Saber is the undisputed most beautiful girl in all anime/manga/jap media

Saber is the undisputed most beautiful girl in all anime/manga/jap media.

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Not really.

That's Arcueid though

>having incorrect opinions

That's also right, but only because Arc is now Saber.


This is no longer a Saber/Fate thread.




That's not Gilgamesh


wrong saber

Gil is pretty hot, same for his talking onahole. No homo though.




You think they ever fugged?

On the day that Last Episode gets animated & released, if I die that day, I'll die happy.


wrong saber

>take Saber
>remove all character and internal conflict (there isn't much but it's more than noting)
>fill her with quips and add boobs
These are the type of people Nero appeals to. The ironic weeaboo cyborg type people. The middle ground between a normalfag and an autist, comprising of the worst qualities of both groups. Get cancer and die.

no u

I disagree.

i really need to start Lupin but no motivation

Fuck the king

The only smile worth protecting.

Garbage character. Makes Sieg look good.

Saber was a mistake

In another thread someone mentioned the anime staff committing a huge blunder by omitting a dialogue she had with someone or other in favor of more Sieg. Could someone explain the dialogue in question to me?

Even I (a giant fatefag) have to admit that Violet Evergarden by far the most beautiful girl in all of anime. Even if she is a blatant rip off. Aesthetically speaking, they just made a better version.

Better Question: Who's the hottest?
My vote goest to CC (even though Code Geass is dogshit)

Why are waifufags so fucking pathetic?

>I really want to watch this
>Except not really

>he doesn't want to get sniped in the head by a teenage female king arthur wearing a maid uniform/swimsuit combo that's riding a motorcycle on top of the ocean

>cyborg people

Goddamn I didn’t know cyborgs had such excellent taste


But are we a bad civilization?

Alter and Lancer/Alter Arthuria are the ones I give a damn about.


The best girl

She doesn't have the cock Merlin made for her anymore.

Is this official?

What the fuck did fgo do to this series

i said need dumbass


Sweet mother of christ

Fate was never a masterpiece but it had at least a bit of self respect

only one I can recall of the top of my head is the discussion she had with Vlad about religion and her contact with god

You didn't read HA, huh?

Is there a transcript I can find anywhere?

gimme a sec, even though I'm not a big fan of Jeanne and I hate apoc, I liked their take on God so Ill find it

She also knew how to please men and was a literal cuckold.

Arcueid is beautiful

I never read it, but that began as a joke, completely accepting how dumb it is.
I watched carnival phantasm and that shit was solid

But now, that is just complete shilling out the lore and the character to make japanified kawaii version of them so that weebs buy more gatchas
This is like kancolle, or idolmaster or something

>I never read it
Opinion discarded.

thats fine too

How can other girls even compete?

Not even close
How can Sabercucks even compete?

dont put GO on the same level as HA you nigger

Why, is it actually shit or something?
I thought it was a vn version of carnival phantasm in fateverse

>Cred Forumsermin opinions


Fuck off, secondary.

>I'm not a big fan of Jeanne

You mean the Fate character?

No, the real person. Stupid witch.

Damn. I just noticed her ahoge in this and now I can't stop laughing.


Take out trucy or kay or something

Isn't Fate a video game too?


>asking if its good
>fuck off secondary
Im not entirely sure what sort of mental gymnastics happened here

Is that a ham-fisted attempt at being edgy? If you're indifferent you can just say as much.

yeah real life jeanne is cool and i love cygames jeanne

No, I hate that dumb cheerleader.

She's a shitty parent though

>cygames jeanne


She's a frog.


The inter-ocular distance is too high, it looks like downs syndrome.


GBF/RoB Jeanne

Trucy is musume, and Kay doesn't have the class and cultured appreciation of the arts and sciences that Athena does

It's fine, she's got good parents now.

Read the VN, faggot.

I don't know what that means.

Mode needed a good beating.



Not even the best Saberface.
And there are a few better girls I can still think of.


Saber exists to get all of her stuff taken from her.

Hard to argue with that

>This is the ideal Saber. You may not like it, but this is what peak waifu looks like.

A man of taste

Does the VN have a good bit of interaction, or is it Steins;gate like where it's just hit enter and check your phone for 30 hours?

>not posting best saber

He's a perfidious Albion.

>ywn dress up as a lion and run around with Saber on your back


wtf I love VEG now

If that’s what you’re judging on, then Athena is just an inferior Ema.

Original Saber is the best Saber. The perfect mix of femininity and strength.

Fate has gross rhinoceros noses.

I agree, user! My king and wife is beautiful and elegant and the most perfect woman in the universe!

Please wish us the best!

I have no clue what you're trying to say. Why would you "read" something but skip through all of it, especially for S;G which doesn't have porn. Fuck off, retard.

>Why would you "read" something but skip through all of it,
Who said I was skipping anything?
I quickly read the text then would enter because the voiced portions because it was too slow.

I want to know if F/SN actually has more day to day interaction than just clicking responses in a phone that effect the ending like SG.

Dont pluck her Ahoge

Fate series After Hollow Ataraxia is just a cashgrab shits for Horny teenager nowadays.


>Not Reading Realta Nua version

>reading non canon shit


>Realta Nua
>Non Canon


>I want to know if F/SN actually has more day to day interaction
It's like any other story. Does S;G not have characters interacting?


I was gonna say Sento but calling Sento "undisputed most beautiful girl in all anime/manga/jap media" is like saying "some of the world's water is in the sea".

What's the general consensus on FGO?

You're doing this intentionally to shit up the thread. Fuck off.

It is the original sin in the fate franchise.

>Every person i disagree with is esl

The complete version of F/sn is basically RN voices with the R-18 patch.

Modding didnt count

Close, but wrong.
Many Saberfaces are better anyway.

>ugly red hair

Aoko is Aoko, I'll post any version and nothing changes.

>ugly brown hair

Soulless cashgrab shits.
The only purpose is to fund any Ufotable Fate series, Especially Heaven's Feel.

I know where this is going, but I'll continue.

Saber let herself get fucked by a pair of Japanese Teenagers.

>ugly outfit

I mean character choice, player choosing how they interact with the world, choosing places or things to do day to day.

It does not affect the rest of the Nasuverse, and porn is always nice.
Therefore it gives TM money for more important things.

Not the best outfit, yeah.

>haters gonna hate

No, FSN is fairly liner. A wrong choice 90% of the time will get you killed pretty quickly. HA is the one that has a map and lets you choose where to go and who to interact with for the SoL parts.


>2 Saber threads

The softest looking saber.

Flat waif with a pointy chin. Hm.

I honestly can't decide if I think Saber or Iri is the most beautiful fate.

Iri is just an uglier Illya


What a cute family!

Iri is too old. Saber has more of a youthful air of innocence to her.


Not even the prettiest Kawasumi character

>My vote goest to CC
>(even though Code Geass is dogshit)


>Iri is too old

Technically, she's 9 years of age, and her body is clearly quite youthful.

Nasu considers it his magnum opus and everyone's opinions be damned. Expect every single new servant to be a genderbent female for no reason so DW and Type-Moon can keep sucking off whale blubber. Tsukihime remake will never be released and neither will Girl's Day, and you're going to like it.

>Girl's Day
Girl's Work*

why are they so perfect for each bother bros? Its not fair

How delusional are you

>his magnum opus

okay pedo

Type-Moon wants to do two things:
1. Distance itself from it's own humble beginnings. They don't want to do anything with Tsukihime, because it calls attention to the fact that they made porn games. They made Realta Nua and distributed it to get greater market penetration and to get away from the fact that Fate Stay Night was originally a porn game.
2. They want to grow the franchise. This means a lot of girl characters because everyone likes cute girls doing cute things, and a lot of Fate spinoffs that they can turn a profit on.

>no more eroge
>no more tsukihime
>no more fun
>only milking the cash cow for every yen they can.

F/GO is an enclosed timeline seperate to the other franchises.
In terms of how TM sees it, it is a cash cow which they will focus almost everything into for the near future. Damn Sony.

Unlimited saber works

Punished Saber.

But why do you think they're doing anything other than more F/GO shit
>Therefore it gives TM money for more important things.
please stop fooling yourself

I redacted that part of the statement.
False hope and all that crep into me.

Why the fuck does Emiya gain like 2 feet in his twenties, with his straight up bizarre hair and eye colors is it ever touched on that he's probably not fully human?

I'd much rather fuck Shirou


That looks more like armor someone trying to hide that they're a woman would wear. That stupid battle dress she has on in the vn makes it look like her subjects were straight up retarded to not figure that shit out.

Not only is FRX-00 the most beautiful girl in anime, but she's one of those best girls that actually wins.


Same senpai, a genderbent Shirou would pretty much be the ultimate waifu.


The bonus is that is isn't Takeuchi, therefore it can be a competent design.
Though Takeuchi does have some good designs in the past.


Great thread.
OPBP what a shock

Long flowing hair is the way to go.

Goddammit why does Femgilly have to turn me on so much?

She's perfect.

I'd die to sniff the seat.

Why wouldn't it?

and yet here you are, still alive.

I want to fuck the king and her son at the same time. I want Arturia to use me to teach her son how to please a man. I want my dick between the king’s breasts as she and her son practice performing oral on me. I want the king to kiss feed her son semen and teach her to swallow. I want the king to ride my dick like a horse and I want her son’s vagina on my mouth. I want to cum inside the king as I eat out the king’s son. I want the king to part her son's legs and show me her vagina. I want Mordred to scream for her daddy as I pound her. I want to fill her with just as much cum as I filled her father. I want enjoy Arthurian-style oyakodon.

Even after 14 years and a hundred of clones she is still the best girl.

I guess she is simply a strong case of object oriented programming.
I'm too young to understand the Saber craze when it began to know how people could have this attachement.

Talk normally please you stupid crossboarding nigger.

Maybe you're just too stupid.

Uhh, no.
Just that I don't understand the devotion over a meh western blonde knight character.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

Explain, then.
This is a very subjectine thing, and I need opinions to come to a conclusion about Saber's popularity.

I want cake Aoko to sit on my face with her jeans, and I want to eat her ass.

No lewding. Except for hand holding.

Uhh, subjective.
I'm willing to debate if I disagree.

Wrong Saber.

Fucking Commie

t. Never played extra but think some normalfags at an anime convention spewing memes they saw on Facebook are a good representation of Nero's character

Blame McJon more for giving everyone a taste of TL'd Mahoyo, and then apparently just giving up.

But I really do wanna eat Aoko's ass.

Huh, I like kamehima's Kojiro's. I hope he draws more.

Because? Is it the unrealistically large eyes she has in common with 99% of other anime girls? Is it her underdeveloped almost boyish looking figure? Or is it the color and style of her hair that gets you so hot and bothered? OR WAIT, is it her amazing, unique personality that isn't some kind of fantasy trope like the kind gentle girl who is strong and fearless when times call for it? Your shit's weak.

>bizarre hair and eye colors(also tanned skin)
Side effects of using projection magecraft too much.

The only person that is capable of telling you whether or not you would enjoy something is yourself.

Why is she sweeping water?

>had gold eyes before knowing what magic existed
Gold isn't a natural eye color user

Every criticism of Saber in this thread has basically been ignored.
Who do they think they are?

Wada's Saber is better than Takeuchi's

And Wada's Robin Hood has a crosbow for some godforsaken reason

She's not as cute as nobu though.

Preach it.

Full translation fucking when
If it was ever translated in all its glory, Aoko might just replace my love for Rin

I'm way over Rin already. Don't like her as much as most Tsuki girls, and Aoko is another step above.

Violet Evergarden objectively better.

Watch out Shiki, thi one looks dangerous.

I just wish I knew more about Aoko.
I want to read her getting that Special Magic and knowing whatever made her hair red. Apart from her VN though and an appearance in Tsuki, Type-Moon only seems to use as a 'legacy' character for cameo appearances.

Truly the best Saber of our generation.

This is ideal Saber face, you man not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Shiki might resist at first, but he would end up loving Sensei's butt for sure.

>only seems to use as a 'legacy' character for cameo appearances.
Easily the worst aspect of modern TM. Converting everything into Fate kills the variety and potential their universe has.

>tfw she was cursed to never pass on her perfection genes
>implying the special needs homunculus counts

la aoki blanca

Gray that even inherited Rhon says hi!

Could just as easily be Morgan's distant descendant.

>Inherited Rhon

Delete this post right now.


Not her direct relative. Morgan's or her nephew's.

Aoko fell for Shiki and Shiki has his own harem. Your shitposting is getting bad.

no way, was it animated?

Aoko hasn't fallen for anyone.
It is the opposite in this case, Aoko resists the Tohno Gland completely.

What shitposting?
It was a hypothetical situation where Shiki totally would fall for Sensei if she hit on him hard.

That's not Last Episode, it was a part of UBW anime where Saber imagines herself not having picked up the sword.

It's literally a joke event you dumbass, have the decency of googling stuff before talking at least.

>Dressing anyone but Illya in a Magi Madoka outfit

Is Iri retarded

It's a regular joke that Aoko is perverted about wanting to fuck Shiki but keep your delusions going if you insist.

What the fuck, I never realized that was a Madoka uniform.
It's not official art, right?

That is literally a meme.
Like a canon joke. Go and fap to the Alba doujin again if that is all you can think about.

Reread what you wrote again.

Why should I.
Canonically, Aoko has no romantic interest.
End of story.