I feel bad about "waifu-ing" characters that I ship with someone else

I gain a new waifu every season

I don't have a waifu

I enjoy a lot of anime and I think you all need to lighten up sometimes. THERE I SAID IT.

Anime generally sucks and is generally not worth watching when compared to manga. Especially since many niche manga never get adapted at all or just poorly.

Anime made me want to fuck my little sister.

I enjoyed SAO part 1, 2 , and 3.

I think everyone who unironically likes tsundere has shit taste.

I falseflag as a KyoAni fan in Darling-thread, and as a triggernigger in Violet Evergarden threads for the (You)s.

I thought the ending, roughly last 14 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist was garbage. Which is a shame because I really enjoyed the first 50 episodes

Leave now.

Are you the one who does it in Sora Yori and Yuru camp threads?
I remember an user linked 3 different posts

i'm getting out of Cred Forums due to work. finally

All Ikuhara anime are bad, none of his titles get even a 5/10 out of me with Yurikuma Arashi being the absolute worst.

>but muh symbolism

Don't care.

Serial Experiments Lain and Fate/Zero deserve 1/10s.

Anyone that denies Nobunaga The Fool as the one of the best anime of the decade is either new or have no idea how plays work.

This even being a problem for you means that you have much more than one waifu, or are a pump and dump seasonal waifu faggot.
Either way neck yourself


I'm incredibly alone and can't figure out how to fix it.

No, I don't watch those shows at all nor do I care about them, thus, I don't even enter those threads in the first place.

I haven't had a relationship in years and don't ever plan to again because my obsession with the anime/VN mediums has given me too much pleasure and set my expectations probably too high for anyone to reach ever again

I stream,I have always streamed and I won't stop anytime soon.

I have a girlfriend

Don't worry. Your anime waifu won't say anything bad about your real life 3D relationship, because anime waifus are brainless drawings that can't really interact with you.
Nothing to fear.
In fact, you can get tons of anime waifus and exchange them at the drop of a hat.
But your real life girlfriend might think that you're weird for having lots of pictures about anime girls.

I wanted Taiga to win and thought she was best girl right from the get-go.

She'll cheat on you

I try to get people to agree with me by pointing out why the things they like are wrong, and why the things I like are better.

>Todoroki a handsome

I genuinely pity this mentality because it basically assumes that you take more pleasure in finding things to grieve than in things you'd sincerely enjoy

2003 was better. Hiromi Arakawa's vision paled in comparison to Seiji Mizushima's adaptation. Proof that males are superior.

It's to cause grief, not find grief.

Usually popular anime are way more enjoyable than niche otakubait that most Cred Forumsnons jerk over.

t. Every faggot on the internet ever

Which makes you a shit human bean desu

Don't you d-e-s-u me like an unironic newfaggot, young man.

I enjoy watching anime

No my friend, I go above and beyond the call of duty. I use literal examples of screen shots, music slices and comparison of previous episodes. I'm so fucking good at it, I derail entire threads and at the end of hours of arguing my points, everyone is agrees with me and takes screen shots.


Oh look, another gatekeeping oldfag.

i am disgustingly thirsty for kenshin i would fuck him until he passes out and have been for a long time. he is. hes so small and does wife things and has pretty hair and im fucking basic.

I think SAO is fantastic. Kirito x Asuna is a great romance and it has complex themes with real world vs virtual world.

Bruh, that thumbnail legit reminded me of those niggaroaches from TerraFormars.

There are some sins not even God can forgive, user.

What's wrong desu. Are you triggered desu

I stopped believing in waifus when I realized people aren't actually dedicated to them and just use them as surrogates until they get a real girlfriend

I liked Macross Delta because it gave us Freyja

I never liked any anime made by Shaft

I think the anime community went on a steady decline since the introduction of Haruhi and KyoAnu's subsequent moeblobs.

I feel bad when good things happen. Woops, not anime related at all!

I truly love my waifu and I'll love her exclusively even after the night I'll kill myself.

Drinking and anime has become a ritual and for the most time one doesn't go without the other. Yesterday after watching my weekly share of ongoing series I spent several hours angrily lurking on Cred Forums in hopes of finding something to watch because I still had some stuff left to drink. During that period I sobered up and that made me even more mad.
How did I stumble across this thread? Well I was looking for shit to watch because I want to have a drink, or perhaps I want to drink because I want to watch some good shit. This is your chance to recommend my sorry ass something or just send me to /wsr/ I dont care.

The only thing I remember about Nobunaga the Fool was his wacky catchphrase, so I assume that catchphrases factor highly into your reviewing criteria. What do you think of Killing Bites?

I only watch moe. Nichijou is one of my favourite series

We know.

I still think the first arc of SAO was well done and had a very satisfying conclusion. Could live without Yui though.

All of these, but only the second part of the last one

I'll sometimes go check an anime's score on MAL before I pick it up

I am the person who put a Cell Dorado and Perfeccion onto the meme power level chart. And I don’t regret it.

Same, but also I don't completely trust it.
Also I use MAL to register episodes I watch.

What the hell does gatekeeping mean? I seen it thrown around recently.

good, at least you're not an unfunny shaggyfag
those guys were ruining the meme

I like Lupin III: Return of Pycal and I think it's one of the best movies in the series in the 2000-2010 period alongside Green vs. Red

Shirou is a faggot and Saber is too good for him.

Also both character sucks and the only reason I find Saber interesting is because she is a (((female))))

I feel like I can't stand what Cred Forums has turned into anymore, seeing retarded, out of place shit disguised under the name of meme over and over repeated in numerous threads but I'm unable to leave this place either.

Not letting people in to your exclusive little bubble.
Basically, discriminating on the basis on literally anything.

Fuck off to somewhere else.


>not letting
People are telling you to fuck off, you are free to stay however, no one here is your master
>on the basis on literally anything
Surprise surprise, different people will tell you to fuck off for different reasons, like i'm about to do. Get used to it or fuck off.

Too bad I'm a masochist, oldfag-sama. Your hatred for me only makes me want you more uguuu

The funny thing is that SSGSS Cell Dorado is actually plausible given his genetic makeup having all the genes needed. It’s not even fully bullshitting.

I unironically enjoy reading fanfiction about series that I like and ones I hate.

My original waifu was Hatsune Miku whose figures and dolls I have bought plenty of, however now I'm having feelings towards Cirno to the point that I even bought a Cirno dress and dress up as her at home.

Never seen it

There's no need to be ashamed of it.

Anime used to make me feel happy but now I don't feel happy anymore. I feel sad all the time. I still watch it out of habit but it barely does anything for me anymore.

I started hoarding episodes of various season and binge watch them when its over but more often than not I just delete them without ever watching them to save space for the next season

I like slice of life and moe anime more than anything in this world, and it triggers me that whenever I talk to a fellow anime fan in the real world they only watch battle/sports/now trending on reddit™ anime.

But fuck me for wanting people to like what I like anyway.

Even with the shitty animation and all the recolors and fanfiction tier writting at some points i really like dragon ball super and i will be sad when it's gone

i feel like most anons don't get it because they grew up with the american dub and they think goku is some kind of hero of justice in reality goku has always been the lovable idiot he is in super and that's the way i like him to be

I sometimes pretend that a heroine in a harem, especially the main heroine, doesn't like the MC for (You)s. It has never not worked.

>talking about anime to people in real life
user, please don't be an idiot.

Not a sin to think the truth brah.

Why not? For me it's the only thing in the world I actually care about. I'm literally unable to hold a conversation about anything else.

I have a CR account, though technically it's a Vrv account.
To be fair, I use it for Shudder and Dramafever

No one with a high power level goes outside. You'll never find a respectable Cred Forumsnon in the wild.

>why not?
Because the only people who are willing to talk about anime in real life going to be normalfags who are interested in whatever populer shit is airing currently. The average user isn't going to talk about anime or manga in real life, hell that's why there's such a thing called hiding your power level. Anime is mainstream as fuck, so don't be surprised when you run into normalfags if you want to discuss anime in real life.

People who celebrate the death of 2D animation make me angry, and is part of why I refuse to watch or discuss CG anime.

You people.

Fuck, I tagged you but forgot to write, some anons will go outside but only for wageslaving so I doubt they want to talk to anyone.

>Because the only people who are willing to talk about anime in real life going to be normalfags who are interested in whatever populer shit is airing currently.
>Anime is mainstream as fuck,
Unless you live in Japland, that's bullshit

I was actually going to post something like this because I feel similarly. I'll pick an anime up occasionally but generally I don't even entertain the idea of watch most stuff since there's so much manga I still need to read and I generally enjoy watching anime far less.

Do you really think anime can be considered a niche hobby in 2018? Where the hell do you live?

>No one with a high power level goes outside.
>the only people who are willing to talk about anime in real life going to be normalfags who are interested in whatever populer shit is airing currently

Not true.

I'm 30 and a ton of people I know watch anime, but the next generation of kids nearly ALL watch at least some type of anime. You must not know any younger people if you don't know this.

I watch all my anime on KissAnime

Bumblefuck nowhere New Mexico admittingly
But still, anime is nowhere near mainstream and it baffles me how people actually believe that.

my 3DPD broke up with me because i would masterbate dickgirl on male femdom and netorare so much that she thought i was cheating on her from lack of libido urge to mate and plot from hentai causing her to think i have a cheating fetish instead of a cuck fetish

Fuck off.

read the spoilers faggot
this was a confession about my degenerate hentai fetishes not disgusting lumps of meat

Anime is nowhere near mainstream, regardless of the younger generations including my own.
In the west it's still "those Pokemon and Sailor Moon shows from Japan."
People might know about anime, but they don't actually watch or care about it outside of the weeb demo.

When will this meme die?

I like to pair the main character of a series with nearly every women in their series no matter if it doesn't make any sense.

Probably never, it's too widespread to die.

Nah, unless the actual word comes back into fashion it's going to die off probably when somebody finds the next somewhat obscure word to use

>I only liked Dragonball Z, Big O, Tenchi Muyo and G Gundam when I was a kid.
>I've been on Cred Forums since the early years. I'm burning through FMP: The Second Raid right now, and I haven't watched Code Geass, and I only watched Toradora a couple years ago, but I shitposted in the threads for all 3 when they aired.
>I stream most of my anime on and read most of my manga on kissmanga, it's far more convenient even if the quality isn't as good.
>I don't have a waifu
>DFC disgusts me
>I enjoy Boku no Hero Academia more than HxH, mainly because of the better art and likable characters.

that about covers it.

Where are the lolis?

So you love Miku, you just want to be Cirno as well. Seems fine to me.

Enjoying your malware?

Loli-related confessions?
Loli + omorashi/piss desperation is a patrician-level fetish

A crush on a female anime character has turned me into a bisexual woman.

Wearing girls' clothes doesn't make you a girl, user

>Doesn't know how to not get malware

I shitpost in franxx threads despite never having watched the show. (You) farming has never been easier.

I love my waifu to death and I'll never leave her but she wasn't the first. Back when I was in highschool I told my friends, and they gave me a lot of shit over her. It even got to the point to where I gave up on waifuism in general and gained interest in 3DPD, but the girl I asked out turned me down. I had a lot of anime girls that I'd considered my "waifu" at the time, but it was never serious, atleast until I met my current one. I still like my ex-waifu a lot, but I can never love her like I used to because she reminds me too much of that part of my life.

I wish that I could kill anyone who shittalks my waifu or says that she is their waifu

I watched the last 5 episodes of sons of anarchy today but can't watch more than 3 episodes of anime a day and I didn't even like SOA after season 2.

Dank meme! upvoted

I just wanted my favorite vidya series to get decent anime adaptions. Blazblue, Disgaea, Danganronpa, etc. their adaptions are all fucking trash

You're not alone, user. 2D lolis turned me into a genuine 3D pedo, but luckily I'm smart enough to not fall for the cunning cunnies. This is truly the worst route.

Disgaea has absolute shit animation but it's alright for what it is.

Traps are gay

Season 2 never

I quit reading MAL reviews to get a general idea of something before putting it on my backlog because they have zero quality control for reviews.




The only anime I'm interested in are mecha and Type Moon shit.

I'm the same way. I was able to marathon The Wire, all of Star Trek, and recently Altered Carbon literally all day long, but of the ~25 anime I'm following this season I can't watch more than three episodes a day on average. Cred Forums is partially to blame because as soon as something happens in whatever I'm watching I have to immediately pause it and post about it here and if I do make one post I'll be here at least another two hours to make more.

>check reviews
>2 out 10
>click on profile, 30 series watched, 10/10 on naruto and op

>as soon as something happens in whatever I'm watching I have to immediately pause it and post about it here
People actually do this?

That's pretty autistic. Do you have a dual screen setup?

Not anymore. When I moved out of my mom's house I put the TV in my living room so when the landlord, internet guy, or any other unexpected guest comes in it looks like I actually use the room instead of spending all day on the computer in my bedroom. I have an extra monitor I could use if I really wanted to, but I would have to pause the anime before I started posting so I don't miss anything. After I start making posts I usually forget I'm watching anything, so it could help with that, but there's no way to really make a second monitor aesthetically pleasing with my current computer setup.

>I put the TV in my living room so when the landlord, internet guy, or any other unexpected guest comes in it looks like I actually use the room instead of spending all day on the computer in my bedroom
Now this is extra autistic.

I watched Evangelion for about five episodes and dropped it because it was boring and everyone was unlikable.
I think Mushishi is a shitty show where the characters don't even act human
I hate it when things I like become popular in the west, because I don't like people I don't like (tumblr, twitter) liking what I like and being cancerous about it. (See Devilman and Blend S)
I like moe shows more than serious shows because I feel that moe shows are easier to do well.

I literally only watch things that are universally considered good.

I lurk Cred Forums because it's the last fast board that is not utter trash. I don't watch much anime and I've only seen entry level stuff like Cowboy Bebop, NGE and some studio Trigger. I just wish I had something more I could contribute.

Better than me, I lurk Cred Forums for waifu threads.

Check out some of the Cred Forums recommended anime lists, just search Google. I don't have the slightest idea what you've seen to even recommend something.

>because it's the last fast board that is not utter trash
Sad how true this is. Cred Forums isn't even particularly great but it makes all other fast boards look terrible by comparison.

I think people who just try to fit in are the lowest sociopathic scum in existence

Actually it just fucking breaks my heart to start watching something and not like it. There's something phenomenally depressing to me about mediocre entertainment,

I can't re watching anime because I when I finish it I get depressed, so for shows that I can watch episodes on shuffle, I remove the last episode from the queue.
Same goes for Mangas.

Despite the fact that I watch a lot of anime and that there are many girls I like I don't have a waifu simply because I can't imagine the possibility that I could ever be in actual relationship and that any girl would be simply too good for me, the concept of relationships in general it's too alien to me.

It's funny, I got back into anime because Cred Forums is the only blue board I go to anymore because all the other are that fucking bad.
I don't regret a damn thing either.

Blend S ever really got "popular" in the west, people just made a fucking stupid and obnoxious meme about it and know there's a trap in the cast

"Style over substance" makes me more likely to enjoy an anime and I fellate Shaft on the daily because of this.


I don't think you actually hang out here all that often

I fucking hate LWA tv show with a burning passion I think back to it and get fucking pissed off of how much of a disappointment it was, but I still save the fanart and smut of it

I only read One piece because it became sort of a habit
I don't even like it anymore, I just want to see it end

I sometimes drop comedy anime if I can tell that it’s getting too serious and depressing. Partially why I never watch the last episode of anything.

NTR stuff made me afraid of long term relationships

I just finished Ten and, while I believe the last 3 volumes to be great, the rest was a slog and brought it down to a 7/10

I also get autistically angry at Anons who dare have multiple waifus