I want Kemono Friends back

I want Kemono Friends back

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Same nanoda.

*blocks your path

It's gone forever. Give up.

All I wanted to do was fug cute animal girls.

You lost, get over it

The more Keifuku copies sold, the more Kadokawa would realize how much money they lost.

Remember to buy a copy whenever stocks are back

On a side note: wasn't it supposed to be released today?


fuck you


I didn't think there could be anything worse than Umarufags, but you guys just don't shut the fuck up.

Go back to your stalker threads and bash VEG or whatever

Which Kemono Friend would you give the Kemono Fuck?



If Etotama can somehow get a second season out of nowhere, there is still hope that Kemono Friends can be good again.

>Kemono Fuck
They fuck did you just insinuate?

Oh no, how will Kadokawa ever cope with some people buying anime discs?
How about simply simply continue selling light novels and do business as usual.


>They fuck
Yes they do, Friend!

I made a mistake

Oh no. How would Kadokawa ever get through the guilt of killing what could have been their biggest franchise after they fuck up KanColle?

How about simply gaze into the chart and watch as their Sora Yori, SAO, and Nanoha get completely trampled upon by the same director that they fired?

It's not like they only have Kancolle (small c) and Kemono Friends as properties.

They have nico which people are leaving en masse for YouTube.

S2 is still in the works, isn't it?

Thry have nothing else comparably bigger.
KF's death is a billion dollar missed. Then angry Nico users successfully killed 8% of their paid subscription in just a few months. They did not just lost a franchise. They are also paying the price of a bad PR

All while Tatsuki is drowning on money

If their ears are made entirely of kemonoplasm, would it hurt when they get damaged?

Apparently they are making a big announcement on Wednesday.

Of course the last major announcement was that mobile puzzle game so I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

Since Kadokawa never expected KemoFure to ever be a success in the first place, all they have to do is to adjust the profits from it to initial plans.

What the hell, I thought you were joking but it's really getting a second season. How is this possible?

That does not change the fact that they lost money and good pr. A lot of it

Going after Moose's property is a bad idea.

More VA concerts or new mercs. It's all they have that is selling

Its OK, I want to fug Moose even more and am constantly disappointed by a lack of lewd

That is more than enough.

give up and enjoy it's violent counterpart

>mfw barely want to check threads anymore
every since tatsuki unfollowed the official kemono twitter i just lost all hope.

there's nothing left

Hey you know, I'm really starting to like mewhan's songs. I hope she sing on Tat's new anime

Same. I'm just checking on Tat's account every hour. I rewatched Keifuku 15 times now but never opened the KF folder in so long


Kemono Enemies!

>tfw no more Jaguar, Lion, or Arai-san

I'm not sure that's true anymore, nowadays it seems like you need a strong mobile game if you want to stay relevant.

It never left.

patience friend

No, ezo is just desperate for attention.

They didn't really though lose much of anything though. Revenue for 3rd quarter 2016 was 50,633 million yen, revenue third quarter 2017 was 50,402 million yen. They just spent a whole lot on investments in improving niconico with the recent launch of 1080p and plans to no longer need a login, being able to seek, improving the player, HD live streaming, improved video quality on time shifted stuff and so on being rolled out in April/May. Next year they are spending a further 9 billion yen building a new factory and museum.

dead series dead thread

shit show right?

Maybe Kemono Friends is just hidden somewhere.

>tfw "all they need to do is hire bots"

I think he's talking about potential revenue.

why is this autosaged?

We just don't know.

nah it's actually pretty fun

also why the fuck are we still on page 9?

>Happy Valentines' user!

That is like a drop in the ocean though. All video games and anime combined barely even account for 20% of revenue at Kadokawa. They could drop anime and games entirely and function just fine. One franchise is meaningless to them.

I was scared of kigurumi when I first saw it, but it's grown on me so much that now I really want to try it.

It's a very slippery slope.

Probably because these threads have next to nothing to do with anime anymore and are mostly kept alive by that one guy with the poor english who is always posting about Keifuku and how Kadokawa is on their last legs.

Kigurumi is the only way for the vast majority of guys to even remotely resemble female cosplay.

The only thing keeping me away at this point is the cost.

And DIY knowledge too. Most of the good ones are hand-made with love

You probably need a friend too!