Darling in the FranXX

What a cute 002

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Ichigo is cuter.

>This face will be canon
yes YES

Oni a best.

Can't wait lads

Right now Hiro is just some plaything for 02

But then the feelings set in and she starts falling in love.

And then Hiro's gonna do something incredibly stupid that will get himself nearly killed and we'll have both 02 and Ichigo crying together for him.

Is Hiro the ultimate chad of Cred Forums?


Oni is my onahole.

Mitsuru is still more alpha than him.

That's not a proper cute Oni. This is.

>What a cute 002
Yeah, that's cute 002 you have here. It will be such a shame if something happens to her, right?


Mitsuru is a fag.

there's still hope, Ichibros!

>tfw you deeply relate to Zero Two
I think I need to get checked for high functioning autism at this point.


Best to keep your delusions in check, ichicuck.

Shame that he's too gay to care. The only pilot in the show whom relationships chart defines as having no interest whatsoever towards partner, and at the same time he has really unhealthy amount of interest towards Hiro.

>implying its not strawberry that's gonna turn into stardust and die as she confesses to Hiro
i don't trust this man for a second

Ichigo would have already ended up with Goro at that point, Hiro will end up alone.


I don't think she'll cry until we see some flashbacks.

Wait what "died" in Little Witch Academia then?

you're just a free spirit user, i can relate to that

My expectations.

My hope that it'd be a good show.

Hiro and 02 go out in blaze of glory together, saving everyone in the process. If it does actually happen that they die.

What have you done

>One show where they managed to overwhelm their urges and not gainaxed anyone
They have double their usual thirst for blood and tears after such an abstinence, better prepare yourself.


not only are you cucking strawberry with hiro, now you're cucking her out of her faces too

We have a great night.

>Implying it won’t be double kill for both Oni and Hiro and they attain true freedom

Will Hiro and 02 name their first baby Ichi?

>They will explain POWER OF LOVE asspull
>Every challenge from now will be overcome with POWER OF LOVE

Hiro was literally dead and she was still more obsessed with killing the dinasour than to care about his death, and even afterwards she is still more worried about increasing her dinasour kill count higher and using Hiro as her tool to reach it. Ichigo will soon care more about Goro than Hiro too

Jesus Christ waifu and self insert fags are dumb and deluded

Can Ichigo possibly be any more BTFO

I can't wait to see their reaction when 02 inevitably betrays him.

Is 02 literally the personification of the modern day female normie?

>What is love?


No one died in LWA

>More meaningless action scenes with a thin veil of a plot and character interactions that are boring and make no sense


No you fucking loser

Not even close.

Why was VE so boring?

I've been outside once and I can confirm that this not the case.

Yeah. She'll have to watch the go through that joining ceremony.

They failed to follow the light novel.

You literally didn't say anything that contradicted what he said. He acknowledged that 02 basically just sees Hiro as a tool to further her own goals.

What he then went on to say, is that eventually she'll end up actually falling for Hiro. Nice to see that the shitposters can't read though.

And it was also their worst show Gotta pull out the gainax for max ratings.


>Trigger's worst show

I fail to see how eventually ending up with Best boy could be considered a bad route for her

jesus this version is actually much cuter

>onifags actually want her to be more like ichigo

Because unless she gets her shit together, she's going to just sit there and suffer and will eventually get Goro killed.

>eventually she'll end up actually falling for Hiro.
It won't happen.

Replace any picture of Ichigo with 02 and it will always be cuter

>implying that's not one more of starwberry's attempts at trying to catch hiro's attention

She's genuinely grateful that Hiro's still alive, you guys would anything to assassinate her character huh?

kek reminds me of Eureka Seven's scene

Wow she is pathetic

Why would it be her when 002 would provide the most emotional impact for the audience?

Imagine being so mad at AOTD that you literally have to make up things to be asspained about.

What Instrument will this fag and Hiro play?

02 and Hiro are a Jian now, they live and die together.

02 dies
015 and 016 hook up
Best outcome

Character is a bit too strong a word there.

>LWA is Trigger's worst show

I count on this being Hiro.

The skin flute

Got is ass backwards, I want Ichigo to be more like 02. I know she has it in her.

I want to Kaminapuch Ichigo. She has to girth her teeth and man up.


Either they both live or they both Die
if one of them survives and the other Lives it kills the Jian symbolism


.the jian

>strawberry fags
Good lord this episode really ramped up your delusions.


I am only posting this ironically because I believe Nishigori will end the Gainax curse. I hope

Why is she crying?

Franxx is the remake of E7 we have been clamoring for.

Based Anemone getting her own series.


>What E7 needed 50 episodes for Darlifra did in 6

stupid sexy robutt

why is Panty missing from there? she technically counts too

>Right now Hiro is just some plaything for 02

To be fair Anemone and Dominic were the rivals in E7 so they only showed up sporadically, Anemone didn't even show up till around this episode even though she was in the OP.

vulnerable 02 does things to my heart.

that just makes the bullying better

Because Panty & Stocking hasn't ended yet =^)

02 is a succubus
she doesn't Hiro, she's just making him like her to further increase their power output

Only reason I'm watching this show desu.

Does she keep her magma energy reserves in her boobs?

who /thicc/ here?

And the butt.

>Right now Hiro is just some plaything for 02

Speedwatchers should be gassed

Please stop comparing Anemone and Dominic to 0216. They were a way better couple.

I cant wait to see more Possessive 02 now that Hiro isnt dead

Reminder that the suits are just painted on.

Shiny rod vanished into the sky

Don't remind me, I'm still made about it.

don't lewd the robutt, lewd the oni or the strawberry

Ichigofags are pathetic.

02 is simply manipulating Hiro for her own personal agenda, she does not care about him at all.

I'm here for all the robots but mainly Strelizia



I demand that there be more hand holding scenes.

Did Hiro have a bulge?

the rod

Nobody but it wasn't an Imaishi show. The reason why DitF is lumped in with Imaishi's show is Nishigori literally designed Nia that started this stupid meme and Imaishi is literally whispering in his ear that he aught to kill off 02.

I miss celebrity deathmatch.

I don't think it was power of love. Hiro was okay with, if not intending to die just to prove he could be useful again. But his first partner in that dreamstate called him on his bullshit again, being satisfied with himself because he could sacrifice himself for the greater good when really that's just a copout.

That tempered his resolve so now he refuses to die, instead living on for himself and his friends because they clearly need his help. Not the power of friendship or love, he just got told by a hallucination that he was full of shit wanting to die for no reason.

>hast the blood of the enemy in her veins
>messy table manners
>codependent personality
>more autistic than she is willing to show
>has the hots for best boy

user, I...

t. speedwatcher

>oni dies
>hiro and ichigo get married
>have a long marriage of hiro borderline comatose having his reason to live taken from him
>ichigo tends to him knowing that their marriage is a husk
>no children
Even if Ichigo's dreams came true, she would still be miserable.

And Hiro to initiate it.

Well his desire to not leave 02 alone played a rather big role in things too.


I just watched this today, so 02 is older than Hiro? nice

They do put on underwear before the paint.

Realistically what can save this anime and make it a masterpiece?

I can't help it. They're too damn hot.

Have Anno direct the last episode.

>Hiro realizes that 02 can't fly without him either so he wants to live on to be her wings

Literally the Power of Love

Second cour is SoL with cute 02Hiro episode.

a lot of things, but ep6 has shown they're unwilling to take any risk to step outside boundaries

A main character death every episode.
Plantation 13 falls.
Franxx betrays papa.
02 betrays everyone.
That first girl (who DIDN'T die) comes back as a klaxosaur core
Hiro realizes strawberry was his true love all along

Must be some tight underwear then.

When will there be an upgrade that gives a transformable Stampede mode controlled by the Stamen

She can though. She hasn't cared about killing her stamens before, she can keep burning through them for the rest of her extended life. As it's been said there are plenty of people who want to ride with her.

Hiro's comeback was not as selfless as people are thinking. He was already fighting for 02 and his friends but now he's also fighting for himself.

Awful post

Man, being an Ichigofag must be awful.

Hotblooded insert songs

I kinda like that it's a backup form for when things are really bad

Wow it's like you didn't even watch the episode. She doesn't want to burn through stamens, and she's suffering from being alone. It's like you skipped over the portion of the episode when Hiro really gets a look at her struggling. It's the reverse of what you're saying, up until that point Hiro was fighting to be useful, because that was his role as a pilot. This is the first time he's fighting for someone other than himself.

Wonder when 02 will use Hiro's actual name.

That sounds fucking awful.
You Ichigoniggers must be running out of ideas if you ever think that's going to happen.

Strelizia or Delphinium?

>she can keep burning through them for the rest of her extended life
She can but in this instance they all would have died and Hiro recognized the pain in her going through that time and again. Also the sadness emanating from her. He couldn't leave her alone like that.


When Hiro gives her an actual name.

9i sounds cute.

Strelizia. This is no contest.

>brainlets trying to form another narrative despite Jian literally being stated again in plain text
this is pathetic

Sasuga, speedwatcher.

She already has a name.

Chloropythum, I just like it's design

It's clearly not on the same level, and no one recognises it as such.

People have gotten too used to speculating and right now the material to use for speculating is pretty low. They're like addicts looking for a fix.

Not even a contest.

this scene was absolutely unbearable
I had to pause it like 4 times holy shit

Hiro and the guy at the end of the episode are clearly related - one is a clone of the other.

>02 will NEVER be real


Thought it looked familiar


Never. You stole Blanco from it's rightful owner.

I really hope the blonde guy is gay for Hiro so we wont have more NTR shitposting

So if you were to list the episodes in terms of how much you enjoyed them what would they be?

Mine is:



Why are retards surprised about le power of love?
The first 20 seconds of ep1 tells you it's going to be one of those shows.

>strawberry being NTR'd by oni and designated fujo panderer

Indeed, 02 will die for sure

When Ichigo kills herself you're all gonna feel bad for bullying her.

This show is sort of lame and anime logic-y.
I regret ever thinking it could be the next evangelion.

It's specullah niggers and that faggot who spammed the charlemagne shit for 3 weeks being completely assblasted and grasping for straws.
True love always finds a way.

if 02 dies so will Hiro, they will share their fate, the symbolism is slammed in your face in the 1st episode

Now fuck off.

She says she doesn't need a name. Once she recognizes the value of names, she'll accept one from Hiro and call him by name.


>female normies
>being as cool as 002
No. Female normies are more like the red-pigtailed slut.

Good Ichigo needs to be bullied more

Just because you said that, I'm going to sit in these threads for the rest of the day relentlessly shitting them up.

If that was the case /r9k/ wouldn't exist.

I have to say this episode left me with a better impression than the others and had the best battle so far, but still, I find quite annoying how they had reassert the whole "Hiro's the one for 02" shtick AGAIN, like fuck, we got 6 episodes about this already. The whole blue infection thing was pointless, it was solved magically with the power of love in just one ep. Here's how I would rewrite all episodes we had so far in a better pacing:

>Hiro has his first ride with no problems, second one leaves him with blue veins, commanders tell him he's unfit and is nearing death, so he can't ride anymore
>Hiro gets some scenes scared to death and anxious of riding 02 again
>Big Klaxonsaur appears, Mitsuru rides 02, but in just one ride is in a more fucked state than Hiro
>Monsters are about to fuck everything and broke one of the city walls, Hiro disregard his orders and then rides 02 and attain victory, is cured of blue stuff, declares his wish to stay with 02

There. It wasn't hard.

Unless they pull a "Thank you Hiro, but you don't need me anymore you can fly by yourself now ok bye" bullshit

>ichigo kills herself
>nobody notices or attends her funeral
>ghost ichigo is still around and cries eternally
>can't even kill herself anymore to stop her suffering
the ride never ends user

>Thinks killing characters makes good writing
You can't make this shit up.

For a second there I thought I would, but then I remember this is Ichigo we are talking about.

0216=6^3. 002+016=6*3
I too remember understanding Eva01's berserk mode by episode 6.

>Hey, doesn't matter if our childhood friend is going to be turned into soylent green, come with me to the ceremony, TEH HEE~

Ichigo deserves everything that is coming to her, good riddance.

>The whole blue infection thing was pointless, it was solved magically with the power of love in just one

For the record, blue isn't gone it was absorbed into Hiro's body and his eyes turned red briefly. He's not human anymore

If you can't tell a difference between Evangelion and this show, just from how the characters talk and interact, you're an idiot.

Top notch.

based doc is going to explain it next episode


Why do people think it's solved? 02 clearly has the same "condition" and she doesn't walk around with bulging veins, weed eyes or a tumor.

That's even dumber with more forced drama. Don't ever try to write.

>He's not human anymore
None of the parasites were to begin with

Why is it so satisfying to watch timid girls getting bullied and NTR'd and so horrible and rage inducing when the same happens to a guy?


Because you aren't a grill

It's satisfying both ways; people just self-insert as the MC and cuck themselves.

well, he isn't a normal parasite anymore, so the point still stands

Because it said the power of love could sync pilots and give meaning to broken people's lives.
NOT that it could cure cancer.

I think Eva is better.

goddamn who's doing the music for this?

>02 goes berserk after she thought she killed Hiro
>if she fails to kill the klax, his death was meaningless and they will both have died for nothing
>goes to the point of calling herself a monster because she thinks she killed Hiro
>goes near insane
>starts to break down when Hiro embraces her
>people expect her to stop piloting, and go cry about hiro being dead while streliizia is destroyed
>Hiro tells 002 that he will pilot in order to help her
>She says he'll be fine for many rides to come.
>both leaning on each other when leaving the Franxx
>Jian monolouge is literally said by Hiro and that he will be her wings even if he dies in the process
>002 wants to kill more klaxosaurs because the more they kill, the sooner they can run away together

>6 episodes into a 24 ep show
>wtf why isn't 002 part of the group yet in the celebrations

>m-muh she's using him
fucking idiots

I really hate watching girls get left out in a love triangle. It's one thing that stops me from playing VNs

because you as a guy are expected to react and do something about it

>Franxx with revived darling: I am growing stronger

You weren't paying attention if you didn't know this was were the show was heading from episode 1. I'm not sure what expectations you had.

>mech lipstick

for what purpose

The faces aside from the eyes are just a hologram
Also, because Dr. Franxx is gonna be damned if he can't put lipstick on his sexy robutts

that and it was clearly stated that 002 had the opposite effect on him so instead of killing him maybe her klaxosaur aids made him stronger.


It's HOT

Someone really bad at it

>002 wants to kill more klaxosaurs because the more they kill, the sooner they can run away together
How does one thing follow into another?

Uh, what exactly risks did you expect? Japan only knows how to write two things. Everyone dies or no one dies. This anime went with the no one dies.

Aren't the robutts just the girls? It's natural for them to have some makeup if the girl has makeup her self.

Bretty good OP :DDDDD

It gets my penis excited

i mean the parasites are probably just heavily genetically modified/fast-produced test tube babies

they're still human for all intents and purposes until something major drops.

it doesn't matter where they go, mech-dinos will be there

They said the dinocancer was having the opposite effect on Hiro
The dinoaids isn't finished, we don't even know what they did yet and we're 6 episodes into a 24 episode series.

Ichigo is the cutest.

Main staff for Episode 7:
Storyboard/Episode Director: Touko Yatabe (Khara Animator/Director)
Animation Director: Satoshi Yamaguchi (Trigger Animator)

so it might be another trigger episode again?

something tells me that they can't even reproduce

To mark how deep she went.

Because the sooner they end the klaxosaur problem, the quicker they get to stop piloting.
The more they kill, the quicker it goes, and the more they pilot, the more they are together.


I won't be happy (but not surprised) if that's true, the prospect of tiny Hiro02's running around is too wonderful if I wind up properly invested in these characters.


I see any more info about the staffs in other upcoming episodes?

>Touko Yatabe
(The) Dragon Dentist (specials) : Unit Director, 画コンテ
Flip Flappers (TV) : Key Animation (ep 1)
Hinata no Aoshigure (movie) : In-Between Animation, Key Animation
Japan Animator Expo (ONA) : In-Between Animation (Studio Khara; 8 episodes), Key Animation (Studio Khara; 4 episodes)
Little Witch Academia (TV) : Key Animation (ep 20)
Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (OAV) : Key Animation
Three Leaves, Three Colors (TV) : Storyboard (ep 2), Episode Director (ep 2)
When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace (TV) : In-Between Animation (Studio Khara; ep 2)

More like you should get checked for BDP.


>yellow inside the blue sphere
Is tumour Hiro forming the same core as well?

I hate 02.

I hate her with every fibre of my fucking being, more so than I hate Kirino or Emilia or even fucking Asuka.

You see, my waifu isn't popular, she never had an anime. I wished she would get one so that she could get some fan arts on pixiv, but alas she couldn't.

I sat there every night, crying, and I browsed Cred Forums, and all I saw was her, that scum, those fucking 02fags, proclaiming her as the best girl.

They didn't know my waifu's pain, MY pain, the fucking struggle of mediocrity.

From that day forth I vowed I'd watch their every move, and shitpost on any 02 thread I found on Cred Forums. Any slip up, and I'd let the world know, I'd fucking shout from the rooftops.

Fuck you 02fags.

But how does that lead to running away?

>the sooner they end the klaxosaur problem
I don't think she's thinking in those terms. Who knows how long this war has been going for.

Should I bother watching the?

>Touko Yatabe (Khara Animator/Director)

Cry more.

Couldn't they get the dude that made EVA's? not like anno is holding him hostage.
Heck, that one that did buddy complex, or even Sawano even if he peaked in Unicorn.

Good post

Mamma mia what is this

Wings of Light gonna be Strelitzia's gimmick

Bringing in anno to direct an episode would be like getting Tomino to do a single episode.

Who is your waifu user?

yeah, which is fucking weird when they use so much flower terminology

the show is literally one big gainax reunion, and it’s not like Anno worked on dumber stuff in the past.

>*cuts to evangelion wings*
>"02.... I was truly the Darling in the Franxx"

Bravo trigger.


Dude if anno came back for anything anime this year i would chop off my balls.

post miku

There's a scary dinosaur in it so I wouldn't if I were you.

no shit

yes but I don't see him working on other people's projects anymore.


>Anno does an episode
>It's Nine Alpha's introduction

That's a cute dinosaur.

I'm glad Nova-kun is okay.

muh Brouzouf


Covering your dick in honey seems like both a great and a bad idea
Who knows how bitey the dinosaur gets


I want to kick the ass of that manlet. Miku deserves better.


There's others ways to use honey

Its interesting in that usually the gimmicky super move of the main robot gets activated in the maiden battle. Even Eva had beraerker activate in the fight with Sachiel. The only one I can think of where it doesn't activate for a whole leg of the show is TTGL and Giga Drill Breaker

leave satan alone, also I kinda like their dynamic

He isn't okay. That black hole ended him up on a shittier show.

Is this some new meme?


How new are you?

>Got fucked by a girl's mindcock when he tried NTRing her darling
>She crushed his balls and he has to take viagra just to get it up now
>Has an unhealthy, Griffith-esque, interest in Hiro and was thinking about him the entire time he was piloting
What exactly is alpha about him?

I'm going to make you a fucking speedliver

Speedbrowsers are honestly the worst


>MFW 02 thinks she is top lewd

>MFW as her partner I can outlewd her at every turn

Yet they attempted to give us emotional payoff, which cannot come without context. The first arc was treated as a story unto itself, so that's how I'm criticizing it.
The mystery of, say, 02's horns was established from the outset, and treated as a mystery in-universe. I wouldn't bat an eye if there were some mystical reveal pertaining to -that-. But a guy being suddenly resurrected by Twu Wuv and/or eugenics that failed to kick in until a dramatically appropriate moment is unprecedented in the worst way. Maybe in another setting it could make sense. But not in this one that has been established for 6 episodes. Triumphant music plays and characters cheer as if Hiro's victory came from any effort or understanding, instead of out the author's ass. This is a main conflict that just got resolved by the dumb luck of Hiro being born with the genes he was, when those genes had nothing to do with why he got into that conflict in the first place.

Speedspeeders are worse but they haven't memed it here yet.

I'm so ecstatic for the episode where oni has a nightmare about hiro dying and goes to his room and then crawls into his bed and snuggles up with himnaked

Are klaxosaurs biological or not? She's never said if her goal is to make them extinct, and that seems like the sort of thing that usually comes up in conversation with one's partner.

>girl's mindcock
Gonna need a visual example of that one, muchacho.

Regardless of who you're rooting for, I feel like we can all agree that Oni's VA > Ichigo's VA

Strelizia ages her other partners, and Nana said: "In Hiro's case, the effect is the polar opposite"

I wonder if Strelizia is making Hiro immortal like her


Strelizia is turning Hiro into a shota

>Previous episode ends in a cliffhanger after a big battle
>Hiro wakes up after a coma
>14 have passed
>An older Ichigo shows up and tells him she hates him
>Klaxosaurs no longer exist
>All the plot is dropped
>Nothing is explained
>Oni is replaced by a clone

You seem to know a lot about who is or isn't being held hostage.
...Troubled conscience, user?

>flower user proven right again in episode 6
>people still grasping at straws to make 002 look bad

bruh, 02's seiyuu is an absolute legend. Is even an accomplished signer with multiple albums


>muh flower
jian anons have been proven right consistently

That gif made me gay


02 looked bad this episode. She didn't give a single shit when Hiro died. "He amounted to nothing", her words.

You could say that it's just a defense mechanism to protect herself given she loses all her partners, but it doesn't make it any better from Hiro/the viewer's perspective.

>jian anons

This is Abe-sama
Abe-sama is concerned that the immense amount of jobbing so far will turn the younger generation off from DitF and they will not see the impregnation scene in the cour 1 finale, the pregnancy arc, or the birth scene in episode 21
This will probably be the last time Abe-sama trusts studio Trigger with such an important job

God, imagine what it would be like if Kokoro just spread her legs in front of you and let you press your mouth on her pussy and she'd just pee straight in. Literally divine nectar.

Not even Papika would like this new Cocona.

Yeah Jian is the main theme of the show. It won't stray from that.

What does Worried Strawberry's breath smell like?

>didn't give a single shit
>Screams and thrashes at the klaxosaur in fury
>Followed by this

Stop reminding us of superior show.

Hiro's semen from 02's pussy and mouth.

It was already set up in 5 that she was mentally distancing herself from him.
Their relationship regressed from episode 4 to 5, she thought of herself as a monster in 6, but Hiro didn't speak up like he did in 4.
Hiro is the only partner that has mattered to her, she didn't give a shit when the other guy plopped out in episode 1, but she went berserker and called herself a monster after thinking Hiro died.

I want to kokoro Kokoro's kokoros.


>Are klaxosaurs biological or not?
Eh, considering the kind of things they've been shown to do, it's kind of a meaningless question if they're biological or not. It's super science either way.

I doubt FranXX was 001. It'd make no sense considering their ages. Plus, he's a scientist, it's kinda too much to make him the first pilot too.

Most likely the guy in the snow is someone else.

Second cour getting nice boated, at least it will be memeworthy.


justice can still be served

Here's how bernie can still win

I would say that both are equally important

>tfw Hiro's heart turned into a core
Seriously where would all the yellow cells go? If Y cells are usually in the core, then it is safe to assume that Hiro would have a core

lolwut she was so far gone in anguished rage that she'd have torn her own head off and rammed it up klaxosaur ass if it would have helped her get revenge

>inb4 muh i-it's j-just a r-red herring

I want to brush 02's teeth for her.

There was a sound of heartbeat right when his eyes has turned red and the growth receded, maybe it was indeed turned into a core.

I'd suggest that the difference in how their table manners manifest have very different implications about the characters.
I'd guess that she is unstable has some sort of tendency towards unprovoked physical violence, especially with the blood metaphor.
02's table manners imply that she is uncivilized in a way that strikes me like a shelter pet.

Webm gril is playing with her food. 02 almost eats like she doesn't know if she'll get another meal.

Relate how?

I had a fear boner but at the same time just wanted to hug her in her feral state.

Have you lost your fucking mind?


Is that why Strelizia powered up after Hiro told her he wasn't going anywhere?

Reminder DitF is just 4.0 and Anno is secretly directing it all.

>02 almost eats like she doesn't know if she'll get another meal
well, she could die in battle in a moments notice, so it's kinda justified

Sounds like heaven.

God I wish that fish was me.

>02's lips will never wrap around your dick and form a perfect seal as her tongue teases your glans and urethra


Why don't they equip the franxx with better weapons? Part of what makes Strelizia so strong is that she has a massive lance which is actually useful. Claws on pink one seem far less useful. Why doesn't any of them have a big ass sword?


>He doesn't like Hanekawa

Sorry man you were already gay

It can only reveal it's true form and use it's better abilities through the power of love, as said by Franxx

Would she make a good mom?

I don't know about a big ass sword, but one of them sure has a big ass.

prob not
but thats not gonna stop me anyway

Different functions, the claws seem more like a control weapon in team operations, meanwhile Strelizia is expected to fight alone

Yeah, dino maternal instincts would kick in.

okay, hear me out
what if we filled genista's ass with magma energy, and then she could kill klaxosaurs by sitting on them


I want to spend all day polishing that giant ass

Do you think she lays eggs instead of live birth?

The mass produced units had spears that worked more or less like Strelizia's lance. The P13 FranXXes aren't normal units.

she would just leave the kid to die somewhere and decide to make another one if it didn't come back after a week

live birth
>ywn calm your oni wife while she is giving birth to twins

Because with girls you know it's a temporary state. She will get rejected/cucked by one guy and she'll find another the next day.
For a guy, if he is rejected by one, he is much more likely to be rejected by others as well, ending up alone forever. It's a much more sadder situation.

>decide to make another one if it didn't come back after a week

Like any sane dinomom should.

>you will never be a plantation maintenance worker tasked with scrubbing klaxosaur juice off the franxx after battles

She would be the smuggest bitch who tells everyone about her amazing kids But the weakest one will die. Big deal.

Sounds like sterilized.
Hiro won't be able to have children in the future.

pretty good pic

I won't. I'd laugh even more hysterically.



evidence suggest that dinomoms (well, at least with the T-Rex) were actually quite protective

It hurts

Yeah you're right the love interest dying is an overplayed trope now, hopefully they don't use it again.

could a franxx unbirth you?

You'll regret bullying her

Who wouldn't?
cuddling up, talking about killing robot dinos, etc

so did Hiro

You're a right bastard you are but thanks for reminding what could happen.


Fucking this. Self-insert faggots are ruining Darlifra threads, I hope we get more NTR to filter them.


>he doesn't self-insert as Ichigo

> Genista

Man, Ichigofags mental gymnastics sure are something.

Why did Dr.Franx give her a big butt?

02 is manipulating Hiro in this series. Hiro would eventually realize this and dump her for Ichigo, who truly loves him with all her heart.
Best girl.

>The inventor of the robots were a shota that somehow had Klax blood, discovered 02, and somehow survived piloting with her
>Just ditched her because she aged him way too much even though he has klax blood.

Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on this one.

Filthy in the Franxx.

Dr. Franxx is a man of taste.

Because he is too good for this gay earth.

please go back to whatever shithole you came from

What's the point of a giant cannon that can't hurt anything?

I can't wait to see what the board is like when Ichigo wins.

I think she was just desperate to escape and didn't want to die here. Maybe also angry at the fact then even Hiro couldn't stand a third ride.

> Be me, pervy grandpa genius
> "Dr. franxx, humanity will be destroyed without your help"
> convince them the only -possible- solution is to get children to fug inside giant, sexy robots
The absolute dream

Ichicucks are pathetic.


Ichigo lost already
she Sibling zoned herself

Imagine fucking Kokoro while she's inside Genista. All those lewd expressions the robot would make.

Yes, but 002 is better overall.

To add to this, had Hiro died after they actually defeated the klax she would probably just go on with her life, searching for another partner.

>He thought DitF is "real robot" show like MuvLuv or VOTOMS or non-Unicorn Gundam

Besides retarded shippers how does anyone even like 02? She's a massive cunt who doesn't give a shit over anyone. I get why Hiro wants to pilot with her but no clue what he even sees in her considering she's such an unlikeable bitch.

Trigger is so fucking cool


And they were the SECONDARY characters/antagonists.

Franxx is a fucking joke.

> 140ft
> 40kton
Just IMAGINE klaxohandling Genista's tiny body. I'd look all around plantation 13 for buildings to bend her over and core drill her chassis on.

well, her carefree attitude coupled with being a little nutjob can cause erections


what the fuck the horns are real? I thought they were just part of the headband thing


>Fine, but the only way this is going to work out is by me making the SEXIEST ROBOTS YOU'VE EVER LAID YOU EYES ON.

Fucken genius.

Stop this bullying

>the absolute state of SPEEDWATCHERS

Is 02 pure?
This is important.

What the fuck is speedwatching?


She's a loyal slut.

speedwatchers need to be gassed

She's fucked at least a dozen men to death

How did you end up in this thread?

She would have been all over Hiro if they were alone.
This is the face of someone who wants to belong but feels like she doesn't.
She was giving darling some space to reunite with his friends/family.

kek. you have a point, every episode I keep seeing Dominic and Anemone instead of Hiro and 02. Doesn't help FranXX is also a Mecha anime just like 07

Which board are 02fags from?

I don't get it.

You're a woman aren't you?

She's disappointed in herself because of her shamefur dispray

Board? Someone linked an 02 cake image earlier that linked straight back to the original reddit thread.


She will win. All I have to do is wait.

user please stop speed watching. He's never been her plaything. Tomatsu even straight confirms this so speedwatchers should stop.

The issue is making her truly happy again, rekindling her desire to try.

>a woman understand how women think
Really makes you think.

What's the big brain theory right now

nine alpha is hiro's gay love interest

Is this anime proof that sticking your dick in crazy IS a good idea?

Does not compute

>final series boss
>major powerup needed
>kissing doesn't cut it
>Hiro and 02 begin fervently making out in Strelitzia
>Strelitzia goes autopilot Klaxosaur massacre mode as thundering music plays with cuts of Hiro sucking on 02's neck and 02 throwing her head back and howling in pleasure
Yay or nay

>a woman cant even
like claysmithing

Everything was a dream of 002

Wait forever. All you have to look forward to is more suffering if you do.


Fagboy will win the hirobowl

Come back, Nova

ichigo is the butterfly
her siblingzoning herself is the spooder
9 iota is gay for hiros dino dick

Franxx will ride with 02 and remark about how well she's grown since she was a demon loli.

Because it's good. What the fuck is the hate for?

everyone in this picture is male

Hot gay Piano sex with 9 Alpha

Magma is sentient oni cum

How do I stop being a speedwatcher?

The patient people always win. Ichigo will also win. She's the pure maiden that truly loves Hiro. True love always trumps the fake love of a manipulating slut like Oni. You Onifags are delusional to believe Hiro isn't being played like a damn fiddle right now.


It was Earth all along.

watch every episode 5 times in 0.5x speed

Someone really good.

You're switching male partners quite often?
You have STD?

Hiro's VA kind of sounded like Simon's in this ep

I'm from /v p/

>yaoi fags shitting up another FranXX thread

fags get out and go back to your shitty containment board

Klaxosaurs are terraformers trying to remove the disaster called "humanity" and rebuild the world.

Stop watching anime entirely. Problem solved.

Fun SoL Trigger episode.

goro is gay for hiro and that's why him and ichigo have great sync levels with each other because they both love the same persona and the power of love is the strongest thing in this show so

Hiro's not fully cured from the AIDS, right? They can't really resolve that with something as stupid as determination and power of love, right?


The spider was charlemagne all along

>strawberry cuck calling anyone else delusional



>that big dino thing smashed strelizia 100 times and did no damage, its just a little dirty

>zerotwofags are from Cred Forumspol/
I didn't want to believe it, but it just happened.
Why are Ichigofags so much superior?

Considering he's a Klaxosaur now the AIDS is most likely a core inside him.

You all have to stop. They will both develop feelings for each other, but there is no love for now.

He is the AIDS now

A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to pilot, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with a naked swimmer. Never minding the strange horns he immediately steals her panties, and is overjoyed to find out that she wants a pilot as well.

is this your first anime

>yet another speedwatcher

02 was tanking all the damage.

No, honey, I can tell because you don't understand men at all.

>muh Oni is a pure maiden and loves Hiro I swear
Please, we all know who's the delusional one here.
I know you Onifags have a cuckold fetish but please understand, do you want the woman playing you like an idiot? Or choose the girl that truly cares about you and your well-being (pic related)?

I would not not like this incredibly improbable idea.

What are the chances of Onifags being underage?

Learn to share, user. You can have Cred Forums all for yourself later.

Do you have the template?

>choose the girl that truly cares about you and your well-being

So 02?

This, 02 is not "in love" with Hiro at all yet

the scene where Hiro was basically near-dead laying on the floor, 02 didn't give a shit, it was more like a "Oh, he died. Guess I gotta do this by myself again", and goes into berserk mode trying to pilot the mech by herself but unable to do anything since the Klaxosaur was just too powerful

Had she DID have feelings for him she would of stepped out and checked on Hiro.

She will eventually fall for Hiro, just nothing yet, we're still only at episode 6

you still haven't explained why you hate "sluts" like 02 but love "sluts" like Tamamo from fate/extra

>Hiro sucking on 02's neck
>not sucking on her horns


Just imagine what will happen when fatty finds out that eating pussy is a thing.

>a namefag is retarded
No, it couldn't be.

> 02 didn't give a shit
02's feelings were never shown. But since she's an elite and not a fucking woman child she chose to keep fighting.

The scene where he is in Limbo shows her walking away sad. Also why would she step out while being mauled by a dinosaur, pretty much guarantees death.

I'll just come out and say it.

02 is ugly.

t. ichigo

>and not a fucking woman child
All she cares about is fighting, she's literally a womanchild.

Tamamo isn't a slut though.

How delusional. You can live in your delusion if you want to, but I'll be laughing at you by the end.

I agree. The fact that Hiro is dying and she give fuck all is another indication. Hell, I'm sure she manipulated all the people who rode with her until they died.

>My partner died
>Monsters are about to destroy the world
>I know, I'm going to lie there and cry
This is why you deserve to get cucked. Wanting to have your loved ones care about your life more than their own is sick.

>I'm homosexual
we knew, user, we knew

That's because Ichigo is an actual character, 02 is just a plot device.

02 is a lonely girl.
She wants to care for and be cared for by someone. But the fact that anyone who grows close to her, dies, as a result of who she is. Has left her hurt and chronically lonely.
She actually cares a lot, but at the same time she is very used to her hopeless situation so she doesn't expect much. And does her best to rationalize death and life since she'll kill people just by being who is no matter whether or not she wants to or not. And to cope with that she needs to try to look at it as if it was inevitable and just something to deal with. Or else she probably wouldn't be able to deal with it.

02 is a good girl. But misunderstood and unfairly treated. Though while she can be passive aggressive, act indifferent, or be something of a bitch depending on things. Even people resorted to physical violence on her, she didn't respond in kind. In the case of Ichigo at the very least. She's got restraint. She is just a hurt and lonely girl in the girl in the end. And not the ruthless monster people view her as.

t. speedwatcher

>Hiro "dies"
>02 screeches at the Klaxosaur and uselessly flings herself at it in blind rage
>Hiro makes it fade away by hugging her and head patting her

02 is in love with Hiro already, what she doesn't love is herself.

i expected more than the equivalent of a small tiny cut and bad nosebleeds worth of blood. for fucks sake, in her first battle, she had the amount of blood that I would be more likely to expect after getting RAMMED for a fucking eternity. Either show your fucking dinobitch actually hurt after getting rammed a million times or don't fucking bother with your fight scenes at all, you Jap fucks.

reminder that 02 is a professional soldier, they don't waste time if they confirm that someone is dead, and she had a fuck-off dinosaur literally pounding her onto a wall

>something from his point of view shows that she's sad


Why do the girls feel pain when the mechas are getting hit

How much of a cuckold do you have to be to still stick with a woman after showing how she literally doesn't care about your life?

take notes

>actual character
>literally just another blue haired loser puppy
Please nigger, 02 has show aspects character than 10 Ichigos.

Screaming in blind rage and suicidally throwing yourself into enemy fire when someone dies is not the reaction of a professional soldier.

Why pick one when you can have both?

No she doesn't, 02 is just a caricature.

It was definitely an emotion/willpower thing in that he shouldn't have given up so easily since he went limp just like that. But the worst has probably passed and his body accepted it, he's likely the same existence as Zero Two now.

I don't think he was ever dead, just entered a comatose state as his body worked over time. What it needed was him to exert some energy and it's likely his blood flow now.

I think he'll get a horn by the end of the series.

That's not all she cares about though and that's made clear several times.

Not even trying.


Would you?

those were her fighting instincts, I thought the fangs and the glowing eyes and horns were a dead giveaway

>why does what is essentially the robutt's brain feel pain when getting hurt

Considering it's linked to the reality of it? Absolutely. Do better than that, facevaluefag.

Because they essentially are the mechs. They are linked with them both physically and mentally. It's what makes them work. That's both good (mechs that are nimble and flexible like a person instead of clunky and shit) and bad (shit hurts, yo).


When do we put strawberry on cucked to death watch?

>Imagine not even watching the show

>being a speedwatcher

>All she cares about is fighting
I hope for your sake that you are baiting.

It seems clear to me that he didnt "undo" the dinoAIDS, possibly assimilated with it, who knows. Dr. FranXX will probably explain it in a later episode, and it will manifest again either as a powerup (oni transformation??) or be a danger to Hiro's life again.

heh, nice


>Hiro's hand glides underneath her 'horns clip' and pops it off
>his hand then brushes her hair back enough to expose the base of her horns
>Hiro start to lightly kiss and lick her horns
How wet would she get?

>muh craving for Hiro's dick 24/7
>actual character

>Tamamo isn't a slut though.


Imagine slowly teasing 02’s horns while you’re spooning in bed together. What if they’re as sensitive to her as the glans of your dick? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake her up in the morning by gently sucking one horn to start with, only to dial up the pleasure by stroking her other horn with a tight, gloopy onahole? She’d make confused moans while squirming against you until she cums noisily and ungracefully, groggy yet aroused from the sensations. The next morning, she’d try her best to get back at you for the lewd surprise you gave to her, diving under the covers before you wake up and slathering your morning wood with a generous helping of honey while happily sucking on it. You’d wake up to a sudden jolt of pleasure much like what she experienced the day before, and lift the covers only to see the cutest grin before being overwhelmed by the thick stench of honey, sex and her morning breath that's been building up down there as her tongue continues working its way around your throbbing erection. Afraid of cumming too fast from how intense it all is, you’d pull out of her protesting mouth and rub your saliva and honey-coated dick against her horns in an attempt to hold back your orgasm, forgetting it’s an erogenous zone and inciting a surprised yelp out of her. The friction from rubbing your sensitive body parts against each other would prove to be too much for you, leading you to accidentally soak her face, horns and the blankets with lots and lots of hot semen much earlier than you wanted to, as she teases you for being such a quickshot.

Which is what you are.


Pretty good.

I wish 02 had bigger horns
She's such a fucking hornlet

even if 02 is just manipulating (which is not happening) Hiro the strawberry would be nothing more than a consolation prize

>Commanders tell him not to pilot

Literally stupid. They've shown they're fine throwing away their stamen.

Him deciding on his own to pilot despite the uncertain future is far better than "Kill yourself to fight against authority!" Nonsense.

But that's what I get for reading a post by someone who thinks the OniAIDs has played it's part

(Did you maybe notice that he absorbed it after he fully accepted 02? Or that it healed him? Like say, how 02 heals super fast?)

Exactly, 02 is just a plot device.

what the fuck is going on

That's not a prize he's interested in anyways.

Ichigo is just there to stir up some drama, she's the plot device

your standard waifu war, can't you tell?

This is both amusing and hurts to look at.

Here's the template if anyone wants to do anything exploitable to it.

All I did was take this and added Ichigo crying in the background

i want to see 02 slowly be tortured to death while on aphrodisiacs while also knowing she wasn't as hot as she thought she was as she has to also be next to hiro's rotting corpse!!!

Mostly agree but

>002 wants to kill more klaxosaurs because the more they kill, the sooner they can run away together

Is completely reaching

Plot device is saying too much for her. You could remove her from the story and there would be little to no change.

that could be said for any story that's just started

>The whole blue infection thing was pointless, it was solved magically with the power of love in just one ep
Every retard is going to say this from now on as if the know everything from 6 episodes in.

>Anno comes in to direct an episode of Yuru Camp

Not gonna lie, I'd watch it

We BRS now?

Felt like it.

Do we have todays 4koma?

Imagine being Hiro in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Ichigo, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your flat, midget body and horrific androgynous monster face. I would totally kiss you, both as a person and as a pilot." when all he really wants to do is smooch another hot Oni girl in Strelizia. Like seriously imagine having to be Hiro and not only sit in that chair while Ichigo flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and leathery skin, and just sit there, test after test, hour after hour, while she perfected that pistil position. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her bossy attitude as everyone in the control room tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, ICHGO LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her mannish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been locking lips with nothing but a healthy diet of pink-haired Onis and dinosaur girls and later alleged succubus-spiders for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Plantation 13. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her dimpled ass as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get tested to sit there and revel in her "statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with personal trainers in the previous months. And then Nana calls for another test, and you know you could get in Strelizia and use your ace pilot skills to kill every single person in this plantation before the plantation security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Hiro. You're not going to lose your future pilot career as Strelizia's stamen over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.

> Anno
> Yuru camp
That'd be the greatest trainwreck ever told.

It depends on the character. I'd wager that removing Goro would have a greater impact here. He's done more as a support character especially in terms of developing Hiro's issues and mindset than Ichigo has.

Also Ichigo butt

Who said that?
The cannon blow up a big hole in a mook dino when fatty too close to miss.

>We BRS now?
>Felt like it.
Huke is actually in the credits. Designed the Klaxosaurs.
So that's not that much of a coincidence.

>B-but how can you love her if she doesn't care about your wellbeing
It's called being a man.

Huke is designing the Klaxosaurs.

wow it looks like easy access to her anus

Reminder he even mentions in his monologue that he felt nothing but guilt.

Was this scene really necessary?

If you have to ask, yes it was

This was heartwarming, thanks user.

>Press A to pound

The more they kill, more time they get to spend together.

Yes? I don't give a shit if you didn't find it necessary.

Except the whole point of 5 is to show how well they understand each other. 02 clearly cares for Hiro (look how ridiculously attached to him she is, whenever they're apart she's complaining she's not with him) but unlike Ichigo she won't stop him from piloting, because just the same as her, not piloting is like being dead (see, ep1).

She's not mentally distancing herself from him, she just doesn't want to open up about everything to Ichigo.

>Her wish was to be finally free
>She literally perishes at the last episode



Doesn't the air get like, super shitty really fast in the case of forest fires?
Can you really rest/sleep through such a thing?

I just want to post picture's.

Nah she's got to enjoy a moment of pure freedom with her darling before dying of reverse-klaxoAIDS

The weapons are fine, look how well the MP squad did with their crappy polearms. The FranXXs are just too green, Stelitzia looks so much better because 02 and Hiro are their best pilots. Delphinium more than pulls her weight too.

Not sure what you mean. Are you suggesting an improvement to the pasta that I should alter?

Oni pussy

I love that we finally get anime with some ass.

Nah I just wanted to further rub it in for people.

What about oni feet.

Ah. Carry on, user.


What does that mean?

It might improve the thread. Certainly couldn't hurt it.

>Overprotective DinoMum snarling at anything that gets close to her babies
>Hiro calming her down and easing her back


The guy that did Black Rock Shooter and Steins;Gate.

huke is huke. He's a bro who created BRS.

Then the question is do i post lewd, cute or cool picture's.

>TRIGGER episodes look flat and shit with shitty 5fps CGI mixed with mediocre 2d
>A1 episodes are kino with great atmosphere, pacing and direction
What wet wrong bros?

Cool > Cute > Lewd, because the art quality often follows that pattern as well.

>no honey
would maybe lick

>with honey
yes ma'am

I thought you meant brazillians.