Ixion Saga DT

Why the fuck did they decide to ruin the princess in the last 2 minutes of the show?

You seem to have spelled improve wrong.

Delete this and then delete yourself.

I want season 2 just to see how much of a loser Kon turned.

I'm sure at that point he'd gladly ask mariandale to rid him of his virginity, even if it meant for him to take it up the bum.

what a great show

It doesn't matter since there will never be S2.

Too bad it flopped.

I blame the lack of quality females. I mean it's basically a funny version of konosuba but without any girls in it.

>without any girls in it
Stop posting.
There is princess, there is Almaflora, there is KT, there is Mariandale.

Maybe if mariandale wasn't outed as a transvestite in the first episode and KT outed as a girl in the very last episode they wouldn't be so fucking bad. Almaflora is also a piece of shit and just fucks off for basically 80% of the show. The only real girl in the party is the princess and she's just a shitty loli.

Mariandale is not a tranny since she already has tits and loses balls at the end.

>a shitty loli
She wasn't shitty.

Look, all I'm saying is that the show needed someone like miranda as a permanent party member. Why the fuck was there even an episode about her if she never showed up again?

>the show needed
It wouldn't sell either way. You are delusional to think otherwise. It's fine as it was for me.

>Why the fuck did they decide to ruin the princess in the last 2 minutes of the show?

Its actually a reference to Breath of Fire. There are a few other too, but I will let you guess.

You're reading too much Amanoja's doujin, faggot.

>and loses balls at the end.
That just makes them a typical futa instead of fully equipped.

Fucking Pet, every time.

What would sex with the princess be like if she was at ahoge level 3?

To add insult to injury, Mariandale didn't even slam it into her before the time skip.

And that's precisely the way it should be.

>last episode the studio left a note saying how much fun they had making it and looking forward to doing a S2
>S2 never ever these years later
The only isekai done right

I miss this show.