the wrong message that no matter how evil you were, all it takes is an apology and some guilt and your crimes didn't matter.

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No one in-story considers Accelerator to be really forgiven for his crimes, least of all himself. The moral of the story was that just because you did bad shit doesn't mean you can't do good things in the future. All the Sisters would be dead if not for him (well, Aleister wouldn't have let that happen but disregarding that).

Really i'm just impressed Kamachi managed to make such an reprehensible character actually sympathetic. Killing 10,000 little girls isn't something most characters in fiction can bounce back from.

>Imagine actually believing this
God is disappointed in you.

>M-muh redemption
Dumb forgivenessfags

Living with something that repeats its own name 4 times each sentence is a far bigger punishment for his sins.

>killing off your only other popular male character
Nah there'd be too much Touma then. Hamazura is unpopular and Tsuchimikado isn't MC material. And Kamisato is a meme.

Chads always get away with it. Accept it and move on user.

Kamijou isn't popular either no matter what fanboys like you think. He just gets forced down our throats to make the other males look like his sidekicks

Dumb immobileposter with her imaginary statistics.

If the Sisters refuse to forgive him for anything, I think it will be him choosing to believe he's irredeemable. I dunno about you, but I were a Sister, I'd really tired of living my life as a "poor little innocent victim". I'd want my own life and to not be defined by the experiment. 10032 seems to hint at this. At some point there has to be a "Holy shit, it's fucking over. It was a fucked up thing. Everybody knows it was fucked up. Constantly saying "it was fucked up, you're a victim" is not going to solve anything"

Any sane person would hate the person who victimized them. People don't nor should they move on and accept trauma like that. And no, Accel wasn't a victim because the powerful can't be victims.

The Sisters weren't saved so they could go cry "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm a victim!!11!! Pity me and NEVER EVER forget that I'm a victim OR let me have any kind of feelings or a life outside wanting victim reperations" They were saved so they could live.

Nice fallacy. It doesn't have to be a choice between acting like a victim and forgetting anything happened. There's a thing called righteous anger.

They should probably point that righteous anger at the scientists or Aleister, not the guy that they mindlessly tried to kill 10,000 times.

The point is the Sisters value being able to live above victimhood points. If you'd read the series, particularly NT10, you'd know this.

*Never stood a chance of killing even after 10000 times

This, too. Accelerator didn't wake up one day and say, "Hmm, Imma make some clones and kill them". He was victimized too and his "power" did not help him.

kamisato coming in for the kill. Already ranked higher than Hamazura.

He will die fighting Lola or get sent to World rejector land

What's Accelerator's death going to actually accomplish? Is it going to comfort the remaining clones or bring back the dead ones? No. Is it going to make Mikoto or Touma happy or feel a sense of peace? No. Are the majority of fans going to feel a dark satisfaction from it? No. At best it MIGHT accomplish buying Touma time or temporarily protecting Last Order/the Sisters, and that's if he dies in battle.


It isn't about anyone "feeling" better, but about justice happening in the end. If he or Aleister die happily, fine, but one shouldn't get their crimes overlooked because of excuses like "someone else made me do it" or "I was only acting for the greater good."

I actually feel like Accelerator's eventually going to be forced to make a choice between sacrificing himself and making Touma's job easier (maybe even a gauranteed win) OR living and making whatever they're trying to accomplish much harder. All that "make a choice" foreshadowing has to be going somewhere. I feel like him having to choose between "well I can die and for sure save the world or live and make the world saving gig a bit harder" would be fitting.


There are idiots on this board who think a literal mass murderer should just be rewarded with happiness without any reconciliation for what he did.

If he dies, he's probably just gonna go to Will and live wherever she does with her anyways. If she were to say "Welcome home" with a smile, would it piss off the "Accelerator needs to die for justice" shitposter?

So is getting shot in the head a dedicating the rest of his life to protecting them not even a good start or what? He's a lot less helpful if he's dead.

Saten is truly best girl.

Never forget the 6 billion.

Accelerator's hardly a happy person. And his reconciliation is devoting the rest of his life to protecting the other half of the Sisters.

Salome is a she user

Touma is kind

>Mass Murderer
>Never actually kills anyone on screen

How'd she get that title anyways?

This could be partially solved if Kamachi just commits to having Mikoto as another POV in the novels. It seems that Kamachi purposely left holes in OT and early NT for the Railgun manga to fill in later, but at this point in NT it'll take the manga 10 years or something to get to it, if it doesn't end before then.


Fuck that half-assed shit. It's just unrealistic feel-good writing to have an irredeemably evil person be "saved" because they want to protect someone now.

Reminder that way over half the dead clones probably killed themselves on his power without him lifting a finger or saying a word

Accelerator isn't evil. The novels outright tell you he's unstable and COULD swing either to evil or good.

shut up Yuiitsu, dead people can't talk

He's shown the ability to alter his reflection to make projectiles go in different directions though, and is completely invulnerable. It's sorta like asking if Superman is justified in killing someone in self-defense if they shoot a gun at him. For a normal person sure, but Superman was never in actual danger.

I'm not saying this necessarily makes what he did worse, but I don't think it's as simple as saying "the clones just killed themselves on his reflection and Accelerator possesses no guilt for their deaths". He willingly entered into a death match, so it's still his fault.


Mikoto basically is another POV at this point though. She shows up way more than Hamazura or Accelerator at this point. She's practically the secondary protagonist of NT.

>irredeemably evil
He isn't though. He's just an antisocial brat who didn't think of the clones as people.

There's a whole lot of "make a choice" and "go one direction or the other" foreshadowing for Accelerator. So I'm guessing in the end, he's going to have to make some kind of agonizing choice- maybe it's whether or not to sacrifice himself, maybe it's whether or not to abandon Last Order, or maybe it has something to do with Touma. But I bet you anything he's going to have to make gut wrenching choice and the choice he makes will swing him towards either a good ending or bad one.

If someone else had stepped up to protect the Sisters maybe you'd have a point. But no one did, so there you go. Asking Accelerator to die is the same as asking the clones to lose their protection from everyone in the world who wants to fuck them over.

Sure, maybe Last Order would have just tracked down Touma, but that was the point of NT9 as well. Just because someone else could have done it doesn't change who actually did it.

What is the point of Touma protecting Crowley from Accel when knows there are a billion more and Crowley would probably win any way. Same with Hamazura acting tough.

Accelerator dying wouldn't even provide the justice the guy seems to believe it will, anyway.

I think Touma was just making a point. Crowley would shitstomp Accel obviously.

Hamazura acted really weird in that scene though.

I'm guessing because Touma's gained a new Important Person in addition to the two he already has

Maybe it was actually Accelerator Touma was protecting in that case?

I think the message is "nobody is beyond redemption if they're genuinely willing to atone" and it's a pretty uplifting message if you ask me.

I don't think Touma considers Crowley to be on that level. He sees her as similar to how he sees Accel I think, a somewhat reformed villain but not somebody he feels personally close to.

>don't do it man he will hit you with ten big bangs and summon Aiwass



We can't have uplifting, positive messages here, don't you know? 'Justice'fag wants blood.

Only when her own arc is relevant. I doubt it's going to last once she solves her AAA and powerlevel problem

You can't fool me, the Queen must die.

Will the series have all that much time left by the time that arc is concluded? I feel like it's coming to a close at least.

I feel like it's wrapping up too. But we can't exactly be sure.

Maybe. Aleister still seems to be in the strongest position on the planet despite also being in the odd position of being protected by Touma. If anything she seems to be stronger now than she was before.

He probably does feel some kind of connection with the guy. They are pretty damn similar and they shared an interesting moment of understanding before they tried to beat each other down.

I mean there's a level of connection there sure, but certainly not any more than the level of connection he feels with say, Stiyl.

>implying we aren't getting the aeon of horus

I'd stop the twink from trying to kill the guy who big bang'd the universe too. Hell, Accelerator might have his own PTSD from Aiwass at this point.

>Tsuchi isn’t MC material

He is. Much better than Accel.

I think Tsuchi might be too competent honestly. He'd never fuck anything up. He's much better as a supporting character.

Acqua is well liked and popular, but its a shame that he's in jail

When was the last time he was relevant before VO happened?

At the end of OT he ranked 16 in the top 30 most popular LN male characters. He's arguably the only Gods Right Seat member that became popular.

>At the end of OT
Reminder that this was like 8 years ago.

Yes, but he did say before VO. Hell, he was more relevant in NT8-10 when he actually went around with Carissa.

Plenty of people like Acqua. Remember when he was released in the MMO and how hype people were? Hes one of the characters I use a lot in game AND one of the things I'm really looking forward to in s3 material

Did we all forget that there is a literal serial killer in Kamisato’s faction that everyone seems cool with?

The third "MC" of HO is already a mass killer

Serial killer is just a normal occupation in the kamachiverse at this point

That's because this is how Japan feels in regards to children. Or at least used to. Japan's laws had no way to deal with "evil" children for an extremely long time. The Junko Furuta incident was what reminded the world of that fact.

Icing on the cake: He has no family to tell him "no". The closest thing he had to a family told him it was okay to kill them because they weren't really humans. Mikoto and Touma are the only people who probably told him otherwise, and he didn't even believe them at first.


Being a cute barefoot girl balances it out

Is it me or was NT really lacking in adult women compared to OT?

That's not true. NT's just had more characters overall. OT had a rather small amount of characters until late OT

She slaughtered insane cultists and druglords and shit.

You know, its the little things about the LN that I like more.
The "You don't like cats" "But I know you do" conversation between Kuroko Mikoto. Or how Touma keeping Index's hat was subconsciously deliberate because he wanted to see her again.

> Queen
> Willing to atone
She doesn't give a fuck about anything other than Kyosuke anyway.

Her causing problems is his fault, he should take responsibility and marry her.

>Kyousuke marries the White Queen
>A month later
>The White Queen gets bored and kills everyone.
You don't really have any choice outside of killing her.

> You don't really have any choice outside of killing her.
Yet Kyosuke keeps making things worse with every attempt.

>Believing Kyousuke's excuses
He's just being a deadbeat husband and father.

How does Biribiri always manage to find so much iron sand in the soil? Pretty sure the ground isn't always conveniently enriched with magnetic iron ore everywhere.

>18 years old
What the fuck is kamachi doing

Doesn't she only do it when there's stuff like gravel around?

Didn't Will use the same reasoning in NT9 to prevent Touma's suicide? Saying that he had no guarantee that, even if Othinus kept her promise, he had no way of knowing if she wouldn't simply grow bored eventually and destroy everything.

isn't that what our lord and savior jesus teaches us?

Go look up big-breast porn, I'm sure you'll find plenty of 18-year-olds with busts of that size.

Legally you're considered one at 18, not that most people consider you as one at that age

The situation is reversed. Othinus created the perfect world to break Touma while the Queen allows crazy shit to happen so that Kyousuke will pay attention to her. When he was taking care of her in the garden she never harmed anything until the March Hare project was blown.

Yeah but she needs iron rich ore sand specifically to make her blades. Regular gravel isn't magnetic.

> Witness me, aniue!

Iron sand is actually pretty common, especially in areas around volcanoes or near coastlines. So her finding a shitload iron sand in Japan isn't unreasonable, hell it was used more than proper iron ore back in the day for smelting purposes in Japan. It just makes shittier iron, which is the reason for the whole "folded thousands of times" shit with katanas.

Her finding it in the middle of a tundra in Russia might be weirder though.

Touma himself knew that Othinus would probably destroy the Omega world, but just couldn't throw it away. Will was the one that told him to value himself over everyone else in this instance.

ITT: autists who don't seem to understand the concept of atonement

>No one in-story considers Accelerator to be really forgiven for his crimes

Accelerator doesn't need to die in the name of justice, it would be quite an injustice really. He genuinely wants to atone for his actions, and I have no problem with that. For the 10 000 he's killed, for those in the light he's willing to shoulder the responsibility of delving into the dark. He can never wash away the blood on his hands, but he can paint over them with good deeds.

>He's shown the ability to alter his reflection to make projectiles go in different directions though
Yeah and I have the ability to jump over to a guy shooting himself in the head in front of me and knocking the gun out of his hand. Doesn't mean that me not doing that is the same as me killing them

It's been obvious for a while now that Raildex threads have some unironic edgelords. Not that it matters to Kamachi, since he's casually written about murder for years now

That's why NT is better than OT

What is their endgame?

Reminder that Mikoto needs to pay for giving her DNA to scientist when she was 5

When people shoot a gun, it is usually not with the intent to injure. but to kill. The moment that guy fired the gun, Accelerator was justified in attacking back in any form, even if he was never in danger


To job

Have fun, try not to get erased from existence

How exactly would Aleister easily win against someone who is on the same power level as an angel? He had to do a ton of trickery to even scratch the magic gods.

Not the same situation. Both you and that guy are presumably there of your own free will. Accelerator is there of his own free will, but the Sister is not. She has no choice but to try and kill Accelerator, while Accelerator could have walked away at any point.

Legally speaking, it's similar to how if a death occurs during the commission of a crime, the offender can be charged with the death even if he had nothing to do with it. For example, if you break into someone's house, and in their panic they fall down the stairs and break their neck, you'll be charged and probably convicted for murder. By conducting an illegal act you're taking responsibility for any negative outcome.

Or perhaps more closely related, if you assault someone and they accidentally shoot themselves in the leg and bleed to death as they try and pull out a gun, you're responsible.

Similarly, Accelerator is responsible for any negative outcome because the situation is a result of his own choices. It's a weird situation because of the way his power works, but the situation is still the same.

Here's a theory. Academy City is enriched with iron sand deliberately for her.
Alternatively, I'm not good with actual physics or sciences, but I remember reading that almost anything is potentially magnetizable if you get it hot enough. If this were true, even if only in Kamachi's fiction, it could be that Mikoto is just referring to everything she moves as metallic incorrectly.
Or maybe the alternate universe Raildex resides in has an abundance of iron.

to who?

Implying Kamachi himself isn't an edgelord when he writes unnecessarily edgy scenes like OT13, 15 and 19 were full of.

>Not the same situation.
It is. Accelerator was not there of his own free will and to assert otherwise is laughable.

You say that as if Accelerator can whip them out whenever, or as if he actually did jack shit against Gabriel who was already nerfed by Acqua.

> Or maybe the alternate universe Raildex resides in has an abundance of iron.
Probably this. Kamachi tends to be pretty soft in terms of actual science.

Yeah, this isn't how life works. Sorry to burst your bubble.

We're not talking about life user we're talking about chinese cartoons

>2D is 3D
Is this the only thing faggots can ever rebound with?

Or that Mr. Nuke the universe ten times over gives a shit about angel level power.

Neither is your brand of justice. Strength is the only true justice, and nobody with the power to do so wishes to pursue it, therefore Accelerator is innocent.

He was there of his own free will. They asked him to do it and he agreed. He may have done it for reasons he thought were good (becoming so strong that no one would get hurt), but he still agreed, and still continued with the experiments after the first Sister died (and the first one I don't really consider his fault). If he had stopped after the first death it'd be a different story.

You can argue that because he's a minor he can't really consent to anything, but no one in the series seems to give a shit about consent anyways.

Ok speedreader

>magnetizable if you get it hot enough
If she was doing this her iron sand tornadoes would be made out of molten rock and sand instead.
Fuck, that sounds scary and she could probably do it if she put her mind to it. A lava tornado.

Mikoto with the AAA true power, Aleister true form, Coronzon with power up you name it.
They already jobbed to Kamisato anyway

I don't know how old Accelerator is. We probably couldn't legally execute him in the US if he's under the age of 16. And we execute almost everyone.

>And we execute almost everyone.
Death penalty varies by state, and even then we don't execute that often I don't think.

Lol, i'm near positive i've reread this series more often than you have man. Yeah he got manipulated into it, people get manipulated into doing stupid shit all the time. They still go to jail. Course kids usually don't, but like I said no one in the series treats these kids like they're minors for legal purposes so I won't either.

Also i've been one of the guys arguing against OP here, I just think it's stupid to say that Accelerator isn't responsible for the Sisters that his reflection killed.

>, he should take responsibility and marry her.
Why would he marry someone he hates and is trying to kill so hard?

Do we? I rarely hear about death sentences here. Maybe it's the state I live in.

Most human societies considered death the only atonement for killing, a life for a life. It isn't something that can be replaced once taken from someone, so there's really no other punishment that can fit the severity of the crime.

Isn't that what marriage is?

Probably keep Lola from destroying the planet because iirc things that happen on this side do effect things in the secret club 2.0. and Beat up Accel. Possibly fight mikoto in effort for to prove herself that she is "on that stage"

>Most human societies
Most first world countries dont use the death penalty. Or those few that do, like Japan, keep it to about 6 a year, compared to US's couple hundred

>Have fun, try not to get erased from existence
You mean try to get erased. They can't play around anymore again.

Fiction is based on reality and thus needs to conform to a certain level of realism in order to be relatable or good reading. Is there something people don't get about this?

The most common justification nowadays for doing away with the death penalty has less to do with that and more to do with unfortunate cases where innocent people are executed and later exonerated. It's safer to throw them in jail so you don't have "Whoops, turned out that guy we executed didn't do it after all" situations.

Why would you execute him if he clearly doesn't wish to cause any more harm and is actually trying to atone for his crime?

Killing people is morally incorrect. People need second chances. We aren't barbaric cavemen anymore.

>Mikoto fighting magic gods
Last time Mikoto pissed off Niang Niang she pretty much died instantly and only lived thanks to Touma imagine breaker'ing the blades before she realized she was dead.

"Just masses of drugs and protein".
Speaking of which, found this by accident after googling the quotes.

What do you think would have happened if he'd said "no" to the experiment repeatedly? Do you actually believe he'd have been given a pat on the head and sent on his way? Do you truly believe all 20,000 clones would have been set free just because Accelerator said no just one or two more times? Recall that he did immediately accept the experiment. If "no" was enough for these people, why did they continue to persue him? Cry and stomp your little feet about dead clones all you like and hate Accelerator all you want, but the fact of the matter is he did not agree to the project willingly. You could even say what they did to Accelerator was WORSE than saying "kill these clones or we kill you" because his head is so fucked he believes he killed them willingly.

>Fiction needs to be like reality
And the only true type of art is photorealistic art right?

Fuck off, your brand of justice is filled with blood and easily exploitable. Accelerator has fucking paid for his crimes. He shielded the entirety of Eurasia from being razed by a sheer mass of telesma, you telling me he should be still be killed despite him having saved Billions?
And who would this justice help? The sisters wouldn't. Last order certainly doesn't, WORST doesn't, Yomikawa and Yoshikawa don't. Who would this justice truly benefit other then Kakine who would become the Number One?

But that's no atonement, it's just punishment.

Not at all. Fiction doesn't need to adhere to reality, because it isn't nonfiction. If you require to to be more realistic, that is your personal taste, not a standard.

Accelerator had also already been living most of his life getting his powers developed by people like Amata, he clearly has experience with what sort of response people who say no to Kiharas and the like get. No shit Accelerator's going to try to rationalize reasons to go along with it in his head

Why are you quoting text that wasn't said? I said fiction is based on reality, no matter the obvious differences. A story with no connection to actual human behavior where characters behave in completely unrealistic ways would rightly be considered bad writing.

Good thing that isn't the case then isn't it? The characters in Raildex are in fact very human.

Course they wouldn't have given up on it, but as far as Accelerator knew they had absolutely no leverage on him. He considered himself unbeatable so the idea that he was worried he'd be forced into it is hardly likely.

And the idea that because the Sisters were doomed anyways it's okay to kill them is inane. Killing terminal cancer patients is still considered just as bad as killing anyone else.

Also if I ask someone a hundred times to kill someone and they say yes the hundredth time, they don't win points for saying no 99 times.

Lessar and her slut crew are all very ugly

How do stuff like Nuit and Aiwass compare at full power?

Pretty sure at least ONE of the people executed for murder in one of the countries that has a death penalty was legitimately repentant for it.
Honestly, when I think of the death penalty, as opposed to life sentence - parole, I think of it practically for serial killers who are compelled to kill, and may likely kill in prison or escape to kill outside.

Which Accelerator would almost apply as if not for the fact that a substantial number of killings he's done were in self-defense.

You're not very open minded, or very smart it seems.

Say what you wqnt about the real world but in this series forgiving your enemy and giving him a chance to atone for his crimes is like the best thing you could do.
Most of Touma's victories were possible only because he had previous enemies backing him up. Fuck, in NT12 Othinus outright tells him that his greatest talent is understanding people and saving them from themselves, not punching fags in the face.

Please, you apes will never be more than lowly animals who can only thrust their hips.

>Kakine who would become the Number One
Murder and skin Accelerator this instant

I feel like there has to be a point Mikoto switching back to Crowley's AAA over her own. it's that or killing Coronzon

Nuit is probably more powerful than Aiwass since she is the goddess of Thelema

>Mikoto with the AAA true power
Only if she wants to join her dead clones.

>says the puddle of darkness with a smile scribbled in

>linking to some anime blog

Lancis is cute

Floris is cute

>in NT12 Othinus outright tells him that his greatest talent is understanding people and saving them from themselves
How's that gonna work against an actual evil demon?

I would say nuit because of job class, but then we have Michael who is an angel and would stomp the christain god.

Jesus, what a manlet.

She's gonna be fine, the AAA choose her after all

He was 10.

It isn't and I think that's what Kamachi is building up to. It'd be the final blow to Touma's last "miniature garden" that exists inside his delusional head. Not that I'm against what Touam does, I just think that's the ultimate way to cap off his NT development.

It was that when he was 10.

He was 11 there

Yeah. He never really had a choice at all, what if someone had to kill someone else on orders or else his life was at stake. Should he just let himself die?
And lets not forget how old Accelerator would be when the shifting project first started. He's probably 16 as of the main story, so I'm betting the guy would be 12 or 13. Children are easily influenced, and he wouldn't know much outside of what the scientists would want him to know, or allow him to. It's not a crime that should fall entirely on him, because it's clear he had no choice in the matter at all.
There is something called an AIM Jammer. AC could of easily dispatched him, there is also a distinct possibility that his level was lower then 5 (parameter list exists so they would know Accelerator would be the strongest despite him being a low level) and thus could have been disposed of (since Kakine is considered the spare plan, they would just shift him instead)

I'll link to what I please. You don't have to read it. I didn't.

He's gonna make the host in turn possess the demon

The key issue isn't that it was self defense. It's that he didn't think of them as humans because he fell for the Kihara propaganda and stopped when Touma beat it into him that they're people too.
Accel doesn't just go and murder random people because he feels like it otherwise, only those who try to kill him first like the Hound Dogs, or when he has to do it because it's a GROUP mission. He even goes out of his way to protect civilians otherwise.

disposed of him*
not dispatched

This is sort of why I sided more with Hamazura and Accel at the end of NT19. Crowley is responsible for almost every single bad thing that has happened in the series. He's way worse than Othinus, most of whose evil actions didn't stick (except for Baggage City). The series seems gearing up for him to basically be redeemed, which is...odd. I mean, Academy City is a fucking hellpit and he made it that way.

I'm not saying it's "okay" to kill the clones. I'm saying its painfully fucking obvious SOMETHING bad was going to happen even if Accelerator said no constantly. Would it be okay in your eyes for Accelerator to get tortured or murdered as long as your precious clones didn't get hurt? Yes, the city has counter measures to his powers. They can get rid of him if they really want to. If Accelerator said no and someone else killed them instead, would you hold Accelerator responsible for not saving them? Sounds like Accelerator was fucked no matter what choice he made.

I humbly respect your right to an opinion, but your opinion happens to be a load of shit.

>It isn't something that can be replaced once taken from someone
The world doesn't stop turning just because one person dies.

It's not an opinion, it's a fact.
If Touma was the murderous edgelord you faggots want him to be he would have failed and died long ago.

The justice man should advocate Touma to be executed cause his way of thinking gave birth to AC

>sex magick
>Mikoto rides the AAA and its killing her
At least we don't have the AAA calling her by a lover nickname

It's Aleister's motivation that makes him redeemable. He's a classic utilitarian.

Aleister gave birth to AC, Touma had nothing to do with it.

you know i'm legitimately convinced that kyousuke wouldn't be as antagonistic to the queen if she wasn't so outright evil all the damn time, like god damn, she brought that whole colorless little girl incident and kyousuke legitimately trying to kill her on herself.

Why do people keep pushing Kakine as Number Two? It's clear MIGEN BUSSHITSU is better then Vectors

I want her to get seriously fucked over by using magic at least once though. She's still underestimating the nosebleeds so far. And I feel like Misaki is just encouraging her to drive off the cliff too because she has no idea what the curse or magic backlash could do to her.

>you faggots
Its like one or two guys that really like to shitpost Mugino and Accelerator

Aleister has no place except for ushering in the Aeon of Horus which is why I think he'll die. What Aiwass said in NT18 is my personal proof of why that is so:
>Having returned to his normal scale, Aiwass scoffed at the intent to continue fighting.

>And the angel almost seemed to be enjoying himself.

>“You’re quite the hero, aren’t you? Are you that intent on refusing to let Aleister Crowley fall on his own? Yes, I can see why you were chosen.”


I don't want Touma to be a murderous edgelord, just act like a normal human and not easily forgive those who did awful things to him and others. And this is pretty rich considering Heavy Object's protags have a huge bodycount.

Yes he did. It was based off of him, he had an indirect involvement in it's making, and quite a huge one at that. I think knowledge of that would even prompt some to even come after him and take justice into their own hands

"easily" might be a bit strong. The AIM Jammer has unintended and unpredictable effects. Also, how many of them are there, and how expensive are they?

People go after Touma just for not knowing Frenda existed, of course they'll go after him for being the model for AC

If Kyousuke acted for love instead of justice in the Garden the war would never have happened. It's literally all his fault the world has gone to shit.

You now realize that all of Kamachi's MCs are different and that he doesn't particularly have any bias towards any of their perspectives.

Half the people AC has hurt in an effort to make him look good really wanna suck his cock so

>if a crazy psycho murders a bunch of people in my name and without me knowing about it that somehow makes me responsible for said deaths
Yeah, no.

In your head, maybe.

Wouldn't be too different from his old life I suppose.

Why is White Queen such a dumb bitch?

Accel needed Tsuchi to explain to him how an AIM jammer worked, so I doubt he knew what one was back then. There's no reason to think Accel considered himself to be in any danger. This is never even implied in his internal narration. His motivations were "I want to be untouchable so no one will attack me" and "They're not people anyways so who cares". It's never implied by him at all that he considered himself under threat or that protecting himself was one of his motivations.

Now we the reader know that he couldn't have just said no. But what the reader knows and what a character knows or believes is very different.

Sounds like something a shitposter that knows they're shitposting would say

This is actually a common misotheist argument against God and gods.

>It's literally all his fault the world has gone to shit.
>its literally his fault the world is so collectively threatened by a chaotic evil omnipotent goddess that all three groups actually got their shit together to work together to stop her bullshit.
user you are dumb, had he acted how you wanted the whole damn universe would die after a week because she got bored.

He didn't have the knowledge, but as the people who developed his power Accelerator probably rationalised that AC would have the means to deal with him. I mean, what kind of idiot would build a weapon that could go out of control without a failsafe?

But he doesn't easily forgive them, it's just that he realizes that most of this people are just doing that shit out of more than mere cruelty and tries to understand and help them get over their shit instead of labeling them as "evil" and just defeating them.
Again, if Touma wasn't the kind of man he is this series would have been over long ago.

It's grasping at straws

And this sounds like something an actual shitposter who labels every opinion contrary to his own as shitposting would say.

Doesn't matter if it is true or not. Only if people beleive it and act upon it. Which is almost brought up word for word multiple times in the first few volumes.

He may not have known about AIM jammer but I find it difficult to believe that after years in a shithole of AC's underbelly that he did not have any clue that AC can do away with him pre headshot.

Different argument, the Judaic interpretation of god that that argument usually centers around is omniscient and omnipotent by definition.

...A city full of mad scientists? If he was raised by Amata he knows how crazy these guys are. Remember Mr. "I'm gonna make Misaka blow up the city and it's gonna be awesome because Science" Gensei?

The Queen was completely passive and satisfied while with him and only started killing because people interfered. She only continued killing because Kyousuke rejected her love and called it fake since he didn't believe Mary Ann was the surviving Queen. If he talked to her afterwards he could have prevented her rampage. Don't believe Kyousuke's bullshit about her getting bored with him.

Kihara Gensei is a special case. Amata did install a sort of loophole that his speciality (which is needlepoint strikes) would be effective against him

We're not talking capability though. We're talking the environment Accel was raised in. He was raised around guys as nuts as Amata, do you think he'd be so naive to think that there'd be no repercussions when he's been raised with people like that? You've been coerced into thinking clones aren't people, even if you're not 100% on board you're going to go along with it for your own interests.

>He doesn't particularly have any bias towards any of their perspectives.

I'd believe it if he didn't write long, preachy monologues about people correcting their lives and other shit.

Yet Accelerator didn't seem to consider it likely that Amata had a countermeasure against him capable of hurting him when they faced off until he actually got hit, so it seems doubtful he thought they had such a thing when he was a kid.

Overall it's never implied Accelerator's thought process was anything along these lines. His fear was of hurting others, not of being hurt.

He also wrote a monologue about how Quenser somehow isn't a killer just because he doesn't use a gun but we've seen how that works out.

You must not read his other series then. He'll write accordingly to the current MC.

People seem to not realize the clones were fucked no matter what. Accelerator saying no repeatedly would not have saved them like "justice"fags imply. No, it doesn't make killing them ok. But it makes Accelerator more like the gun and less like the person using it. Someone other than Accelerator chose to ensure the clones would be harmed

Just wait until they get wings

>Quenser somehow isn't a killer just because he doesn't use a gun

Only a gay man would be attracted to this

I see no one complaining when Accel murders Kiharas or dark side cannon fodder even when they're pleading for mercy. People here have double standards. It's nice to see retribution rather than redemption when appropriate.

The issue isn't how fucked the clones were. It really doesn't factor in at all. If your friend tells you he's gonna kill somebody, and he offers to let you do it instead, if you say yes you're not innocent just because he would have killed them anyways.

To place it in the series logic, consider the logic of NT9's whole thing of "Just because someone else could have saved them doesn't matter because you're the one that did it". This is the mirror of that. "Just because someone else could have killed them doesn't matter because you're the one that did it."

Though of course the clones weren't fucked because Crowley needed them to live to spread across the globe, but whatever.

In that case I am straight as a hockey stick.

Well I guess I must be a raging homosexual

Talk to Catherine, not me.

>The Queen was completely passive and satisfied while with him and only started killing because people interfered.
>forgetting all the shit about how the other versions of the queen simply didn't give a shit about whether kyousuke was actually there or not and just followed what sounded like his voice.
m8 shes bugfuck nuts and giving her the D will not fix her crazy, she has way the fuck too much power for how sheerly batshit and uncontrollable she is. at least with the other unexplored they are specifically tied down by being a law of reality to keep them from going Queen levels of full retard.

I knew you had shittaste Accelerator

I personally don't cheer when Accel murders people but I also know he isn't Touma and thus him saving from their own darkness someone is highly unlikely.

Trying to kill her certainly hasn't been working too well either.

because she has silver hair, right?


thats cause Kyousuke is a fuckup.

Aleister likely needed SOME of them dead no matter what. Possibly even half. Will is a thing, and its possible it is some kind of ace. So at least some of the clones were dying no matter how they died. Killed in an experiment, literally just lined up and shot, sent out in a war, medical testing or what have you.

Not again. Kakine is the actual number one, anything is attainable by him.

>gensie btfo by misaki
>Amata couldn't even kill retard mode accel and would have been killed by Vento if she felt like it
>Enshuu was beat by worst kumokawa
>Byouri got beat by Marian easily and beat by kagun
>Noukan's main things is using a mech he didn't even build and getting beat by a normal high school boy you can find anywhere
>Yuiitsu literally can't accomplish anything without stealing someone else's moves including using someone else's ability to steal the moves

Kihara's don't seem like a big deal anymore.

When have Kiharas ever succeeded? You're just in for the wild ride with them.

Kiharas are generally comedically evil. And you generally don't hear their story in a way that engenders any feelings of empathy. When you hear Aleister say he wants other fathers not to feel his grief, when Sherry says she doesn't want other people to lose their friends and when Othinus says she was terribly lonely then you start thinking "well maybe they're not all bad" Amata did literally none of this so yeah I didn't really lose any sleep over his death.

Notice me, Estelle-chan! I brought a present.

B-but Archetype Controller

>would have been killed by Vento if she felt like it
Vento's divine punishment straight up wasn't working on him. All she had left was those little wind balls which aren't really hard to dodge

Touma Negro when?
Etzali Blanco when?

Please describe this girl

Parasitic entity.


A fuck up of a father and husband yes, he really needs to stop with the tsun and show some dere.

I have nothing nice to say, so I shall say nothing.

I forgot
>Ransuu lost despite getting the drop on loki

Kamachi's biggest mistake to date.

Also should note, duress generally isn't a defense against murder, at least not in the US. US v LaFleur established this in the ninth circuit back in the 90s. So even if someone holds a gun to your head, it's not okay to kill someone.

That said, I don't really think Accel was under duress of that sort anyways. But people have been arguing about it so I figure i'll bring it up.


Its a false pretense. They are killed to hide their true purpose from magicians. The only thing that is needed is for them to live, ironically.

As to how long they are intended to live, is a question yet to be answered.

I fucking hate how Misaki outsmarted a fucking genius like Gensei but then got outsmarted by some literal who bitch in Astral Buddy just because they needed some tension.

My wife.

Piece of shit

>ninth circuit

My condolences

Gensei was kinda having a science orgasm at that moment to be fair

What if Kyousuke rapes White Queen for weeks straight?

If you rape your enemy, they win

It was a tie

VO OST when?

What if Hamzura acted towards Mugino the way Kyousuke acts towards Shite Queen?

>So even if someone holds a gun to your head, it's not okay to kill someone.
Classic americans. Don't care what dumbass laws you make, if some stranger holds a gun to my head and tells me I need to kill someone I dont know or I'm dead I'm doing it. Basic self preservation mate.

Wasn't loki beating him with phone books or something before Touma knocked him out?

Dumb little bitch that should dissapear completely.

Good end.

I thought they were both tripping balls at the time but it has been a while

There'd be one less psychopath in the world.

He kind of did at first, then realized trying to kill the terminator is a lot harder.

Loki was beating him with something or another and complaining about having to get his hands dirty, then he got life corrected, yes.

It's that way in Britain as well mate, and probably most western nations (I think most Commonwealth nations actually).

Well, in America we also have a saying "Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6"

The shithole that repealed double jeopardy.

To be absolutely fair, redemption isn't something the Japanese portray that well in their brand of fiction. They always get let off easy instead of being given the ugly and harsh road back into the good graces of the tale's cast. Must be something in the water about their inability to actually put someone through a harrowing experience and ponder their regrets. Watsuki did it damn well with Kenshin. That it was just about learning to forgive yourself and afford others the same chance. Same thing with Blade of the Immortal (Although the writer himself said that he took up a lot of western influences for Manji's perspective).

But he had an opportunity to actually kill her after she blew herself up and he pussied out like a fucking cuck. One more bullet and she would've been gone.

After magdumping her once then practically incinerating her with friction later, I'd be doubtful of a bullet doing the job too.

Post canon rape victims

>magdumping her once
with a tiny handgun in absolutely no vitals, sure

You first

What the fuck is sumata? Hell whats wrong with some of you who say you want to donate blood to Mikoto? What's with those posts in general?

I want her as my sex slave.

He shot her in the chest didn't he?


Anyone that lost against Skogsfru

google it

The chest is a very large area.

And the best thing about her.

Sure, but most of it contains some pretty important shit. Even a wound that doesn't seriously damage any organs can result in air or fluid build-up that collapses a lung.

Sure but a collapsed lung isn't as big a deal as walking over and making sure to cap her in the head or something. It's not enough for you to walk away from and go "yeah that's probably fatal"

f-friendly banter.

This with White Queen


All of this with White Queen

Her fucking face is perfect.

>that bitrate

Whatever made people the way they were they themselves are to blame for the actions they take in life. What kind of idiot actually thinks someone's circumstances should have any bearing on the way they're treated?

I don't understand why he needed to punch Shutaura.

>What kind of idiot actually thinks someone's circumstances should have any bearing on the way they're treated?
Civilized folk

I want to marry Estelle just to appear in a nazi uniform on our wedding.

She was trying to kill him.

I want to dump Estelle and tell her I never loved her just to see the look on her face

Touma's philosophy is that anyone with a gun needs to be punched. Never know if there's some magician hiding that's gonna make the bullet go all wanted pro on him

I wanna take Estelle to a date in Germany.

I want to take Estelle on a date to a Holocaust memorial

Which date I wonder?

>M-muh tragic backstory

I want to tell Accelerator I don't care about his parts in the story.

Mary Ann a fucking shit

Just drop the justice pretense and admit you hate Accelerator. Or maybe its the opposite. Maybe you really like him and pitch these fits so people will talk about him. I'd honestly respect you more if you just came out and said "I don't like Accelerator" instead of this "muh justice" shit


Accelerator's only crime is that he acted under someone else's will rather than his own. Osiris morality is old and busted.

Can you not handle the idea that people have different stances on characters? I don't hate him, but I certainly have no sympathy for him just because he went through some shit as a kid. I feel the same for practically every villain in this series.

Does he even know his own will? He strikes me as the type who doesn't know much about himself outside basic "I wanna be like all the other kids on the playground". If I had to guess his true will, I guess it would actually involve NOT hurting people

Why has HO not been cancelled? It's more boring than Index which is quite an accomplishment.

>Can you not handle the idea that people have different stances on characters?
He literally just said he wouldn't mind if you had a different stance on Accelerator than him. But to stop dressing it up as some objective manner.

It's only boring when M*riydi is around.

Othinuscucks are scum.

I'd say my post clearly implies I don't care whether you hate him or not. Hate him as much as you want, it won't bother me any. Its just this constant "muh justice" fagging makes you seem like a hypocrite. Just say you don't like the characters and move on

>has the most screen time
>is the worst of magic god
How does she do it?


Well, I'd say the guy deserves happiness more than you do.

Neph doesn't have the most screen time though

She's the best you lolicon pleb

Shit thread. Half price.

Besides Othinus, she got the most magic god screen time.

That's not High Priest

Between NT14, and the between the lines of NT17 I think she surpassed him.

It does not matter because it is High Priest that Touma will always remember

Carissa is for _

Nuada isn't a loli



Accelfags, I swear

>protected Kamisato from the crashed with wraps
What did she even have to spare? It doesn't even cover her body.

She was barely around at all for NT14. She showed up at the start and the end, where NT13 was literally all about High Priest, and every other time we see the magic gods before this HP is front and center calling the shots getting the most attention. Even after he dies he's constantly being talked about.

>normal people
>capable of actually following what Jesus was preaching
Guy is a ideal for a reason.

>I've run out of arguments

Good thread guys. We should have more meaningful discussions like this

Is for the french

>Just understand me!

>Nothing I did was my fault even though I enjoyed it! Forgive me because it's so fucking heartwarming!

Mugino flat-out admits she's irredeemable, though. She's fine with Hamazura being the only one who accepts her.

When you think about it, Kakine really did nothing wrong.

No one's seriously said that Mugino is even trying to redeem herself though


No, just pointing out your own retardation. Someone as dumb as you won't change their mind no matter how much they're argued with.

A girl even shittier than White Queen.

Yeah. He is so pathetic that he can't even do anything wrong

I want to see Touma do this and correct her life.

Remember that Touma's "morality" led him to become an international criminal protecting a literal terrorist and murderer. Why do Toumatards defend this shit?

Not hard to outsmart a man while he's having a orgasm.

Sucy is pretty cute here.

Kamikoto is good for the heart!

No one on this mongolian image board is gonna change their mind, or at least admit it. Even if it's to save face, anons act stubborn.

Because touma literally did his civic duty. The ones who let her go unpunished were the authorities he handed her over to. Asking for a fair trial is not a crime, for the 593rd time

It's been pointed out several times why your dumb justice makes no sense user, you're the one who doesn't want to just admit that you don't like Accel and keeps pretending there's some objective reasoning behind it.

>Shit Sign posters have terrible taste in girls
Go figure.

KamiKuro is better for the heart!

Actually, what do "implications" mean in canon anyway?
Does something have to actually be word of god to be canon?
Because that'd make Himegami's rape about as canon as Accelerator's black and white wings being telesma. It is only implied, but not known for sure.

Shit's magic.

For something to be canon it needs to be either word of god or happen onscreen or be demonstrably true. Implications are always just that.

This. No one cares that he doesn't like Accelerator. That's not the issue. Its that he's pretending hes got some objective, undeniable reason for doing so. He should just post 'Accel a shit' and be done with it

The woman knows she's going to hell and she's fine with there only being a single person in the world who accepts her. Now keep crying, it's all you know how to do after all.

>posts a girl who became a side character in her own anime
Dumb gabuposter.

MisaMisa is good for my dick!

>He says this while posting the worst girl of her own show
The irony is palpable.


>objective in reference to media discussion
not this again. mentally add "in my opinion" to the front of every sentence.

I don't get it. First it was "Heavy Object fags/Blood Sign bros" dichotomy, now it's "hurr durr Shit Sign".
Is someone trying to start shit or something?

Sure, it's ok for Hamazura to forgive and enable a self-admitted evil person and pretend that's some sort of kindness. Go fuck yourself.

So are you purposefully ignoring the Index or what

Stay mad, nigga, nothing's gonna change, but at least you'll be mad.

He probably does it subconsciously, I know I do.

>Accelerator's black and white wings being telesma
They're Dark Matter, not telesma.

>Is someone trying to start shit or something?
It's been like this since forever, at this point I just glaze over the obvious shitposting.

JC staff are hacks.

>In my opinion duress isn't a defense against murder in the US

He tried to kill her twice and failed both times. At this point he's pretty much given up.

>index walking three steps behind
Kuroko lets her live with them

Nero, bitch, etc.

You stay mad when season 3 airs and your shitty girl gets shot and incinerated like she deserves, Muginocuck.

I thought people stop being assholes after being shot punched in the face.
Is Raildex lying to me?

Fuck off Indexshit

The guy is clearly stating things like facts and there is not even the mildest of implications to suggest the things he's saying are opinions

Tell that to that chick who was abducted and brainwashed by black panthers.

Bruh, I've read the novels a long time ago, I know what happens, that's really not a effective way to try and trigger me. She'll still end up baking a loli Cendrillion no matter how mad you are.

Mugino never got Touma'd.

I'm not googling burgerland's laws to work out what point you're making, but it's clearly one of two and they're both dumb.
>It's my opinion that [something true]
i'd certainly hope so
>It's my opinion that [something false]
good thing opinions can be wrong

Mugino wasn't punched was she? Only shot

Is that like being raised by wolves?

Accel would have killed her without a second thought and people would've supported it. But of course, she deserves forgiveness because she's a poor victim since it wasn't Accelerator she tried to kill.

My point is it's clearly a statement of fact, like most of the statements in your dumbass argument were. It can be wrong or right, but it's very clear it wasn't being done as an opinon. You can find plenty of sentences just like these easily.

Why does a magic god know so much about science?

Because science is fucking awesome.

You're trying really hard to make an equivalence here even when by far the majority of the fanbase agrees Mugino is a cunt.

>10% neph didn't know shit about kamisato or world rejector
>Niang does
I thought all the magic gods had a part in it. Or was WR actually made by Niang Niang alone?

Then stop defending her

t. Canuckcuck

There was literally what, one guy defending Mugino who was probably yanking your chain? Looking at it, it wasn't even a defense, just a "she's been forgiven nana nana boo boo" and you still got predictably mad

Who is defending Mugino? She survived because Hamazura granted her mercy and that's that.

Not a hard guess to make mate

t. Britbong

>4am in britain right now
Not a great guess there mate

Everyone in Item frankly ought to die since they're guilty by association for letting Mugino walk free. Fremea will want to kill her anyway when she gets older.

It's really not Saiai's problem

I won't get into the philosophy with you, but the important difference is that your statement was relating to something that most would agree can be verified to be true. Accelerator isn't real, so something said about can't be a "fact". You can obviously assign a higher truth value to something Kamachi says vs. something some random on Cred Forums says, but it's still not really a "fact". i only started this because "that's just like your opinion, man" is a dumb copout for losers and people should fuck off with it, sorry.

No you're totally right user. All the level fives are supposedly geniuses until a scene demands for them to drop like a hundred IQ points just to get the plot moving. To be fair, Misaki is at least portrayed as smart consistently, while Misaka and Mugino might as well have a switch that turns their brain off in certain situations.

Saiai can snap her neck while she's sleeping

No if Kamachi says something about a character, unless there's a very good reason to show that he's wrong it's a fact. If Kamachi says that Accelerator's favorite food is steak and there's really not a good reason to deny it, then you pretty much have to accept that that's a fact.

When you're a hitman for hire, you don't really have much leeway in putting down your coworkers for being batshit insane.

Sure she can, that doesn't mean it's her job. It only halfway concerns her, and if Hamazura and Takitsubo are dumb enough to let her run free, and Saiai knows she's not going to ever get Mugino's ire, it really isn't her problem as I said.

>Mugino guro and rape doujins in just a few months
Feels goodman

Given that it won't air until Fall, it's more like a year from now

i love fucking with you guys

Please try to get better at it. The painfully obvious ones are tedious

It's as close to a fact as something can be, yeah. I wasn't disputing that. just saying that you can't exactly go and ask accelerator what his favourite food is and/or objectively measure the pleasure accelerator gains from eating every type of food and verify objectively that he gains the most pleasure from eating steak. The previous sentence sounds really dumb, but that's what you're getting into when you whip out the word "objective" in the context of media discussion. My point was that you shouldn't do that and not that anyone here knows better than Kamachi about anything, sorry if it sounded like that.

People over here constantly need something to shit on, otherwise they'll cease to function as human beings.

>Posts shittiest girl

>My point was that you shouldn't do that
I know, and you're wrong. Because there are plenty of facts we can talk about in the series. It is a fact that the clones were killed by Accelerator, it's a fact that Touma punches people out, we see these things happen on screen and can talk about them in concrete terms. When we hear inner monologue we can then discuss facts about what the character thinks in that context. These are all facts even if they should be media, and hell, they're generally facts *because* they're in media. You can't factually state much of anything about a person's thoughts in real life because you never know if they're lying to you. In fiction you can know when people aren't lying by having a literal view into their point of view. It is in fact easier, not harder, to make fact assertions about media. The contention however, is when you start discussing real life terms of justice in the same manner and acting as if those are just as obviously objective, even when flaws in reasoning are pointed out, going a step beyond pointing out that philosophies often rely on opinions.

But he posted the only good one

That ain't Shitdex, nigga.

Literal roastie

U wot

A wild true number one appeared

>That thread caption
Oh boy it's one of these threads again


It's better than the one that died for this.

Does Kamachi shitpost in /raildex/?

Mobilebitch kita

>Normally, Mikoto might have used her control over massive amounts of magnetism to rip the entire bench up into the air and shout “Ventura, Ventura!!” while launching it high into the sky. >However, she was different today.

What does Ventura mean?


Google says its spanish for luck

A bit confused here. is there any way to get tickets besides the 5.1 trial? If not, how could you get a costume without paying? I did not even see if there is a booster either.

It said it's Portuguese for life or joy when I looked it up. Didn't really make sense to me in that context.

a wise man once said:
>Screw you buster, only the good die young!

>“Oh, this is the toy from the leisure room Onii-chan took me to.”

so they weren't israeli is what you're saying.

Urusei Yatsura reference.

>your crimes didn't matter.
what crimes?

/vg/ No one wants you here.

Did you just wake up or something? This thread's been up for7 hours

>How could you get it without paying
You presumably can't, or not both anyways. I'm sitting at around 400 so in a few days I presumably could if I wanted them and not the gold bag

>Winter Wonder Festival 2018
A Certain Series:
Yesterday, We have Frenda Figma (but not for sales, waiting for S3?), and today:
The 10th year of "Figma" company birth
"The best happiness celebrates two people!"
and they choose:
>Kirito+Asuna (SAO)
>KamiKoto (Raildex)

Ok, look the difference between "happiness" those two pairing

Mikoto!, can you hold your horses for a bit?

He's a kid, not a politician. He's not someone who's carefully, deliberately made the majority of their choices picking the most evil, destructive option every time when they had numerous alternatives ranging from 'good' to 'well at least it's not as bad as this'. Accelerator's not teaming up with think-tanks to ensure millions slowly starve to death while cursing their fates and watching their children die diseased.

He's someone that long before he was even considered old enough to make basic adult decisions like voting was being used as a guinea-pig and told the things he was killing were inhuman, much like we train many 18 year olds before shipping them over to where the inhuman brown things they're going to shoot are living overseas. He may not be a good person, but he's exactly the kind of person that can still be redeemed and benefit from reform to make up for their acts in the future.

The anime will skip OT15

>the same dumb arguments
>the same dumb shitposters
>no pv
>no new key art
>not even new logos
>every other series that had been announced with a new season/anime already has all of those
>shills delude themselves that "it's coming" or they are "actually putting more effort into it so it takes longer" despite having no evidence

>always at the end of threads
At least dump porn to finish off the thread you raging homosexual.

Ded series don't receive new porn anymore, user.. I'm sorry.

>even the producers think kamikoto will never work

I thought Crowley was much weaker in "his" current state, no?

About your fanfiction?

Not at all apparently. He just has the issue of rebellion.

Literal fanfiction is better than the tripe Kazuma writes. All of NT9 made me cringe

Cute and funny.

Not at all. All the crowleys just don't have the same plan and using magic is killing them.

No one really knows. We've never seen Aleister actually fight, he just bullshits his way through everything with broken spells.

So just like everyone else in this series.

That is fighting

Who is Kazuma?

MP is using the wrong name again as usual. The problem is, she's bullshitting about having read anything now.

That's not MP, people just like baiting. Much like the "haha I skipped OT15 arent I hilarious" guy

That's just typical MP

Pointless reminder that "Tsuyoi Ishi" and "Level 6 Shift" are the same song re-arranged.

>he just bullshits his way through everything with broken spells.
This is the inalienable right of every strong Magician.


Would you kill a kid if you knew they'd grow up to be a monster in the future?

No I'd raise them to be better


People don't get better.

How old is Kamikoto now?
I think it has outlived other popular ships like Ichiruki

Not with that attitude certainly

Cringe thread?

t. defeatist

That's literally every Raildex thread.

Kamikuroko has been around since the start.

No, this is a cringe thread.


Not as much.

It’s a good thing she’s not wearing red I guess.

>Misaka will fuck this
It'd be a pigfucker too

>Not killing a demon child
You aren't living your life correctly.



Why are you here complaining then?

Go away Shirou

Not fat at all.

Reminder that Mikoto is a murderer

Let’s just say there’s a reason Mikoto holds her own hand like that.

I know you can't remember me Kamijou-san! B-but atleast remember to bring me some more dougnuts!

>Give scientists your DNA when you're a 5 year old or some shit
>When they would have just taken it anyway if you said no
Literally hitler.

Funnily enough Touma can probably remember Mitsuari just fine.

Like what?

That's not why she's a murderer. She's a murderer because she killed Kuribot.

Its not murder if its not human.

That's what Accel used to justify things to himself.

Clones are human. They're cloned humans,but human nonetheless.

No he can't

IMAGINE the pain of trying to lift her up

Kuribot was also an approximation of a human just like the clones. And arguably had more of a personality and was basically confirmed to have a soul.

Its not human, but she was still a person, a non-human person, so its still murder


You know what you could call a non-human person? An elf.

Misaka "Suicide Hotline" Mikoto
Misaka "Suicide is the answer" Mikoto

Elves are only one specific form of non-human person.

Is Kuribot heavy?
Like, would she crush your skull if she sat on your face?

She's a big girl.

She going to call that hotline herself when she finally asks Touma what happened on sargasso?

She would hug him then confess after he tells her about the billion deaths

Hearing what happened in the sargasso won't make Mikoto want to commit suicide. Hearing what happened when Touma went swine mode will.

Like that one time between NT volumes 0-15. Have you read the material yet?

Nignog you can't even lift your own dick, much less a girl even if she weighted 900 grams.

>no shiny eyes
Mitsuari was such a hack, she couldn't even get her envy-fueled parody right. No wonder she was stuck as a level 3 esperlet. The shape-shifting suit was pretty interesting though, I wonder if we'll ever see something like it again.

Didn't Yuiitsu used it to disguise as Asuka?

The suit wasn't shape-shifting. It was just designed to match Misaki's actual figure. Good thing she's brainwashed people into thinking she looks different.

I don't remember if her or the narration specifically referred to it as the same type of suit, but Yuiitsu definitely used some kind of camouflage.

Disrespectful edits REEEEEEE

Can you actually imagine breaker yourself falling in love with him? It’s honestly puzzling to me. I know some people like guys that are cute and don’t care about anything else at first but at a certain point you’ve got to be able to not only acknowledge their feelings but them as a person at the very least.

Haimura on suicide watch.

Nice try ant esperlet, but Misaka would have said something if that was the case, ans so far, she seems to like what she sees.

I still think the most datable girl in this series for the typical (you) would be Kongou.

When in doubt just Kongou up.


You mean Fuyukawa.

Can Saints beat Demons?

Only friendship can and it’s been proven already.

>not Itsuwa or Orsola
Kongou is fine, but those are the waifu material.


The most dateable girl for the typical user would be someone like Himegami. Not your typical rich bitch

Itsuwa is kinda lacking brain cells and she’s not even rich and Orsola is just void of any brain at all. You might as well buy a cute plushy and date a live with that.


Isn't the Othinus edit from Haimura's illustration of the Daihasei novel?

Could you afford to support her? Didn’t think so.

Himegami goes to school and likes cheap hamburgers. I think I'll be fine

I'd want Fukiyose to stir my eggs for me.

Not an easy date. She somehow comes off as "motherly" but in the more scolding way.

>The knight clenched her fists and worked to endure the humiliation, but Olivia seemed entirely oblivious as she linked arms with Kyousuke as if to show off.

>And then something fell from the decorative buttons on her flat chest.

>It was light and the floor was carpeted, so it did not make a noise. …It could be easy to forget given the circumstances, but they had snuck aboard and Kyousuke did not want to leave anything behind. Without thinking, he reached down to pick up the dropped item, but then he froze.

>It was one of those rubber products that used their thinness as a selling point.

>The entire atmosphere froze.

>He seriously considered trying to hide it under his foot, but when he looked up, he found that both Sinceria and Rachel had seen it. There was no time to recover from this.

>“Oh, my.”

>“What in the-…!? Foolish mercenary, is that…cough, cough!!!!”

>Rachel started choking so badly Kyousuke began rubbing her back, but she simply glared at him.

>“Foolish mercenary, allow me to ask again. Did you do this while aware what that item is for!?”

>“Oh, my, my. Hee hee hee. Rachel, you take things too seriously… But I would like to hear this too. Yes, yes. I would like to hear Kyousuke himself explain it to us: what is that?”

>“(No, wait. This is your time to shine, Kyousuke brain. Does the correct answer mean survival? Think carefully. What will a quick yes or no answer bring other than a pool of blood? I should base the odds of survival on that. So should I play dumb instead? Or I should I just remain silent…?)”

>“Oh, my, my, my. So that’s what you’re going with? Hee hee. It seems Kyousuke the Expert is playing dumb so he can hear Rachel explain since she has already implied she knows the answer. He seems to want to see her blush and fidget while she explains the proper use of that item.”

*cough*, *cough!!!!*

Not an easy date but fun.
How expensive are Rikou's tastes? Can't be much seen how she dresses and who she's with.

You know, I should know better with Kamachi by now, but I was expecting that to be another dry gag that you see in virtually every other LN. But no, it was a little girl and her vibrator.

I doubt it. You wouldn’t even know where to start when dating a miko sir.

She's a fake miko.

She just likes the outfit.

Silly boys. A dressed miko is a miko to be and a miko for all. A miko holds a place within your heart.

Speak english

>a little girl and her vibrator.
Why a little girl need vibrator?

Do you not mean type in english user?

Source on this? What is with the kid vibrator thing I keep seeing all of the sudden?


Follow the reply chain. It's from the new BS volume.

>the powerful can't be victims

No, I'm standing behind you and didn't catch it

How we use this?

How was such a cool power wasted on Saiai? It’s basically an upgrade of Junko.

Where did you get to Saiai's nitrogen armor from that?

I think he's just looking for any replies honestly

I just assumed you were a Junko fan because of the way you post. I think she deserves a cooler power. It’s kinda wasted on Saiai in my opinion and she doesn’t even really ever use it for anything cool like Junko would. Junko’s power kind of reminds me of Rin I think her name is? The red one from fate with black hair. I watched it a long time ago and she used her magic to boost her jumps and stuff. It could be written a lot better is what I’m getting at.

Is that a bad thing?


So instead of trying to talk about the series I enjoy I should just sit here and do nothing?

>She powers up her jump this one time so it's basically the same thing right

It’s basically the same result. Obviously the magic would work differently since were talking about two different series but it’s used the same way except the girl from fate did it with more style and I’m not even a real big fate fan. I’m just saying it could have been done better with Junko,

You certainly shouldn't segue into an irrelevant non sequitr when replying to someone, just make an offhand comment not attached to anything

I can do it if I want. I wanted to talk about it with that specific user so how about that?

It's obvious you're not a fate fan, because as usual you have no idea what you're talking about. Do you ever? Or do you just read the wikis of every series?

How? All I said is she looked better when she used her power and I think it could have been written better. How can an opinion be wrong?

>I don't have to follow convention, rules of conversation or make sense if I don't want to
I don't want to talk to your bitch ass, how about that?

Good, I’m glad. Bye.

Mikoto is cute, but whats the cutest thing about her?
Her face or her butt?

I always thought of her as cool if anything. When I think of cute I think more about characters like Feb.

The way she bleeds.

Is there any way to play cracked PS4 games of Toaru Virtual-on?

>573 Posts
>69 IPs
Sasuga Raildexfags

When she wears her freedom fighter outfit she looks like a kpop singer.

10% discount thread

It was getting shaky but the raildex jokes saved it.

Might as well end it with the true #1

lol no

Lol yea.