Admit it, you cried didn't you?

Admit it, you cried didn't you?



I didn't care. Miki is so shallow it makes puddles look like good characters, and her death was total nonsense. Spider Miki spends the whole show hiding on top of buildings she can easily climb to escape people, but suddenly when she's being chased she runs them into an empty flat area where they're easily cornered? But I guess the symbolism of dying where they practiced every day was more important than good writing.


I didn't. But it really ruined my night though.

Like a baby.

oh wow, everyone died. the end

thanks for wasting another 4 hours of my life, japan


I was starting to wonder if the Devilman threads were finally dead after being gone for two days.

Grow some emotional balls, user.

I feel there had to be a reason for this (maybe if they went into the city they would be killed- remember the scene with the flame throwers burning that devilman?) She probably can't outrun them without being in her spider form, but spider form means a huge target on their back.

I remember half of Cred Forums shitting on netflix
>muh releasing all episodes at once will kill the discussion
> hurr durr no one will remember the show after 2 weeks

Th manga was better and Miki was a better character in that so no i did not cry.

I didn't cry but I'd never read or watched anything devilman and I was surprised by how dark it got. Credits felt very bittersweet so yeah I'd say they got me pretty good.

>care about characters that all die


Devilman Crybaby would actually have been much more enjoyable on Cred Forums if it was released one episode at a time. Only the most memorable moments really get talked about. Honestly the Netflix model is designed to cater for impatient autistic fags.

I think short series like this are fine to be released at once but I don't understand why they chop it up into 20 minutes. Just make it one hour each.

I also wish it had been given the Hellsing Ultimate treatment. I would not mind getting something sporadically if it was as high quality as it could be.

I think this Miki could have more flaws besides 'I'm too trusting' and 'me sticking up for people gets me in trouble'.. But , Akira pretty much had the same exact 'flaws', plus being 'too sentimental' ; all his 'flaws' seem mostly Amon-induced.

only newfags say this.

devilman will be remembered for years to come, simply because it's a go nagai property and his works always come back in some form.

satan did nothing wrong

if you don't like devilman you're just a spic

What? How so?

He just wanted to chill with his demons


>waiting till a work is completed and releasing it all at once is stupid!
>it would be much better if they made it and released it weekly piecemeal so it could become a gutted rush-job, just like in my glorius nippon!

To that exact scene? No. (nor really to any, I feel bad, very bad, though)
What ruined that scene to me was the fact that I skept the credits except for episode 10 since they were just a plain black screen. That time I noticed the running time wasn't on point so I randomly clicked on the bar and the scene was halfway through and I kept rewinding until the start of it like a retard.

Only people with no heart didn't, which is, of course, most majority of normies.

I was bored and then annoyed that Yuasa made his worst work yet.

Im fucking pissed, Akira should've won at the end

No he shouldn't have. If he won then what? God still exterminates the devilmen and we get a shittier ending.

ho-lee-fuck this anime ripped my soul out. God that was great.

Why didnt the spider bitch literally just kill all the humans. What the fuck?

Stop it

She didn't want to seem like more of a monster in front of Miki I guess? Not sure considering the guys had no problem murdering people.

No, I just felt really good while realising how kino that scene was.

>know it's coming
>seen it plenty of times in other devilman media
>still hits me like a brick
Damn I don't even like all the incarnations of miki but her death always gets to me


It was God that was to blame. His Angel army was about to kill off all life (again) just to be a dick to Satan. Satan hoped to build up an army to defend and defeat that asshole so he wouldn't keep making humans only to kill them all.

If she did she'd "die" and become a demon instead of a devilman. Do you even know what the difference is? How can anyone not get what this simple show is about?

>emotional autist with social anxiety think everyone else is some jaded edgelord
Only on Cred Forums.

t. Satan


I know the feeling. I knew it was coming, I braced for it telling myself when it was going to happen.
I was right, but it still hurts and tears out my fucking heart every time

Are you fucking retarded? Then how come Akira just comes in and burns the exact same people alive. Fucking dipshit.

Fuck you

Over 150 anime have made me cry. I cry pretty easily. However, Devilman Crybaby ironically did not.

Cried because one of my favorite manga got a shitty rushed af adaptation. Also QUALITY.

I was expecting it to go that way, but was pleasantly surprised it did not.

I can kind of agree with this , vaguely maybe for the manga, but Crybaby Ryo is so obviously delusional. I'm not saying his 'survival of the fittest ' 'this war was going to happen anyway' mentality is totally wrong, but his lack of any sort of struggling with what he's doing ...It just was obvious to me he was in the wrong.

Especially because there are many things pointing to life being about more than he says it is throughout the series , but he's too obtuse to even take them to heart.

I didn't really cry that much the first time...I cried more the second time. I guess because I knew how it was going to end. I have no idea.

Because he's the strongest devilman you dumbass. Plot armour and all. Besides in the manga they state that killing in rage is basically how to let the demon take over 101, while killing in sorrow (ie crybaby) won't because the demon won't feed off that emotion.

I may agree that this is probably the weakest of his works...but even so it's better than a lot of other *shrugs* Testament to his talent I guess.

Didn't like the art style or?

This. I fucking told everyone from the start, the "binge" model is retarded as fuck especially when it comes to anime, even more considering this anime which is based on a half century old manga which has already had countless adaptations, sequels, spin-offs est, there's nothing to talk about anymore. Creators have actually spoken out against it mulitple times, notably the creator of their golden goose Orange is the New Black, but Netflix is happy to just have their thumbs up their asses about it.

Fuck you. It did kill discussion and threads have diminished greatly since it started. Shit as they are, compare that to Franxx and VEG which are still being talked about because they're still airing.

But its correct. This was another cycle. Satan wanted to stop the cycle (but will fail as always) so that egotripping cunt won't resurrect life only to destroy it again, all just to spite the angel saying God should chill out a bit with the blood lust. In fact every devilman incarnation is a "cycle" of this, rather than the adaption of the original story. It's kinda meta.


I hate the "each adaptation is actually canon because repeating timelines" bullshit, but even putting that aside, Satan doesn't care about "stopping the cycle" because of humanity or even demons, but because he's a selfish cunt, God may punish him but he's the one who puts the pieces in place to be fucked over and over again.

Thing is, God destroys life because despite Satan being selfish, he still don't want to be alone and rather keep humanity around. It's pretty much the theme. Pain of loss after you realized how much it did mean to you. Not that Satan cared out of altruistic reasons.

God is more ambivalent towards life than outright hostile
Akira aside, Satan doesn't give to fucks about life and sees them as mere tools for petty vengeance. The theme might be the "pain of loss" but in the end it's because someone put the pieces in place for that to happen.

Like I said, not appreciating something until you've lost it. Then there's also the question if God would have come fucking shit up anyway IF Satan somehow didn't put the first move at all, which looks like what Satan genuinely believe.

>crying over some dumb thot

>Outright says God didn't kill humans, only demons
So, Cred Forums isn't just speed-readers, they're also speed-watchers?

Post more Miki screenshots

First week on Cred Forums?


might as well never care about anyone or anything because we all die and nothing lasts forever

Nah I prefer everything being released all together. It lets you appreciate the show as a whole rather than appreciating cliffhangers, hype and fan theories


Like some kind of... Weeping toddler?

Like a crybaby

Here's just a friendly reminder that there is NO TIME LOOP in Devilman Lady, that's just what brainlets believe. God recreated the world entirely and erased all of Akira's story so they only exist in a comic book. Read Lady if you want a sequel.

Like a bitch

I guess we were all Devilman Crybaby this whole time

Well ultimately he isn't wrong. Humans evolve into demons and those that retain their humanity or as close as possible are essentially Devilmen.

But that's not obvious when the visual Yuasa goes for when they talk a out fusing is a human woman fusing with a snake and tree is replaced with generic blue demon, demon snake, and demon tree.

Basically spinoffs only, but Crybaby is so fundamentally different it might as well be an AU like the original Devilman, Grimoire, or Amon. Nagai made sure there were visuals with that implication foe future stuff but Yuasa has it rewritten in a way that completely removes the meaning of said visual.

>original Devilman anime

I was actually really underwhelmed. I wanted to feel sad, but I was actually more invested in the supporting characters and even the brother's death more than hers.

>Out ight say Go didn ill huma , on de on
>So, /a is j st speed-re er , the 're so peed watch ?

Thats all I caught of your comment, GOTTA GO FAST